The Complete Itinerary & Budget for Spending Three Perfect Days in Budapest

Budapest three day itinerary is the perfect solution to an everlasting question by travelers – “what all do I cover in Budapest within 72 hours or 3 days?” Well, Budapest is a traveler’s delight. The city is the best to offer within a minimal cost. A Budapest three day itinerary plan will cost a backpacker […]

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An Indian Woman’s Wanderlust Story of Traveling in a Wheelchair around the Globe

Traveling in a wheelchair has helped me explore the world on my own. It has made me let go off all fear and allowed me to fulfill my innate desire of wanderlust. Today, when I look back, I can proudly say that traveling on my own has been one of the best life decisions that […]


Karntner Strasse: Vienna’s Perfect Pedestrian Zone for Shopaholics

Karntner Strasse shopping street is a haven for shopaholics. Located in the beautiful city of Vienna, Karntner Strasse is lined with dandy shops, baroque cafes and cute pathways. It is essentially a pedestrian street and the only thing you will bump into over here is happiness along with other happy shoppers. The Karntner Strasse shopping […]


Salzburg Card: Where, How and Why you Need to Get one?

The Salzburg Card is essentially an all inclusive travel card for sightseeing around the city of Salzburg. Exploring the city with this card implies free entry to most public places. Also, free ride in all modes of public transport within Salzburg is guaranteed.  As a traveler, you should most certainly own the Salzburg Card. It […]


Top Places to Visit and Experiences to Indulge in Salzburg Within 24 Hours

Salzburg 1 day itinerary will help you discover the best places in Salzburg within 24 hours. As a traveler, if your time is limited in the city, you will still be able to cover the best places. This will be possible with the help of a good itinerary. Salzburg has many wonderful attractions. This includes […]


Exploring Mozart’s Salzburg in 2 Days: The Complete Itinerary

Salzburg 2 day itinerary will help you discover the best places in Salzburg within 48 hours. This includes some of Europe’s best preserved baroque churches, splendid gardens, medieval fortresses, etc.  An ideal Salzburg 2 day itinerary needs to be planned in a way that you make the best of your time in this Mozart’s musical […]


Is Schengen Visa Valid for Cyprus – The Complete Guide for Travelers

“Is Schengen Visa Valid for Cyprus?” is one of the most common questions asked by travelers visiting Cyprus on their Europe trip. Many a times, individuals get confused when it comes to a nation like Cyprus. Therefore, this valid concern of all such travelers needs to be addressed. In my current blog, I will address […]


Making the Most of your Cyprus 4 Day Trip – The Complete Travel Itinerary 

Cyprus four day itinerary will help travelers explore more places if they are on a short visit to the region. Cyprus is a beautiful island country in the Mediterranean Sea. In order to explore it well within a set time frame, planning and sticking to an itinerary is essential. A four day trip to Cyprus […]

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Budapest versus Berlin: Which is the better destination to visit?

Budapest versus Berlin will certainly be a topic for discussion if you’re planning a trip to Central or Western Europe. Both the cities are charming in their own way. But if you’re short on time, you surely will have to choose one over the other. In my current blog, I will try to objectively bring […]

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My Stint with Eskisehir – One of the Best Offbeat Places in Turkey

Offbeat places in Turkey are its real travel gems. Turkey is a land with a great tourism potential. However, not many travelers are aware of places beyond the cities of Ankara and Istanbul. I have always been curious to know about the offbeat places in Turkey. Also, to share my experience with other travelers out […]

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The Complete Guide to Unique and Cheap Souvenir Shopping in Turkey

Souvenir Shopping in Turkey can be a fascinating experience for visitors travelling to this lovely country. The items unique to the region are prepared with a lot of embellishing and finesse. Art and craftsmanship run in the veins of the people here. Each city and town in Turkey as something unique to offer its visitors. […]

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My Tryst with a Trans-Continental Destination: Turkey Backpacking Guide

Turkey backpacking guide will assist travellers along their journey to this enchanting country. Turkey happens to be one of those places which will leave an everlasting impression on you. It will ensure that you visit it over and over again. Each time you visit, a brand new side of this country will be discovered. In […]


Magical Aurora Borealis at Abisko National Park, Sweden

Abisko National Park is a spectacular natural region located in North Sweden Lapland. It extends to a large area of 78 square kilometres. This natural region lies at a rough distance of about 195 km within the Arctic Circle. The landscape here is so diverse and varied that it changes seasonally. The Abisko National Park is best known […]

While in Eastern Europe Don’t Say “Cheese” – EAT CHEESE

East European Cheese has been a delight to the senses throughout the ages. Right from the era of the Roman Empire to the modern day monarchy, east European cheese has made its way in the everyday lives of people. East European Cheese is an integral part of the region’s cuisine and the social and cultural identity of […]


Spending a Weekend in Leeds : Explore, Eat and Party

Weekend in Leeds should be spent exploring its beautiful destinations, eating exotic food and partying hard. Leeds is an exotic blend of heritage and modernized regime. It is the largest city of West Yorkshire County and third largest in England. Leeds showcases a remarkable architecture which is an intermingling of Victorian and modern construction. A weekend in […]


Nightlife in Leeds: What to Wear & Wear to Go – Dress code Defined

Leeds nightlife dress code is something that every first-time visitor wants to know about. In fact many a time, even the local residents show interest in the subject. It’s said while pursuing the Leeds nightlife dress code, don’t wear a suit but don’t wear a tracksuit either. I guess, this says it all. Leeds is […]

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A Rare Shopping Guide for the Old Turkish City of Eskisehir

Eskisehir top buying things should surely be taken back home with you after visiting this lesser known but beautiful travel destination. Eskisehir is a small city located in the beautiful country of Turkey. The word, ‘Eskisehir’ literally means old city (Eski implies old and Sehir implies city). Eskisehir is the city where I spent 6 straight […]

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A Shopping Guide for Top Buying Things in the Picturesque City of Cappadocia

Cappadocia top buying things comprises of a huge variety for locals as well as travelers. This is a picturesque city offering beautiful stuff for visitors to buy. The markets are not very crowded and so their exploration is easy. The markets of Cappadocia offer its visitors with stuff that is available at other cities in […]

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Best Things to Buy in Grand Bazaar – Istanbul’s Haven for Shoppers

Best things to buy in Grand Bazaar include a variety of items. Shops in Grand Bazaar serve the most delightful things that a visitor wants to buy. This place is buzzing with visitors and has around 4000 shops – some under a cover and some outside in the open area. Grand Bazaar receives thousands of […]

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The Complete Shopping Guide for Istanbul Top Buying Things

Istanbul top buying things can easily be purchased at a decent price at markets sprawling throughout this beautiful city. Istanbul is one of the most enticing cities in Turkey for travelers. It surely is a paradise for crazy shopaholics like me. Also, for people who like to shop on a budget. Istanbul is probably that […]


Biking Across Amsterdam – Top 10 things to Remember for a First Time Traveler

A biking trip in Amsterdam will help uncover the lesser known but beautiful parts of the city. It is inspirational for travellers to witness locals hopping around in bikes to almost everywhere. Biking trip in Amsterdam allows a traveller to explore the city in a typical Dutch way. It gives them a feeling of living […]


Backpacking to Amsterdam for 5 days: The Complete Itinerary

Amsterdam five day itinerary can come in handy for all the travelers looking for a getaway which includes a little bit of everything – historic museums, serene countryside, lively beaches and crazy nightlife. The city of canals, bikes and freedom will impress one and all. In order to fully explore and connect with the city […]

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How to Ski Safely for the First Time: Recommended Tips

Tips on how to ski safely are very important for any adventure junkie who wants to learn this activity. Going down the slopes, soaking up the stunning views and getting your adrenaline pumping is an incredibly fun activity. It’s definitely something that everyone should try at least once. However, if it’s your first time skiing, […]


Traveling with a Baby Across Countries: An Indian Mom’s Inspiring Journey

Traveling with a baby might come across as scary for a lot of women. There might be apprehensions and concerns pertaining to safety of both mother and child. As women travelers, we should address those questions, those fears and not succumb to them. Taking a leap forward with my baby girl transformed my life forever. […]

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Travel Tips for Backpackers Visiting Eastern Europe for the First Time

Eastern Europe travel tips are helpful, especially for someone who is travelling to this region for the very first time. Although a small continent, Europe has 50 countries. Each nation has its own unique history, art, culture, languages, cuisine and people.  Eastern Europe travel tips will come in handy for anyone travelling or planning to […]


Lyon Backpacking Trip: Exploring France’s Culinary Capital on a Budget

Lyon backpacking trip can be one hell of an experience for travelers who are willing to explore it well. The marvelous city of Lyon provides an engaging experience to any kind of traveler. For the avid backpacker, Lyon is likely to remain in their hearts and minds, long after they have bid adieu to this wonderful […]


Traveling to Prague from India: The Ideal Budget

Budget for Prague trip from India is often anticipated to be sky rocketing. However that view doesn’t hold true. Prague is one of the most affordable destinations to travel especially when one travels from India. My belief anyway  is that the most breath taking views are usually inexpensive. This holds true for a trip to […]