Merzouga Desert Safari, Camel Trekking and Camping Overnight

A visit to the serene yet capricious Sahara Desert of Africa, should be on your travel bucket list because the experience is unmatched.

The Sahara Desert Safari was the core of my trip to Morocco. The best and the most convenient way to enjoy the Sahara Desert is to travel to a desert town called Merzouga. This Merzouga desert travel guide will take you through all the information needed to plan a trip to the land of sand dunes.


Fez 24 Hour Trip: What All to See and Do ?

24 hours in Fez Medina will give you a glimpse into life in the cultural capital of Morocco. From the narrow streets of the medina to the overtly photographed Chouara Tannery, this article will take you through all the things to see in Fez. Furthermore, I’ll offer first-hand advice on where to shop, what to eat, where to stay, and how much to spend.


Backpacking to Morocco: Budget Travel Guide

I have spent a good amount of time exploring the enchanting cities of Morocco. My quests have taught me the utter significance of a decent budget. It helps travelers explore a large number of places without creating holes in their pockets. Morocco is a beauty and must be explored well.