The Complete Itinerary & Budget for Spending Three Perfect Days in Budapest

Budapest three day itinerary is the perfect solution to an everlasting question by travelers – “what all do I cover in Budapest within 72 hours or 3 days?” Well, Budapest is a traveler’s delight. The city is the best to offer within a minimal cost. A Budapest three day itinerary plan will cost a backpacker […]

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Budapest versus Berlin: Which is the better destination to visit?

Budapest versus Berlin will certainly be a topic for discussion if you’re planning a trip to Central or Western Europe. Both the cities are charming in their own way. But if you’re short on time, you surely will have to choose one over the other. In my current blog, I will try to objectively bring […]

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Travel Tips for Backpackers Visiting Eastern Europe for the First Time

Eastern Europe travel tips are helpful, especially for someone who is travelling to this region for the very first time. Although a small continent, Europe has 50 countries. Each nation has its own unique history, art, culture, languages, cuisine and people.  Eastern Europe travel tips will come in handy for anyone travelling or planning to […]