Salzburg Card: Where, How and Why you Need to Get One?

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The Salzburg Card is essentially an all-inclusive travel card for sightseeing around the city of Salzburg. Exploring the city with this card implies free entry to most public places. Also, free ride on all modes of public transport within Salzburg is guaranteed. 

As a traveler, you should most certainly own the Salzburg Card. It will provide you with complete value for money. It will also save you the trouble of standing in long queues and provide an easy entry to most places.

You can also enjoy activities around the city (including music concerts) at cheaper prices. Not to forget, free public transport options around the city of Salzburg. The Salzburg Card is handy, easily obtainable and hassle-free.

Salzburg Card

Explore the best of Salzburg at a nominal cost with the Salzburg Card. With the help of this card, you get free admission to over 25 attractions. It is entirely up to you in how many days you want to cover them all. Read on to find out more about it.

Frequently Asked Questions by Travelers about the Salzburg Card

Most travelers heading to Salzburg for the first time have numerous questions pertaining to sightseeing and transport options when it comes to using the Salzburg Card.

Let me address the commonly raised concerns for you in my current blog, one by one.

What exactly is the Salzburg Card?

 It’s an inclusive pass for exploring Salzburg at a minimal cost.

Where to buy an authentic Salzburg Card?

 You can buy it both online as well as in person.

What is the validity of the Card?

Depending on your preference and schedule, this card is available for three validity periods – 24 hours, 48 hours and 72 hours.

What is the cost of buying the Card?

The cost of this card depends on the season you are visiting.

The price of the card is lower in the winter season when some of the Salzburg attractions are closed.

Is the Salzburg Card worth the money spent?

If you want to explore Salzburg well at a minimal cost, yes.

What are the benefits of using a Salzburg Card?

Free access to over 25 locations

Free use of public transportation services

Availability of numerous discounts at various city events

Ownership of the travel map and guidebook for Salzburg

Which locations can be covered by the Salzburg Card for free?

More than 25 locations can be covered.

Are there any city activities covered under the Salzburg Card?

Yes, more than 30 activities.

In what modes of public transport can a Salzburg Card be used?

Almost all.

When not to buy a Salzburg Card?

Don’t buy it if you’re in Salzburg for just a few hours.

Any other things to keep in mind?

Yes. Make sure you do not misuse it or claim compensation for non-usage, whatsoever.

Now that you have a rough idea about the card and its uses, let me elaborate more on the details pertaining to all of the questions stated above.

Salzburg Card

Since Salzburg is geographically located at the base of the magnificent Alps, the entire locale is enchanting. This holds true not just for first-time visitors but even travelers who have been here before. In addition to natural wonders like these, there are a number of monuments worth exploring in Salzburg. Purchasing a Salzburg card will make your explorations budget-friendly.

What Exactly is the Salzburg Card?

A Salzburg Card is basically a travel pass for the most popular sightseeing places around Salzburg.

It also covers numerous transport options.

Lastly, it provided discounts at a number of activities and events around the city.

Where to Buy an Authentic Salzburg Card?

Once you reach Salzburg, you can book your card online.

You are also free to pick it up from your hotel reception or at any tourist information office in and around the city of Salzburg.

Lastly, the card can also be bought at ticket bureaus or at the airport.

Remember that if you buy the card online, exchange your voucher for the actual card at the main tourist information office at Mozart Square in Old Town or at the main station.

What is the Validity of the Card?

The Salzburg Card is available in three variants 24 hours, 48 hours and 72 hours.

The number of hours here is calculated from the time of entry into the first attraction. So, for example, if you entered Mozart’s Residence at 11 am today, then your 24-hour Salzburg Card will expire on the next day at 11 am.

Therefore, the validity is not counted as per specific calendar days.

Salzburg Card

If you’re the kind of traveler who loves exploring on a minimal budget, do buy the Salzburg Card. Not only will it allow you to visit various places and use public transportation for free, but also save you the trouble of standing in long queues for hours.

What is the Cost of Buying the Card?

The price of the Salzburg Card depends on the season you are visiting.

Peak season is usually the summer and spring, and lean season refers to the winter season.

The price of the Salzburg Card is lower in winter when some of the Salzburg attractions are closed.

Peak Season: May-Oct

Peak season in Salzburg lasts from 1st May to 31st October. The price of the card is relatively high during this period.

24 hour Salzburg Card

Adults – 28 Euro

Child – 13.50 Euro

48 hour Salzburg Card

Adults – 37 Euro

Child- 18 Euro

72 hour Salzburg Card

Adults – 43 Euro

Child – 21 Euro

Off Season: Jan – April and Nov – Dec

Off-season in Salzburg lasts from 1st January to 30th October and from 1st November to 31st December. The price of the card is relatively cheaper during this period.

24 hour Salzburg Card

Adults – 25 Euro

Child – 12.50

48 hour Salzburg Card

Adults – 33 Euro

Child – 16.50 Euro

72 hour Salzburg Card

Adults – 38 Euro

Child – 19 Euro

Salzburg Card

Although the best time to visit here in terms of weather is from September to October, December and January are great if you have a particular affinity with low temperatures and snowfall. Also, during this time, the Salzburg card is relatively cheaper.

Is the Salzburg Card Worth the Money Spent?

If you are travelling to Salzburg for the first time and you are keen to cover most of the city attractions, you should probably get the card. This is because most places you would like to visit will be covered by the card.

Make sure you don’t forget the guidebook and map that are given along with the Salzburg Card.

It will provide details of all the main attractions, and also give you an idea of the sequence in which you can cover them.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Salzburg Card 

There are many benefits of a Salzburg Card for visitors travelling to the lovely city of Mozart. Let me share them with you below.

Free entry to Salzburg’s attractions

The Salzburg Card gets you free and fast entrance to all of Salzburg’s tourist attractions and museums.

Free public transport

With this card, you will be able to ride in all public transportation options within Salzburg for free. 

Discounts on cultural events

You can get additional discounts at many excursion destinations and cultural events with this card.

Express entrance

If you have the Card, you can totally avoid standing in line at the ticket counters of places.

Free guidebook and map of Salzburg

You get a free guide and map of Salzburg which will help you plan your trip around the city more effectively.

Remember to grab a Salzburg Card booklet, listing all the attractions with their opening times, when you collect your card.

Hellbrunn Palace

Hellbrunn Palace was built about 400 years ago and is now a popular location for national and international events. It’s bright yellow colour really stands out and is widely photographed by travelers. You can also sign up for a guided tour around the palace. Hellbrunn Palace is one of the many locations in Salzburg where you can get free entry using the card.

Which Locations Can Be Covered by Salzburg Card for Free?

Most of the attractions in Salzburg allow a one-time free entry if you possess the card. There are more than 25 different locations including museums and fortresses that can be visited for free with the Salzburg Card.

The locations where entry is free if you own the Salzburg card are mentioned below.

Cathedral Museum
Cathedral Excavations
Catacombs at St Peters
Festival Halls
Folklore Museum
Georg Trakl Memorial
Hellbrunn – Palace and Trick Fountains
Hohensalzburg Fortress including the Cable ride and World of Marionettes
Michael Haydn Museum
Mozart’s Birthplace
Mozart’s Residence
Museum of Natural History
Museum of Modern Art – Monchsberg
Museum of Modern Art – Rupertinum
Panorama Museum – New Residenz
Residenz Gallery
Residenz State Rooms
Salzach Cruise
Salzburg Museum
Salzburg Zoo
Stiegl-Brauwelt – The World of Beer
Toy Museum
Salzburg Card

This is the birthplace of the legend – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Located near Mirabell garden, this house is special for Mozart’s fans and so, it always draws special attention. Your trip to Salzburg isn’t complete without paying homage to this maestro.

Are there Any City Activities Covered under the Salzburg Card?

Many companies and tours offer discounts on car and bike rentals, outdoor activities, walking and rickshaw tours, concerts, etc. 

Hence, I am sharing the list of all the activities and events that will offer you a discount, if you possess a Salzburg Card.

Audio-Visual City Tour – iTour
Aiderbichl Farm
Avis Car Rental
Bad Reichenhall Old-Salt Mines
Berchtesgaden Salt Mines
Casino Salzburg
City Tour Hop-On Hop-Off
City Tour ‘On the Traces of Mozart’ and ‘Panorama City Tour’
Designer Outlet Salzburg
EasyMotion Car Rental
FlyTandem – Tandem paragliding
5 O’Clock Concerts
Golling Fortress Museum
Golling Waterfall
Golling Spa – Aqua Salza
Hallein Saltmines
Hallstatt Salt Mines
Hallein Celtic Museum
Hohenwerfen Fortress
Kartworld Salzburg
Keltenblitz – Summer Toboggan Run
Kletterpark Waltbad Anif – High Ropes Challenge Course & Swimming Lake
Lokwelt Freilassing
Manro – Classic Car & Music Museum
Mozart Dinner Concert (free CD)
Mozart Piano Sonatas & Residence Concerts
Mozart Matinees & Advent Serenades
Museum Bachschmiede
Odeion – Salzburg Culture Forum
Oldtimerbus ‘Salzburg-Hellbrunn-Konigssee’
Radio Museum Grodig
Rickshaw Tours
Salzach Gorge in Golling
Salzburg Classics – Music in Mirabell
Salzburg’s Marionette Theatre
Salzburg Open-Air Museum
Salzburg Walking Tours
Schauspielhaus Salzburg
Silent Night Museum Hallein
Sound of Salzburg – Show and Dinner
Top Bike Salzburg – Bike Rental
Untersberg Museum Furstenbrunn
Salzburg Card

While in Salzburg, try the Mozart Taler chocolate coins. They are delicious and savoury. If this is the one thing that connects travelers to Mozart – the legend, then why not? After all, you are in the maestro’s home city. You won’t get this opportunity again!

In What Modes of Public Transport Can A Salzburg Card Be Used?

The specific modes of public transport where you can avail of free rides with the help of the Salzburg Card are as follows. 

Salzach river cruise

Festungsbahn funicular

Untersbergbahn lift

Mönchsberg lift

Rides on public buses and trains in Salzburg

Bus Lines: 1-14 within city limits

Albus Bus Line: Citybus A, lines 20-28, 34, 35, 151

Postbus lines 32, 180, 170 to Rif/Taxach

Train: Lokalbahn S1 to Schlachthof

WALSI Buscab

When Not to Buy A Salzburg Card?

If you have a limited time in Salzburg or just want to cover one or two places, the Salzburg Card is not for you.

Also, if you are here only to visit Mirabell gardens or take a walk around the town, do not buy the card.

It will prove to be expensive in that case.

Any Other Things to Keep in Mind?

If you’re planning to use the Salzburg Card, make sure you know all the terms and conditions that come with it. 

The card’s validity will begin as soon as the card is used. In case you buy it and don’t use it at all, you should not expect any kind of refund. There isn’t any. 

Therefore, buy it only if you want to use it.

Salzburg Card

Salzburg is a beautiful city with a serene landscape, baroque-style buildings, cobbled streets and lovely people. Make every moment of yours in the city count. I wish you my best on your Salzburg trip. Visit this Austrian city to find a refreshed you. 

Best Sightseeing Places in Salzburg

When you have the Salzburg Card with you, don’t resist all the exploration around the city. After all, it offers beautiful locales for you to visit and keep them in your memory forever.

Some of the most sought-after places in Salzburg that you most certainly should visit are mentioned below.

Mirabell Gardens

Situated in the epicentre of the town, Mirabell Gardens should be the first place to visit in Salzburg.

These gardens have a soul pleasing arrangement of a myriad of flower species in an ocean of colours.

Mirabell Palace

The picturesque Mirabell Gardens of Salzburg. The word ‘Mirabell’ is a compilation of two words from the Italian language – Mirabile meaning “admirable” and Bella meaning “beautiful.” These gardens are open throughout the week and entrance is free.

Mozart’s Residence

If you are in Salzburg, you have got to pay homage to the music maestro – Mozart. Therefore, visit his original residence. It’s just is a lane away from the Mirabell Garden.

Mozart’s residence has been converted into a museum. It displays all the relics used by the great Bard himself.


A little way down the road, you start hearing the sound of flowing water, gently caressing the rocks as it flows over them. This is when you know you’re close to the Makartsteg – the bridge of love.

The bridge on the river Salzach is lively with fresher air and pretty locks.


This street is just a short walk from the lock bridge. It houses all the best eateries and shopping havens while decorated in Baroque architecture.

Also not to miss is Mozart’s birthplace (Geburtshaus) which is conspicuously located on this street – this house looks like sunflowers were let loose on this building to celebrate the birth of the Maestro.

Hohensalzburg Fortress 

The Hohensalzburg Fortress has a view so pure, so untouched that you can’t help but want to stop time to admire it. The best part is that you get to reach here for that view in a funicular ride.

This place gives you a sense of serenity. A mild wind blowing, along with the view, is just the lullaby you need to teleport into a world with no problems.

Salzburg Card

Hohensalzburg Fortress has a view so beautiful that you can’t help but want to stop time to admire it. It is the largest fully-preserved castle in Central Europe, and that’s a matter of sheer pride for Austrians. You’ll see that this fort is a true eye-catcher.

Sound of Music Set Tour

A Salzburg trip cannot be deemed complete unless you take the Sound of Music tour. It will be once in a lifetime experience especially if you’re a fan of the classic movie.

On this tour, original shooting locations can be visited. The tour can be undertaken via bus, bicycle or even by foot.

Eagle’s Nest (Kehlsteinhaus) 

While the other sights and attractions are not very far from each other and can all be covered in a day, the Fuhrer’s ambitious holiday home would require half a day. Believe me, it is worth it.

Perched atop a rocky mountain, it is named befittingly. Tour buses are regularly available to take you to the elevator that then takes you upwards.

Salzburg is the place to be if you want the perfect blend of sightseeing and peace. The Salzburg Card will ensure the best possible use of your money. Go for it if you are in the city to explore.

Happy wayfaring 🙂


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