Reasons to visit Dubrovnik are far too many. In fact, this locale is so intriguing that it’s difficult for me to sum it up all here. However, given my love for the region, I’ll be happy to share my insights.

I travelled to Dubrovnik a while ago and fell in love with the vibe of the place. The place has so much to it that as an explorer it will take you a while to sink it all in wonderfully.

In the current blog, I’d like to showcase my love for the place by sharing at least 14 reasons to visit Dubrovnik. Whenever you have the chance, go out and visit it solo or along with loved ones.

Reasons to visit Dubrovnik

14 Inspiring Reasons to Visit Dubrovnik

Here are 14 stirring reasons for any traveller to visit Dubrovnik.

1. Incredible views are insight from all over
2. Ground bus bookings are super easy
3. Old Town will be an absolute hit among Game of Thrones fans
4. Gorgeous sunrises and sunsets can be witnessed
5. This locale is full of colourful scenic landscapes
6. The backstreets serve as perfect Instagrammable locations
7. Dubrovnik is very safe for solo travellers
8. The beaches around here are serene
9. The beaches around here are serene
10. One of the best coastal waters for kayaking 
11. You get a chance to go island hopping
12.Sea food lovers will be in for a treat here
13. Cable cars around the locale offer splendid views
14. A plethora of budget stays are available during the offseason


Now that I’ve listed all the reasons above, let me share a few more details on each of the stated points.

1. Incredible views are insight from all over Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is an extremely gorgeous place. It comprises pretty beaches, gorgeous landscape views, curiosity arising streets and surprising restaurants. Any traveller visiting Dubrovnik will fall in love with this place instantly.

Reasons to visit Dubrovnik

2. Ground Bookings & Sea Transportation are super easy here with Bookaway

Ground bus bookings, as well as sea transportation by ferries, are super easy to and from Dubrovnik. This has been made possible by Bookaway. As a traveller, you can make use of their service and reach here

3. Old Town will be an absolute hit among Game of Thrones fans

All Game of Thrones fans has got to give this place a try. After all, the Capital of all kingdoms was shot here and the cast spent days filming the historic scenes. By the way, the original series on which Game of Thrones is actually based is George R.R.Martin’s – A Song of Fire and Ice.

4.Gorgeous sunrises and sunsets can be witnessed

The sunrise and especially sunsets as witnessed from across locales in and around Dubrovnik will leave first-time travellers spellbound. I surely was mesmerised by the magnificence of the sunsets as seen from the city.

Reasons to visit Dubrovnik

5.This Dubrovnik locale is full of colourful scenic landscapes

As soon as you enter Dubrovnik, the city welcomes you with hues of red, blue and brown. Red because of the roofs of the dainty houses, blue because of sparkling blue ocean water & sky and brown because of the streets of Old Town.

6. The backstreets of Dubrovnik serve as perfect Instagrammable locations

The backstreets of Old Town in Dubrovnik will transport you back in time and serve as perfect Instagram locations for photography. There is no dearth of places to get yourself captured especially on the backstreets of Old Town. I say – Go for it.

Reasons to visit Dubrovnik

7. Dubrovnik is very safe for solo travellers

One of the very important reasons to visit Dubrovnik, especially for solo travellers is the safety of this place. It won’t matter whether you’re a backpacker or are travelling independently, Dubrovnik will prove safe for both men and women. If you want, you can pre-acquaint yourself with the place by reading the Guide to Dubrovnik by Lonely Planet.

8.‘Hole in the Wall’ establishments will intrigue you

Dubrovnik is known for its ‘Hole in the Wall’ establishments. They are commonly known as Cliff Bars here. They’re nestled on a cliff and you get to dine & wine here along with witnessing beautiful views of the navy blue sea.

Reasons to visit Dubrovnik

9. The beaches around here are serene

Crystal clear watered beached are in plenty around Dubrovnik. What more do you need as a traveller than to sit by the beach, soak yourself in the sun and watch others have fun as well. Not to forget, a bunch of water sports can be tried too.

10. One of the best coastal waters for kayaking 

If you’re into water sports, Dubrovnik is surely the place for you. And if you’re into kayaking, you will surely return here after visiting the first time. Kayaking in the waters of Dubrovnik will make your heart grow fonder of the place.

Reasons to visit Dubrovnik

11. You get a chance to go island hopping around Dubrovnik

Being a coastal locale, Dubrovnik offers you plenty of opportunities to go island hopping. Lokrum Island is really famous but there exist others as well. For instance, the Ghost Island also known as the Daksha Island or the Lopud Island, also known as the Charmy Island.

12.Sea food lovers will be in for a treat at Dubrovnik cafes

Seafood lovers have so much to choose from here at cafes, bars and restaurants. There cannot be a better way to enjoy seafood than to savour delectable food by the sea, gazing at the endless waves.

Reasons to visit Dubrovnik

13. Cable cars around Dubrovnik locale offer splendid views

Let your heart skip a beat by hopping into a cable car. It’s just a 4-5 minute ride but despite the short duration, it’ll help you witness views of the sea underneath, Old Town and a few islands far away. Don’t miss it at any cost.

14. A plethora of budget stays are available during the offseason

Last but not least reason to visit Dubrovnik is the availability of budget stays during the offseason. I travelled during the offseason and managed to get decently priced accommodation. In fact, it was too nominal to be true for being in Croatia.

I hope that the 14 reasons to visit Dubrovnik shared by me in this blog will convince you to take a trip to this part of the world soon.

Happy Wayfaring 🙂

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