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Travel Tips for Backpackers Visiting Eastern Europe for the First Time

Eastern Europe travel tips are helpful, especially for someone who is travelling to this region for the very first time. Although a small continent, Europe has 50 countries. Each nation has its own unique history, art, culture, languages, cuisine and people.  Eastern Europe travel tips will come in handy for anyone travelling or planning to […]


Traveling to Prague from India: The Ideal Budget

Budget for Prague trip from India is often anticipated to be sky rocketing. However that view doesn’t hold true. Prague is one of the most affordable destinations to travel especially when one travels from India. My belief anyway  is that the most breath taking views are usually inexpensive. This holds true for a trip to […]


Prague’s Old Town Square: Be a Part of Antiquity, Relics and History

Historical Old Town Square of Prague emerges as a sprawling surprise as you amble through the winding streets of the city of beautiful buildings, colourful houses and modern offices in old Baroque architecture. Bordered with shops and castles and cathedrals with a bustle of activities in the open centre, the scene of the square unwraps […]