Spending 7 Days in Andaman Islands: The Complete Itinerary and Travel Guide

Andaman one week itinerary is the most sought after plan by travelers visiting these scenic islands. Located at the far end from the Indian mainland, the Andaman Islands are a sight to behold. This archipelago (a group of islands) beautifully sits on the eastern end of Bay of Bengal. The Andaman Islands will mesmerize you […]


Scuba diving at Havelock Island for Beginners and Non-Swimmers

Scuba diving at Havelock Island for beginners can prove to be a more enjoyable experience than expected. Over the past few years, the number of first time divers to this region has sky rocketed.  Scuba diving at Havelock Island for beginners can seem to be scary at first. But it is not as dangerous than […]

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Henry Island: A Travel Guide for First Time Visitors

Henry Island is situated in the state of West Bengal in eastern India. This island is a part of the great delta dotting the southern borders of West Bengal and thus, portrays an outstanding scenic beauty. Henry Island or popularly known as Henry’s Island is the place for travelers who love serenity. Silent white sand […]