As resourceful travellers, we have got to stay aware of all sources of information that assist us in meeting our budget travel goals. And one of the most accessible ways to do it is to search for that information online.

Every year a number of platforms roll out their list of top travel sites. However, one of the most credible portals doing this for years now is Feedspot, hands down. And the list for the ‘Top 100 Budget Travel Websites’ is out for this year.

As the Founder of Budget Wayfarers, it gives me immense joy to share with all of you that we too have made it to this coveted list this year. To get featured amongst the top 100 budget travel websites is a matter of great pride.

top 100 budget travel websites

World’s Top 100 Budget Travel Websites by Feedspot

Feedspot is an amazing platform based in California, USA. It ensures that readers around the world have easy access to information pertaining to websites and blogs across hundreds of niches on the internet. 

Feedspot releases annual lists for the World’s top 100 websites across categories and niches. The best part is that it has an expert panel that ensures checking the background of websites, their domain authority, and overall credibility.

This pre-evaluation makes sure that every single website featured in their list is worthy of being put up there. And so, for a dedicated travel platform like ours based out of Bangalore, India, it is a matter of pride to be featured by Feedspot. 

We’ve now earned a spot for ourselves amongst Feedspot’s latest rollout for the World’s Top 100 Budget Travel Websites for the year 2022. We stand tall at the 27th global rank.

For a young startup like ours that is just a little over two years old, this is a matter of great pride and mirth. After all, we have been working consistently from day one.

Budget Wayfarers is on a Global Ranking of 43 in the World

It feels good to earn a spot amongst other well-known websites. I made sure to scroll through Feedspot’s entire list and would love to share it with all my readers as well. You can take a look at the entire list here.

As the Founder of Budget Wayfarers, I would take this opportunity to thank each and every reader of Budget Wayfarers. You make us stronger every passing day.

We will continue working towards sharing credible travel information with all of you. Also, anyone passionate about budget travel is welcome to be a part of our global family.

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