What currency to carry from India to Turkey?

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“What currency to carry from India to Turkey” – Have you been thinking of this question before heading for a trip to Turkey? If yes, you’ve come to the right blog. Let me help you with it.

I travelled solo to Turkey a while ago and learnt the exact usage of currency there. It is important that you know exactly which currency to take with you from India.

During my six weeks of stay as an Exchange Program student from India, I understood exactly why some currencies are better than others when it comes to Turkey.

what currency to carry to Turkey from India

What currency to carry from India to Turkey?

As a traveller, it is extremely important that you stay super aware of the visa requirements expected from Indians, easy places to exchange money and the exact currency that can be taken with you in this foreign land.

The official currency of Turkey is the Turkish Lira (TL or TRY).  Turkish Lira is available in denominations of TL 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 liras while the coins which are called Kurus, are available in denominations of Kr 5, 10, 25, 50 and 1 TL. Basically, one Turkish Lira is equal to 100 Kurus.

While addressing the question, “what currency to carry from India to Turkey” it is important to remember that despite Lira is the official currency, it isn’t the best choice for carrying from India.

You can consider carrying Euros and Dollars while travelling to Turkey from your home country as they both are easily available and fetch a good rate in Turkey.

Why isn’t Carrying Turkish Lira a Sensible Choice for Indians ?

First of all, the Turkish Lira is hard to procure in India. And somehow even if you manage to get them, they will prove to be really costly. Hence, I will advise you against it.

A better option for you will be to procure either US Dollars or Euros. Then when you land in Turkey, get the notes changed in Turkish Lira.

Most famous places like the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul will have shops that will help you in exchanging the currency. When you reach Turkey, exchange a very little amount at the airport to meet your cab fare etc.

And then, once you settle in, go to the local exchange centres or shops. Your end goal should be to not waste money in exchange as an Indian.

6 Most Convenient Ways to Exchange Money in Turkey

Money can and should be exchanged in Turkey at one of the 6 most easy and convenient places that I’m mentioning in my current blog. I travelled to Turkey solo and would love to share my insights on all of these 6 ways to exchange money.

I’ve written an entire blog enlisting and elaborating on the 6 most easy ways to get money exchanged in Turkey. However, for the sake of information, let me just say here that carrying a Forex Card proved really handy.

 9 Crucial Concerns of Indians Dealing with Currency Exchange in Turkey

1. How much money should I carry for a trip to Turkey?

Considering that you would spend around 10 days in Turkey visiting all the touristic cities, ideally in my opinion carrying around 1500 US dollars must be sufficient.

This is excluding the flight tickets and visa fees.

This cost would include your stay at hotels, travelling expenses, food, shopping and tours across various commercial sites and tourists spots.

I travelled to Turkey for a few weeks and explored the country on my own. Since I was on a student exchange program to Turkey where I got to stay with a host family, I saved up a lot on food and accommodation.

Throughout my stay in Turkey which was about 6 weeks, I spent 1200 dollars approximately which includes all my expenses. (Flight tickets, stays, shopping, food, travelling expenses and visiting tourists spots).

Are Euros accepted as a legal tender in Turkey?

The Turkish Lira is the official currency of Turkey.

Although Euros are not accepted as a legal tender in Turkey, some sellers might accept payments in Euros from European tourists.

But ideally, I do not recommend paying in Euros as you will end up paying more that way. The better deal is to pay in Turkish Liras only.

What currency to carry while travelling to Turkey?

You can consider carrying Euros and Dollars while travelling to Turkey from your home country as they both are easily available and fetch a good rate in Turkey.

How much is one Turkish Lira when converted into INR approximately?

1 Turkish Lira = 12 INR (approximately)

Can I use the Turkish Lira outside Turkey or in other European countries?

No, the Turkish Lira can only be used in Turkey and not in any other country.

How much fee is deducted while withdrawing cash via an ATM in Turkey?

Turkish ATM operators would not charge any kind of withdrawal fees ideally. But your home bank may charge a foreign exchange fee per transaction you make in Turkey.

Should I exchange money at the airport?

I would suggest exchanging a few dollars or Euros, just enough for you to reach your hotel or use the metro or taxi.

I exchanged around 50 dollars only at the International airport because I had to travel to another city from Istanbul. The exchange rates offered at the international airport are poor and hence I do not recommend exchanging all your money there.

Consider exchanging them at the currency exchange centres in the town to get a better deal.

Can you get Turkish Lira in your home country?

No, since the Turkish Lira is not that strong a currency, you would not find it easily available in most countries.

I’m from India and I did not find Turkish Lira in my home country.

You will have to either carry Euros or Dollars or get them exchanged when you land in Turkey.

If you are travelling to Turkey from India, all you need is to carry some Dollars or Euros. You should also take your credit card along with you and load your Forex Card with Euros or Dollars as well.

The entire money exchange process is completely hassle-free and you would not be cheated on in terms of rates in Turkey.

Have a lovely time in Turkey.

Happy wayfaring.



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