A Trek To Mount Bromo: Indonesia’s Most Active Volcano

trek to mount bromo

A Trek to Mount Bromo with its jaggy terrain and rugged pathways becomes the perfect hiking spot for husky and adventure-loving people. Mount Bromo is situated to the east of the main land of Java. It is one of the most scenic tourist attractions in Indonesia with its majestic sunrise views and view of the crater, […]


Dealing with Altitude Sickness in Leh: The Complete Travel Guide

Dealing with altitude Sickness in leh

Dealing with Altitude Sickness in Leh Ladakh is the first thing you should ponder over while planning a journey to this vast stretch of the Majestic Himalayas. Also known as the “Land of High passes,” Ladakh is not just a travel destination, it is an adventure travel destination. It presents a traveller with various challenges, […]


Exploring the Luxurious City of Dubai on a Budget

dubai budget trip

Dubai budget trip is something that a lot of travelers have on their bucket list. Dubai is the perfect place to visit if you want to see the lovely fusion of culture and modernity. The native population help maintain its traditional roots while the travelers contribute to its cosmopolitan culture. Dubai is traditionally seen by […]


A Day Trip to Bethlehem – The Holy Land of Christ

Bethlehem Day Trip

A Bethlehem day trip will let you explore the city and its outskirts well. Bethlehem, the historic city emerges right from the tales of Bible, where Christ the Lord, appeared in this mortal world of humans. It will most certainly take you back to the historic times and leave you enthralled. As a traveler, have […]


How and Where to obtain an Inner Line Permit for Leh-Ladakh 2018?

Inner line permit

Inner Line Permit or ILP is a travel document issued by Government of India. It is required by Indian citizens to visit protected/restricted areas within the country. This permit are valid for a limited period of time. The main purpose of an inner line permit is to monitor the activity of tourists and inflow of […]


Spangmik Village: The Beautiful Rustic Region Near Pangong Tso

spangmik village

Spangmik Village is a remote village situated 156 km east of Leh, on the banks of famous Pangong Lake in Ladakh region. The village is located on a narrow stretch of land between the Chang Chenmo mountains and the Pangong lake. The Spangmik village is very close to the Tibetan border and an army check post […]


The Splendid Nubra Valley: Ladakh’s Own Gateway to Beauty and Splendor

Nubra Valley

Nubra Valley is a mysterious place tucked up in the lap of the Himalayas that is filled with an enigmatic culture, mesmerizing valleys, double-humped camel rides, captivating sand dunes and challenging roads. The Shyok River meets the Nubra River in this mesmerizing village that separates the majestic Ladakh and Karakoram mountain ranges. Nubra Valley is also […]


Backpacking on a Budget Across Leh : The ‘Juleh’ Land

leh backpacking trip

Ever wondered of pursuing a Leh backpacking trip ? Well you should head to Leh this coming holiday season and feel enchanted amidst the majestic Himalayas.  Leh is a serene and calm location in the lap of astonishing mountains and valleys. No pictures or words will ever do justice to its beauty. Visiting Leh is something […]


Shopping Guide for Leh Ladakh: What and Where to Buy ?

shopping list for leh ladakh

Shopping list for Leh Ladakh should ensure that you carry the best things from the region with you while going back. The picturesque landscapes, Buddhist culture, welcoming folks, avenues for adventure activities is why Leh earns a top spot in the bucket list of many travellers. Apart from the memories and those excellent Instagram pictures, one […]


PAP Leh: How to Obtain a Protected Area Permit for Ladakh


PAP Leh or Protected Area Permit for Leh is a travel document issued by the Government of India to foreign nationals. This document allows them to visit the restricted or protected areas of the Leh Ladakh region for a limited period of time. All foreign nationals and Non-Resident Indians (except for citizens of Bhutan) are required to […]


The Mesmerizing Lake that Changes Colours – Pangong Tso, Ladakh

Pangong Lake

Pangong Lake, originally known as Pangong Tso (Tso means lake in native language of Ladakh) is an extremely gorgeous site located amidst the high grasslands of Ladakh region in North India. The sheer beauty of Pangong Tso or more popularly known as just the Pangong Lake makes travelers visit it from far and wide. Pangong […]


Backpacking to Amsterdam for 5 days: The Complete Itinerary

Amsterdam five day itinerary

Amsterdam five day itinerary can come in handy for all the travelers looking for a getaway which includes a little bit of everything – historic museums, serene countryside, lively beaches and crazy nightlife. The city of canals, bikes and freedom will impress one and all. In order to fully explore and connect with the city […]


Magnetic Hill in Leh: Does it Defy All Laws of Gravity?

Magnetic Hill

Magnetic Hill is located near Leh in the north Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir.  It is around 30 kms away from mainland Leh and it is on the Leh – Kargil national highway. Magnetic Hill is an extremely famous and mysterious destination.  Not only is the uncanny component of the hill a topic of […]


Traveling to Morocco on a Budget : The Complete Backpacking Guide

Morocco budget travel guide

Morocco budget travel guide will help curious travelers explore in detail the fascinating African region. Planning a good trip requires methodical planning, a reasonable itinerary and most importantly, a doable budget. By allocating a decent budget before hand, you will save yourself a lot of trouble on your trip. I have spent a good amount […]


The Underrated Places to Discover in New Zealand: 5 Travel Ideas

underrated places in new zealand

Underrated places in New Zealand should be known to a first time visitor. This becomes even more important if the visitor happens to be an explorer and wants to connect with a place in all its solitude. If you want to explore all of the wonders that New Zealand has to offer but don’t want […]


Sao Tome and Principe: Go Tripping Wonderfully at the Equator in Africa

Sao tome

Sao Tome and Principe is a tiny island nation located in the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa just off the coast of Gabon. It is the second smallest country in Africa and one of the least visited in the world. It is made up of two main archipelagos: Sao Tome, which consists of more […]


Travel Tips for a First Time Visitor to Teotihuacan and its Pyramids

Teotihuacan travel tips

Teotihuacan travel tips will prove essential for individuals who want to explore the ruins of an ancient city just 50 km outside Mexico City. Teotihuacan makes for a perfect one day visit as it is close to Mexico City.  If you’re a first time visitor, Teotihuacan travel tips will come quite handy for you. Knowing these tips, you […]