Not-To-Miss Sights in Granada, Spain

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Whenever you are visiting a new place, a list of places to explore comes in handy. So, I bring you a list of the best things to see in Granada, a fascinating city located in the Sierra Nevada mountains in Spain.

Granada is a city with a great history that has left historical prints and ancient monuments that you can not miss during your visit. In addition, it has many attractions to suit tourists’ tastes, just like Exploring Greenland with Quark Expeditions.

Things to See in Granada, Spain

11 Amazing Things to See in Granada 

So, let us begin by taking a quick look at the most exciting and fascinating spots in Granada, Spain:

1. Alcazaba, The Alhambra

The Alhambra, known worldwide, was declared a World Heritage Site for its outstanding beauty. It’s one site that receives many visitors, and nobody wants to miss its beautiful monuments. 

The Alhambra was surrounded by these walls and the towers that protected it. Here you will find the famous Tower of Homage, Cube Tower, and the Torre de la Vela. You can also visit the Plaza of Arms and the Garden of Adarves.

2. Nazari Palaces,The Alhambra

The Nazari Palaces are the most visited tourist spots in all of Alhambra. These beautiful palaces have different styles and were built at different times. It consists of the Mechouar, Comares Palace, and the Palacio de Los Leones.

3. Generalife Gardens, The Alhambra

The garden served as entertainment for kings living in the place. A walk through this lovely garden is extraordinary; green trees and decorations leave tourists out of breath. 

The Albaicin, the old quarter of the Nazarene, is another area of Granada’s most fascinating tourist spots. Its rich history attracts many tourists to this area.

4. Elvira Gate 

This arc is located in the Trump Plaza, which allows us access to the neighbourhood. This gate is an architectural marvel and definitely one of the best things to see in Granada for history lovers.

5. El Mirador de San Cristóbal

This site offers one of the best views of the city. You’ll experience breathtaking views of the city and can capture them in your photographs.

6. The Church of Santa Ana

This beautiful Moorish-style building has five chapels. Inside, we see works of art, including paintings and sculptures. Among these, the best known are La Dolorosa in 1671 by Jose Mora y Calvary Diego Aranda.

7. Bibarrambla

The large central plaza was once the place where Arabs celebrated feasts and bullfights. Today, it’s famous for its flowers and invites us to visit and take a break in it, plus it’s The Fountain of Giants.

8. The Church of Saints Justus

It was built in the sixteenth century; this ancient Church is dedicated to Saint Paul. The building is magnificent both outside and inside. You can not afford to miss seeing it.

9. The Church And The Hospital Of San Juan De Dios

This building was designed in 1609 and is composed of two bodies and columns; inside, we see a saint statue. The decoration of this building captures the attention of all visitors. The Church took over 20 years of construction. Today the baroque basilica is decorated with beautiful works of art and is one of the most visited sites you can not miss.

10. Carmen of the Martyrs 

The house was built in the nineteenth century by Don Carlos Calderon. This beautiful building with gardens provides a fascinating visit. Its gardens are decorated with statues, fountains, and grottoes. We can also see a beautiful tower. After walking in, tourists can rest and eat.

11. Iglesia de San Cecilio

A Baroque and Gothic building but also has some Renaissance styles. A stone porch and arches are the entrance to the Church. It offers a lovely visit, and the site of choice for tourists is the bell tower. 

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