Get Ready to Pack for the Second Wettest Place on Earth!

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Struggling with what essentials to include on the packing list for Cherrapunji?

Relax and scroll my complete checklist which also includes suggestions on what clothes to wear in Cherrapunji. Also, shoes, gadgets everything.

17 Crucial Items to Include in Your Packing List For Cherrapunji!

Start packing –


Rain or Shine, Stay Prepared with an Umbrella

Umbrella should be the first item on the packing list for Cherrapunji. Prefer a folding umbrella. It will easily fit in your handbag or backpack which you will carry while leaving for the day.

Besides protecting you from frequent showers and sometimes sunrays, a bright coloured umbrella makes you look stylish in your photographs.


Stay Dry in Raincoat & Capture Memories

Second essential item on the packing list for Cherrapunji should be a raincoat. Especially if you are traveling between July and September because it is monsoon in Cherrapunji.

Raincoats can cover your dress and bag, etc during heavy pours. Also, your hands are free to capture amazing moments in your camera.


Step in Cherrapunji But With the Right Footwear

Wondering what shoes to wear in Cherrapunji? With unpredictable showers and beautiful waterfalls to enjoy, waterproof shoes are the best option to take along on the trip to Cherrapunji.

Remember, your shoes should be comfortable because you will have to walk a lot.


Go Beyond Ordinary Shots With a Selfie Stick

The place you are about to visit is photographer’s heaven. So how can selfie sticks not be included on the packing list of Cherrapunji!

You can try new and interesting camera angles and capture the essence of Cherrapunji. By the way, for your Instagram pictures, you can scroll through my personalised list of Cherrapunji captions.


Preserve Memorable Moments With a Good Power Bank

Cherrapunji’s charm goes far beyond its natural beauty. There are moments when you suddenly come across Khasi people adorned in vibrant attire and infectious smiles.

Therefore, including a power bank on your packing list of Cherrapunji, ensures that you are fully prepared to seize spontaneous photo opportunities.


Don’t Miss a Thing with Binoculars that You Must Bring

Cherrapunji is a heaven of biodiversity. You do not want to miss the opportunity to spot a rare variety of bird, flower or even breath-taking landscapes.

Therefore, lightweight and compact binoculars are a packing necessity for Cherrapunji trip.


Weatherproof Your Packing with Strong Cases

Cherrapunji and rain go hand in hand. Whether it is waterfalls, valleys or trekking trails, you will be exposed to unpredictable showers.

Therefore, I strongly recommend including waterproof cases for all your gadgets on the packing list for Cherrapunji trip.


A Handy First Aid Kit is Necessary for You to be Fit

Every traveler has a First Aid kit in his bag. But when you pack for Cherrapunji, my suggestion is taking antacids or digestive pills will help. Sohra people serve spicy food.

Also, you will be on foot most of the day. So don’t forget to pack a muscle relaxant and mild painkillers. Band-Aid or similar items may be required while trekking.


Carry Survival Kit Essentials for a Thrilling Cherrapunji Expedition

 Sohra offers a multitude of captivating activities. You can choose from exhilarating hikes to daring treks and camping under starlit sky.

But remember to safeguard your adventure by including a basic survival kit in your packing list for Cherrapunji. Keep a swiss knife, torch, match box & candle, a string & needle, ORS in a box & you are good to go.


Travel Light with a Waterproof Backpack and Discover More

When in Cherrapunji you have to travel distances to reach the tourist spots. Touch of strategic planning when you are packing for Cherrapunji will unburden you from excess baggage.

Take a small waterproof backpack or handbag to accommodate your essentials like medicines, water bottle, sunglasses, sunscreen, umbrella, camera and valet etc. Don’t forget to tuck some dry snacks to keep yourself energized.


Choose the Right Waterproof Jacket for Cherrapunji’s Unpredictable Weather

With unpredictable showers, the best clothes to wear in Cherrapunji are breathable and quick drying clothes.

Also, wear layers of clothing to adapt to changing temperatures throughout the day. During winters carrying waterproof jackets with caps is a must.


Embracing Cozy Weather Delights with a Stole if you’re a Woman

Immerse yourself in the symphony of chirping birds as you start your day in Sohra. Take leisurely walks, basking in the beauty of the setting sun.Cherrapunji has pleasant temperatures during early mornings and late evenings including night.

So, when you pack clothes for Cherrapunji trip, don’t forget to take along a stole or a light shrug to add comfort.


Carry Easy to Dry Inner Wear & Socks Amidst Cherrapunji’s Humid Weather

 With the Sohra clouds weaving their ethereal dance in the skies throughout the day, it is difficult drying wet clothes.

Therefore, when you pack clothes for Cherrapunji, take an extra set of undergarments, socks & regular clothing.


Avoid Mixing Damp Clothes with Fresh Ones By Packing a Laundry Bag

A waterproof laundry bag on the packing list for Cherrapunji is a smart move.

With Sohra’s wet and humid weather, used clothes and towels etc can be damp, smelly and unhygienic. Keep them  in a separate laundry bag & dry whenever possible.


Enjoy Radiant Sunshine but Protect your Skin & Eyes with a High SPF Sunscreen Lotion

In the mesmerizing Cherrapunji, summers embrace you with pleasant temperatures. But a cloudy sky increases the humidity. Direct sun rays welcome you when you venture forth to explore tourist spots or outdoor activities.

Hence, while packing for Cherrapunji, a cap and sunscreen lotion will help. Also, a stylish pair of sunglasses can grace your eyes and cast a glamorous allure upon your visage.


Carry an Insect Repellent with you for All the Outdoor Fun

If you are an outdoor person and find solace in activities like trekking, camping, birdwatching, etc., you must carry an insect repellant.

Then, your packing for Cherrapunji is incomplete without an insect repellent. You can take ointment or spray as per your convenience.


Trust your Stash of Currency in the Form of Hard Cash Over Plastic Money

Cherrapunji is a developed hill station with modern amenities. But due to the hilly terrain and ever persistent clouds you might face trouble with online transactions due to weak signals.

To ensure your unhindered shopping escapades and culinary conquest around tourist spots, always carry some cash.

Hope my experiences & suggestions about the packing list for Cherrapunji help you discover this enchanting and exhilarating hill station better. Do write back in the comment box.


Deepti Awasthi

Deepti Awasthi is an avid traveler who enjoys journeying through locales across continents. A keen enthusiast, Deepti loves each destination she visits, recent ones being Meghalaya, London and Singapore.