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Which spices to bring back from Thailand

Which spices to bring back from Thailand was constantly on my mind during my maiden visit. Now, after traveling to the flavourful Siamese Kingdom twice, I have finally discovered the essential spices to buy in Thailand.

I am very excited to share my list of spices to buy from Thailand with anybody sharing the same passion as me.

Which Spices to Bring Back From Thailand? What Flavours to Bring Back Home and Gift Loved Ones?

Here, we go –

Relish the Sweet and Woody Flavor of Thai Cinnamon

Also known as Ob Choei in Thailand, cinnamon is an integral part of Thai food. Mostly used to enhance the recipes, it brings elaborate flavors to both spicy and sweet dishes.

The specific type of cinnamon used in Thai cuisine is the one from the Cassia tree. The powder comes from the bark of this tree and is mainly used in soups and curries.

Which spices to bring home from Thailand

Get Back Green Peppercorns with a Peppy Flavor 

In Thailand, green coloured fresh versions of black pepper are usually found in a bunch. Generally being only 5 mm in diameter they are dried and used as a spice for seasoning.

Rich in Vitamins, they have a wild peppy flavor and a bright aroma. Unfortunately they have a very short shelf life. 

Which spices to bring home from Thailand

Buy the Powerhouse of Nutrients in the Form of Coriander Seeds

Coriander seeds make up for a very popular culinary spice, used mainly for flavoring in Thai cooking.

Also called Look-pak-chee in Thailand, the seeds taste best when slightly dry roasted immediately before being crushed. They have a strong lemony citrus flavor depending on the maturity of the seeds.

Which spices to bring home from Thailand

Shop for Red Coloured Bird’s Eye Chili in Thailand

Though there are numerous varieties of chillies available in Thailand, the most common is the red coloured bird’s eye chili. 

In the form of dried and fresh, this chily is rich in vitamins and can drive away colds and low spirits too. Get them home for yourself and your loved ones.

Carry a Pack of Roasted Cumin Seeds from the Thai Markets

A popular ingredient used in Thai cooking, roasted cumin seeds are aromatic. Also, good to taste.

Cumin seeds can be found in most Thai super markets.

Enjoy the Aroma of Fenugreek Seeds at a Spice Store

The uniqueness in its flavor makes fenugreek seeds a popular spice in Thailand. Mostly used in curries, this spice is a favorite amongst Thai food lovers.

As a traveler, fenugreek seeds have got to be on your bucket list of spices to carry back from Thailand.

Sweet Tooth Lovers, Pick a Cardamom Packet for Your Desserts

Cardamom isn’t a popular popularly used in desserts across Thailand. However, it is readily available in spice stores across the region.

It has a pungent, earthy smell and a slightly sweet taste too. This makes it a distinct flavor for desserts.

Buy cloves and Fall in Love with this Spice

Lending a warm and spicy bite to dishes, cloves are one of the most common spices found in Thailand.

They can be eaten fresh in tooth ache or ground into a powder for cakes. Don’t miss to buy this spice from Thailand.

Get Star Anise, the Borrowed Spice

Used primarily for cooking chinese based dishes in Thailand, Star Anise can be one of the unique souvenirs to bring back home from Thailand.

A distinctive looking spice, star anise resembles a small rust coloured star. 

Take Yellow Turmeric with You and Keep Dullness at Bay

Its yellow golden color makes turmeric a very special spice in Thailand.

Adding brightness to the dish while making it a visual delight is one of the main purposes of using this spice. For ex  Yellow Thai curry , Wok-fried seafood etc.

Savour the Small but Cute Nutmeg from Thai Marts

Nutmeg, a hard nut of about an inch is a fantastic buy to carry back home from the markets of Thailand. 

Possessing a warm and pungent fragrance, with a slightly sweet taste it is used in puddings and baking pies and cakes.

Take out Some Cash for the Aromatic Prickly Ash

It is a small wild pepper with a bold citrus aroma which tastes well with Thai fish, other seafood and poultry.

If not for its taste, pick it up as a remedy for upset stomach, soar throats, aching muscles, skin infections to name a few.

Galangal is a Unique Taste from Thailand

Galangal root, also known as Thai ginger, is a spice closely related to ginger as well as turmeric. However, being a little more spicier than ginger it tastes peppery and earthy with hints of mustard.

Don’t miss to buy this intense and seasoned spice in Thailand for your kitchen.

 I really hope you liked my selection of spices from Thailand and found them interesting enough to buy. Do share your experience with me in the comments section.



Rohini Mehra

Rohini Mehra is a two time traveler to the beautiful Siamese Kingdom of Thailand. A devout family traveler, Rohini loves the essence of all things Thai and is keen on sharing her experience with any fellow explorer.