Best Places to Visit in Daman within 2 Days – A Backpacker’s Itinerary

Daman two day itinerary will not only help you visit the best places in town but will also ensure that your 2 days are utilized well. It will prove handy for people who are in Daman for a quick visit and need the most relaxing and refreshing experience.

Daman as a coastal town is home to a variety of historical monuments that were built by the Portuguese back in the 16th century. It also has some beautiful churches which are a reflection of the amazing architectural knowledge of the Portuguese back in those times. In my current blog on Daman two day itinerary, I would make an endeavour to help fellow travelers plan their trip.

I won’t be wrong to propound that Daman caters to the expectations of a wide range of tourists who are looking forward to visit it in search of a relaxing time at the beach, observing and admiring the Portuguese architecture in the Churches, appreciating the robust construction of the Forts which are standing tall even today, or just simply enjoying a few drinks at a bar with friends and family.

Daman, situated on the West Coast of India, is one of the two districts of the Union Territory Daman and Diu. It’s one of the most budget friendly travel locations in the country. It’s mostly famous for its beaches. It’s also quite popular for its  fresh, delicious and spicy seafood which is also the staple diet for many of its residents.

Daman two day itinerary

Daman as some lovely Portuguese influences in its ancient monuments. Photography by Ritish Raman

Daman Two Day Itinerary

In order to ensure optimum utilization of your time, it’s recommended that you stick to this pre-planned Daman two day travel itinerary.

The following places should most certainly be a part of your Daman two day itinerary –

1. Jampore Beach
2. Devka Beach
3. Nani Daman Fort
4. Moti Daman Fort
5. Lighthouse
6. Daman Market
7. Miramar Orchestra or any other Bar

Daman as a Travel Destination: General Information

Before I proceed further, I’d like you to know more about the place. The subsequent table provides the basic information pertaining to Daman. As visitors of the region, you should be aware of the subsequent details. 

Location West Coast of India
Official Language English and Hindi
Other Languages Spoken Gujarati, Marathi and Konkani
Accessibility Throughout the year
Modes Of Transport By Trains,Buses, Car
Ideal Two Day Budget INR 5,000/-  for 2 people.
Ideal Time of Visit Weekend
Foods and Beverages to try Seafood and Cocktails
Must Carry Handkerchief or Face Wipes as the weather is quite humid.
Nearby Travel Attractions Silvassa

For your ease of understanding and a fulfilling travel experience, I have split the two days of my itinerary into 3 slots- Morning to Noon, Noon to Evening and Evening to Night. This way, you can keep a track of the day’s progress in an efficient slot wise manner.

Daman Two Day Itinerary: Which Places to Cover ?

The following is a daily slot wise breakdown of the Daman two Day Itinerary.

Daman Two Day Itinerary: Day 1

Morning To Noon: Visit the Jampore Beach. Stroll around for sometime and have your brunch at the beach.
Noon To Evening: Visit the Forts.

Visit the Lighthouse.

Evening To Night: Visit the Daman Market and do shopping.

Have dinner and sleep.

Daman two Day Itinerary: Day 2

Morning To Noon: Visit the rocky Devka Beach. Stroll around for sometime and watch the fishermen fishing in the sea.

Get into a boat in which they would take you to a naturally formed rocky cum sandy island in the sea. Here you can have drinks, enjoy the breeze and the view.

Noon To Evening: Have lunch at a restaurant or a cafe then head towards the Jampore Beach.

Choose from a variety of options like Paragliding, Horse Riding and Camel Riding.

Enjoy the Sunset.

Evening To Night: Attend the Musical Night at Hotel Miramar/Have drinks at a bar/ Stay back at your hotel and relax.

Have dinner and sleep.


Daman two day itinerary

A lovely father-son moment captured at Jampore Beach. Photography by Ridhima Singh

Jampore Beach

The Jampore Beach is the first place you should visit as per the Daman two day itinerary. It’s located about 5 kilometers from Moti Daman and is truly a haven of serenity. What separates this beach from many other beaches in the country is that the sand here is kind of blackish in colour. This makes its overall appeal quite unique.

If you’re in Daman during the off-season, you’ll find this beach less crowded and can enjoy every moment in tranquility. However, if you’re in Daman during the weekends, you must expect a lot of tourists from nearby cities who come here to sit back and enjoy their weekend.

Things to Do at the Jampore Beach

You get to do a variety of things to do while at the Jampore Beach. If you’re up for some thrill and adrenaline rush, you can go for Paragliding. There are also quad bike rides available if you’re more into motorized action.

They also have horse and camel rides which are ideal if you have kids with you. You can have liquor which is easily available at the beach tents or sweet coconut water. It’s popular for its fresh and spicy seafood which is quite appetizing.

If you like to play cricket, football, or volleyball, you can also have the time of your life playing it at the Jampore Beach. The breeze, the waves, the sun, the smell of the sea water and the sand squishing under your feet will make the whole experience a truly enjoyable and memorable one. I definitely recommend it.

daman two day itinerary

The age old Lighthouse in Daman. Photography by K.C Sethi

The Lighthouse

The lighthouse near the Moti Daman Fort was built by the Portuguese and is also one of the best places to visit if you want to have a panoramic view of Moti Daman, Nani Daman, beach and the sea.

It’s an amazing place for photography enthusiasts as the location is quite vibrant. Also, the journey by road to the lighthouse is quite exciting as you drive parallel to the big walls of the fort, which are also lit up in different colours during the night.  

The Forts

It would be an injustice to the Daman two day itinerary if the great forts of Daman do not find a place in it. Constructed by the Portuguese, these forts are as robust as any other forts across the country.

Built in the 16th Century, these are still standing in their full glory, though time has taken a toll on their appearance, they still please the tourists who visit them as they offer a very enthralling view of the sea.

Just inside the Moti Daman fort, there’s a beautiful church called by the name, Cathedral of Bom Jesu. You can also visit the church and explore and admire the intricacies of the Portuguese architecture.  

Daman two day itinerary

Savour some yummy Ghotala at Devka Beach. Photography by Varun Karkera

Devka Beach

The Devka Beach is a totally different type of beach as compared to the Jampore beach. It’s not a sandy beach as most people would expect. It’s more of a rocky beach and it’s not an ideal beach for surfing or bathing in the sea. However, you can walk on small rocks towards the sea and indulge in picking colourful shells on the way.

Devka Beach also offers an excellent rocky prospect for your photos if you want to fulfil your photography instincts. The view of waves crashing into the rocks is the one you can watch for a long time. It’s usually a quiet place where you can also meditate while sitting on the rocks, or simply enjoy the breeze with someone special.

What all is available at the Beach ?

Drinks and seafood are available at Devka Beach. Coconut water, light snacks, etc. Try the Ghotala there. Its yummy.

Daman two day itinerary

Daman is full of lovely architectural creations from the era gone by. Photography by Pritesh Khatri

Daman Market

The Daman Market is a special and a popular place amongst the tourists. As per my interaction with the locals, Daman Market has a wide range of things on sale from deodorants, perfumes, belts, watches, shoes, makeup for women, accessories, handbags to almost every other thing you can imagine.

You might ask what’s so “special” in that? But here’s the catch. If you have time and you hunt down the right shops, you can get imported products at a very cheap rate. I suggest you go for shopping when you have a whole afternoon up your sleeve as it’s quite a time demanding place to be in.

Live Musical Night at Hotel Miramar

Hotel Miramar is located in Bhimpore area of Daman. It’s a lovely hotel which hosts live performances of professional singers and performers on weekends for the people.

The best part is, you get to experience the melodious night near the beach. The breeze, the drinks, the food and the soulful performances scale up the overall ambiance. It truly moves your soul and leaves you in a euphoria.

What all is available ?

Drinks, a variety of cocktails, vegetarian food and seafood.

daman two day itinerary

Make sure to have some tasty sea food at Hotel Miramar. Photography by Dana Tantis

Now that the details of Daman two day itinerary are clear to you, let me tell you how to reach there and where to stay during your visit.

How to Reach Daman?

By Air: The nearest international airports from Daman are in Surat and Mumbai which are further connected to all the major cities by air.

You can fly to Mumbai or Surat and reach Daman by train, car or bus.

By Train: The nearest railway station to Daman is in Vapi, which is around 15 kms from Daman.

You can take a local taxi/auto from Vapi to Daman.

By Road: Vapi, at a distance of about 15 km, lies on the Bombay-Ahmedabad National Highway No.8 , which is connected further to Daman by road.

Budget Accommodation at Daman

It’s always a good choice to stay at a budget friendly hotel so that your pockets don’t get a hole and also, you can spend this saved money on food, sightseeing or shopping.

The following are the best budget friendly accommodation options in Daman.

Hotel Brighton Free Parking

Free WiFi

Hotel Saikripa Imperial Free Parking

Free WiFi

Silver Sands Beach Resort Free Parking

Free WiFi

Breakfast included

Where to Head if you have some spare Time ?

If you manage to get extra time after visiting all the places from your Daman two day itinerary, you can visit the Devka Amusement Park.

It’s a fun place located by the Devka beach with quite a few rides and attractions, which would be greatly enjoyed by kids. There are also food stalls serving snacks which you can savour while enjoying the view of the sea.

I recommend this place especially to those who are travelling with kids. They will surely be thankful to you for taking them here.

Useful Tips for First Time Travelers to Daman

1) Owing to its coastal location, Daman has a hot and a humid climate mostly throughout the year. I would suggest you to pack extra set of clothes as it gets a bit uncomfortable travelling in sweaty clothes throughout the day.
2) As of now, there are no services of private cab companies like Ola or UBER, that you can use to visit places within Daman. However, you can get autos and taxis at reasonable rates. You can also book a cab via the travel desk of the hotel you are staying in.

I hope my Daman two day itinerary assists you in planning an amazing trip.

Happy Wayfaring.

Dhron Unnithan

Dhron Unnithan

Dhron Unnithan hails from Vadodara and is an engineering student by the day, cricketer by the noon, fitness enthusiast by the evening and a philosopher by the night. He likes to explore places which are hidden away in the lap of nature. He’s a travel enthusiast who likes to pose for photos and believes that photography is an alternative to time travel.