What All Should You Know Before Traveling to Cherrapunji?

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Things to know before visiting Cherrapunji

As someone who visited Meghalaya recently, let me help you understand all the things to know before visiting Cherrapunji.  Sohra, popularly known as Cherrapunji can be a wonderful experience if you have prior knowledge of the locale.

13 Noteworthy Things to Know Before Visiting Cherrapunji

Let us begin –

For Cherrapunji Quest Summers are the Best

Best month to visit Cherrapunji is any month between March and June. It is summer time in Cherrapunji and the days are pleasant with moderate rainfall. Though nights will remind you of being on a hill station.

This is the time when you can enjoy outdoor activities   like trekking, hiking, birdwatching, caving, etc.

Choose Monsoons for Waterfall Blooms in Sohra

Cherrapunji has a long list of cascading waterfalls to visit. If you want to see them in full bloom then the best month to visit Cherrapunji is any month between July and September. This is monsoon time and heavy rains flood the rivers and waterfalls.

 But remember due to heavy pours, outdoor activities and caving can be tricky and difficult.

 Sohra Chase is Just a Two days Escape

You should know before visiting Cherrapunji that two days are sufficient to explore the place. Major waterfalls and caves around Sohra can be covered in one day.

Next day you can go trekking to the famous double decker root bridge or explore offbeat places.

Be Ready for Swift Sunbursts or Surprising Showers at Any Hour of the Day

Sohra is the second wettest place on earth. An important thing you should know before visiting Cherrapunji is that the weather is completely unpredictable.

There can be sudden showers anytime of the day. And after quick but heavy rains, the sun can swifty arrive with a flourish of radiance. So, pack and plan accordingly.

Sunset and Sunrise Delights can be Overshadowed by Unpredictable Cloud Flights

Sohra has a gift of captivating sunrise and sunset points that should find a place in your itinerary. But amidst many things to know before visiting Cherrapunji, acquaint yourself with a sudden visit of cloud bands.

So, don’t be disheartened if you miss sunrise. Going to sunset or a new day can bring good luck.

With Less Public Transport Options in Cherrapunji Book your Taxi in Advance

One of the essential things to know before visiting Cherrapunji i decker root bridge or explore offbeat places.s that taxis are the only mode of transport for sight-seeing. So, pre-booking a taxi from the airport or bus stand is advisable. Your hotel staff can also assist you in hiring taxi.

You can also drive around if you are traveling in your own vehicle.

Vegetarians Beware: Sohra is a Paradise for Meat Lovers

Khasi people prefer non- vegetarian food. Pork dishes are popular and majorly served in all restaurants and local eateries.

So, if you are a vegetarian, then you should know before visiting Cherrapunji, that there will be scanty food options for you. Though some local eateries offer vegetarian thali.

Don’t Expect Fancy Shopping in Sohra

Sohra is a small district amidst mesmerising beauty of Khasi hills. It is a quiet town and you will not find any fancy shops or restaurants around.

Therefore, instead of regretting and saying that I wish I knew before visiting Cherrapunji, try some local shops and eateries for shopping and exploring food options.

No Haggling Please Cherrapunjians Believe in Fixed Prices 

A significant thing you should know before visiting Cherrapunji is that the rates of handicraft items and souvenirs, etc are almost same everywhere.

So, if you find something interesting just go for it instead of bargaining or waiting to explore another shop.

Caving Experience in Mawsmai caves is Must Include Activity

‘Mawsmai caves’, ‘Arwah caves’, ‘Krem Mawmluh caves’, ‘Garden of caves’, ‘Grotte de Mawmluh caves’ and many more. Sohra has a long list of caves.

Crucial thing to know before visiting Cherrapunji is that out of all these caves ‘Arwah caves’ with no light and ‘Mawsmai caves’ with dim light are the most popular amongst travelers.

Currency and Connectivity Can be of Concern in Cherrapunji

It is one of the vital things to know before visiting Cherrapunji that finding an ATM nearby can be tough. Also, the internet connectivity is very poor at most of the places, especially at tourist spots.

So, remember to take some cash along for souvenir shopping and restaurant bills etc.

 Prepare to Cross Hurdles to Reach Wei Sawdong Waterfall

The crystal-clear blue water of Wei Sawdong Waterfall’s square pool is eye soothing, captivating and  mesmerizing. But a critical thing to know before visiting Cherrapunji is that it is also one of the mazing spots to visit.

With difficult out and back trails it has challenging access.

Glimmering Cascade Awaits at Seven Sisters Waterfall

Sunset and sunrise from all viewpoints of Sohra is enchanting and picturesque. 

But the fact you should know before visiting Cherrapunji  is that  ‘Seven Sisters Waterfall’ has the best sunrise and sunset view. Nature bestows its blessings upon us with glowing waterfalls and golden cascades painting the sky in hues.

Hope my suggestions on things to know before visiting Cherrapunji help you to make the most of your trip. Please share your experiences in the comment section.


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