Why Should You Move Port Blair Up Your Bucket List ?

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As a traveller, I am sure you do have a bucket list of travel places to do, don’t you? If you do, I am going to give you enough reasons to visit Port Blair and move it up your list.

Port Blair, is a water world paradise. The museums, rich marine life, beautiful sunsets are enough to make any visitor fall in love with the place. 

Port Blair was on our wishlist for years and finally, we managed to visit it! The whole experience was one of its kind and of course one of the most memorable ones.

Reasons Why Port Blair Should Be on Your Bucket List

21 Remarkable Reasons to Visit Port Blair

“Once a year, go someplace you have never been before,” said Dalai Lama. Well, that has gradually become my mantra in life for the last two decades and continues to hold true for us as a family too.

Traveling is one of the most liberating, enriching, and pleasurable activities ever discovered by mankind! I dread the option of thinking otherwise and the impact of it on human history.


A trip to Anadaman had been on our minds for a while and it finally materialized out of the blue. Port Blair, the capital of Andaman took our breath away, so, here are my 21 reasons to plan your next trip to Port Blair:

1. Port Blair is the Perfect Runway to a Water World Adventure

Sun, sand, and sparkling beaches, I’m sure it brings Goa to mind for most, but I am talking about Port Blair. The capital of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a perfect destination to do the same and beyond.

If you are wondering is Port Blair worth Visiting, then I would definitely say that exploring it is one fascinating experience. The serenity of the place truly soothes your mind.

2. Visiting Port Blair is Super Easy As Its Well Connected through Metropolitan Cities

As you land in Port Blair at the Veer Savarkar International Airport, the only airport to travel in and out from, you realize that majority are travelers and tourists, completely charged with enthusiasm and smiles to discover the place.

The place is connected well to all the four metros via flights and by sea from Kolkata and Chennai. Sea travel takes much longer but works out cheaper compared to flights also giving you an absolutely different experience. The best time to visit the place is between December and March, year-end feels almost like a carnival.

Once you have reached Port Blair, you connect and travel to other Islands is via Boat rides, cruises, and ferry rides too. Bigger the boat, the lesser the feeling of movement on the wave surface. So, choose wisely.


3. Island hopping in Port Blair is a Sheer Joy

One of the reasons to visit Port Blair is the range of choices it offers.  You are spoilt for choices with regards to the islands and beaches you want to choose from the cluster, awaiting to enthral you. One of the only places in India besides Lakshadweep giving you an island-hopping spree.

The islands are easily accessible by government and private ferries which can be easily booked and there are enough services to manage the heavy flow of tourists.

Reasons to Visit Port Blair

One reason why Port Blair is a must-visit is because of beautiful sunsets like this one.  

4. Spectacular Sunrise & Sunsets are Reasons Enough to Visit Port Blair 

The sunsets and sunrises in Port Blair alone make it worth visiting and unmissable. Every day we managed a sunset at a different beach.

Being on vacation, we cherished the sleep more than the sunrise except once. Fair enough, don’t you think?


5. Visit Port Blair for Samudrika Naval Marine Museum and Naval Footprint 

The Navy as a service has a predominant presence in Port Blair and in the entire region, with few islands under its jurisdiction. The Museum at Port Blair is open to all and showcases the numerous tribes in and around the Islands and the rich marine life ranging from corals to fishes.

The souvenir shop has amazing artefacts made of shells, coconut tree products and clothes too. Children and adults are awed by the presence of a huge blue whale skeleton right at the entrance.

Why Visit Port Blair

Cellular Jail is one of the most prominent attractions in the Andamans. Notable Indian freedom fighters were imprisoned here during the Colonial rule. 

6. Port Blair’s Historical Connect to Freedom Struggle, Makes it An Ideal Spot for History Lovers 

Port Blair is known for its connection to the freedom struggle and the Cellular Jail has the important threads of our freedom struggle nestled in its walls and rooms. The visit truly shakes you as a free citizen of India when you travel down history to read of the phenomenal sacrifices and struggles of freedom fighters.

The atrocities bring a chill into your blood as you read the names on the board of captives and see the room of gallows. There is a light and sound show which is conducted through the evenings and are a must-see.

Reasons to Visit Port Blair

There is no death of Instagram – Worthy Spots in and around Port Blair

7. Port Blair Provides Ample Nature Frames as Picture Spots

There are numerous spots that announce to the world that you are in Port Blair. The natural bridge in Neil Island is truly a marvel and climbing up to experience the view on top is worthwhile.

You realize as a traveller you become more adventurous than you would otherwise be when you are in Port Blair.

8. Port Blair is a Water Sports Destination Like No Other 

If adventure sports excite you, you have more than you can imagine. Scuba diving, snorkeling, motorboat ride and water scooter rides are plenty, you need to choose what you would want to experience.

One of my accomplishments was that being a non-swimmer I went Scuba diving hesitantly but came out liberated from the fear of being underwater and initiated into the mesmerizing aqua life down under. Water scooter ride is another thrilling activity for all and having an experienced hand as your companion makes it easier.

Why Visit Port Blair

Jolly Buoy Island is located at a distance of 30 km and was one of the most memorable places in Andamans.

9. Glass Bottom Boat Sojourn In Port Blair is Totally Worth It

Jolly Buoy island is located about 30 km from the Wandoor beach and comes under the Mahatma Gandhi National Park’s national sanctuary and is a protected area by the local administration. This islet offers the second-best experience with regards to a glass-bottom boat ride across the world after the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

It is a truly joyful and thrilling experience as you go about around the island at various depths to see different kinds of coral species, water animals and vibrant fishes that often come in schools to feed off your hands. Sea cucumbers, the laziest ones below the water surface give you a smug feeling of being better.

You need a government permit to visit and also need to book tickets in advance. This is a strictly no plastic zone and you need to deposit all your things except water to be carried for your use.

Reasons to Visit Port Blair

Ross Island was used for housing countless captives from India during the 1857 upheaval.

10. Ross Island & Its Ruins Drive You Down to the British Era History

Ross Island takes you down the history of this place which was decided on as the headquarters for the British while the work of building the cellular jail was happening.

The structures are so old that it’s mostly the ruins you see. The Commissioner’s house, Church, swimming pool, bakery, printing press, the British Officer’s residences and an iconic lighthouse when you go down the stairs towards the beach. The sailor’s memorial and the plaque with a beautiful poem, the sound of waves and the setting sun. Time almost stood still there and moments like these spring up years later with the same feeling in our hearts.

The light and sound show on this island is beyond words in its presentation and rendition. Not a single pair of eyes remained dry at the end …you feel overwhelmed with a heaviness in your heart at the challenges faced by Indian freedom fighters. This show is not to be missed, so be sure to book the tickets in advance. The sanctuary is a big hit with deer and peacocks roaming around with no fear, children enjoy petting them as feeding is prohibited. Since there are no civilian settlements and the island is under Naval jurisdiction you cannot stay and return back through the ferry journey.

11. Chatham Sawmill and Bur Wood Connect Of Port Blair is Worth Exploring 

This mill in Chatham Island was set up in 1883 and is connected to PB by a 100-meter-long old bridge. The place opens up the discovery of the famed Bur wood and the processing of timber, now carrying back Bur wood is strictly prohibited.

The Japanese Bunker is an attraction for all and the museum houses numerous wooden artefacts few of which are not in production anymore. There’s a shop that sells beautiful souvenirs too.

12. Marina, the Seafront Is A Delightful Place to Explore in Port Blair

The marina houses the water sports complex, the Marina park, and an aquarium to visit around and is a vibrant place for early evening stroll, and tea by the seaside.

This is definitely one of the best places to visit in Port Blair.

Why visit Port Blair

Mt Harriet National Park peak offers an extremely pleasing view and as a visitor in Port Blair, you should not miss the spot.

13. The Iconic Mt Harriet National Park Is a Pretty Good Reason To Visit Port Blair

A tourist spot where you can see the lighthouse printed on the backside of 20 INR note and you have a short trek too which you can indulge in.

There are tent houses which can be hired to spend the night. Kalapathar is a short distance away from here.

Reasons to Visit Port Blair

Munda Pahar offers one of the most exquisite and serene experiences in Port Blair 

14. One of the Many Reasons to Visit Port Blair is a Visit to Munda Pahar

Better known as Chidiya Tapu is a trekking paradise, giving you scope to be with nature as close as you desire. The Mangroves enhance the beauty of the beach and are eye-catching photo points.

The trek to the top of the hill is worth it for its view, going early morning is a boon. If you are lucky you can sight birds but as you walk through the forests even later in the day as we did, you surely do hear the bird calls and chirps. The silence is eerie sometimes, the slightest noise in the wilderness makes you jump thinking of some animal being close by.

15. Anthropological Museum and Fisheries Museum in Port Blair Offer a Peep Into Evolutionary History

One of the many reasons to visit Port Blair is that the island offers incredible learning experiences.  If you are travelling with young kids, this place should not be missed.

The Anthropolplace could be visited with the intent of knowing more about the people and tribes of the Andamans with their evolutionary history. The second is with respect to the complete marine life and its evolution.

16. Unique Shopping Experience Is Another Reason Why You Must Visit Port Blair

This has become an integral part of any travel destination and the search for curios to carry home for self and loved ones takes a lot of discovering around the place.

The range of things you can pick up depends on what you want. The artefact of shells including jewellery is in abundance, Wooden and coconut shell craft has a wide range and you surely have to hunt for what you may not have set eyes on elsewhere.

Virgin coconut oil is in vogue these days for its health benefits. Aberdeen Bazaar and the Sagarika Government Emporium has everything under one roof and have many salespersons to help you choose.

17. Parasailing and Paragliding Options Make Port Blair An Amazing Destination for Travellers

Corbyn’s Cove or Havelock Island cater to both of these adventurous sports. Watching it at Havelock Island was a major thrill for us.

18. Baratang Island and the limestone caves, a rendezvous with the Jarawa Tribes

Keeping the long hours of travel required and a small child in tow we did skip this visit. But being able to see members of the Jarawa tribe is an experience in itself though you can’t carry memories in the form of pictures.

19. Comfortable Stays Make a Visit to Port Blair Memorable 

This is a place like any other which has a wide spectrum of places to choose from and a budget to suit all. Low, medium, and high ranges are available according to one’s requirements.

Book my trip is immensely helpful and also the state websites let you know of the state guest houses available. Connectivity is an issue so hotels providing free Wi-Fi are high in demand and premium placed. Please check before booking.

Why Visit Port Blair

For a foodie, the delectable Seafood is one of the many reasons to visit Port Blair.

20. Port Blair is a Seafood Lover’s Paradise

Every hotel serves seafood variants, and you can enjoy them throughout your stay. Sea Shell in Havelock had a delicious range of seafood offerings. In the main city of Port Blair, Stark Café on Phoenix Bay was an excellent place to enjoy some continental food, a break from the abundant seafood.

Annapurna Hotel has amazing food which is light on the pocket. Anju Coco restaurant on MA Road has various cuisines to offer. Apart from the mouthwatering food, their welcoming staff and service make the experience even better. Sinclairs are a must-visit for those who enjoy a fine dining experience.

21. Its Many Facets Make Port Blair an Explorer’s Dream Come True

Port Blair can be a lot of things – an adventurer’s paradise, a place to chill out with family or to spend time with your significant other. Therefore, the most important reason why visiting Port Blair is Worth it is because, like many other places, this place leaves you wanting for more.

If you are here, you need a minimum of at least 5-7 days Andaman itinerary so plan accordingly to get the best experience.

I hope you are convinced enough to take a trip to this beautiful travel destination. If you do plan a visit,  hope that you too can experience it as a fellow and cherished traveller and carry back happy moments deep in your heart.



Shruti Chatterjee

Shruti Chatterjee has been evolving as an avid travel enthusiast, collecting memories close to her heart. Her tryst with travelling started decades ago, from the yearly summer vacations to the planned getaways to experience new places. She was born in Varanasi and grew up predominantly in Chennai after initial growing up years in Shahjahanpur. Being a naval spouse, she has had the privilege of living across the country and picking up finer nuances of the culture, food and traditions of many states. A counsellor by profession, a passionate writer by choice, she finds nature as her biggest inspiration.