Things to Pack and Carry for a Lovely Andaman Vacation

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Things to pack for Andaman Islands should include all the essential items of benefit for a tropical vacation. Andaman Islands are known to be among the best destinations in India. Hence, to make the most out of your trip, it is important that you carry the right set of things. This will ensure a hassle-free time.

Being a tropical island, the Andamans receive ample sunshine along with intermittent moderate showers. Hence, the basic things to pack for Andaman trip revolve around what you’d need in summer and monsoon.

In my current blog, I intend to offer all travelers visiting the Andaman Islands some useful packing advice. Referring to the list of things shared with me will make it easier for you to pack for your sojourn. It will also avoid last-minute delays. You will be better prepared for the trip when you leave, which will make you more confident as a traveler.

Things to Pack for Andaman Islands

The Andaman Islands are home to several exotic beaches, and thus beachwear and related accessories are mandatory without a doubt. A trip to Andaman gives an opportunity for ideal island hopping to travelers. It’s most certainly worth exploring.

An Insight into Things to Pack for Andaman Islands

The essentials for an Andaman getaway must be packed keeping in mind the weather of the destination, and the places that you’d be visiting.

The climate in Andaman is expected to be hot and humid throughout the year with sunshine. One can also expect moderate to heavy showers for almost six months a year. Therefore, packing needs to be done keeping this factor in mind.

As a travel destination, pristine beaches and blue waters constitute most of the Andaman Islands. Offbeat adventures to the mangroves forests, limestone caves, and volcanoes are also a great add-on. So to enjoy all of these places, it is important that you have the optimum number of packed items.

Things to pack for Andaman

Andaman as a region is hot and humid. Therefore, it is essential that you pack and carry items that will go along with this weather. Cotton t-shirts, comfortable flip-flops, swimwear, sunscreen, a camera, protein bars, diving gear and important documents are some of the things that will make for a perfect backpack for the beach. Don’t miss out on any of these.

The following things are an absolute must for your Andaman trip. I will elaborate more on each of these things a little later in the blog so that you have full clarity.

I have categorized my list of things to make it simple to understand for you. This will help you with the packing. 

Personal care items
Beach essentials
Miscellaneous items that are damn important

Since I am completely in love with the Andaman Islands and have spent some quality time in the region, let me now elaborate on all of the items that I deem suitable for your trip.


Flight Tickets
Identity Proof
Passport (for non-Indian Nationals)
Visa (for non-Indian Nationals)
Hotel Booking Vouchers
Ferry Tickets

Flight Tickets

The most common way to reach the Andaman Islands is via air. You must book your flight tickets well in advance to get the best deals.

Prices are often skyrocketing if you plan your trip on short notice.

The following carriers fly to Port Blair from major Indian cities and abroad.

Air India
Spice Jet
Go Air

Ensure that your return flight tickets are booked in advance as well, and you are carrying a copy of the same with you.

Things to pack for Andaman Islands

The waters of the Andaman Islands are home to an insane underwater life. It is something everyone must discover. It’s almost like a whole new world. If you’re not that big on, or comfortable with scuba diving, you could simply float on the water and snorkel.

Identity Proof

Carrying a Government-issued identity card is mandatory when you are traveling in an aeroplane. For Indian Nationals, the list of acceptable proofs of identity is mentioned below.

Driving License
Voter ID
Aadhar Card
Pan Card

The original copy of any of the above is one of the mandatory things to pack for Andaman trip. Carrying a couple of photocopies of the same also comes in handy at times.

Passport and Visa

Foreign nationals require a passport and visa to visit India.

Since the Andaman Islands are a part of India, both passport and visa are mandatory for non-Indian nationals. However, the immigration formalities for them will take place on the Indian mainland, before they board a flight to Port Blair.

Hotel Booking Vouchers

Advance bookings for accommodation are necessary when you are traveling in peak season. This is important as the places tend to get sold out fast due to the high tourist influx.

Make reservations through a reliable online or offline source, and get a valid confirmation from them. The booking vouchers must certainly be on your list of things to pack for Andaman trip.

Ferry Tickets

A trip to Andaman without visiting Havelock Island and Neil Island (and other islands) is futile. But the only way to visit the islands of Havelock and Neil is by ferry.

There are both – government and private run ferries. The number of tickets is limited and it is absolutely critical that you buy them in advance.

Things to Pack for Andaman Islands: Personal Care Items

Sunscreen Lotion
Hair Ties
Hand Sanitizer
First Aid Kit
Mosquito Repellent

Sunscreen Lotion

A high sun protection factor (SPF) sunscreen lotion is one of the most important things to pack for your Andaman trip. The sun tends to be quite harsh and you should protect yourself at all times from getting a sunburn on your holiday.

A good sunscreen with SPF 50+ is advisable for long exposure to sun. The recommended brands of sunscreen lotions that I use are as follows.

Things to pack for Andaman

Sunscreen is perhaps going to be the most used item on your trip. This is something you simply cannot forget. If at all you do, make sure you pick one up once you get to Andaman. Without slathering your skin with some SPF, you’ll get sunburnt.

Hairbrush and Hair Ties

The wind, sand and water will take a toll on your hair quality. Hair accessories are hence essential to maintaining your hair.

Tying hair with rubber bands is very important for people with long hair, especially during water activities such as scuba diving and snorkelling.

Hand Sanitizer

Well, it depends on what kind of a cleanliness freak you are to carry a sanitizer along everywhere. It does find its use at times, and is a good thing to carry.


These are the very basics of things to pack for Andaman trip, and also on any other trip that you plan for that matter. I am sharing with you the following list that you can save as a reference for all your future trips to any tropical place.

Tooth brush
Shower Gel
Paper Soap
Face Wash
Lip Balm


Among the very critical things to pack for Andaman trip are medicines. What you might end up suffering from most commonly in Andaman is motion sickness.

The ferry ride in Andaman from Port Blair to the islands might stir a condition called sea sickness in many. It is a common condition causing dizziness, uneasiness and at times, vomiting as well.

It is very important that you pop a medicine for the same, prior to boarding the ferry if you know that you suffer from motion sickness. If not, it is safe to carry the medicine with you and use it, if needed.

Sea Sickness

Spending long periods of time on vast stretches of water can lead many to feel sea sick. It’s not uncommon, and this can happen even to programmed swimmers and divers. To avoid such situations from getting worse, carry medication that will help.

Also, you must consult your doctor and carry a strip of prescribed medicine for all of the common illnesses. I’m mentioning the most common ones below.

Cold and Cough
Urinary Tract Infection
Joint Pain
Bacterial infections

First Aid Kit

In case of any unforeseen minor injuries, it is safe to have your first aid kit as one of the things to carry for Andaman trip. Your first aid kit has got to include all of the following items.

Antiseptic Liquids such as Dettol or Savlon
Sterile Gauze
Antibacterial cream such as Soframycin
Burn ointments such as Burnol or Silverex
Micropore Tape
Crepe Bandage

Mosquito Repellent

The Andaman islands have a lot of greenery. However, their green plants are also breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Hence, it is advisable that you carry a mosquito repellent with you.

Applying a mosquito repellent cream such as Odomos before you step out is a great way to avoid mosquito bites. Re-apply every 2 hours.

Things to pack for Andaman Islands

Andaman is home to mangroves and vast stretches of forests. This makes for the best breeding grounds for mosquitoes. In such a scenario, a mosquito repellent like Odomos would really help and also protect you from mosquito-borne diseases.


Cotton Tees
Nightwear and Innerwear

Cotton Tees and Shorts

Clothes required in Andaman Islands definitely include loose cotton tees and shorts. Additionally, you may pack what you are most comfortable in, considering the sweltering heat of the islands.


A trip to the Andaman Islands would be incomplete without swimming in the endless blue and emerald water. Hence, everyone needs a swimsuit as one of the things to pack for Andaman trip.

If you have more than one, wear different ones every day while the other one dries up.

What to pack for Andaman

 A tropical island destination like Andamans requires all travelers to dress comfortably. Whether you want to sit under the shade of a palm tree wearing a tee or bathe yourself in the sun wearing a bikini, the bottom line is comfort. Keep that in mind at all times.


An ideal complement to the swimsuit is a sarong for all the women. It is a long fabric made of quick drying and falling material, that one can drape in different styles and pose for their perfect beach shot.

If you’re comfortable wearing a bikini, go for it. Nothing refreshes the skin than having some light skin tan by the sea.

Nightwear and Innerwear

Another important piece of clothing required in the Andaman Islands is nightwear and innerwear that must be comfortable. You might end up wearing your nightwear on the sunrise walks to the beaches. Thus, you must pack them adequately.


Most hotels provide you with a fresh towel every day. However, if you are staying in a guest house or a homestay, you might want to use your own towel.


Flip flops
Sport Shoes

It is of utmost importance to carry and wear footwear that doesn’t tire you. Comfortable flip flops or shoes will help you cover long distances on hikes around the Andaman Islands. Also, support the weight of your body in an organic way.

Flip Flops

Flip flops are the most important type of footwear for Andaman. They work well on sand and are extremely comfortable as well. Make sure that your flip flops are waterproof or quick-drying, as they are bound to get wet due to rain or on the beach.

Things to pack for Andaman Islands

Pack footwear that holds onto your body weight throughout your trip and which doesn’t chaff your feet. If you’re packing new shoes, sandals or flip-flops, make sure they don’t scrap your skin. Put them on in advance and then pack them. Remember, without comfortable footwear, you will end up feeling more tired. Also, always carry bandaids in case of shoe bites. 

Sport Shoes

It might sound funny that I am suggesting carrying a pair of sports shoes on an island destination, but you’d thank me later. If you are going to the limestone caves, sports shoes are a must. Also, you’d need them on your sunrise jog every morning, because what are beaches without sunrises?


Just as an extra safety pair of footwear for Andaman, you can carry a pair of sandals.

Things to Pack for Andaman Islands: Beach Essentials

Beach Bag
Beach Towel
Beach Mat
Sand Toys
Beach Ball
Snorkelling Gear
Swimming Goggles
Inflatable Float / Tube

Most of the items listed above can be rented out as well. So you can take your call accordingly. If you’re into snorkelling and scuba diving, the complete gear will be made available to you by the agency helping you dive. 

Beach Bag

A tote bag that can fit all the things that you’d want to take to the beach is one of the important things to pack for Andaman trip. Your beach or tote bag could be made up of any of the subsequent materials.


Beach Towel

A quick-drying lightweight microfibre towel is the best thing to have on a beach holiday. Its fast-dry property is key, and it barely occupies any space or weight in your things to pack for Andaman trip.

Beach Mat

If you are looking at just lazing around on the beach, you’d need a beach mat to sit or lie down on. It is advised that you carry it from home, as you will not find it there. If you don’t have one, the most common hack is to use a towel or a bedsheet as a beach mat.

Things to pack for Andaman Islands

A beach mat is a must when going to a beachy destination like Andamans. If you don’t have one or want to travel light, you could simply use your towel as a mat. Not only does this prove to be comfortable, but saves you from getting burnt from the hot sand.

Sand Toys

For all those traveling with kids, sand toys are essential things to pack for Andaman trip. Even adults for that matter can relive their childhood making sandcastles on the clean white beaches of Andaman Islands.

Frisbee and Beach Ball

Games on the beach are super fun. You can carry whatever you like to play with. But do take at least something, it is an opportunity for everyone to unwind with these old-school play toys.

Snorkeling Gear

Snorkeling is a popular adventure activity on the Andaman Islands and you need snorkelling gear for the same. You can purchase it from a local shop on the islands if you don’t have one already. However, the quality is not that great.

A better alternative is to purchase it from a reliable store in your home city such as Decathlon and carry it with you to Andaman.

Swimming Goggles and Inflatables

Most hotels on the Andaman Islands do not have a swimming pool. But if yours does or if you are traveling with kids, swimming goggles and inflatable float/tubes would be a part of the things to pack for Andaman trip.

Since Andaman is primarily a beach destination, a considerable portion of your travel bag space should be dedicated to items for the beach. If you want to travel light and not pack them all, then rent them out at Port Blair when you land. This holds especially true for snorkelling and diving equipment.

Miscellaneous Items that are Damn Important

Mobile Phone
Mobile Phone Charger
Power Bank
Cap or Hat
Waterproof Carry Bags
Raincoat or Poncho
Water Bottles
Protein Bars or Snacks


The Indian currency – the Indian Rupee (INR) is the only currency accepted on the Andaman Islands. Therefore, you must carry sufficient cash that would last during your entire trip.

I strongly advise you to not rely on cards for two specific reasons –

There is a serious network issue on the islands. There is no guarantee that you’d be able to swipe your card in restaurants or any other place.
The number of ATMs is limited and many of them don’t work. You might not be able to withdraw money when you need to.

Mobile Phone

A mobile phone in working condition is important for reaching out to near and dear ones, as well as capturing priceless moments.

Though the network connectivity is not very good, hotels do provide WiFi. However, it purely depends on your luck if you’d be able to connect to and use the WiFi as the range and the number of devices connections are limited.

Mobile Charger and Power Bank

To keep your phone charged at all times, do not forget to carry its charger along. If you have a power bank, it’s an added advantage as you don’t need to worry about finding a plug point every time you want to charge your phone.


An umbrella can be used to save yourself from the sun and well as the rain. Due to this dual benefit, it is one of the important things to pack for Andaman trip.


To protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, you must carry a pair of good-quality sunglasses. They are vital in the beach during bright daylight.

Cap or Hat

You can treat them as a means to protect your hair from the wind and face from the sun, but caps and hats are synonymous to styling accessories.

Pack as many as you’d like because there are high chances that the wind will blow them away from your head, quite literally!


Memories go a long way and the best way to save them for future reference is through a camera. Check in advance if you have enough storage space, as you’ll be clicking lots and lots of pictures.

If you have a waterproof camera that works underwater, even better. You can use it while snorkelling to capture life on the seabed.

Things to pack for Andaman

Carrying a good camera will help you capture the best pictures from your trip. These pictures will stay with you forever as a reminder of lovely times spent on a tropical island. Don’t buy fancy cameras if you’re new to photography as a skill. Buy a nominal one and capture pictures in its lens. When you get better at the skill, only then go for an expensive camera.

Waterproof Carry Bags

Carry bags come in handy on the beach to pack stuff that has sand all over it, be it slippers, toys or even clothes. Waterproof bags last longer, and can also be used to pack soiled swimsuits.

Raincoat or Poncho

Mild showers can be expected at any time on Andaman Island. A raincoat or poncho allows you to be carefree and enjoy the rains while you’re out there on the beach or any other sightseeing place.

Water Bottles

The last thing you’d want is to be dehydrated. Hence, you must carry a bottle of water everywhere with you when you are traveling on the islands.

On most beaches, you might not find a shop to purchase a bottle of mineral water. The best thing to do is to fill your bottle up before you’re heading out and take it along. This also ensures you’re using a minimum amount of plastic.

Protein Bars or Snacks

You’ll find plenty of restaurants on the Andaman Islands and finding good food is not a task.

However, it is recommended that you keep some snacks with you in case you feel hungry at odd hours. Protein bars, dry fruits and chocolates are some of the things to pack for Andaman trip.

Readers, Carry your Unfinished Books to Andaman

If you happen to be a bibliophile who likes to read by the beach, don’t hesitate to carry any unfinished books. Sure, you can make your choice to carry it as a hard copy or as a Kindle version.

Things to pack for Andaman Islands

If you’re an avid reader, spending a few hours sipping on a beer and reading will prove to be the best way to chill by the sea. I could do this for hours together and not get bored. You could either carry physical books or a Kindle – whatever floats your boat. 

The recent book that I read was Sapiens. If you connect with the genre, you too can read it. 

The list of things to pack for Andaman trip can be endless. However, you have to limit it to suit the baggage allowance of checked-in luggage on flights. This is known to be 15 kgs per person in India currently for most airlines.

With all the required information at hand, start packing for your next adventure to the beautiful islands of Andaman!

Happy wayfaring.


Shreya Doshi

Shreya Doshi is a Mumbaikar at heart but her soul takes her globetrotting. She has travelled to over a hundred cities, from bustling metropolitan areas to quaint countryside towns. However, it’s on the beaches that she finds true solace. In line with her entrepreneurial spirit, Shreya co-founded ‘Traversia’ focusing on personalized itineraries, customized packages and travel consultations. She strongly believes in travel therapy and that solo travel is the best teacher.