On the Lookout for Heartwarming Gifts to Take Back Home from Thailand?

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What presents to get from Thailand? Are there any unique souvenirs to buy in Thailand? 

As a two time traveller in the Siam Kingdom, let me help you look for the famous things to buy in Thailand.

31 Refreshingly Unique Souvenirs to Buy in Thailand that are Easy on Your Pocket!

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Here, we go –


Get Your Loved Ones Wrapped in Thailand’s Famous Fisherman’s Pants

Wrap Pants, also known as Fisherman Pants in Thailand make for a comfortable leg drape for friends and family. 

Unisex in design and masking various wearing styles, this is one of the best gifts to carry back home from the Siamese Kingdom.


Carry Tin Boxes of Purple ChaTraMue Tea from Streets of Bangkok 

With the butterfly pea flower as its core ingredient, the unique Chatramue tea is a beautiful takeaway from Thailand.

Originally blue in colour, with added lemon pinch, the pea tea transforms into purple and is delectable to drink.


Pick Sweet Tamarind from the Harvest Festivals of Phetchabun and Loei

Sweet Tamarind is used across culinary innovations in Thailand and their provinces of origin are Phetchabun and Loei.

In case you travel to Thailand during the Harvest season of sweet Tamarind, make a purchase and bring it back home.


Bring With You Handmade Tuk Tuk Toy Souvenirs from Thailand

 A trip to Thailand is incomplete without riding the Tuk Tuk. Likewise, a journey back home is not complete without carrying its essence.

Therefore, select from a wide array of colours and pack a handmade toy Tuk Tuk as a souvenir on your way back.


Let the folds of Thai silk unfold your fondest memories

Imagine your loved ones draped in shirts and scarves made from one of the finest silks in the world.

Reflecting the culture of Thailand, silk from the country can definitely be a memorable gift to get back for your family and friends.


Bring back to your bedroom the comforting Thai spa experience

Don’t fret if you missed experiencing a relaxing spa in Thailand due to your hectic schedule.

Get back the popular and catchy essential oils, scented candles and exfoliating creams to have the same soothing spa feeling at home.


Pick up gorgeous handmade bags from streets in   Thailand

While roaming on the streets of Thailand, you just can’t miss out on the locals and travelers with handmade bags of the popular brand ‘NaRaYa‘.

In off beat patterns and vibrant colors these can be reasonably priced and unique souvenirs to buy in Thailand.


Pack intricate soaps with aroma of real flowers to wash your worries back home

Beautifully intricate Thai soaps in the shapes of flowers and fruits can give you a hard time deciding whether to use them or just decorate your home.

Whatever you decide, just don’t miss buying them in dozens for your loved ones.


Don’t leave Thailand without purchasing munchy Koh-Kae peanuts

Originally sold with a coconut cream flavor coating, Koh-Kae is a popular peanut snack in Thailand.

Koh-Kae meaning a ‘wild cool man’ comes in a range of flavors now. It is surely going to tingle the taste buds of your close ones.


Decorate your home with Benjarong, a traditional and colorful form of Thai pottery

Meaning ‘five hues’, Benjarong porcelain ware is a traditional style of painted Thai ceramics.

Usually having flower based or geometric designs, these multicolored beauties are one of the choicest gifts from Thailand for her or him.


Gift your kitchen a mortar and pestle for an absolute Thai cooking experience

Wondering what to buy for your friends, who have a passion for cooking?

Also called a Khrok Sak in Thailand, a mortar and pestle is a vital tool in Thai cooking used for pounding pastes, fresh herbs, chillies etc. It’s made of 100 % granite and is a perfect gift.


Don’t miss out to buy the aromatic D.C coffee to relish at home

Can’t decide which best coffee to buy for your coffee-lover friends? Go for Doi Chaang coffee without any second thoughts.

This coffee is famous for its fresh aroma and low caffeine content. Made from Arabica beans grown in Northern Thailand, it is considered one of the best coffee gifts from Thailand for him or her.


Pick up hand painted paper umbrellas, each telling a different story of Thailand

Hand painted paper umbrellas depicting the rural landscapes, various birds and flowers of Thailand make for a wonderful traditional souvenir.

Originating from Northern Thailand, they can be used either for decoration or protection from the sun. Either way, they look unique and beautiful.


Bring back good luck from Thailand, in the form of hand carved wooden frogs

Thought to bring good luck and a fruitful season, by the farmers in the agricultural communities, hand carved wooden frog is ideal for home and office decoration.

Just rub the rod across its spine and listen to it, “croak.” A fun gift for children and adults too.


Ensure a comfortable night with the colourful Muay Thai shorts

Wondering what gifts to take back home from Thailand for sports lovers back at your place? Well, what could be better than Muay Thai Shorts?

You can either wear them for the Martial art combat competition or sleep in them at night. They are comfortable and look cool in various bright colour combinations.


Take along with you the real treat of various fried insects for your adventurous friends

Though unimaginable for many, eating high in protein and extremely nutritious insects is supposed to be a delicacy in Thai cuisine.

Be it fried silkworms with soy sauce and pepper or fried grasshoppers and crickets, they can be relished, fried or raw and an ideal gift for your adventurous friends.


Wear the artistic Khon masks and scare away your fears

The performers of the famous dance drama called the Khon, wear masks depicting different personalities, expressions and emotions. 

Made of at least 10 different layers of paper mache and hand painted with vibrant colors along with gold leaf, these masks make for a colorful artistic gift.


Carry Pineapple peels for enabling your home with eco-friendly objects

Pineapples being all over Thailand result in tonnes of leftover peels every year.

Envisioned by the creative team at a Bangkok based design studio, these peel waste were turned out into useful, durable and eco-friendly objects like placemats, trivets and diffusers.


Hand pick a Hanuman neck pillow to stand out in the flight

It’s a magical delight watching how the stuffed toys depicting Hanuman and other characters from Ramakien, the Thai version of the Hindu Epic Ramayan, transform into neck pillows.

Highly versatile and attractive they make for a great gift for kids, look cool on flights and stand out from all other dull and boring neck pillows.


Lay your hands on intricate wooden boxes for your precious jewellery

For your friends, who are fond of jewellery, an intricate hand-carved wooden box can be the ultimate Thai souvenir and gift.

The beautiful teak pieces, in all sizes and shapes, decorate your home as well as keep the precious ornaments safe and clean. Just go for it.


Buy Unique Thai Souvenirs made with coconut shells to decorate your home

Ever imagined gifting someone products made of coconut shells?

Yes! Bowls, lamps, soap dishes, coffee cups, ladles and wind chimes to name a few are made of coconut’s outer shell in Thailand. The beautiful bowls become an ideal holder for keys, jewellery etc. with beautiful and exotic designs on the inside.


Pick up, silver jewelry for sparkling memories of Thailand

When size is an issue with unique souvenirs to buy in Thailand, you can never go wrong with jewellery.

Easy to carry, these silver necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings make for a valuable gift for your close family and friends. Just before buying, make sure to check the 0.925 stamp to signify purity.


Pick up Palm sugar, a natural sweetener to cook delicious sweet dishes

An ideal alternative sweetener for drinks, desserts and baked goods, Palm sugar is a staple Thai ingredient.

The coconut palm sap is boiled to create caramelised crystals which makes it a unique product. A perfect gift for friends who have a sweet tooth and cravings for sweets.


Stock Up Floating lanterns to light up your future

Chiang Mai is famous for hosting the floating lantern festival every year in November.

These pretty and attractive lanterns are a very thoughtful gift for friends. Made with paper they signify the arrival of light in our lives, bringing a brighter and better future after a period of darkness.


Buy a bamboo rug for beauty and comfort

For friends and family, who believe in beautiful decor and interiors, a decorative rug made with bamboo is an ideal gift.

You can also throw it in a garden for a picnic, or at a beach while surfing too. Its durability, multi-purpose usage and designs make it a unique and beautiful gift.


Grab instant noodles to make everyone, instantly happy

If you enjoy eating instant noodles then it instantly makes a necessary gift for family and friends. You can choose from a wide variety of different delicious flavors.

Mama, Wai Wai and Yum Yum Quick are some of the famous brands easily available. They give your hunger a wholesome meal in no time and a sense of satiation to last for a long time .


Help friends explore Thailand with “Very Thai Book” through fascinating pictures

This can be an ideal gift for friends who haven’t visited Thailand yet but really want to explore this beautiful kingdom.

With reflecting the everyday colorful life of Thailand residents the ‘Very Thai book’ is full of vibrant and fascinating pictures, tempting friends to visit it very soon too.


Enjoy dried fruits as a healthy option

If you don’t want to take fried snacks home, then another healthy option as a gift is dried fruits.

Mango, pineapple and papaya are some of the most delicious and famous ones. They are easily available in grocery stores throughout the country and don’t hurt your pocket too.


Make your day a cool one with Snake brand prickly heat powder

Thailand can be really hot at the peak time of the day especially for the tourists not used to it.

The best option is to apply cooling powders for a calm and relaxing day. Snake Brand Prickly heat cooling powder is a famous brand useful for you and your friends too.


Don’t miss out to bring back sea shells for good luck and prosperity

Thought to be a symbol of luck and prosperity, sea shells make for truly unique souvenirs to buy in Thailand. The region being a coastal country has a huge variety of corals that can be purchased or collected from the country’s beaches.

Conch shells, starfish shells and turban shells are a few common seashells found here.


Get beautiful trinkets from Thailand

If buying gifts for office colleagues or community members, then buying trinkets is an intelligent move. Easy to carry with and they consume less space in your luggage.

Thai amulets, keychains, magnets, fans and trinket boxes are excellent gifts to purchase from here.

I hope that your initial question of, “What gifts to take back home from Thailand” has been addressed by me in the current blog. Do share your experience in Thailand with me below in the comments section.

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Rohini Mehra

Rohini Mehra is a two time traveler to the beautiful Siamese Kingdom of Thailand. A devout family traveler, Rohini loves the essence of all things Thai and is keen on sharing her experience with any fellow explorer.