Traveling to Prague from India: The Ideal Budget

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Budget for Prague trip from India is often anticipated to be skyrocketing. However, that view doesn’t hold true. Prague is one of the most affordable destinations to travel especially when one travels from India. My belief anyway is that the most breathtaking views are usually inexpensive. This holds true for a trip to the historic Bohemian capital of Prague.

Prague is a hot pick among backpackers and solo travelers from across the globe as well as India. This is because the budget for Prague trip from India is very affordable as compared to most other European countries. An ideal budget for Prague trip from India for a short four to five-day trip is expected to be under 60,000 INR.

Located in central Europe, Prague has the geographical advantage of being almost equidistant from the popular European cities of Berlin, Vienna and Munich to name a few. The budget for a Prague trip from India can be better utilized if other cities in Prague’s proximity are explored as well.

Unlike the western European countries where the Euro is the official currency, the Czech Republic’s local and official currency is the Czech Koruna (CZK). This currency is not as strong as the Euro compared to the Indian Rupee (INR) which is why the budget for Prague trip from India seems like a steal.

Budget for Prague Trip from India: Cost Breakdown

The budget for Prague trip from India for a roughly four-day trip is listed in the table below. Since I was traveling from India, the expenses are mentioned in INR along with the approximate CZK conversion.


Airfare (Ex-Mumbai / New Delhi) : 40,000 INR (12000 CZK)
Visa (Schengen): 6,500 INR (2000 CZK)
Accommodation (Hostels): 4,000 INR (1200 CZK)
Local Public Transport: 1,500 INR (450 CZK)
Sightseeing: 4,000 INR (1200 CZK)
Food and Drinks; 4,000 INR (1200 CZK)

The skyline of Prague is marked by a pastel orange colour. Most of the roofs are coloured peach. Picture by Shreya Doshi

Key Information for a Prague trip from India

Country and Location: Czech Republic, Central Europe
Languages: Official language: Czech, Commonly spoken languages: Czech, English, German
Time Zone: Central European Summer Time: GMT+2
Climate: Temperate Continental Climate, Average Temperatures: -2*C in Winters – December to February 20*C in Summers – June to August
Ideal Time and Duration of Visit: A visit to Prague is enjoyable all year round. To maintain a low budget for Prague trip for India, you can plan a four-day trip during the beautiful season of spring from March-May.
Visa: Schengen Visa: Apply through VFS Global and receive your visa to the Czech Republic within 15 days.
Dialing Code: +420
Connectivity: Air: Many major international airlines fly into the Vaclav Havel Airport Prague.

Rail: Prague is well connected to major European cities via the Eurail network.

Bus: Popular bus agencies like the Flix Bus and Regio Jet are the cheapest alternatives to reach Prague from any European city on your Prague trip from India.

Now that you’re aware of the basic travel information pertaining to Prague, it is important that you understand the exchange rate as well. Understanding how will Indian rupee cost in the Czech Koruna is essential. Also, I’m mentioning the exchange rate for the US Dollar as well.

budget of prague trip from india

Take the funicular train to Petrin Hill for the beautiful view of the Prague skyline. Picture by Shreya Doshi

Currency Conversions for Travelers to Prague

Kindly find below the approximate currency conversions in Indian Rupees, Czech Koruna and US Dollars.

1 CZK: 3.33 INR
1 Euro: 25.44 CZK
1 USD: 21.72 CZK

Happiness does not come with a price tag
– the marvellous city of Prague reinstates my belief in this quote. You can literally spend a couple of days in Prague without spending a single penny on sightseeing.

Things to do on an Economical Budget for Prague Trip from India

A majority of places of interest do not have an entry fee and can be explored for free. This really helps in maintaining a low-cost budget for Prague trip from India.

Revel in the vibe of Old Town

Located in the heart of Prague is a large open square, called the Old Town. The Old Town takes you to the early Bohemian times with ancient Gothic structures around. Even a couple of hours spent in the Old Town just gazing around might not seem enough.

Walk across the Charles Bridge

One of the oldest structures in Prague, the Charles Bridge connects the two sides of Prague separated by the Vltava river. The bridge is over 500 metres long and is built entirely of stone.

There are no vehicles allowed on the Charles Bridge and is open only for pedestrians all day and night long.

Window Shop at Wenceslas Square

The shopping and food district, Wenceslas Square is a vibrant area just a five-minute walk from the Old Town Square. All major international brands, party clubs and popular hotels are located in this boulevard, a part of the New Town.

A couple of hours at the Wenceslas Square to immerse in the modern side of Prague wouldn’t hurt your budget for Prague trip from India.

Take a stroll in the Letna Park

What better way to spend an evening than relaxing in a park by the river with a view of the gorgeous Prague skyline The Letna park is situated right at the foot of the Prague Castle and is a popular place amongst cyclists.

The park has a Beer Garden within, which tops all the reasons to spend an evening here.

Pose by the John Lennon Wall

The John Lennon Wall was built in the loving memory of the English singer John Lennon, also the co-founder of the band Beatles.

The wall was a symbol of freedom in the 1980’s for a man who died fighting for peace and equality for all. The peace and love messages with colourful graffiti on the wall today make it a popular attraction for visitors.

Adore the design of Dancing House

One of the modern and most significant buildings in Prague, the Dancing House was inspired by Fred and Ginger, the famous duo dancers. The unique architectural structure of the office building is found attractive by travelers.

The panoramic view of Prague via the Glass Baron Observation Deck from 10 am to midnight is the cherry on the cake.

Wander in the Neighbourhood of Mala Strana

Prague’s oldest neighbourhood is a testimony to the Bohemian culture. The area has a lot of interesting things to do –

Visit the boutique shops to appreciate what the local manufacturer, head to the Wallenstein gardens to spend a quiet evening, sit in one of the many cafes and enjoy a read, dance in the popular Blue Light Bar on funky music or simply walk through the cobbled streets. By far the best way to spend a day with no budget on Prague trip from India.

Explore Prague on foot

Walking tours are a must-do activity to maintain a low budget for the Prague trip from India. Imbibe the culture of the city while your guide takes you around historic sites.

A few of the places covered in the free walking tours include Old Town, Jewish Quarters, Republic Square, Powder Gate, Charles University. Tipping the guide at the end of the walking tour is optional, but recommended.

Budget for Prague Trip from India

Walkthrough the cobbled streets of Mala Strana. Picture by Shreya Doshi

budget of prague from india

A close view of Charles Bridge. Photography by Cenk Gokalp

budget for prague trip from india

Dancing House, dedicated to the famous dancing duo Fred and Ginger. Picture by Shreya Doshi

budget of prague trip from india

The famous Lennon Wall. Pose in front of it while here. Picture by Salem. C

Popular Attractions to Visit on a Budget for Prague Trip from India

Most places in Prague are worth visiting. Not only are these places beautiful but their entries are for free. While in Prague, do visit the following places.

Astronomical Clock

A fascinating medieval attraction in the heart of Prague, the Astronomical Clock has been ticking for over 600 years. It rings every full hour when thousands of tourists gather beneath in the Old Town to watch the procession of Apostles.

While this mechanical performance can be viewed free of cost, the Astronomical Clock boasts an observation deck with a picture-perfect view of the Old Town of Prague.

Admission ticket for an adult to the Old Town Hall Tower and Observation Deck costs CZK 250.

Prague Castle

The Prague Castle complex sits atop a hill by the river Vltava. The complex is dated back to the 8th century and is now declared a UNESCO world heritage site.

The Prague Castle complex encloses not only the Old Royal Palace but other architectural marvels as well such as the St. Vitus Cathedral, Golden Lane, St. George’s Basilica, Rosenberg Palace and Royal Gardens.

A full admission ticket to Prague Castle premises is priced at CZK 350.

Petrin Hill

On the left bank of the river Vltava lies a hillside park with the most amazing view of Prague. One can choose to take the funicular railway to get to the top of the hill or trek their way up. Petrin hill is famous for its Lookout Tower which resembles Paris’s Eiffel Tower in design.

The tower is about 63 metres high and has an observation deck which can be reached by climbing 299 steps. The ticket to the lookout tower costs CZK 150.

One can choose to take an elevator to the top, with an additional charge of CZK 60. Other attractions on the Petrin hill which can be experienced free of cost on your Prague trip from India include the Rose Garden, mirror maze and magnificent views of the Czech capital and beyond.

National Museum

At the tail end of the Wenceslas Square lies the National Museum. The biggest museum in Prague is home to exhibits across disciples – palaeontology, zoology, mineralogy and more. It also features the history of Bohemia and Slovakia. The historic building is under repair and has been closed for renovation for over seven years now.

The exhibits have been shifted to a new building next to it. Admission to all the exhibitions at the museum for an adult is priced at CZK 250.

If you want to maintain a low budget for the Prague trip from India, plan to visit the museum on the first Monday of the month, where admission is free of cost.

Vltava River Cruise

Experience Prague from the waters with an hour-long river cruise in the Vltava. Sit back and relax while the river cruise takes you through the famous monuments of Prague. The cruises operate hourly and start from the dock of Cech Bridge.

There are several tour operators offering similar cruises priced at around CZK 300. If you are willing to splurge a little extra and increase your budget for Prague trip from India, you can book a seat on the evening river cruise with dinner.

This two-hour dining experience in style will be a memorable one but cost you around CZK 1500.

budget of prague trip from india

The age old Astronomical Clock at Old Town Square in Prague. Picture by Mal

budget of prague trip from india

The magnificent St. Vitus Cathedral, is a popular attraction in Prague Castle complex. Picture by Shreya Doshi

budget of prague trip from india

Lookout Tower atop the Petrin Hill is a mini version of the iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris – A must visit for the best view of the Prague skyline. Picture by Shreya Doshi

Recommended Places of Stay for an Affordable Budget for Prague trip from India

The best option for accommodation to suit one’s budget for Prague trip from India is to pick a hostel close to the Old Town. Be a solo traveller or a group of backpackers, hostels will always prove to be the cheapest option.

If you wish to pamper yourself with some luxury or are traveling with your family, you can treat yourself to a hotel stay or an apartment in the city centre. However, this is likely to dent your budget for Prague trip from India.

The following accommodation options are recommended considering the distance from the city centre and an affordable budget for Prague trip from India.

Recommended Places of Stay with their Average Cost per Night and the Distance from Old Town.

Safestay Prague

Property Type: Hostel

Cost: 1500 INR

Distance from Old Town: 850 m

Little Quarter

Property Type: Hostel

Cost: 800 INR

Distance from Old Town: 1.6 km


Property Type: Hostel

Cost: 1300 INR

Distance from Old Town: 1.2 km


Property Type: Hostel

Cost: 1000 INR

Distance from Old Town: 1.1 km


Property Type: Hostel

Cost: 1400 INR

Distance from Old Town: 700 m

Royal Route Residence

Property Type: Apartment

Cost: 4000 INR

Distance from Old Town: 300 m

Boris’ Old Town Square

Property Type: Apartment

Cost: 5500 INR

Distance from Old Town: 400 m

Cathedral Prague

Property Type: Apartment

Cost: 5500  INR

Distance from Old Town: 200 m

U Medvidku-Brewery

Property Type: Hotel

Cost: 6500 INR

Distance from Old Town: 600 m


Property Type: Hotel

Cost: 4500 INR

Distance from Old Town: 3.2 km


Property Type: Hotel

Cost: 9000 INR

Distance from Old Town: 550m

EA Hotel Julis

Property Type: Hotel

Cost: 8000 INR

Distance from Old Town: 650 m

No trip can be deemed complete without tasting the local cuisine. It is for this reason that I highly recommend you to savour local delicacies and connect with the local Czech culture more.

Reach out to Shreya on Traversia.

Must Try Delicacies under 50 CZK 

Trdelnik: Trdelnik pastries of Hungarian origin are freshly prepared fluffy dough rolls traditionally sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. Trdelnik stands can be spotted across Prague with a variety of chocolate and nut toppings to select from.
Sausages: Spicy sausages and hot dog stands found at Wenceslas Square are live examples of Czech street food.
Potatoes on a Stick: An all-time favourite snack, deep-fried potatoes on a stick will certainly make you drool. They are the cheapest delicious snack that you can indulge in and can be found in most food stalls across the city.
Langose: Deep-fried bread topped with garlic, ketchup and a pile of cheese, Langose is a treat to your taste buds. This dish is originally from Hungary but has found its place in the Czech food culture.
Fried Cheese Sandwich: For all the cheese lovers out there, the fried cheese sandwich is a must-try. As the name suggests, the dish comprises a chunk of cheese between bread, fried to perfection.
What better way to end your meal than with over a couple dozen ice-cream flavours to choose from? Hand-crafted ice creams and gelatos which taste heavenly can be found across Prague, most popularly in the Old Town.
budget for prague trip from india

While in Prague, savour the local dishes and desserts. Picture by Chanya. V

budget of prague trip from india

Try some lip-smacking street food in Prague. Picture by Jyotsna Nanda

Tips for Planning an Affordable Budget for Prague Trip from India

If you really want to go on an affordable budget for Prague Trip from India, it is important that you keep in mind a few tips. Based on my travel experience in Prague, I’m mentioning a few pointers from my side.

Book your flights in advance

You will find popular Middle Eastern airlines offering good deals on flights to European destinations. If your dates are flexible, find the cheapest rates available. In most cases, the earlier you plan your trip, the cheaper will be the tickets.

Pay in Czech Koruna and not Euros

For all your sightseeing and food expenses, avoid monetary transactions in euros. Though euros are not widely accepted, some stores and restaurants do allow payments in euros.

However, you would incur a loss on your budget for Prague trip from India on the conversion rate that they would offer. The best alternative is to pay by cash in the local currency i.e CZK.

Exchange currency from reliable stores

One of the important aspects of your budget for Prague trip from India is the local currency exchange. The logical thing to do is to carry euros and then convert them into CZK on arrival in Prague.

Avoid currency conversion at the railway station or airport, you will not get a good exchange rate. The most reliable stores are located in the Old Town, but you’d be surprised that each store would offer you a different exchange rate.

Use your bargaining skills to get the best out of them. Do not trust the roadside vendors, you are likely to be robbed upon showing your interest in them.

Stay in the centrally located economical hostels

A major chunk of the budget for Prague trip from India is spent on accommodation apart from flights. This can be minimized by picking hostels over hotels. Hostels with dormitories are available aplenty across Europe.

Choosing a good hostel located in the Prague city centre will help you save a buck.

Use local transport

Almost every place of travel attraction in Prague is a stone’s throw away. The best way to experience the architectural wonders of Prague and immerse yourself in the city’s culture is by walking around.

However, trams and metros connect all parts of the city very well. It is recommended that you buy a 24-hour public transport pass costing 110 CZK which fits your budget for Prague trip from India. This pass gives you unlimited access to all metro and tram lines and you can hop in and hop off as you like.

Avoid the fancy restaurants in Old Town

The streets of Old Town are lined with the most luxurious and overpriced restaurants. Your budget for Prague trip from India is likely to be compromised if you are lured by these upmarket restaurants.

As extravagant as they may seem, they are not worth the penny they demand. Grabbing some delicious street food in Prague with a can of beer from the nearby grocery store is the best meal you can pick.

Try the local beer and mulled Wine

Have you ever had a litre of beer in less than two hundred Indian rupees in Europe? Well, you can so in Prague. You’ll find delectable craft beer at almost every local restaurant in Prague at unimaginable prices since the Czech Republic is a beer-producing state.

Pilsner Urquell is a must-try and is commonly available. Mulled wine also gets popular on the streets of Prague during Christmas.

budget for prague trip from india

There are plenty of affordable hostels in Prague. Live there while in this Bohemian town. Picture by Martin Harry

Scenic Add-ons with an Additional Budget for Prague Trip from India

Trip to the ‘Bohemian Paradise’: Cesky Krumlov

If you have a day and a few bucks to spare, Cesky Krumlov is a quaint town worth exploring.

Located towards the southern border of the Czech Republic and a couple of hours from Prague, Cesky Krumlov would seem like a pretty fairy-tale town.

Old Town and the Castle are the two must-visit attractions when in Cesky Krumlov.

Ten-day itinerary: Prague + Vienna + Budapest

If you have a few more days and a budget for Prague trip from India which can be compromised, make the most out of it.

Vienna is 3 hours from Prague and ranked as the most liveable city in the world for the ninth time in a row. Mozart influence on the city and the beautiful palaces make Vienna an interesting destination.

Budapest is 2.5 hours from Vienna and getting increasingly popular as a holiday. The thermal baths, the third largest Parliament House in the world and the iconic Chain Bridge are a few of the many reasons for a trip to Budapest.

If you are looking for a short trip on a shoestring budget, Prague is the place to be. The rich Bohemian culture and the architectural heritage of Prague would welcome you with a vibe that’ll leave you awe-struck. Get on a plane that’ll take you back to medieval times and you’ll never want to come back again.

Happy Wayfaring 🙂


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