Hiking and Camping at Wli Waterfall – Ghana’s Highest Cascade

Wli Waterfall Ghana is the highest cascade in whole of West Africa. It is locally pronounced as ‘vlee’ by the natives of Volta- the Ewes. Wli Waterfall is one of the greatest travel attraction sites in West Africa.

Geographically Wli Waterfall lies close to the border between Togo and Ghana and is a hub for flora and fauna. Wli Waterfall Ghana comprises of two distinct parts – the upper fall (c35) and the lower fall (c15). Situated in the central point of a stifling forest, the territory is located at the eastern division of Ghana, near the Volta watercourse and the Lake.

Wli Waterfall Ghana is fed year round by the Agumatsa river. This river to a great degree is the most common water body of the Hohoe locality in the Volta region. Hohoe is an important place. In addition to it being a chief centre of the invention of herbal medicine, Hohoe is also host to a festival called Hogbetsotso. It is celebrated to every November to thank God for the amazing gift of Wli waterfalls. 

As per official records,more than 22,000 visitors trek to Wli waterfall each year. I’ve had my tryst with Wli Waterfall Ghana. Now you should go ahead and explore the beautiful region.

My Tryst with Wli Waterfall Ghana

I had lots of people from different parts of the planet tell me magnificent aspects of Wli Waterfall Ghana. I heard stories from them as to how this place made for a good recreation spot. However, I was cynical as to whether Wli Waterfalls Ghana is actually worth all the recommendations or not.

I desired to be acquainted with why Wli Waterfall Ghana was the chitchat of settlement by travelers from various parts of the world. When I finally took the plunge and headed to the region, I discovered that Wli Waterfall Ghana is indeed one of nature’s breathtaking places that stands tall inside a semi-shredded forest.

The entire area is recognized as the Agumatsa Wildlife Sanctuary. It literally means ‘Allow me to flow.’ 

The place is a wooded area with a picturesque cascade at the top as you march through the forest. Located in a humid rainforest in the territory of Volta, the place is definitely respiteful for cooling off on a spicy muggy day.

As the tallest waterfall in West Africa, Wli Waterfall Ghana measures about 144 metres from the high go down to the plunge pool that comes beneath it. The gemstone clear sprinkle that drops on you is super refreshing. As a traveler, you will stand in awe of it.

Wli Waterfall Ghana and The Volta Region: An Overview 

Region Volta
Location Ghana, West Africa
Best time to visit April and October                        
Official language       Ewe
Population Over 2,218,380
Currency Ghana Cedis
Dress Code Any
Level of safety Highly safe

Looking at the cascade formed by Wli Waterfall Ghana from a distance, one gets pumped up with a good vibe about the region. The entire landscape is pretty. There are about 200 variety of birds that are inhabitants here. Observing just a few of them is pure visual delight. 

wli waterfalls ghana

The majestic Wli Waterfalls as seen from a distance. Photography by Anabella

What all to Carry on your Trip to Wli Waterfall Ghana ?

It is important that you pack a bunch of essential things on your trip to West Africa. This becomes even more important if you’re a first time visitor of the region and are not acquainted with the terrain and its climate.

I’d like to mention here that even though blue might be your favourite colour, avoid wearing it. This is because various shades of blue attract the tse-tse fly which is responsible for causing the deadly sleeping sickness in humans.

Reaching Wli Waterfall Ghana

Since Wli waterfall lies in the Volta province, it’s advisable to hire or hop in a public transport taxi or trotro. This is better than booking an Uber from Ghana’s core airport i.e. Kotoka international Airport to Hohoe.

After arriving, if you’re driving yourself, it’s barely 35 minutes away from the public transport rank and 5 hours  journey from the capital of Ghana – Accra.

With GHC 85 which is equivalent to $20,you are good to arrive safely at the waterfalls.

Stages of Wli Waterfall Exploration

Stage 1. Arrival At the Waterfall
Stage 2. Hiking at the waterfall
Stage 3. Camping at the waterfall

Arrival at the Wli Waterfall Ghana

Upon arrival at the doorway of Wli waterfalls, you have to pay an arrival fee. You will also be provided with essential information about the place along with access to exploring it.

Arrival Fee

Lower Fall (C15) Both the lower and the upper

Gh¢ 5



Gh¢ 6



Gh¢ 10



Gh¢ 35


Group Foreigners

Gh¢ 3 per person

$0.63 per person

Group Foreigners

Gh¢ 25 per person

$5.22 per person

On my trip, the executive manager cum tour conductor’s name was Mr. Vincent. He was an outstanding guy who was not only polite but knowledgeable.  I was exceptionally amazed at the ever cheerful Vincent who took out a lot of time for showing the place well. The tour even included foreign nationals.

As you pace between the tall leaves to the final scene of the waterfall, you could hear sounds of the ovation roar of the waterfall as it plunges down promptly to the bottom of the mountain.

When you reach even closer, you will be able to see a number of travelers under the water enjoying themselves. After all, a natural bath is always welcome even in this day and age.

Seeing all of this, you will start feeling the adventurous nature of this place just like I did. As I decided to hike further between the carefully shredded  leaves, the sun’s rays were blocked by the tall edged plants. This shows the density of the Flora around.

When I made my way out of the dense flora,  I was welcomed by over 350 colourful butterflies flying high. They were later joined by fruit bats.  I also found a few laid back monkeys and antelopes while walking on foot walking. 

wli waterfalls ghana

Now that is what you call a real Batman. Photography by M.D Sweeney

Getting Closer to Wli Waterfall Ghana – The Experience

Colourful butterflies were all around our faces as we watched the waterfall from a distance.

Wli waterfalls Ghana are a site to behold. Due to the force with which the overall cascade is created, the water sprays into a lathered wave before splashing into the natural pool below it. At some point, the stream looked like semiprecious stone and was as white as snow.

To reach to the base of the lower fall from this stunning site, one has to walk through a tree lined path for about 40 minutes. The path allows only two people to walk side by side. The tree lined path is beautifully crafted naturally. 

Hiking at the Wli Waterfall Ghana

Apart from getting yourself a nice pair of climbing boots, you should have the strongest will and a fit body to kick-start your four hour journey. It will be an up hill climb.

Make sure you are hydrated and fed well before undertaking the hike. Also, carry stuff like this along.

On my hiking trail, I took a break in between to witness the nice view of Togo (one of Ghana’s neighbors) and the thick forest far away. You can also take a short trail to the Eco-Village of Wli Todzi which makes it easier to ramble from the upper falls (C35).

wli waterfalls ghana

Hiking you way to Wli waterfall and make sure to carry all the essential commodities. Photography by B.K. Oduro

Camping at Wli Waterfall Ghana

Camping is provided as an additional attraction for travelers who are excited to see the waterfalls. If you want to partake in a camp holiday at the Wli waterfalls, you only need to speak to any of the tour guides. They will help you with camping. Also furnish private tents, umbrellas and other equipment you might need for your stay. You can even choose and pick exciting colours. 

All these arrangements are available at the Visitors Information Centre of Wli waterfalls located on the premises of the falls for support.

wli waterfalls ghana

Waking up to nature. Photography by Camille Kopila

Where to Stay Near Wli Waterfall Ghana ?

Accommodation is very imperative while taking such a memorable trip especially as a foreign visitor.

There are reasonable and well-located shelter places for visitors. Some of these places have all the basic amenities including water, electricity and even internet services. 

Personally, I will most certainly recommend you the following places –

Hotel Cost per day (can change during peak seasons) Distance
Big Foot Safari Lodge 70.01 Gh¢ 

11.4 miles from Wli Waterfalls
Danny Tof Hotel 91.12 Gh¢ 

1.2 miles from Wli Waterfalls
Agumatsa Falls Lodge 98.13 Gh¢ 

0.37 miles from Wli Waterfalls

Restaurants in the Volta Region

As a traveler, you can feed yourself at the following eateries –

Name of the Restaurant Location
Travel complex Hohoe town,Volta region
Cash restaurant Hohoe town, Volta region

 Shopping Centres Around Wli 

There are some mini shopping centres in and around the neighborhood of Wli. Their staff is friendly and hospitable. They are continuously on the alert to present the finest of services to clients especially first time visitors.

Available are various goods and services which includes food, clothes, memorable take-home African crafts for foreigners and beautiful artworks.

wli waterfalls ghana

Beautiful masks crafted by the native artisans of Wli village. Photography by ‘Everything Ghana’

Economic Activity of Inhabitants Living around Wli Waterfall Ghana 

 The community of Wli Waterfall Ghana region comprises about 2,218,380  inhabitants. A few of them have income generating jobs but the focal economic activities still are farming, fishing, animal rearing, petty trading and tourism.

The inhabitants are actively able to earn well from the sightseeing business i.e.tourism in the locality.It is for this reason that they hold Wli Waterfall Ghana in the highest regard.  The natives whole heartedly support travel and tourism of outsiders in the region. 

From personal ratings, the rank of cleanliness, comfort, facilities, the value for money and even the staff is simply beyond imagination at Wli Waterfall Ghana. It’s a recreational area you wouldn’t wish to miss. I had my tryst with West Africa. You should too.

Happy wayfaring.

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