White Town Pondicherry – Five Best Foodie Retreats

White Town Pondicherry is a hip, french dominated,  travel friendly , near the sea place for sightseers who wish to take a break from their hectic city lives and hit this coastal retreat. The best part about White Town Pondicherry lies in its food culture. There is an abundance of quaint cafes, creative eateries and nominal feeding places where one can enjoy both a hearty meal as well as the ambiance. 

White Town Pondicherry

This is me during my last trip to White Town Pondicherry.

White Town Pondicherry: An Overview

Location South India
Topography Coastal Region
Mode of Travel By Road
Best Time to Visit End of October to Early March
Budget Eating Possible
Nearby Places Seaside Promenade, Aurobindo Ashram

Food Culture in White Town Pondicherry

White Town Pondicherry has an abundance of eating places that are well kept and serve savoury food. The French influence is quite obvious here and is reflected in the meals served, the architectonics and the overall setting. Most of the owners are third generation French folks who have been living in White Town Pondicherry ever since the spice merchants from the West visited India. Over the years, they have amalgamated Indianess in themselves and feel Indian at heart. Almost every cafe of White Town Pondicherry has a good number of Indian food items on their menu that are original in their recipes. Plan a trip to White Town Pondicherry soon and experience the richness. 

Top 5 Cafes to Feed Yourself in White Town Pondicherry


Zuka Choco La is a dessert place where you can literally immerse yourself in chocolate. Remember Grimm’s Fairy Tale of Hansel and Gretel ? Well at Zuka Choco La, you can eat moulds, forks and even spoons made of chocolate.  They have a Rajnikanth statue inside which is fascinating to Rajni fans. You may or may not get a place to sit here so be patient and wait for your turn. Else eat standing. But eat. Make sure you buy a handful of cookies to eat later.
Average Cost for one Rs. 270 Must Try Items – Chocolate Pakora, Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Truffle, Red Velvet Cake, Rainbow Cake, Blueberry Cheese Cake, Hot Chocolate, Strawberry Milkshake, Chocolate Spoons, Chocolate Boxes


White Town Pondicherry

Blue Berry cheese cake. Credits: Marc Falcon

White Town Pondicherry

Chocolate Mousse. Credits: Pubali Chauduri

White Town Pondicherry

Choco Spoons. Credits: Kira Eggers


Cafe Des Arts is essentially an ancient french villa that has now been converted to a buzzing cafe. Cafe Des Arts is one of those places where you can spend hours on a stretch together without getting bored.  It is one of the best places to savour breakfast. If you’re looking for authentic french cuisine in White Town Pondicherry, this is your one stop destination. 
Average Cost for one Rs. 380 Must Try Items – Freshly baked Croissants, Cheese Omelette, Crepes, Waffles, Pancakes, Banana Caramel Smoothie, Madame Croque
White Town Pondicherry

Banana Caramel Smoothie; Credits: Ash Hine

White Town Pondicherry

Cheese Omlette. Credits: Tarra

Waffles with Ice Cream. Credits: Steph Yeo


Kasha ki Asha is an innovative place as made obvious by its name. The roof top is made of straws, the Shoes of visitors are meant to be taken off at the entrance, LIVE performances are showcased occasionally, the owner is agile enough to deliver orders fast and the food is absolutely mouth watering.  The closing hour of the cafe is 7 pm so make sure you pay a visit to Kasha ki Asha while it’s open. FYI cafe owners throughout White Town Pondicherry are strict with the timings.
Average Cost for one Rs. 350 Must try items – Black Bean Burger, Indian Enchilada, European Thali (ya you read that right), fruit and cake, idlis and seasonal fresh fruit juices. 
White Town Pondicherry

Enchiladas. Credits: Bel

White Town Pondicherry

Black Bean Burger. Credits: Kimber

White Town Pondicherry

Fresh grape juice. Credits: Sophie Decroisette


Cream affair will literally make you fall in love with anything that is sweet, colourful and creamy. Indulge yourself in an affair with chocolate here.  The name is pretty appropriate for this seductive place in White Town Pondicherry. The place even draws inspiration from some Thai desserts and serves its customers with Ice Cream. If you don’t mind putting on a little holiday weight during your trip to White Town Pondicherry, this is your ideal hangout spot. Good part about the place is the magnanimity in quantity of desserts. 
Average Cost for one Rs. 150 Must try items – Bubble Waffle Cone, Ice cream roll, Cranberry Ice cream, Gems Bond, Apple Remix, Awesome ‘3’ some, Go Cheesy, Litchi Mischief
White Town Pondicherry

Ice Cream Roll. Credits: Mary Sanchez


White Town Pondicherry

Cranberry Ice Cream. Credits: Daisy Ghosh

White Town Pondicherry

Bubble Waffle Cone. Credits: Anna Fitch

The Indian Kaffe Xpress

Tucked in the quiet by lanes of White Town Pondicherry, Indian Kaffe Xpress is a decent place to enjoy a meal.  It serves both Indian and French cuisine. Their pancakes are quite good and fluffy and go well with fresh Lime Juice . The service is slower than usual but that is because they prepare fresh meals. So even if you have to wait for sometime, it is absolutely alright. Their pancakes are quite good and fluffy
Average Cost for one Rs. 300 Must try items – Mushroom Cheese Parantha, Mushroom and Corn Sandwich, Chicken Masala and Rice, Bombay Sandwich, Choco Frappe, Strawberry Pancake, Blueberry Shake, Oreo Shake, 
White Town Pondicherry

Bombay Sandwich. Credits: Nayan Tara Joshi

White Town Pondicherry

Strawberry Pancake: Credits: Nicole Daniel

White Town Pondicherry

Oreo Shake. Credits: MeeNee

Budget Hotels to Crash in White Town Pondicherry

A lot of travelers prefer to stay in and around White Town Pondicherry and not on the outskirts. However the prices of most places come across as expensive. Our team spent quite some time in the area and have found out for you the 3 most nominal budget places.

Hotel Sun Park

18 Rangapillai Street Pondicherry Pondicherry India 605001

Raj Class Inn

18-Aurobindo Street Pondicherry-605001 Pondicherry India 605001

Golden Sun Inn

53-55, Mission Street, Next To Icici Bank, Pondicherry Pondicherry India 605001

Happy Wayfaring 🙂