Wondering What To Caption Your Recent Vintage Clicks?

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Sporting a vintage look OR capturing a vintage setting OR using vintage accessories sends out good vibes for sure. But capturing their essence and coming up with the right vintage captions for those pictures is the most challenging part!

Worry not, I have come up with 117 vintage aesthetic captions you could use for your captures and make them all the more engaging. Let’s begin!

Vintage Captions

117 Aesthetic Vintage Captions for Instagram

Let’s get started with a few one word vintage aesthetic captions!






Attractive Vintage Captions For Instagram Posts!

I no longer moan because the old is back in vogue!

Cute little leather bag, to save my back!

Proud to sport my case which is made of leather, because it withstands all weather!

I might not be fair, but I am rare!

This is my beautiful bag, well, don’t think I brag!

My favorite radio has a snag, but I carry it because of its swag!

I trek at leisure because my boots are leather!

I climb rocks, my skirt is full of polka dots!

Folks, we don’t carry clocks, when travel knocks!

I am captured in beautiful art, have you ever seen a cart?

This is an art I hold so close to my heart!

In beauty, I am lost, who worries about the cost?

Sparkle, because you are observing a miracle!

Flow before the time gets old!

Posing from the telephone booth before I enter the cruise!

Don’t I look cute, never mind my lost tooth!

No, I am not shy, I just don’t want the old to die!

It’s July, so I pose under the sky, like a cutie pie!

Feeling high, so I fly!

You cannot buy this beautiful sight!

Making this boat, my fort!

By the coast, I stand tall like the post!

Embark, even if it’s dark!

My eyes seeking fame, from behind the black frame!

Leaning on the red car, I started playing the guitar!

It is not about the past, it is all about my eye-glass!

Dance, because memories last!

Pose, you are the boss!

I might look like a crass person, but my insides are made of brass!

Amass joy in little things, and say bye to impasse!

Bypass fear, bring in the binoculars!

Trespass the past, and have a blast!

Embrace black, you will be taken aback!

Know the knack, to unwind the old sack!

Renew black, it doesn’t cost a lakh!

Let’s create a track that existed sometime back!

Shadow is the key to your life window!

Dare and give me a smack, and get this bag!

I found the hack to bring the old back!

Reached the palace, without the compass!

I am no queen, just recreating a scene!

The car was clean, so I leaned!

I was keen, someone captured it to be seen!

I appear sheen, for I am just fifteen!

How have you been? I just used the time-turning machine!

No more routine, I just returned to a world so serene!

All green and clean, capture it on your screen!

No more stress, I forgot my new address!

Go retro, it’s a way to grow!

How do you like my tresses?

Dress and show off your curls!

Let people judge, I will not budge!

A car with round eyes adds to the spice!

Using a tripod stand, like a magic wand!

I wear a gown, with a hat as a crown!

Old in town, I feel found!

Owner of pounds, yet I stand on my ground!

Feeling stifled? Pedal this classic cycle!

Just made red, my friend!

Shed what you dread, and befriend red!

Smile, I just met my version of a child!

Go mad, you will never feel sad!

Don’t abide, just go wild!

Antique mirror, that tells not to fear!

Revive the old before it is sold!

Load the camera rolls, and get ready for the vintage mode!

I owned this beauty as I rode!

Don’t dispose of the old, they are gold!

Old is the new normal!

Reels that make you feel!

If you like my hat, give me a pat!

One quick still with this bicycle!

Withered flower petals, you have got to be gentle!

Holding special collections, not sentiments!

Don’t you dare, I will lock you with my hair!

I am fat, so I make up for it with my hat!

Classical car found at the time of war!

Lay flat and adorn your tummy with a hat!

Vintage dressing is a blessing!

Never fear to express, nothing is less!

A style that will never fade!

Picking up lost trials of style, and walking miles!

Piling memories, recreating times!

Tear open the past, you will find something that will last!

I don’t belong to the previous century, I am just dressed differently!

Accessories that aren’t customary!

Chuck the usual and make it casual!

I am an independent individual, so it is ok for me to be unusual!

Fuse old and new, something beautiful brews!

I am not drunk, this is my grandpa’s trunk!

Let’s do a work bunk, and pack up our trunk!

I am not stuck with this trunk, I got this beauty as luck!

A suitcase that comes with grace!

Escape with this gorgeous case!

This case might occupy space but it comes with a strong base!

Have some passion for old fashion!

Fashion should give satisfaction!

Use fashion for attraction and start an interaction!

The sunflower that once empowered!

Take shower and flaunt this beautiful sunflower!

Book I carry, for a classic look!

Use a torch, it saves you from storms!

Let the Sun scorch, I will not stop posing from the horse!

Bow on my head, it is bright red!

An old journal that keeps a record of my travels!

Diary I carry to record my journey!

A museum that gave me a heartfelt welcome!

Feeling glam, sitting on the tram!

Don’t think I spam, just wanted to show off the tram!

Dress to impress!

Black and white, I look so bright!

Click the camera click, you will get the capture in a flick!

I hope you found my vintage captions beautiful. Use them to add context to your pictures and let me know how it worked.


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Happy wayfaring 🙂



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