Looking for Appealing Travel Quotes for Your Instagram Bio as a Wanderlust?

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Want to write a beautiful and catchy Instagram bio as a travel enthusiast?

In my current blog, I’ve come up with unique and splendid travel quotes for Instagram bio.

Travel quotes for Instagram bio

137 Eye-Catching Travel Quotes for Instagram Bio

Pick up trip quotes for IG bio that suit your persona as an itinerant-

 I dare to wayfare

Travel is my real jewel 😉

I’m a travel bird; Flying around the world

Travel freak; Exploring peak

I love to speak to a mountain peak

The trip is in my life’s grip

Living my own travel story to feel the glory

No Mac, only backpack 😉

Enduring traveling

Leaving floors; Exploring outdoors

Life without travel can’t be a marvel

Less indoors; More outdoors

Quest of a wanderlust

Nomadic life with my wife

Roadie and foodie

Packing stuff; Travel buff

Innocent itinerant

Itinerant; Trips count

Exploring the world like a bird 😉

Consistent itinerant

I love jumping from country to country

Every time a new entry into a different country

Student and itinerant


Just a wanderlust

I travel to make my life marvel

The roar of a rover

Vagabond, travel around

King of wayfaring

Travel enthusiast; Proud feminist

I’m a free bird, left my nest to make my travels the best

Queen of green

From January to December I’m a wayfarer

Solivagant; I love to stay in a tent

Travel is a must; I’m a wanderlust

Backpacker and hiker

Love to explore new locations in different nations

Backpack; Family pack 😉

Traveler by obsession; Engineer by profession

Cycling buff; Road trips with my stuff

Biker; Backpacker

No overthinking, only backpacking 😉

Love exploring – Sand, Island, Rocky land

My travel fable is unpredictable

No love stories, only travel stories 😉

Every day, take a new way

Doing studies and exploring new cities with my buddies

With simplicity, I love exploring every city

Hodophile, crossing every mile

Summer or winter; I’m always a traveler

I love to travel and to read a novel

My life = Travel + Novel

The itinerary is my life’s interesting story

Travel kicks & photo clicks

Every trip is my life’s grip

Trips, Sips, Chips

Life is good with travel and food 🙂

I’m a traveler, exploring every corner

Backpacker; Munch food at every corner

I feel alive when I travel and strive

Enjoying midlife; Traveling with wife

Want to cross every boundary to create a travel diary

Traveling is my passion, not fashion 😉

We are a lovely couple; Documenting every travel

Topography and Photography

Mountain girl with swirls 😉

I’m a bird of passage; Love traveling for ages

Without worrying; I’ve chosen solo traveling

Exploring the world along with my inner world

Explore roads and post uploads 😉

Exploration of every nation

Traveling is my art, I do it with my heart

I travel not for fashion but for passion

I don’t understand boundaries while exploring different countries

I’m a flying bird without boundary that limits a country

If you want to know me, travel with me!

I have born to travel because it makes me marvel

Traveling is magic; Connection with the cosmic

My only goal; To travel to soothe my soul

The excursion is my passion

I’m a voyager without any fear

Living with a craving for sightseeing

Wanderlust everywhere adjusts 😉

Quit couch, happy with my travel pouch

Taking every new journey with my honey

Trip and food make my mood good

Zero worries; Hero of my travel stories 😉

I make a new friend on every road; This is how I reload

Trekking and sailing; I’m a king of traveling

Quit the couch; Hit the road with a travel pouch

Road bumps give me goosebumps

I wander with wonder as a traveler

Vagabond; Travel beyond

Always ready with my itinerary

No trolley; Only backpack makes me jolly

Magic of travelholic

Workaholic & travelholic

A travel enthusiast is on the quest

I’m a creative spirit and love to travel without limit

Always in pursuit of a new route

My roots are connected to the routes

Reboot life with travel and photoshoot

Every travel makes me smile when I cross a mile

Touring is alluring

Life without touring is boring

I’m a teen, traveling is my favorite routine

Road trip adventures in the nature

Always on the track with a road map knack

I have a long travel bucket list with a lot of twists 😉

My joy is traveling with my boy 😉

My Life = Travel Enthusiast + Minimalist

I earn money to travel the world with my honey 😉

Squad of nomad

No workload; Just hit the road

Nomadic stay and my way

No stagnant house; Nomadic life with my spouse

Exploration is my lifelong operation

Indoors are boring traveling is for healing

Travel with a novel, makes my life marvel

Want to reach every beach across countries each

Traveling alone; Out of my comfort zone

Comfort is boring; Traveling is thrilling

I’m on my way, traveling with a sway

No more couch and desks; Only adventure and risks

I’m on a fire; Traveling before I retire

You can find me at sports or airports 😉

No fixed destination; I travel to every nation

Chilled out person; Traveling is my passion

Traveloholic + One-day picnic

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I hope my trip quotes for Instagram bio have helped you to choose a perfect line for your IG profile. Let me know which one you liked the most as a traveler.


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