Top 5 Places to Visit in Pune Within a Day

Once the seat of the Maratha Empire, Pune is the perfect blend of history, culture, spirituality and modernity. A Pune one day trip itinerary will help you discover the best of Pune city in 24 hours. In a limited amount of time, you should be able to experience the essence of the city.

Pune is one of the popular weekend gateways for Mumbaikars after Lonavala. Situated at a close distance from Mumbai, Pune has become extremely popular over the last 10 yearsSo, what if you find yourself in Pune for one day? What places should you see and explore? This question is frequently asked by many travellers visiting Pune for a short period of time. Well, a Pune one day trip itinerary is a perfect way to go sightseeing around the city, experience it’s food culture or indulge in some shopping.  

Known as the “Oxford of the East,” Pune is a city of young people. With the right blend of spiritual and modern, the city has numerous places that interest for travellers. You have a few options when it comes to planning a Pune one day trip itinerary.  You can do some local sightseeing and explore the historical and spiritual side of Pune. If that is not what you are looking for, you can spend the day exploring food or just shop around the vibrant markets in Pune. The choice is yours!

In this Pune one day travel blog, I will be sharing with you three different itineraries for travellers who have different ideas for a fun day in Pune.

So, whether you are on a one day trip in Pune with family and friends or you have a day to spare on your business trip, the itineraries will ensure that your one day in Pune is utilised to the fullest. 

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Options for your Pune One Day Trip Itinerary

As I said earlier, there is a lot to explore in Pune. As a traveller, you have a few options to pick from. You can choose to explore one of these aspects- food, history and shopping. 

Depending on what you are excited to do in the city, here are a few options you have to plan a Pune one day itinerary:

Pune one Day Trip Itinerary for History Lovers

Envoke the spiritual and historical interests in you and experience Pune’s oldest temples and historical icons.

Pune one Day Trip Itinerary for Foodies

Explore the best food in the city – from street stalls to classic joints, cafes and pubs.

Pune one Day Trip Itinerary for Shopaholics

Shop till you drop at the pocket-friendly markets around Pune.

Pune One Day Trip Itinerary for History Lovers

If you are the person who likes loves history and has a spiritual bent, Pune has a lot to offer. The city has been home to some very important events in the history of India. 

Here are the 5 must-visit places in an ideal Pune one day Itinerary for history lovers:

Aga Khan Palace

Visit the palace for its historical significance and architecture

Dagaduseth Ganesh Temple

Pay homage to one of the most popular temples in Maharashtra

Shaniwar Wada

Marvel at the brilliance of Indian architecture

Pataleshwar Cave Temple

Experience tranquillity in the bustling city

Parvati Hill

Take a short hike for a hilltop view of Pune 

Depending on which part of the city you are staying, you can cover all these places. I would suggest you follow the order I have given above. It will not only reduce your time spent travelling but will also give you more time at each destination.

Aga Khan Palace

This is one of the most important attractions in Pune city. The palace was built by Sir Sultan Muhammed Shah, Aga Khan III in 1892 to provide employment to famine-hit natives.  

The palace has significant historical value as it acted a prison where Mahatma Gandhi along with wife Kasturba Gandhi, his secretary Mahadev Desai and Sarojini Naidu were imprisoned post the Quit India Movement. Kasturba Gandhi and Mahadev Desai are also said to have died at this place. 

It was in 1969, that Aga Khan IV donated this palace to the people of India as a mark of respect for the Mahatma. Portraits and photos of Mahatma’s life are kept here for the public view. 

What makes this palace all the more interesting are its marvellous Italian architecture and well-kept lawns. 

Here is some important information regarding visiting the palace:

9 am – 5.30 pm
Open Days
Monday- Sunday (except national holidays)
Entry Fee
Indians: 25 INR/person
Foreigners: 300 INR/ person
Main Attractions
Museums and Memorials
Architecture and Lawns

I would recommend a minimum of 1 hour to visit the palace, although you could spend more time if you like.

The lawns are really nice and well maintained and the architecture is amazing. Shutterbugs will fall in love with the place.

pune one trip itinerary Aga Khan Palace has immense historical significance and beautiful architecture. Picture Credits: Shashank Singh

Dagaduseth Ganesh Temple

Pune one day trip itinerary will be incomplete without a visit to the famous Hindu temple of Dagaduseth Ganesh. This Lord Ganesh temple is the second most popular temple in Maharashtra after Mumbai’s Siddivinayak Temple. The size of the Ganesha idol here is similar to that of its Mumbai counterpart.  

There is an interesting story associated with the temple. A sweet trader by the name of Dagaduseth Halwai built this popular temple. He was a businessman and a close friend of a famous freedom fighter, Bal Gangadhar Tilak. It is believed that as an inspiration from this temple, Tilak called for a 10-day public festival (Ganeshotsav) on Lord Ganesh.

This temple also has a connection with Bollywood. It is believed that the family of Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan offered prayers here when he was facing life-threatening health problems. Coincidently, Dagaduseth Halwai built this temple in order to relieve him from the trauma of his son’s death.

In 2017 Dagaduseth Ganesh Temple celebrated its 125th year anniversary. 

Here is some information that you may find useful when visiting the temple.


6 am- 10 pm

Nearby Places

Shaniwar Wada

Lal Mahal

Vishrambag Wada

The temple is located in a crowded area of the city and some of Pune city’s major attractions such as Shaniwar Wada are only walking distance away.

pune one trip itinerary Dagduseth Ganesh Temple is very popular in Maharashtra and is visited by thousands of pilgrims every year. Picture Credits: Venu Reddy

Shaniwar Wada

This is another significant monument in Pune. If you have watched Ranveer Singh’s Bollywood Movie, Bajirao Mastani, then this place will seem familiar to you.  

An architectural masterpiece, Shaniwar Wada was built in 1732, under the Peshwas of the Maratha Empire. The seven-storey capital building came under the Britsh post their defeat in the third War of Panipat in 1818. 

However, most of the parts of the palace were destroyed by several military attacks and a major fire in 1828. Despite being in ruins, Shaniwar Wada to this date continues to be an exquisite display of the brilliance of Indian architecture.

Below is some information that would aid you during your visit to Shaniwar Wada:


8.00 am – 6.30 pm

Entry Fees

Indians: 25 INR/ person

Foreigners: 300 INR/ person.

Major Attractions

The 5 Gates:  Dili gate, Mastani gate, Khidki Darwaza, Ganpati gate and the Narayan Gate. Each gate faces a different direction.

The Lotus Shaped Fountain: See the remains of the Hazari Karanje, the fountain shaped like a 16-petal lotus.

Paintings: The ruined marble Palace walls having the painting of Mahabharata and Ramayana.

Gardens: The gardens are beautifully maintained

Light Show

This is another must include destination in your Pune one day trip itinerary. It would take about a couple of hours to explore this place.

pune one day trip itinerary Shaniwar Wada is one of the most important attractions in Pune City. Picture Credits: Nazii Ng

Pataleshwar Cave Temple

The rock-cut temple was built in the 8th Century and is dedicated to the Hindu deity Lord Shiva.

Unlike Ajanta and Ellora Caves, Pataleshwar Cave temple is located within the city limits, making it easier to reach. It is added in the list of protected monuments by the Indian Government.    

The temple is located on the Jangli Maharaj Road area and is around 1 km from Shaniwar Wada. Despite being within the city limits,  this temple is a great place to spend some quiet time.

Here are a few things that you must know about visiting this temple:


8.30 am – 5.30 pm

What to Try?

Hear an Echo inside the cave temple

Feel the vibrations caused by the sound of bats inside the cave


Since it is dark inside, walk carefully in order to prevent an injury

The circular Nandi mandap is one of the most unique features of this temple complex. You can spend about an hour here before heading to your next destination.

Pune This 8th-century rock cut temple is a great place to spend some quiet time in the bustling city. Picture Credits: Sridhar Palange

Parvati Hill

If you want to see the view of Pune from a mountain, then Parvati hill is the perfect place to do so. Situated at a height of  2100 ft above sea level, this hillock has 5 temples and a museum.

The most important of them,  the Parvati Temple is the oldest heritage structure in Pune and was built by the Peshwa Rulers of Maratha Empire. Devdeveshwara (Shiva and Parvathi) are the deities of this temple.

This temple also provides Water Supply to half of Pune through their Water Tank. 

Here is some quick information you may find useful when visiting the hill:

Major Attractions

Devdeveshwar temple (Shiva and Parvati)

Kartikeya Temple

Vishnu Temple

Vitthal Temple

Rama Temple

Peshwa Museum

Samadhi of Balaji Baji Rao


Walk slowly and carefully as the steps are flat

Watch the view of the city from the top

You should visit the hill either in the morning or in the evening. Sunrise and sunsets are the best time to visit the hill.

pune one trip itinerary Parvati Hill is the perfect place for a picturesque view of the Pune city. Picture Credits: Ankesh Gupta

Pune One Day trip Itinerary for Foodies

If you have already done a sightseeing tour or are more interested in exploring the food culture in Pune, you should explore the eateries in the city. Pune has some of the most amazing Cafes, street food and classic eateries.

Pune One Day trip Itinerary for Foodies:  Where to Eat?

There is a wide variety of options for food in Pune. From Irani Cafes to South Indian places and Maharashtrian eateries, you will find all the flavours here. A Pune One day trip itinerary for foodies must include a visit to some of the best eateries, the city has to offer.

Breakfast In Pune:

If you want to experience most of the food in Pune, I suggest you start early with a wonderful breakfast. 

Here are a few places that serve some of the breakfast in Pune. 

Vohuman Café, Dhole Patil Road

Established in 178, this place serves the best Iranian food in Pune. The menu is limited consisting mainly of egg-based dishes. The only downside is that you have to wait to get a table.  

What to Eat: Cheese Omelette, Irani Chai, Bun Maska

Cost for Two: 200 INR

Places to explore nearby: Darshan Museum

Flour Works, Kalyani Nagar

Flour Works opens at 7.00 am and serves a European-American breakfast menu. They have a range of eggs, waffles, pancakes along with healthy foods like muesli, granola, scrambled tofu, etc.

What to Eat: Pancakes, Ouellette, Iced Coffee

Cost for Two: 800 INR

Places to explore nearby: Aga Khan Palace, Koregaon Park

Café GoodLuck, Deccan Gymkhana

Cafe Goodluck is another famous Irani cafe-restaurant on the Fergusson College Road, in the Deccan Gymkhana area of Pune. It was established in 1935 and is one of the oldest in the city.

What to Eat: Chicken Biryani, Cheese Omelette

Cost for Two: 300 INR

Places to explore nearby:  Buddhist Pagoda

Vaishali, Fergusson College Road

This is one of the most famous eating joints in Pune. It serves wonderful south Indian food. It opens up at 7.am, so if you like an early breakfast, this is the place to be.  

What to Eat: Dosa, coffee

Cost for Two: 200 INR

Places to explore nearby: Buddhist Pagoda

Cafe One O Eight, Koregaon Park

Koregaon Park or KP is one of the most happening places in Pune. There are plenty of food joints here and this is one of the best.

What to Eat: Stuffed Pancakes, smoothies, bruschetta

Cost for Two: 800 INR

Places to explore nearby: Osho Garden

5 Must-Try Foods on your Pune One Day Trip

Pune as a city will not disappoint the foodies. The city has a wide variety of flavours to offer. While it may not be possible to try all the things, I suggest you as many as you can.

These are some must-try foods to try on your Pune one day trip:

Misal Pav

A popular dish in Maharashtra, Misal Pav contains Misal (spicy lentil curry) and Pav (Indian Bread Roll) served with onion, potato and

It is easily available at every nook and corner of the city

Best Places to try: Kata Kirr, Shri Krishna Bhuvan,  Vaidya Upahar Gruha

Sabudana Vada

Sabudana Vada, is a traditional Marathi (from Maharashtra) deep fried snack made from Sago. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, the vada is often served with spicy green chutney.

Best Place to try: Stall opposite to Jangli Maharaj temple on JM road 


Bakarwadi is a traditional Marathi (from Maharashtra)dish. It is a sweet and spicy snack and is widely available all over Pune. It is made from gram flour dough coconut, poppy seeds and sesame seeds.

Best Places to try: Chitale Bandhu, Kaka Halai, Karachi Mart

Shrewsbury Biscuits

A Shrewsbury biscuit is actually a classic English dessert, made from sugar, flour, egg, butter, lemon zest and dried fruit (optional). These crispy cookies are a must try in Pune.

Best Place to try: Kayani Biscuits


Mastani is a thick mango milkshake topped with fresh fruit, dry fruit and whipped cream or ice cream.

Best Places to try: Gujjar Cold Drinks, Sujata Mastani

Apart from these, there are plenty of other local foods that you can try in Pune including Vada Pav, Pohe, Chirote etc. Trust me, you will love the food culture of the city.

Budget Saving Tips for Pune One Day trip Itinerary

Accommodation and transport form a major chunk of travel costs. However, you can cut the costs by planning these wisely. There are many accommodation options in Pune. The best budget options for backpackers and budget travellers are guesthouses and hostels.

However, when choosing the stay, try to choose the stay that is accessible through transport facilities and restaurants, in order to avoid spending an extra amount on transport.

Important Tip: User reviews on websites can be very helpful when deciding between hotel/hostel choices.


Pune City: Important Travel Information


Maharashtra, West India 


Western Ghats Mountain Range

Nearest City

Mumbai (3 Hours)

Best Time to Visit

October- February

Modes of External Transport

Road, Rail and Air

Popular Food Items

Misal Pav and Poha

Other places to visit near Pune

Lonavala, Sinhagad, Lavasa

So, if you are in Pune for a day, try to cover these major places and taste these amazing food items. ThisPune one day trip will surely be a visit to cherish.

Pune is a young, fun and vibrant city that also has a great spiritual and historical side.

Happy Wayfaring 🙂


Navneeth Venkatesh

Navneeth Venkatesh

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