Cheerful Rain Captions for Your Monsoon Trips

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Looking for beautiful rainy travel quotes to flaunt your monsoon trip pictures? Want to shout out on social media how much you enjoy travelling in the rain?

In my current blog, I’ve come up with soothing rainy day travel quotes.

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121 Joyous Travel in Rain Quotes 

Express your sentiments about monsoon tours with splendid rain travel captions-

Monsoon trip, raindrops on my lip

Travelling with an umbrella, I’m Cinderella 😉

Travel in the rain, forget all the pain

Rainfall; Waterfall

Nature is flaunting its fresh green, travelling in the monsoon makes me feel the unseen

Memorable travel with a drizzle

Monsoon trip glows, Water flows

A colourful rainbow makes my travel WOW

Rain-kissed skin; Travel and grin

Window seat, raindrops greet

Enjoying rain from the windows of the train 

The trip is all set, the roads are wet

Raindrops on my hand; a Monsoon trip is grand

Rain touched land, Cool island

Hide and seek of the sun makes my journey fun

Clouds whispered in my ear, “Happy journey dear!”

Clouds are roaring, We are travelling 

Exploring new ways; Rainy days

Raindrops say, “You’re on your way”

Monsoon diary; New travel story

Monsoon travel is nostalgic, blending in nature’s magic

Monsoon chapter, travel and laugher

On every path, I hold an umbrella for my Cinderella 😉

Rain wetting my hips; I love monsoon trips 😀

Monsoon touring; Rain pouring

Raindrops sway, and soil is spreading its scent on my way

Romancing with my Cinderella, travelling without an umbrella 😉

Have a tour in the monsoon to feel nature’s boon

Road trip in the rain vanishes all my strain

Travel and cuddle under the romantic sprinkle

Travel is a marvel with a sprinkle

Raindrops on the window whispered in my ear, “Enjoy your romantic long drive dear” 😉

Wanderlust looks pretty when it rains in the city

Travel around and listen to the rainfall sound

Exploring the rainy season by travelling without any reason

After crossing a mile, pitter-patter makes me smile 

People wonder how I wander in the thunder

Travelling in the rain is bliss, under the umbrella we are planning to kiss 😉

Raindrops on my bag still travelling with my swag

Travelling + Raining = Soothing

Raindrops on the road, liveliness reload

On a rainy day, travel and play

On the way to my destination, a Wet road reflection

Waterfalls reel, magical feel

Green plantation, Monsoon location

Backpack with my wife to feel romance in the monsoon life

Monsoon trips are sassy, raincoat makes life easy

Taking that monsoon trips to cool my hips 😀

I’m on my monsoon ride; Nature flaunting its greenside

Pleasant rainy climate, a romantic ride with my soulmate

On Drizzly day, I wander and sway

Dust-free land, the rainy welcome is grand

Monsoon embrace, spectacular place

In nature recuperate in bliss when raindrops kiss

Monsoon celebration, exploring a new destination

Travel queen exploring monsoon green

Monsoon drive, travel make me feel alive

The trip begins with rainy mornings

Footprints on the wet roads, happiness reloads

Monsoon spray and I’m on my way

Droplets on my face, happy travel phase

Raindrops on the vacation spot, enjoying a lot

Travelling under the rain and sun is a fun

Droplets on my path, it’s a rain bath

Sunny or rainy, I always enjoy travelling with my honey 😉

Travelling with swag, droplets dancing on my bag

Raindrops create natural music, and travelling feels like a magic 

Rain is chasing my way, I move with a sway

I’m travelling with my guy, the sky is shedding tears of joy

Monsoon trip is spectacular, wet roads are specular

Travelling outside, enjoying rain and ride

Rainy day trips, hot sips

Waterproof bag, travelling with swag

Leaving my roof with a bag is waterproof 😉

Rain interfered with my travel to make my journey marvel

Rain and train

My trip becomes more exciting because it’s raining

Rain can’t spoil my trip, I have a grip

Rainbirds sing, I ride and swing

Rainbirds sing on my path, it’s time for a rain bath

Travelling in the rain and having ice-cream is my dream

Travel and cuddle, play in the puddle

Raindrops are cleansing; Travelling and singing

Post-rain roads, happiness reload

Travelling with an umbrella, in search of my Cinderella 😉

Rain dance, travel and romance

Travelling pose, raindrops on my nose

Travelling in the rain to wash away my pain 

Rain blends with sunshine, travelling in this climate is super fine

Romantic weather, exploring rain and sunshine together

Rain makes me relax; I travel to chillax

Pitter-patter weather, monsoon traveller

Travelling under the sky’s shower, an umbrella is my superpower 😉

The sky is spraying to tease me during travelling

Away from the crowd, travelling under the cloud

Monsoon travel, drizzle tickle

Rainy evening, travelling soothing

Crossing boundaries on rainy days to explore unknown ways

I’m a travel bird, exploring the wet world

Monsoon travel with a romantic novel

Travel reel, monsoon feel

Honeymoon couple, cuddle in the drizzle

Travel dude, rainy mood

Monsoon vacation, soothing destination

Train, coffee and rain

Journey of the train in the rain

Metro train, romantic rain

Running train, pouring rain

Travel story, rainy glory

Metro station, rainy location

Travelling by train, reeling scenic rain

Rain can never stop me to reach the top

Travel week; Clouds are playing hide and seek

Rainy weekends; Trip with friends

Sprinkling sky; Travelling with my guy

Raindrops popping while I’m travelling

Raindrops dancing on the car of a travel star 😉

Clouds stopped my car, “Let us melt along with your chocolate bar”

Window seat, Raindrops meet

I’m away from the crowd, moving with the clouds

On my way clouds float, and I flaunt my raincoat

I hope you have enjoyed these travel rain quotes as much as you enjoy monsoon trips with raincoats. Let me know the place or city where you had a monsoon trip recently. 🙂


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Happy wayfaring!



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