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Just completed a dream vacation with your bae and now looking for travel captions for Instagram couples? You are at your one-stop destination for the best baecation travel captions. 

Read along my collection of couple travel quotes, short travel captions for couples and couple trip quotes. I am sure you will fall in love again, looking at your pictures when these captions sprinkles their magic.

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199 Unique Travel Captions for Instagram Couples To Celebrate Their Love

Your fingers filled the gap in mine so perfectly! Let’s frame it as a memoir.

Two perfect smiles in one frame! Let the journey begin.

This rising sun will always witness the perfect beginning of the most happening love story.

Marriage is a Tsunami, a Baecation is essential to hold these winds together!

It is so difficult to hold my passion for you in a click.

Will you pour all the background colours into our life.

BAE, Let’s absorb the power of winds!

Swear on the nature around us, to hold my tantrums as you are holding me.

Baecation is over! Let’s get back and fix the grand date.

Cheers to these glasses making noise. I am not very fond of silence. 

I was camera shy, but I became the photo partner you wanted. 

BIZARRE! How can fire and water be set together? Our Baecation answered the query.

Vacation with a hooked stranger! 

Baecation! Framing our love story in our own way.

Everything is perfect here to pour our rings in wine.

Let this beach be your aisle.

BAE, let’s talk about our dark potions and dump them in the sea!

Let’s have a hug before we issue report cards!

Heat of our love is melting the snow.

Green meadows with you is the perfect peaceful start!

All my mornings were perfect but this one with you is magical!

Fire and ice together! Bonfire in the mountains with just you and me!.

Let’s get wild and deep in the woods!

Forests are for animals or You and Me.

Down in the woods where nobody goes, you and me on our toes!

I can’t bring moon and stars in love but can go as wild as you can take, right here on the beach.

Melody of the night waves and your naughty laughter is a deadly combination to lay straight on the beach.

Hey! Can you stop making me crazy while we click?

I laid on the beach shack so many times!  With you, it’s causing a flush of adrenaline.

I lost it on you! Let’s get deep in the sea.

Deep in the woods! Let’s lose ourselves and be the wild wanderers.

I heard forests are not safe so we explored them wildly.

Our love is blushing red in the Greens!

Let me carry you to the woods, we may be walking together for long!

You are my Santa who showered the love as snow!

Mountains are cold, let the love keep us warm!

Leave the foodie company if you want to tone up your body! What if you are on vacation and get married to one?

The Desert is hot and you are becoming my shade!

Hey! We rocked it without a fight.

The entire city view seems like noise from here, I found my peace in you.

Let us dive together in the ocean of love.

I got the best jet ski partner in you, thanks for evaporating my fears away.

The coastline is long, so will be our relationship!

I was scared of the waters and you made me do Scuba. Life with you can chill my spine!

You seem tired! Let me carry you for the rest of our life.

It’s Baecation! Let’s drop all our mental baggage here.

 We are the queen and king in this palace! No one can disturb us now.

 Baecation is all about finding our most compatible sides. Travel is the drug for us, so let us plan the next one BAE. 

BAECATION! It’s not only about travel, it’s about shopping too. 

You dissolved your love in mine like the sun dipped in waves!

How can the Sun and the Moon dip in the same frame with me!

I will be the shore to hold all the waves in you!

We got our perfect click while Red and Pink got their prettiest shades with the sun dissolving in the sea.

Let’s preserve our footprints on this moist sand!

Let us leave our imprints in this foreign sand and soon the sea will send memories as showers. 

Should we dive in the sea or should I dive in your eyes.

 You wanted to know the depth of my love, first count the waves.

When the sun dissolves in the sea, let it be just you and me!

Let’s catch up on the last beach sunrise before we leave. It will never be the same from my window.

Gold sparkled on the sea is reflected in our smiles.

Waves beneath and clear sky above! Our heart skipped the beat and our feet picked up.

Waves sprinkle their salty magic on your sweet skin and my heart dances to the tune of love.

Let me play with your curly hair like waves are playing with sand!

Standing in the sea and watching the sunset as it gets dark. Let us get lost in each other.

With clouds as our witness and the sea as my aisle, let’s exchange the rings again.

My love for you is deep as the sea. You can’t judge me standing on the shore!

Your sand wrapped salty skin is making me fall for you again.

You, Me, the sun & the beach! It is completing the world for me.

Let us capture our sandcastle, let me build it for you when we reach back. 

I can hold you till I reach the depth of the sea!

 I love the night skyline of the sea! A far off lighthouse, a never-ending sea, you & me. 

Sun breaks the darkness from behind the sea like you came and enlightened me!

You are a boundless sea and I am your shore, waiting to touch me.

You are my mermaid, never ready to get off the sea.

A hammock in the shade of palms beside a wild sea! It’s a perfect location to match your vibes with me. 

We can’t hide our love behind the beach hat!

Possessed by your Love, even sea waves tickle me badly.

Let’s dance to the tune of waves from sea and wind!

Let’s take this sea-moon with us. 

This floating bridge is the best romantic coaster! Just hold on to me tight.

These waves are creating the perfect music! I can sleep here in your arms forever.

I never saw, so many shades of love painted on a single canvas.

Let’s revise and leave our love story on this sand! Let the sea preserve it in the sea bed.

 Best shots were not captured on the shores, we had to go wild in the sea!

Morning glory of the sun polished the sea and our love too!

This is the perfect beach! Mother nature is dancing to the tune of our love. 

These white horses approaching the shore are igniting my thirst for you.

It’s a perfect beach to perform love yoga! Let’s leave the mark of our union in the divine cosmos.

Even the decaying remains of the tree on the seashore get alive when we spread our love wings around it. 

Yellow, green, pink, blue and red stand so beautifully together and never lose themselves! Just like you and I committed in love to be ourselves.

She is stealing the sea shine from the seashore.

I never knew before this that walking inside the sea can be more romantic than on the shore! 

Let’s refresh our story on this divine beach before we leave!

The highest far off wave breaks down when you are beside me. 

As we lose our weight in water, I lose all my worries when I am in love with you.

Let me place the best diamond on your ring before it goes down the horizon.

A Wish! I could spend my life on this beach with you.

Feel the rhythm, Feel the lights! Nature is playing the best DJ.

Beautiful background blurred in your smile entangles me!

These sand dunes will keep reframing our story forever.

Gold will be locked in lockers and these golden memories in our Instagram.

Gold is the sand and silver is your shine, together you both keep me mesmerised.

The sweetness of dates in the desert is like you in my life.

These palms are giving a small shade in the far-spread desert like you sprinkle your small positivity in my biggest problems. 

Vacationing with you is a reverse ageing experience.

The moon looks amazing on the sea when you are beside me.

Let us leave our footprints in the desert and carry memories forever.

I love the golden spell cast by this desert in your hair!

2 cactus wrens in love, boarded the ship of the desert.

You match the rhythm of my love in the frame. Let’s keep it alive forever. 

 Let’s leave our baggage of worries here and carry the freshness of the winds!

My childhood fantasy was flying in a balloon and now I am fulfilling it with this balloon ride with you!

This peaceful ride on a Yacht in the middle of the sea is more romantic than the bed of roses.

Cycling with you is more peaceful than a luxury drive!

A beautiful cabin for love birds, deep inside the forest! It came straight out of the fairytale. 

I wish we could slide down the mountain without getting a scratch.

This lake seems too quiet to be alive, yet its absence can take away the beauty of this place! You are my lake. 

Hanging on the mountain can be so peaceful when my saviour is by my side.

Cabins on the mountain remind me of a village! Wish we could claim it as our and live happily ever after.

This is the best place! We and the kids are enjoying nature in our own best company. 

I never knew the magic of dancing in the rain, until I met you.

Watching you and the kids enjoying the vacation is like reimbursement of my bills.

Capturing our memories with forest life is far more peaceful than taking their ride!

I hate it when you have a laptop on vacation.

Roaming with you, on strange streets is the best part of our vacation.

Your beautiful smile adds to the charm of our vacation.

Making sandcastles with kids and my love is a more filling experience than building the real ones

We were never art lovers and then we visited this colourful city.

These still blue and green surroundings are just perfect to relax and feel our love!

Being at the airport with you feels like we came to the shopping mall!

This yacht is the perfect place to feel the waves of our love in the middle of a still sea.   

The colourful heritage of this place illuminated the vibrant shades of our love.

When language is a barrier, the language of love works in all corners of the world! Thanks for teaching me.

Desert walk is perfect when we don’t want to leave our traces.

Let’s try some sports inside the water. I am too scared of it but I will do anything with you by my side. 

Tired of a clean life? Let’s enjoy some stains. 

Love blossoming on rocks!  

Flowers around me and the best one is beside me!

The perfect background to fix our click.

Perfect background! Perfect vibes! Perfect wife!

Fall of leaves reminds me, of how nature rejuvenates itself as you do it for me.  

Let’s capture us in the skyline! It will remind us to visit here again.

The kid inside us was reborn in the mud!

Laptop in hand and you beside me on vacation, makes me feel I can be a happy nomad.

It rains everywhere but it can’t ignite romance just anywhere.

This tent on the mountains beside the river is our new love paradise.

Don’t build castles for me! Let us build our tents in all such beautiful corners of the world.

You owe me this amazing dinner on the unknown road under the clear sky again.

Nomads with their carrier! Life is too short to read the tales.

Thanks to the bouncy road we replicate our messy hair.

Black Road and silvery night! Let us capture us in this perfect light.

Please discharge our mobile! Let our batteries charge up.

Let kids sleep honey, we are on a very long night drive.

This night is perfect to hit the road.

The river, the mountain, the full moon in the sky and on the earth with me, what a drive!

The bouncy road and your wavy hair make it a perfect travel story.

I love romantic adventures with you!

Finally! We are set for a drive to heaven on earth!

Never knew our food gets a sizzler effect on car bonnets.

Watching the sunset together on a car bonnet is a real romantic adventure.

This car is my perfect second home with you.

I hope it’s not illegal to kiss in the car here!

The best part of a road trip is the flexibility to get romantic just anywhere!

I have to drive Honey, you can’t look so hot!

This drive is just the beginning of the lifelong journey we have ahead of US!

My way is ahead but the destination is always by my side!

Let me open the window! I love watching your hair fly.

It’s so romantic to watch my girl drive while I sit back absorbing the view!

Your lap is my perfect pillow on the road!

I get jealous when the sun plays with you in your sleep while I drive!

Why doesn’t this full moon in the middle of the road horizon, visit our balcony?

These moving sand dunes blur my vision and you blur my mind.

Kudos to our car! It guided us to the most romantic wrong turn.

You attract me best and distract me worst!

Can’t hold further and drive! Let me absorb you first.

Don’t be so naughty on the highway.

When you are by my side then the destination doesn’t matter. All I love is the endless drive.

When vacation is on wheels with one in hand and your hand in mine, it does not travel but my dream life.

Road trip with you! The destination may be average but roads should pass the romantic turns.

The adventure of a road trip is not the destination, but it waits at our relaxation points.

I get charged up for the drive when you convert every stay point into a perfect date. 

Our destination may be far off but driving is my real destination with you.

I want to capture more! Let our grandkids know, we were not old since childhood.

 It’s a long way ahead! Your playlist may fall short, let’s compose our own love song.

We are lost on the road but found old of us!

A road trip is not about best planning! Let’s just hit the road.

I want to breathe my last breath with you, let us continue our road trip forever!

When my drive is with you then the destination should never arrive!  

Both hodophiles, set on a drive! Don’t wait for us. 

I can’t see anyone on the road, this will be our perfect drive to get lost on the road and in us!

Our love was in need of a spark and we planned a road trip!

Sun is setting down on one side and the moon is upon another, all stars twinkling in the eyes when we stop to hold each other! 

The best road trip is to follow no-tips! It’s just you,  me and our hearts.

I want to halt! I can’t hold on! Please charge me up.

This road trip is all about exploring the peaceful corners to absorb your love!

The only thing I don’t like about road trips is, I have to stay a foot away from you! 

 Let us eat fruits and sow the seeds on all the roads we cross! Let us preserve our imprints forever!  

We will cross this road again but my love for you will always be fresh!

We might not cross this road again but our love at this point will cross us forever.

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Surbhi Aggarwal hails from Delhi but her heart goes out to those natural and virgin beaches Goa and Andamans. She feels privileged to have experience nature at its best. From the mesmerizing beach sunrises to the unexplored heights of Uttarakhand, she loves them all. She loves to travel with her family and never misses a chance to wake up in those early morning hours just to meet the locals and explore the true flavours of the place.