24 Fun & Exciting Things to Do in Tirthan Valley

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Things to do in Tirthan Valley include a wide range of fun and challenging adventures. While you are in this valley, make sure you explore the best of this beautiful region.

Sleepy hamlets, Ancient temples, immaculate hiking trails, beautiful forests, exquisite landscapes are some of the things that Tirthan Valley offers to its visitors.

There are a lot of activities that you engage yourself in this pristine valley called Tirthan. From trout fishing to hiking in the eco-zone of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Great Himalayan National Park, GHNP.

Best Things to do in Tirthan Valley

24 Amazing Things to do in Tirthan Valley

In this blog, I will outline the places to see and things to do in Tirthan Valley. Therefore, a well-defined itinerary for Tirthan Valley is very important to help you plan your trip here.

Before I go further into the things to do in Tirthan valley, you first need to understand, What & Where exactly is Tirthan Valley? Well, surprising as it may seem but there is no valley named Tirthan. The entire region is known as Seraj. Tirthan is the name of the river.

To make things easier for tourists it is known as Tirthan Valley. Seraj valley is divided into three parts Inner Seraj, Outer Seraj, and Mandi Seraj. Jalori Jot and Bashleo Jot separate Inner Seraj from Outer. Both Inner and Outer Seraj are part of Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh including the Tirthan valley.

Travelling Solo to Jalor Pass

The entire journey to Jalori Pass is in itself an amazing experience. The pass offers excellent panoramic views of Pir-Panjal, Dhauladhars, Kinnaur ranges. 

1.  From Tirthan Valley Travel to Jalori pass for Excellent Panoramic Views

Jalori pass is a motorable mountain pass connecting Kullu district from Shimla district. Perched at around 3000m it offers excellent panoramic views of Pir-Panjal, Dhauladhars, Kinnaur ranges.

Travelling to Jalori Pass was one of my favourite memories from the trip. Just the sheer drive to Jalori is spellbinding.

2.  Visit the Enticing Waterfalls In Tirthan Valley

One thing people go gaga over in the Tirthan valley is enticing waterfalls. There quite a few waterfalls some obscure, while some are quite popular.

The famous waterfalls in Tirthan Valley that you must see are Jibhi waterfall, Choie, Hippo waterfalls. Some of the waterfalls do require a short hike to reach.

tirthan valley trip itinerary

Most of the homestays in Banjar & Jibhi will have arrangements if the visitors want to go trout fishing. It is said that the Tirthan valley has the best trout fishes.

3. Go Trout fishing in Tirthan Valley

This is one of the most popular activities to be done in Tirthan valley. Most of the homestays will have arrangements if the visitors want to go trout fishing. They will charge a certain amount for this.

You will require a permit for fishing in Tirthan Valley and it is easy to obtain. In most cases, the homestays will take care of the permit on your behalf. It is believed that the Tirthan valley has the best trout fishes.

4.  Camp by the Side of Tirthan River 

Camping is one of the most amazing things to do in Tirthan Valley. There are many providers who have set up camping grounds near the river Tirthan.

Sitting around the bonfire and listening to the River Tirthan is certainly going to be one of your best memories.

tirthan Valley Accommodation

The beautiful villages in the Valley are definitely worth visiting. Most of these villages do have roads but they are just dirt tracks. Therefore, it takes a bit of effort to reach there, but it is definitely worth the effort.

5. Go Village Hopping in Tirthan Valley

Tirthan valley is home to some of the prettiest Himalayan villages. Experience the rustic lives of the locals. Take a stroll through these charming villages. Interact with the locals, get a sneak peek into their bucolic lives. The locals here are very welcoming, you might even get invited for a cup of tea.

Villages of Batahad, Pekhri, Sharchi, Ghiyagi, Shoja, Ropa are perfect examples of such villages. Of course, most of these villages do have roads but are just dirt tracks. Therefore, it takes a bit of effort to reach there, but it is definitely worth the effort.

I love going to such villages. While travelling solo to Tirthan valley this is what I did for most of my stay. I interacted with a lot of locals during my time. One thing was common, their hospitality was unmatched.

6. Take a Short Hike to Batahad, the Base for Bashleo Pass Trek

Batahad is a traditional hamlet which can be reached from Gushaini. A dirt track from Gushaini goes up to the village. Even local buses go all the way up to Batahad. Buses ply throughout the day from Banjar. It also acts as a base for Bashleo pass.

Perched at around 3277 m, it connects the inner Seraj to the outer Seraj. Batahad is the starting point of the trek while Baga-Sarahan is the endpoint. From Batahad you can go to a couple of villages (Galingcha, Mashiyar) located even further. They make for a perfect day hike.

7. Visit the Serene Village Pekhri in Tirthan Valley

Another village that can be accessed from Gushaini by a dirt road. Pekhri is located at an altitude of 2200 m. It is around 9-10 km from Gushaini. Local buses do ply to Pekhri from Banjar.

Pekhri is the starting point of the Rangthar top. It is a day hike from Pehkri. It takes around 4 hours to reach. While the initial part of the trek does not involve too many ascents. The later part of the trek requires a strenuous uphill climb.

8. Go to Shoja Village for Beautiful Views

Shoja is nestled at an altitude of around 2900m. It offers excellent panoramic views of different mountain ranges. Owing to the altitude, Shoja is one of the best places for experiencing snow. Jalori pass is just 5km from Shoja.

9. Enjoy Locally Made Drinks of Tirthan Valley

Another amazing thing to try in Torthan Valley is the local sharbat. You can buy juices made of Rhododendron, Litchee,

If you want to try something more alcoholic, you can try some local wines made from Barley and Red Rice. They are called ‘Chakti’ and ‘Lungri.’

tirthan Valley trip

One of the best things to do in Tirthan valley is to pay a visit to Chehni Kothi Fort. This fort-temple was believed to be even bigger in height than what it is at present. The earthquake of 1905 destroyed the fort.

10. Take a Hike to the Historical Chehni Kothi Fort

Chehni Kothi is one of the popular villages which has famous Katha-Kuni styled tower temples. This fort-temple was believed to be even bigger in height than what it is at present. The earthquake of 1905 destroyed the fort.

Chehni Kothi can only be reached on foot. Shringa Rishi temple is the start point of the trek. From Banjar, you need to get down at a place called Chilka Dhar if coming by local buses. From here the road to Shringa Rishi temple diverts which is about 4 km.

You can either walk along the motorable road or just hitch-hike till the temple. It is just 45 minutes uphill climb from the Shringa rishi temple. Apart from the locals, nobody is allowed to enter the fort.

11. Enjoy the Wonderful Hike to Raghpur fort

Another day hike which is accessible from Jalori top offers splendid views of different ranges. There is no actual fort only ruins of it.

It is a much tougher but shorter hike in terms of distance when compared to Serolsar lake. It is around 3 km from the pass but apparently involves a strenuous trudge to reach the place.

things to do in Tirthan Valley

The trek to Serolsar Lake can be done from Jalori Pass. It is an easy trek for summers. However, when visiting in winters, the snow-covered trail might make it a bit challenging for absolute beginners.

12. Take a Small hike to Serolsar Lake

Serolsar lake is a beautiful lake which can be reached on foot from Jalori top. It is an easy hike of around 1.5 hours. The trail is a level walk through a beautiful forest.

There is a small temple of Budhi Nagin which is one of the important deities revered by the locals.

13. Try River Crossing above Tirthan River

One of the most interesting things to do in Tirthan Valley is indulging in some adrenaline-raising activities.

You can do this at several places along the river all around the year except in Monsoons.

The thrill of crossing over the turbulent Tirthan river you is very exciting

14.  Try Some Local Food in Tirthan Valley

You won’t many cafes in Tirthan valley apart from popular places like Gushaini and Jibhi. You’ll get lip-smacking food almost all the homestays. Dhabas serve amazing food in the valley and are quite economical as well.

While you are in Tirthan Valley, make sure you enjoy some local cuisine.  My personal favourites are Siddus (Stuffed and Steamed bread served with Ghee or Clarified butter), Chutneys and Lingri Sabji (cooked edible ferns)

The best way to eat local food is to request your homestay to prepare you one.

GHNP Tirthan Valley

The trail leading to Rolla. It is the entry point of the Great Himalayan national park. This is a great hike for beginners.

15.  Trek to Rolla Great Himalayan National Park Entry Gate

Gushaini is the start point of the hike to the GHNP gate (beyond which is the eco-zone of GHNP) at Rolla.  For reaching the GHNP gate one needs to hike for about 6-8 km from Gushaini.

This is an easy hike. It passes through a beautiful hamlet named Ropa. If you are at Gushaini then this a must-visit place.

16.  Try some Multi-day treks in the eco-zone of GHNP

Tirthan valley came into prominence as a GHNP was declared UNESCO world heritage site. GHNP, therefore, attracts hikers and trekkers from all over the world

So perhaps you could take the opportunity of visiting the Tirthan valley to go for a great trek experience. From easy two day treks to challenging ten-day treks, the GHNP offers it all.

Multi-day treks are a treat for any seasoned trekker. These treks include some of the least explored trails in Himachal. These surely require a guide and porters to attempt.

Some of the famous Multi-day treks include Tirthan valley trek aka Tirath trek ( trek to the source of the River Tirthan ) Lambhari top, Rakhundi top. Since all of these treks involve steep arduous climbs your fitness game needs to be on point.

17.  Make Banjar your Base for exploring Tirthan Valley

Banjar is the biggest town in the valley. Located at an altitude of 1500 m it is very well-equipped. Of course, most of the places are away from Banjar. But you can make Banjar your base and explore the valley as I did.

Banjar is an excellent choice of stay if you are going to use local transport for the commute.

Things to do in Tirthan valley

This is the Baloo Nag temple near Bahu. This hands down one of my favourite places in the valley. The picture does not do justice to the beauty of this place.

18. Pay a Visit to Bahu, a Place Slightly Outside Tirthan Valley

Well, technically it is not in Tirthan valley. But it is hardly an hour and a half drive from Banjar. The shrine of Baloo Nag Devta is located on a beautiful meadow with dense deodar forest surrounding it. This was by far one of my favourite places in Tirthan valley.

The hike to this temple starts from Bahu. It takes around an hour to reach here. The trail is a dirt track, but vehicles have to be parked at Bahu itself. Just make sure you continue straight on the trail. Otherwise, you might end up in Khabal village like me.

19.  Visit Jibhi, One of the Most Well- Known Places in Tirthan Valley

Jibhi is located at a comfortable altitude of 1600m. This place is the dictionary definition of a doing nothing place. Jibhi is surrounded by beautiful deodar forests. Soothing sound Jibhi Nala will just make you want to relax and walk amongst huge deodar forests.

Owing to its idyllic location, it has become a huge hit among backpackers and long-term travellers. Due to its proximity to Jalori pass, it is preferred by many. Jibhi is just around 7 km from Banjar. Lots of buses go towards Jibhi from Banjar throughout the day.

Jibhi has quite a few popular cafes.

The popular cafes in Jibhi include Café Jungle valley, Conifers feast, Hope café, Great Himalayan café.

You’ll get multiple cuisines like Israeli, Italian and of course Indian. If you are in Jibhi, then you should definitely go to these cafes.

things to do in Tirthan Valley

The Western Tragopan, which also happens to be the state bird of Himachal Pradesh can be spotted In the Great Himalayan National Park. The upper part of GHNP holds the world’s largest known population of western tragopan.

20. Go Bird watching in the Great Himalayan National Park 

The Great Himalayan National Park is known for its incredible flora and fauna. This is the reason why it has been declared a UNESCO world heritage site.

The region is home to hundreds of bird species including the endangered Western Tragopan. If you are an ardent bird watcher, I would suggest you can take a birdwatching tour with a guide here.

21. Visit Gushaini, another Popular Destination of Tirthan Valley

Gushaini is a small little hamlet that is now a pretty popular tourist place. Perched at around 1500m it offers excellent vistas with Tirthan river flowing alongside.

Gushaini is also a starting point for many villages and treks into the eco-zone of GHNP.

22. Try Some Adrenaline-Pumping Rock Climbing & Rappelling

There are a few operators in Tirthan Valley including in Jibhi, where you can try Rock Climbing and Rappeling.

Once you are in Tirthan Valley, you can ask the locals about these providers.

23.  Attend a Local Festival in Tirthan Valley

Kullu is popularly known as the valley of Gods and rightly so. The locals worship many local deities and festivals are the best time to witness the local culture and traditions.

Although you may witness small festivities and local Deity processions all year round, the grandeur is witnessed during major festivals like Maha Shivratri (Feb) and Dussehra (Oct)

24. The Best Thing  to do in Tirthan Valley is to Just Relax By the Tirthan River

One of the best experiences that you can have in Tirthan Valley is to just sit by the river Tirthan and relax. It might sound funny, but trust me, you can spend hours by this gorgeous river.

So, these are the best things to do in Tirthan Valley. If you have any questions regarding visiting the region, I would be more than happy to help. Please drop your questions in the comment section below.



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