What to Carry For Your Exciting Trip to Ladakh – Complete Guide

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Things to carry for Leh Ladakh Trip is one of the most searched queries when planning a trip to Leh Ladakh. So, based on my experience, I am sharing with you a Ladakh packing checklist 

Ladakh is very different from the rest of the country. Preparing a Ladakh packing list will ensure that you are completely prepped for this adventure.

Essential Things to Carry for Leh Ladakh Trip: Packing Checklist To Get You Started

I have tried to cover all the essential things to carry for Leh Ladakh, but before I go into the details, here is a quick overview of Ladakh trip essentials.

Leh Ladakh Packing Checklist

1.       Documents & Cash

2.       Suitable Clothing & Footwear

3.       Emergency Medication

4.       Toiletries

5.       First Aid Kit

Important Documents

ID Proof

Permits – ILP or PAP

Vehicle Documents

Passport & Visa

Mobile connectivity

Only BSNL Postpaid Sims work here

Essential List of Things to Carry for Leh Ladakh Trip

Leh-Ladakh has its own set of travel requirements. Here’s a checklist of things to remember while travelling to Ladakh.

1.   Must Carry Documents for Ladakh Trip

The first thing to secure your adventure trip to Leh Ladakh is the essential documents. Make sure you pack all of these first.


Certain areas are protected/ restricted including the famous Pangong Tso Lake. So you’ll need to secure a Permit.

Indian Citizens need an Inner Line Permit (ILP) while foreign nationals require Protected Areas Permit (PAP). You can either get the permits beforehand or once you reach Leh Town.

Carry multiple photocopies of the Permits as they can be collected at the checkpoints.

 Government Issued Identity Cards

You must carry at least one issued by the government. It may be your Passport, Aadhar Card, Driving License or Voter ID Card.

Carry the original and a few photocopies.

Printed Itinerary

Keep a few hard Copies of your Leh Itinerary. This would help you when you’re applying for your Permit and also act as a reference during your journey.  

Passport Size Photos

Carry a few of your Passport Size pictures

Flight Ticket

If you are travelling to Leh by air, carry some copies of your flight tickets

Hotel Reservation

Carry the hotel reservation slips if you have booked your accommodation in advance.

Medical Insurance

Carry your medical insurance if you have any.

Emergency Contact List

On a piece of paper or a small diary, jot down a list of your emergency contact names and phone numbers. Keep this handy with you in case your Mobile phone’s not working.

2.   Luggage to Choose for Le-Ladakh Trip

While choosing the bag you wish to take on your Leh Ladakh Trip, consider the following things:

Backpack or Luggage Bag

One backpack or bag which can accommodate all your primary luggage including clothes, shoes, toiletries, etc.

Avoid strollers or heavy suitcases.

Smaller backpack or Rucksack or bag

You will need it for everyday travel to carry documents, water bottle, snack items, etc.

Try to get a waterproof bag.

3.  Suitable Clothing & Footwear for Leh-Ladakh

Weather in Leh Ladakh can be very unpredictable, so you have to stay ready. Even summers can get chilly at night .

Leh Ladakh Clothing:
Carry Light

Carry the essential things only. You can always mix and match.

Carry Layers of Clothing

The trick to staying warm in cold Leh weather is to wear your clothes in layers i.e. one over the other. Not only does it keep you warm, but it also gives you the flexibility of removing layers if you are feeling warm.

Comfortable clothes

Don’t pack clothes that are too tight or too heavy. Make sure the clothes you carry are comfortable.

Outdoor Activities

If you want to indulge in outdoor activities like trekking, hiking, etc. make sure you pack:

  • Warm Socks     
  • Gloves
  • Mufflers
  • Caps
  • Windcheater or Wind proof Jacket
Clothes to Pack for Leh: Checklist

  • Regular Full Sleeve Cotton T-shirts or Sweatshirts
  • Jeans/  Lowers/ Track Pants
  • 3-4 Pairs of Socks
  • 1-2 thermals
  • Light Woolen cardigans/ Pullovers/ Sweatshirts
  • Light Jacket
  • Night Wear- Warm Pajamas or Lowers

For Winters in Ladakh add:

  • Mufflers, Warm Socks, Caps and Gloves
  • Water Proof Jackets
  • Heavy Woolens 
  • Heavy jacket
  • Extra thermal
Things to carry for Leh Ladakh trip

Sturdy shoes are a must for terrain like Ladakh. Invest in your shoes. You’ll soon realise that it was worth spending every penny on them. If you’re going in the winters, make sure especially that your shoes are waterproof. You do not want the snow to seep in.

Suitable Shoes:
Sneakers or Sports Shoes

Comfortable walking shoes like sneakers or sports shoes. Also, try to carry an extra pair of shoes.

Winter Shoes   

Carry Furry or Insulated Boots in Winters

Gum Boots

Must for riders as there are many streams to cross.


For your hotel/ homestay use

4. Emergency Medication You Must Carry on your Leh-Ladakh Trip

Most places in Leh are located at a height of over 10000ft, and I have seen plenty visitors struggle with altitude sickness. 

In case you have some allergy or are suffering from some health condition, please visit a doctor before taking the pills.


A traveller friend had recommend this. You take it a day before visiting a high altitude location, and continue the dose twice a day for a couple of days more. 

(Ask your doctor before taking it)

Disprin and Aspirin

To help manage the symptoms of AMS, in case you are hit.

Mild Analgesics

Mild painkillers just in case

Other common medicines

Cold and Flu and stomach ache medicines

Oxygen Cylinder

Carry small oxygen cylinders if you planning to hike or stay at high altitudes. These are light and are easily available at chemist shops and even online.

5. Toiletries to Pack for the Trip

Although you can find the common things in Leh town itself in summers, winters can be tricky. So, I carry at least some basic things with me just to be safe.

  • Toothbrush & toothpaste
  • Soap & face wash
  • Hand sanitisers
  • Towel & Tissues\Shampoo & hair oils
  • Cold cream & moisturizer lotion
  • Vaseline or any other petroleum jelly
  • Lip balm
  • Sunscreen lotion (SPF UV50+)
  • Sanitary napkins or tampons
  • Small looking glass\
  • Comb & Shaving kit

6. First Aid Kit You Must Prepare for Leh-Ladakh

A small first aid kit is the most important thing in any traveller luggage. When travelling to Leh, make sure you carry a small first aid kit with basic prescription medicines.

  • Antiseptic liquid – Dettol or savlon
  • Cotton & Band-aids
  • Micropore and gauze
  • Antiseptic ointment
  • Anti-allergy eye drops
  • Pain relievers-Moov or volini
  • Electrolyte sachets
  • Iodine-based water purification tablets

7. Cash Is A Must – Carry

This is one of the most important things to carry for Leh Ladakh Trip. ATMs are very hard to come by in Leh. ATM card machines of SBI, J&K and PNB are available at 11places in the Leh market.

Even if you find one, you might be greeted by long lines outside, no cash or non-functioning machines.

Although I have seen a lot of shopkeepers now accepting UPI, but sometimes it doesn’t work, so, make sure you carry enough cash.s

8.  Gadgets & Electronics Must be a part of your Packing List

A trip to Leh is incomplete without the pictures. Don’t forget to carry your camera or mobile phone because you will be clicking a lot of pictures.

Carry fully-charged devices when you are going out because, at high altitudes, the batteries drain out very quickly

Phone Charger

Make sure you pack your phone charger.

Power Bank

Power Bank, in case you use GPS a lot or click pictures with your phone.

3 socket Belkin Surge Protector

A 3 socket Belkin Surge Protector has 3 sockets, and you can charge multiple gadgets simultaneously. It also protects your devices against power surges.

Camera Accessories to carry for Photography in Ladakh

  • Bag
  • Lenses
  • Battery Charger
  • Spare Battery
  • Extra Memory Cards
  • Tripod Stand

9.  Other Accessories That Need to be in Your Backpack for Ladakh Trip

Other than those mentioned above, here’s a list of other miscellaneous things to carry for Leh Ladakh trip.

UV sunglasses

At high altitudes, UV rays of the sun can be very damaging to the eyes. Buy decent quality sunglasses that are UV protected. You need these both in summers and winters. In winters it is even more important. When the sun shines on the snow-covered mountains, the sun feels all the harsher.


Dealing with AMS in Ladakh can be an issue if you are visiting for the first time. On my trip, some travellers suggested that Camphor is very helpful for dealing with AMS. 

Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil massage helps in dealing with symptoms of altitude sickness.

Food & Snacks

Always carry some snacks such as biscuits, chocolates and dry fruits for snacking along the way.

Pen and Diary

Carry a small diary and pen to jot down important contact numbers and addresses.


Carry a small LED torchlight especially if you are planning to visit far-off places or camping.

Plastic zip lock bags

Ziplock Bags are really useful to pack up the used clothes. I use them keep important documents safe.

Safety pins

Comes in handy in case of windy conditions.


To protect you from the harsh sun.

Multi-tool knife/Swiss knife

A multitool knife is useful, especially during trekking and hiking.

Water Bottle

Carry a big water bottle with a capacity of over 1 litre. Remember that plastic bottles are banned in Leh. So, carry a steel or aluminum bottle.

Most of the guesthouses in Leh provide you with filtered water. You can fill up your here. Avoid buying plastic mineral water bottles..

10.  Sim Card You Need for Proper Mobile Connectivity in Ladakh

Remember – Only post-paid mobile phone connections work here. While you may find airtel connectivity at certain places, BSNL does work in places beyond Leh town.

So, get a BSNL/ MTNL post-paid connection

What to Carry for Ladakh Trip in Winters?

Winters is an amazing time to be in Ladakh for adventure seekers. The temperatures can dip below minus 20°C, which is not everyone’s cup of tea.

However, you get to see some of the most splendid views – the frozen Pangong and Tso Moriri, Frozen treks like Chadar, and the snow-clad mountains.

Here is a list of additional things to carry while travelling to Ladakh during winters.

Heavy Jacket

A LIGHT JACKET WON’T DO! Get the warmest one available in the market. Make sure it is warm but not tight. You should be able to wear a couple of pullovers inside it.

Also, ensure the jacket is a little long (hip length at least) and covers your neck too.

Heavy Woollens

Carry some heavy pullovers to wear inside the jacket. 

Woollen Caps and Mufflers

Carry a warm cap to cover your head and ears. You should also carry a warm muffler to cover your nose and your mouth.


A warm thermal fleece balaclava will help you keep your face, ears and mouth protected from the cold Himalayan winds.

Gloves and Warm Socks

Very important to keep your hands and feet warm. Also, carry at least 2-3 pairs of warm woollen socks. To keep your feet warm, apply some mustard oil or vaseline and then wear socks.


Buy a good pair of hiking or trekking shoes that are insulated.


Carry at least 2 pairs of thermal inner-wear

Walking Trousers

Buy some good quality, waterproof walking trousers or pants lined with fleece


Carry enough cash. 


In winters it is very difficult to find eating joints. So, carry enough eatables with you.

Body lotion

Do carry a good body lotion suitable for winters. The air can get very dry, so it’s important to keep your skin moisturized.


Use Vaseline on your hands, feet or other parts of the body if they feel dry.

Toilet Tissue Rolls

Carry a few of these. You will need them.


As I said earlier, the sun reflecting from the snow is pretty harsh, so carry a good pair of sunglasses.

Winters in Ladakh

 Ladakh is fast becoming the favourite destination for adventure seekers. If you’re one of them, spend lots of time preparing yourself and your bag for it.

What to Carry for Leh Ladakh Trip in Summers?

Other than the items I have already covered earlier on in the blog, here’s a month-wise list of things to carry for Leh Ladakh trip:

Things to Carry in June

June is a pretty pleasant time in Leh- Ladakh. The temperature during the day can soar up to 30°C. Do not forget to carry these:

  • Full sleeve Cotton T-shirts for use during the days
  • Light woollen pullovers for night time
  • A light jacket

Things to carry in July & August

In the last week of July, monsoons hit the Ladakh region. In addition to other things, carry:

  • Raincoat
  • Light jacket
  • Extra pair of shoes, in case a pair gets wet

Things to Carry in September

The rainy season in Leh-Ladakh continues up to last week of September. It also starts getting slightly chillier as winters start to approach. Add  the following to your bag

  • A Raincoat
  • 1-2 Heavy Woolens
  • A warm jacket
  • A hat to protect yourself from harsh sun rays

Important Things to Carry for Leh Ladakh For Road Trip

You can choose to travel within Leh-Ladakh in your own car or motorcycle. However, driving in the mountainous can be very challenging. So, make sure you add all the things mentioned below in your list of things to carry for Leh Ladakh trip.

Checklist for Leh-Ladakh Bike Trip

Riding a motorbike in Leh is very different from riding in other regions including the mountainous ones. The treacherous roads can pose quite a task for even the most skilled of riders. If you are planning a Ladakh bike trip, make sure you carry some essential tools and spare parts to prepare for the tough ride ahead. This is in addition to all the things that I have already mentioned above.

Biking in Ladakh

Preparing for a biking trip to Ladakh is a completely different ballgame. Not only do you have to take care of your clothing and your backpack, but also the technical know-how of repairing a bike in crisis situations. However, it is most certainly worth it!

Below is a list of things to take on a bike trip to Ladakh, which I have compiled based on my personal experience.

Feel free to add other things that you feel are important, and tell us in the comments section too.


Your Driving License
Bike Registration Certificate (original and photostat)
Bike Insurance (original and photostat)

PUC or Pollution Check Certificate

Clothing and Footwear

2-3 Pairs of Thermals

Waterproof Jacket


Balaclava to protect your head and face


An extra pair of shoes/gumboots in case you wet your shows at river crossings

Bike Essentials

A good helmet with unscratched visor

Protective Gear

  • Jacket with inner Elbow Guards
  • Pants with Inner Knee Guards
  • Riding Boots
  • Biking Gloves
  • Riding Goggles
  • Luggage Net
  • Extra Bike Key
Spare Parts and Tools

A basic understanding of your bike and fixing minor issues comes handy when travelling across places like Leh. It is very difficult to find a mechanic in Leh in case something goes wrong. Even if you find someone, they might not have the parts for your Model.

So, ask your nearest mechanic at home to suggest the parts you should carry. Nonetheless, here is a list of things for Leh-Ladakh Bike trip:

Nylon Rope

Bungee Cord

Clutch and Accelerator wire

Chain Locks

Extra Sparkplug

Puncture Repair Kit

Chain Locks
Chain Spray

Engine Oil


Electrical Tape and M Seal

Funnel to pour fuel

Brake and Clutch Lever

Swiss Knife

Extra Fuel

There are not many petrol Pumps in Ladakh, so it is advisable to carry some extra fuel with you.

Eatables and Water

Plenty of Drinking Water and Snacks/Dry Fruits

What to Carry for Leh Ladakh Trip by Car?

If you are planning to take your car, the first thing you need to make sure is that it is suitable for Ladakh. You can’t choose a luxury vehicle over an SUV for terrains like these. Take note of the following things when driving in Ladakh.

Type of Car

The key to choosing the right vehicle is to look out for these attributes

1.       Good ground clearance

2.       Comfort

3.       A Powerful Engine

4.       Smaller length


Your Driving License
Vehicle Registration Certificate (original and photostat)
Vehicle Insurance (original and photostat)

PUC or Pollution Check Certificate

Tool Kit and Spare Parts

On your Ladakh trip, you will be travelling in very remote and inaccessible areas, where help might not be available. Make sure that you know fix at least the basic problems in your car like – puncture repair, battery problems

Jack and Spanner

Air Compressor

Foot pump

Puncture Repair Kit

Spare Tyre

Spare Tube


Hydraulic Jack

Jump Start Cables

Spare Headlight Bulbs

Coolant & Engine Oil

Spare Clutch Cable and Accelerator Cable

Spare Fuses

Other Vehicle Essentials

Fuel Pipe

Funnel to transfer Fuel

Cloth or filter to remove any impurities in Fuel

Electrical Tape, Fevi Quick and MSeal

Windshield Cleaner

Cloth/ Newspaper to clean the windshield

Swiss Knife – Very helpful in all situations

Some Nuts and Bolts

Fire Extinguisher

Extra Car Keys

Keep them in your pocket, in case you get locked out

Extra Fuel

There are not many petrol Pumps in Ladakh, so it is advisable to carry some extra fuel with you.

Eatables and Water

Plenty of Drinking Water and Snacks/Dry Fruits

Things to carry for Leh Ladakh trip

A luxury car will not be able to survive the terrains of Ladakh. If you’re planning to drive yourself, make sure you do so in an SUV of the sort. In addition to rough roads, you’ll also have to deal with lots of snow, muck, and water. An SUV is best suited for it.

Key Things to Carry for Leh Ladakh Sightseeing

When out exploring Ladakh, you should carry some important items in your rucksack. Here’s a list of the important things to carry for Leh Ladakh sightseeing:

Cap or Hat

The sun can be very harsh during the day in Leh. So, make sure you cover your head with a broad brim hat. In winters, use a warm cap to prevent loss of warmth.

Water Bottles

Always carry a bottle of water. This will help prevent any dehydration. You can also carry some water purification tablets in case you need to refill your bottle somewhere.


Exploring Leh involves visiting remote locations. There are hardly any shops in between especially during winters. Therefore, it is a good idea to carry some snacking items like dry fruits, chocolates, biscuits, etc.

Sunscreen and Moisturizer

Carry some sunscreen and moisturizer in your bag. You can reapply it when needed.

Power Bank

If you are clicking pictures using your mobile phone, carry a power bank


Carry extra battery, lenses and memory cards in your camera bag


The only ATMs you will find are in Leh. So, carry enough cash

Ladakh offers some of the best trekking and camping experience. Camping amongst the rugged mountains, staring at the night sky are some things no trekker should miss.


Necessary Things to Carry for Leh Ladakh Trekking

Camping essentials

Sleeping bag
Sleeping mattress

Trekking essentials

Proper Trekking/ Hiking Shoes

Trekking Pole

Raincoat in case it rains

Food and water

If you are camping in an offbeat place, make sure you carry all the food items with you.

Also, make sure you carry with an adequate amount of drinking water. Dehydration at high altitudes is a serious problem, so make sure you prevent it by regularly drinking water. You can also carry Water Purification  – filter, tablets or drops.

You can also carry some electrolyte solution or Glucose D to add to your water bottle.

Miscellaneous things to carry for Leh Ladakh trekking

Power Bank

Lighter or Matchbox

Extra warm socks for the night

First aid box

Toilet paper

Hand Sanitizers


Oxygen Cylinder for Ladakh Trip

In case you are planning to hike to a very high altitude, you can always carry an oxygen cylinder. These are small in size and very helpful.


The only ATMs you will find are in Leh. So, carry enough cash

Things to carry for Leh Ladakh trip

Packing for Ladakh might seem like a mammoth task but know that it’s going to be worth it. If it is for views like these, I would go through the tedious process over and over again. After all, hard work is always rewarded by amazing things.

Crucial Things to Carry for Ladakh Trip: For Special Categories

In case you are travelling to Leh Ladakh with children, elderly or people with mild health conditions, there are certain extra things you need to take care of. These are in addition to the things I have already listed at the beginning of the blog.

Before planning a visit with them, make sure you have consulted your doctor.

What to carry for Leh Ladakh Trip with the Elderly?


Make sure you carry basic medicines and any other medicines prescribed by the doctor.

Snacks and water

Carry some snacks and adequate water while travelling within Leh. This will help to keep up the energy levels.

You can also add some electrolyte or Glucose D to the drinking water.

Proper Clothing

Make sure you are carrying adequate warm clothes for the elderly as they can be sensitive to temperature changes.

What to carry for Leh Ladakh Trip with Kids?

When travelling to Leh Ladakh with kids, make sure you carry these things:


Make sure that you carry any prescription medicines and any other medicines prescribed by the paediatrician

Snacks and water

Carry some snacks and adequate water while travelling within Leh. This will help to keep up the energy levels

You can also add some electrolyte or Glucose D to the drinking water.

Proper Clothing

Make sure you are carrying adequate warm clothes for the elderly as they can be sensitive to temperature changes

What to carry for Leh Ladakh Trip with people with a mild heart or Lung Condition?

The first thing to remember when travelling with some condition is to check with the doctor. Once you get a go from the doctor, make sure you carry the following things


Make sure that you carry any prescription medicines and any other medicines prescribed by the doctor

Oxygen Cylinder

You can carry an extra oxygen cylinder as a safety measure

Some Handy Packing Tips for Leh-Ladakh Trip

Here are a few packing tips that might come in handy.

Keep documents’ copies in separate places
Carry a light backpack which you can stuff with snacks, water and other small things for day trips.
Always keep your spare car or bike key in your pocket.
Carry a few Ziplock bags.  You can put your dirty laundry in that. You can also keep your documents on in these bags to protect them from rain and water.
Instead of Denim, you can pack some comfortable and warm track pants/ lower. Not only are they light but also extremely comfortable and warm.
Carry an easy dry small hand towel along with your bathing towel.
Instead of carrying big shampoo and conditioner bottles, try and carry sachets

I have tried to cover most of the things to carry for Leh Ladakh trip. Do let me know in the comments if something has been left out.

And as they say, ” Take only Pictures (Memories), leave only footprints.”

Happy Wayfaring 🙂


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