Surprising Things to do in Palestine by First time Travelers

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Surprising Things to do in Palestine are more than you will imagine as a first-time traveler. The country is welcoming towards visitors. This doesn’t go with its global image but holds true.

For so long, Palestine was a war-torn country that many tourists avoided. While the Israel/Palestine conflict still hasn’t been completely resolved, tourists are slowly beginning to recognize Palestine for the amazing and stunning country that it is in actuality.

In fact, Palestine is one of the fastest-growing nations in terms of tourism growth – which has seen an increase of 57.8% in recent years. People appreciate Palestine for its rich culture and the diversity of various regions.

Surprising Things to do in Palestine

Palestine is the ideal destination for friends hoping to embark on an adventure, couples who want an action-packed escape, or even families wanting to teach their children about different cultural practices across the globe. If you ‘re thinking about taking a holiday in Palestine, here are three surprising things you might not know about the region.

1. Palestine is more beautiful than you might expect. So explore it without bias.
2. Palestine food is extremely delicious. So indulge in some delectable treats.
3. Palestine has amazing historic monuments. So visit them and feel the richness.

Palestine is more beautiful than you might expect

When you think of Palestine, the first image that springs to mind is of expansive desert landscapes and domineering mountain peaks, but Palestine is actually much greener than you might expect. Lush greenery dominates many regions of Palestine, injecting the streets with life and scenic views. It’s not just natural beauty – Palestine is also renowned for its striking man-made structures. The buildings themselves are attractive and the cream coloured exteriors give the country rustic charm. If you’re interested in well-designed street art, then you’ll be in your element in places like Bethlehem. Beautiful artwork decorates the walls, particularly on the separation wall where you can find the iconic political paintings of the modern artist, Banksy. It’s also worth visiting Bethlehem for its religious significance as the structures and architecture truly have to be seen to be appreciated.

Surprising things to do in Palestine

Travel to Palestine without a bias. It’s not just a country of deserts and rugged terrain. It’s green and beautiful as well.

Palestinian food is extremely delicious

Before you head to Palestine, you might be told that every meal will consist of falafel and shawarma – but this is far from the truth. Palestinian food is amongst some of the most delicious in the world and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a dish that lacks flavour.

Restaurants make food using only the freshest ingredients and most of it is locally sourced. Traditionally, each dish is served with either rice or vegetables that are seasoned to perfection. To grab the ultimate taste of Palestine, go on a tasting tour at Mahane Yehuda Market, which is renowned for its fresh and eclectic range of food.

People with an insatiable sweet tooth will be in their element in Palestine, as the country produces some of the tastiest desserts that you won’t find anywhere else. Baklava is a popular sweet dish made of thin layers of pastry and topped with a candied layer of nuts.

Surprising things to do in Palestine

While in Palestine, indulge yourself in delectable flavours, local treats, street food and variety of desserts.

Palestine has amazing historic monuments

You’ll never be short of historic things to do during your Palestinian adventure. There are many culturally and religiously significant sites. Al-Badawi, Oak of Mamre, Erq al-Ahmar, Shuqba Caves are some of the important sites.

Those looking for a more cultured holiday will really enjoy Yasser Arafat Museum, which is a new building that explores the complex political history of Palestine. It even shows where Yasser Arafat spent his last years during the Israeli siege. If you love to grab a bargain, then a trip to Azrieli Center is ideal for you. The giant shopping complex is filled with brands that are familiar to you as well as some that are unique to Palestine.

Surprising things to do in Palestine

Palestine is home to some amazing cultural, historical and religious monuments. Visit them all.

Plan a trip to Palestine soon and trust me, you won’t regret it. No matter what the world thinks, there is still a lot left to be explored by passionate travelers.’);


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