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Short Travel Quotes

507 Original Short Travel Quotes & Captions

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Crisp First Time Travel Quotes

Packing courage 

Disconnection is the first step to a new connection. 

Off to write new chapters in Life. 

Courage: You can see the world you brought to life ✨

I lawyered with dad; my first time travel

Onboarding was longer than I thought

I got an empty canvas, I said TRAVEL! 

We’re never ready until we experience it. 

It was my first time

Hey I’m 18

Short Solo Travel Quotes

Celebrating my support system: Myself.

I’ve been thinking about you lately

Loving myself by traveling. 

Travelling makes me young. 

Friends: Ghosting; Travelling and Me: My new bhessy

Cuz I got my voter’s card.. 

Solo travel is a form of feminism {explain; feminism: individuality}

Cuz my friends are still pg 

I love myself too much

Myself: With till the end of me. 

Cuz I’m dating myself

Cuz its my 17th(age) anniversary

Mini Road Trip Quotes

Wind, smell of mud and trees. 

Roads and Life, not always smooth

Sunlight, Roads and Random Thoughts.

My money didn’t jiggle jiggle, it drove. To (destination) 


Road trippin’

The wheels got rollin’

Road trip: I wish I could pretend I didn’t need ya’

One trip is all you need

Hitin’ the roads

Cuz I got my drivers license

Brief Gap Year Travel Quotes

“Gap Years Are Injurious To Stereotypes”

Stories we never tell: Gap Years

Let us listen to ourselves more. 

Sometimes, you only need some time out for introspection. 

Gap years are to fill the gaps of fun you’ve missed. 

If being a baddie rewards this; I say YES!

Gap years ruin you CV: I understood the assignment

Passion check: Who said you didn’t pass the test? 

Gap year is my positive

High being passionate

Fleeting Event Based Travel Quotes

In darkness, with beams of light, people alike, I felt home. 

Tears in the eyes, smiles on the face, hope in heart. 

Same Music, Similar hurts

 Fam, had a glowing makeup event

To inspire at least one ✨

Brunch and golf 

To Litfest


Ready to laughterate

Movie-ing tonight

Concise Business Travel Quotes

Busz-in’ life

Looking fine ✨

I gotta jet

The tie’s perfect

On time

Suit’s up to rock

Realizing it’s 3

Caffeine on air 


Rolex’s working

Short Weekend Break Quotes

When life throws lemons, it’s time for a weekend break. 

Cuz I had forgotten fresh air didn’t come from ACs

Cuz Life wasn’t able to balance the work.. 

Cuz I was excel-in’ life 

My office shoe’s torn

I only remember part-in’

Cuz travel apps asked to update.. 

Cuz my city consisted of only my home

Cuz my broadband stopped working

Well, my car needed a walk so… 

Short and Sweet Family Travel Quotes

Just picture-imperfect

Cuz Mum prepared extra sandwiches.. 

Dad was done with the matches

Umm, today was PTM

Mother was on weekend

Cuz I asked, “Mom you have another  child? ”

The house was go-in’ crazy

We needed quality time ❤

Cuz TV wasn’t entertaining enough

Netflix subscription had expired.. 

Momentary Travel With Friends Quotes

Epicenter of madness

Friends, lame jokes, memories, off to(destination) 

Memories and off to create more with the gang. 

We had to test our friendship..

Cuz life sucked

Cuz we didn’t have new pictures together..


Cuz we had dared to party; Games of TOD

Cuz the excel sheet didn’t sync..

Cuz life had lost its essence.. 

Crisp Sibling Only Travel Quotes

Me and Ma’ sista equals a whole squad. 

Cuz until 5 years I had a seedling

Cuz I was scared to switch off the lights.. 

Cuz we got matching shades

Cuz the seedling learnt to drive

Excuse me, brother 

We promised travel with paper rings

We gotta show off matching sneakers

Cuz we had shared laughters and tears

Cuz we are still single

Rare All Girls Travel Quotes

Just me and my bhessy slaying. 

Cheers to(destination) : GOALS

Boyz boo! My babes and I are partying. 

Are we raising your standards? GOALS

Me and Ma’ Girls just vibin’

Raisin’ heat in sneakers

Everyone gangsta’ until us

Travel divas

Cuz travel was becoming patriarchal


Unique All Boys Travel Quotes


We don’t need girlzz

Party-in’ hard

We were learning feminism

We’re asked to cork it up; it broke

We had a match

We understood that we never graduate from life

It was time to market ourselves

Had to test our diving skills.. 


Uncommon Luxurious Travel Quotes

Your girl/boy just dropped some money. 

Strict Gucci Business



Material Girl

It’s Posh. 


Savage, classy, bougie, ratchet! 

Money on the floor and we dance on it!

Dollar bills

Exceptional Visiting Relatives and Family Quotes

Had to visit the fam

I was missing the lemon bars

I wanted VIP treatment; off to Nana

I wanted free money

Was missing traditional dinner

I was off dieting

Realized summer vacations would never come

Cousins were trip-in’

It’s always a celebration with fam

Cuz I was miss-in’ fun

Beautiful Volunteer Travel Quotes

Fellas I’ve never felt more accomplished! 

Traveling to give myself. 

Innocent smiles reflecting utmost happiness. 

Blessed by them. 

Their eyes, my dreams. 

Cuz my bag had duties

Because nature was sick.. 

Cuz animals speak no language other than love ❤

I wanted to be a teacher

Cuz music heals every soul

Food knew no language

I met life today

Wonderful No Destination Travel Quotes

ISO Oneself. 

I’ll go where the roads take me. 

Diving into the unknown needs courage. 

Unknown places, unknown roads but known people. 

My aesthetic: nowhere to somewhere. 

Let the roads decide the destination. 

Let unknown places tell you their stories. 

Everything will fall right in place

Because life said Hello

Learning indefiniteness. 

Cuz google maps crashed

Rocking Adventure Travel Quotes

Gasping for air. But there’s more…


Skiing : wee weee⛷️

River Raft-in’ 

Was meeting homies in the forest

The bridge was long, shorter than the fear tho

Experiencing world with the view of hot air balloon 

The sky was div-ine

I met nemo ; Scuba diving 

Deja vu: was I a mermaid before‍♀️


Mini Student Exchange Program Quotes

Pages give knowledge, but travel gives experience. 

Student of life ✨

Wanted to try out practicality

Book: People balance is important

I wanted-not wanted a break

Yes, I’m indecisive

For life not to escape.. 

Research; for myself

Books were getting bored of me

Multitasking ✨

Short Romantic Travel Quotes

I want to share this sunset with you till eternity. 

Is the campfire hot? or you? Can’t tell

Intertwined, under the blanket of stars ✨

I’ll let you set the pace: off to (destination) 

Brunch, pool and us ❤ 

I want to undertake all new journeys with you

My Paris is with you ❤

A hundred lanterns in the sky, I promise forever with you babe  

I don’t know where to look, so I chose you babe

Let’s travel the world by holding hands bae ✨

Shortened Budget Travel Quotes


Cuz travel is a need

I’m rich, in experience too

Budget-in’ travel

Ofc I didn’t rob a bank

Travel’s expensive only in experience

Let travel give me sanity and money

Travel’s experience-ve

Travel loves ze money, ze loves money

Save-in’ memories ✨

Grand Cruise Travel Quotes

OMG: On Mediterranean Golf Cruise

Is it me, am I the drama? Maybe a Cruising one?

Cruise-in & chill-in’

Dance-in’ deck

Pool party-in’

Ze found a duck

Art-in’ the door; cruise contest

Cruise divas

Lit- night cruise show

Le me before motion sickness hits

Blast-in’ cruise

Admirable International Travel Quotes


Vegas; I can keep a secret, can you?

I’m travelling Argent-ina 

Us in US

Africa’s exoctic





Czech off the list

Superb National Travel Quotes

Goa is not a state; it’s an emotion

Zamnn, never thought ze country was pretty

What was I waiting for? Oh boy

Proud of my country

Feeling patriotic

Was I live-in’ the same country?

Ze country, you’re the criminal of thy beauty

Ze country, did you hear my plans? 

Now the country girl/boy

Boy, I discovered exploration

Extraordinary Health Travel Quotes

Off to boosting serotonin

Dopamine to work: No, not today

Doctor said, sand was flowing, I needed water; off to beach

Mental health’s at the seas

My heart needed a hike

Horse riding for an adrenaline rush

Endorphins simulated by the mountains

Travel therapy

Cure for heartbreak syndrome: waterfalls

Ice skate-in’ for dopamine

Impressive Accessible Travel Quotes

Rockin’ on the wheelchair

I’m determined

World’s with you, it’s your choice

Cuz I’m passionate

Compassion not sympathies

Challenging situations

Beating the ordinary

Life’s to dare

Do I make you jealous? Take notes shawty

Call me an adventurer, call me a explorer

Shortened City Break Travel Quotes

Breaking through the concrete

I fantasize cities

City lights being the disco ball. 

The City Aesthetic ✨

I like the pace

Excuse me, cities get-in’ fancier 

I’m high on city vibes

I would like to have a city shot everyday

City’s addictive

The city madness

Short Break Travel Quotes

Short break from the desk


Hahaa, it’s break time baby

Snakable travel

Short break: smart, efficient and effective

I learnt from reels

I’ll be back after a short break

It’s time for life’s recess

Shortly zoned out

Everything bores me, so only a short trip

One Day Trip Quotes

Let’s face the sun guys! 

I got new shades so, day trip

Wanting sun’s kiss

I got a new sunscreen, try out

Day out with bhessies

Who’s blocking the scene, clouds or me?

Setup: a girl was in love; Drive through movie

I’m a summer baby

Pastels today; day out

Boyz goin’ for adventures

One Night Trip Quotes

…Cuz I will continue to fancy stars. 

Where the lifeless light up like life. 

Out in the darkness to face it. 

In the middle of the night: to eat ice cream

Stars: Into your arms tonight. 

Cuz Moon likes to talk to me


Dance floor’s ours: Night out

Shawty, put on the heels : Night out

Yup, I’m an owl: Night out

Beautiful World Travel Quotes

Let’s experience the wonders in the world

Travelling the global village

Unstoppable until drained 

Off to find out if the sun shines differently at other places.. 

Foodies want new cuisines

Life project: world travel

Each country has their own stories

I realized the world’s our home ❤

Illusionistic to call your apartment home.. 

Finding belongingness in unknowns. 

Pretty Nature and Travel Quotes

Letting nature heal me from my nuisances. 

Nature, remind me what it’s like to be cared for. 

Let nature show you some Netflix

Le me hearing the waterfall sing

In the arms of nature

New buggy friends

I’m in a field of dandelions

Winds embracing me

Flowers used cologne

Butterfly teaching me to fly  

My eyes needed greenery

Rocking Music and Travel Quotes

Beat with the beat. 

My heart will always play your music (destination) 

Shawty, the playlist’s ready, are you?


Letting music take over 

Hip-Hop on the roads

Folk n music

Rock-in trip

Jazz-in trip 

Country n drive

Fun Beach Travel Quotes

Shawty, put on the glasses. It’s beach time. ☀️

Dashi, run to the beach!

Let the sunscreen sales increase. 



Wave-in’ beach


Going out of my shell to collect more

Cuz I wanted to make sand castles

Crabby met crabby

Incredible Camping Quotes

Temporary home bringing permanent memories⭐

Chilling with new friends ✌

Guitar’s on work; vibing

Setting up fire; bonfire 

We build this house on memories ⭐

Chills with horror stories; camping ⛺

Story time with campers

Dining on the camp 

Temporary is life’s nature

Sunrise at the camp

Crisp Travel and Motivation Quotes

The motivation to keep going

Travel to find the better

Travel will teach you how to keep moving

Travel teaches detachment. 

Travel teaches love cannot be bound

Travel heals nuances of life. 

Travel allows you to find belongingness in unknowns

Let travel teach you not to judge a book by its cover

Let travel fill in life ✨

To travel anywhere takes patience

Short Travel and Food Quotes

Wine. City

Friends spilling TEA

Brunch Fam

TBH: The Breakfast Haul

No Cap: The bottle’s open


Extra Cheese : YOLO

Soda bussin’

Guys FOMO of desserts!


Kick-ass Travel and Shopping Quotes

Am I blinding you? FLEXING!

Taking a part of (destination) with me

… Cuz (destination) was on fleek

Okay I’m extra but (destination) ripped me

I’m emo for (destination) ;excuse for EXTRA ✌


I don’t think so I’m the drama.. Except, Haul time..

Momma said that it was okay.. Haul guys

Shopin’ (destination)

Shopping to relive memories later

Mini Island Travel Quotes

Can I be Captain Jack Sparrow?

I needed IG picture ✨

Bro, Nature’s an introvert

Blues – sands- greens

Amidst the waters

 Cause Pinterest said island

Amidst waters there is-land

Gettin’ high on coconut water 

Cuz life was getting dry

Caffeine wasn’t working

Cool Desert Travel Quotes

Desert in and out. 


Taboo: deserts aren’t beautiful

ISO wat-er 

My four-wheel: Say hi camel


Deserts are nature’s abstract canvases ️

Cactus life

Scorching me

Sunset in deserts is a emotion ❤

Magnificient Mountain Travel Quotes

At the top of a mountain, perspective is 360.

Hard to go up but easy to come down. 

I’m unstoppable


Sun’s hugging the peaks

Life pines travel

Skies are dressed up today

Glace-ier ✨

This mountain had a heartbreak

Fogs blanket the peaks; literally heaven ❤

Short Hiking Quotes

I had to listen to the heart

My legs dared themselves

It was for the sunset

The gang was up today

This time for the sunset

Wanted to enjoy breaky with nature

Checking if my watch went above 3000 steps

Wanted serotonin boost  

Cuz playlist was old, thought to listen to nature

Was feeling adventurous  

Brief Backpacking Quotes

..Cuz I got a new bag

Le brain for 100th time: passport!

4 bags: babe, we goin’ for 2 days

Brain: 2 jeans, Heart: 5 dresses plz

Returning, le bag: I ain’t closing honey

Everytime; le comb: I’m feeling home

Finally aesthetic backpack complete

Why packing so much: I got trust issues

Unorganized backpack: baby now we got bad blood

Backpack queen on the way

Elegant Spiritual Travel Quotes

This time to find myself

Maybe I can understand miracles

To give back to the mighty ❤

Meditate, travel and repeat

Nature is the spiritual leader

Trying to untangle my depths

Understanding the depth of life. 

To accept myself, center it back. 

Life’s miseries start from us, will end with us. 

Self love is important ❤

Lively Bachelorette Travel Quotes

The last single cheers

The Hen’s here


Officially resigned: Single-istas

Joining Married gang

Yo your single got mingled

Status: To be Husband/ Wife

Single’s Lit

It was Groomsmaid v/s Bridesmaids

Officially passing Pg13

Rarest of Rare Zodiac Travel Quotes

I’m getting Lit ~Aries ♈

I like the resort ~ Taurus ♉

I’ll see you at the beach shawty~ Gemini ♊

Ummmm (procrastination unfolds) ~Cancer ♋

Hey bhessy, don’t forget the shades ~ Leo ♌

OMG I need to pack ~ Virgo ♍

Babe, you up for dinner? ~ Libra ♎

Reservations, passport, phone; charger!? ~Scorpio ♏

IG post updates ~ Sagittarius ♐

Meet my few friends ~ Aquarius ♒

I’ll stay home ~ pisces ♓

Introvert and Travel Quotes

Ummm got kicked out of home

Look at the background: people

I like solo travel

Maybe pandemic ruined me

I just like my energy

Social interaction stress

In my car: the world is too cruel for me


Impactful Sports Travel Quotes

Off to match the vibe


Hits the spot

I’m the best cheerleader

Cricket is an emotion

Golf date today

Ice hockey and popcorn

Amusing Pregnancy Travel Quotes

I’m the hot momma

Cuz baby craved cookies

Long walk with baby

Baby is starbucks addicted

For baby photoshoots ✨

Baby like smell of trees and mud

Merry Reunion Travel Quotes

Cuz we had to relive memories.. 

We had to discuss the crushes

Visit-in’ Campus

(Destination) you got me ripped. 

Let’s skip to the good part, (destination) 

Let’s never stop! 

Relationship status: Taken by (destination) 

Travel to find where you belong. 

Are you tryna romance me (destination)? It’s working

Be lost to create your identity. 

Travel is the ticket to happiness. 

The smallest towns and the narrower lanes give me a broader perspective. 

(Destination) , say you’ll remember me! 

(Destination) thank you, next? 

Do you get dejavu? In (destination) 

Just how fast the night changes.. Off to (destination)

Messin’ up our bills tonight

Traveling is anti-ageing 

I can’t get my eyes off (destination). 

(Destination) Let’s fall in love, one more time ❤

(Destination) Please don’t be in love with someone one else

Travel is my bhessy 


She’s literally a Goddess!

Cowboy spirit

Mind blown (destination)

Let’s turn back from to ‍with travel

Travel at least to show off makeup

Travelling to avoid ‍♀️

Cuz I was checking off “I’m robot”

Kinda digging the vibe

Workin’ to create memories⭐

Travel: my sneaky link

I was missing airports  

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