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Reasons to visit Japan from India are far too many. However, despite living in Tokyo for 15 years  I met only a few Indian travellers visiting Japan with the pure intention of discovering and travelling the country.

I have experienced the mesmerizing beauty of this small island country which is highly advanced in technology. I firmly believe that every traveller should visit Japan at least once.

Right from exploring its natural beauty, beautiful castles to interactive museums, I am exhilarated to share with you my forty-three inspiring reasons to visit Japan from India.

Reasons to Visit Japan from India

43 Exciting Reasons to Visit Japan from India, You Just Can’t Afford to Miss

I lived in Japan for fifteen years before moving to Bangalore. After settling in Bangalore, I realized young Indians love travelling to different parts of the world, but I yet have to meet someone who went to Japan for the sole purpose of exploration.

For all the people who love to voyage, I am listing here reasons to visit Japan from India – a country filled with natural beauty, anime, technology and much more.

1. Why Visit Europe When We Have Japan- Our Very Own Europe of the East

One of the biggest reasons Indian tourists visit Europe is the natural beauty and marvelous architecture, but Japan is as good as any European country when it comes to these aspects.

The abundance of nature and incredible architectural pieces, both ancient and modern, make it the Europe of Asia. There are clear blue beaches, icy mountains, wide lavender blooms, and beautiful castles, everything can be found in Japan.

2. One of the Main Reasons to Visit Japan From India: It’s an All Budget-Friendly Travel Destination

Japan can be a destination for luxury holidays, family fun trips, and even backpacking voyages. You can find all kinds of hotels to stay in, from high-end to amazing capsule hotels and hostels.

Apart from stay, there are all kinds of restaurants to eat at. From exotic Sushi Bars to affordable convenient stores. All kinds of travellers can fit here perfectly. Therefore, you have the freedom to plan your trip according to your budget.

3. Direct Flights to Japan Make it Easy for Indian Travelers to Visit the Country 

One of the important reasons to visit Japan from India is that several direct flights such as Air India, Japan Airlines, Air Asia, etc are well-connected with Japan. Most importantly it only takes about 8 to 9 hours to reach there.

Japanese standard time is just 3 and a half hours ahead of India, so you do not feel much Jet lag and you can start enjoying your trip the day you land.  

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The Famous Takachiho Gorge in Miyazaki prefecture in Japan

4. Visit Japan to Experience Its Abundance of Tranquil Nature

Japan is a beautiful island country and filled with amazing terrain, flora and fauna. Green mountains, Dense Jungles, stunning beaches, calm lakes, clean rivers, beautiful waterfall, you can find all-natural treasures here.

You can get a glimpse of this abundance even in its densely populated cities like Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya, through rivers, streams, or beautifully crafted gardens and big parks.

5. Japan is One of the Safest Places to Visit, Keeping Safety Worries of Indian Travellers at Bay

Safety is an important aspect when you plan for foreign trips. There are no terrorist attacks, no internal conflicts, and a very low crime rate. Japan is among the safest places in the world.

You can go out freely till late at night. Even if you are a solo traveler, you don’t have to worry at all. Not only all the major cities but small towns and villages are also equally safe for tourists.

6. Japan has an Efficient Public Transport, Which Makes Commute For Travellers Easy and Cheap

People say that a developed nation is not where everyone has a car, a developed nation is, where even rich people travel through public transportation. You can see this in Japan.

Japan has a very well-connected and well-maintained public transportation system which allows locals and travellers to commute easily. In Japan, you will witness all the classes of society use public commutation without any hesitation.

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The Glorious Himeji castle in Hugo Prefecture is a sight to behol

7. Exploring Japan’s Enduring Castles Is A Wonderful Experience for Visitors 

Japanese castles were made according to the geographical needs of the country. Most of the castles were constructed with stones and woods.

Osaka, Himeji, Kumamoto, Matsumoto castles are very popular tourist destinations because of their marvelous architect and beautiful designs. Don’t forget to add these places to your itinerary.

8. Easy and Hassle-free Visa Process Is One of the Main Reasons Why You Must Visit Japan from India

Thanks to the cordial relations between the two countries, it is very easy to get a Japanese tourist Visa. Once you book your ticket and submit all the essential documents, you can receive your Visa in one week.

Because of the very organized Japanese embassy, this whole Visa process is very smooth, efficient and hassle-free.

visiting Japan from India

The beautiful Tokyo skyline from the rainbow bridge

9. Japan is The Best Place to Witness Wonders of Modern Architecture 

In a country like Japan, you can not accept anything but the best pieces of modern architects. Each and every building in Tokyo is a piece of art, but Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo Tower, and Mori tower are must-visit places.

Not only in Tokyo, but Osaka’s Umeda sky building, Kobe’s Port Tower, Yokohama’s Landmark Tower, Nagoya’s Tower are also the wonders of modern construction. 

Visiting Japan from India

JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) museum in Tsukuba is a great place to learn about space technology in an extremely interactive way

10. A Plethora of Interactive Museums Make Japan the Best Travel Destination For Growing  Children 

You can find a plethora of museums throughout Japan, related to History, art, modern art, technology, science, space science, and even noodles museum, train museum and whatnot. 

I really like the way they made museums super interactive for kids. Edo Museum, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, JAXA’s museum, TeamLab planet, and Science museum in Odaiba, are a few of my all-time favorite places to go with children.

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That is my daughter at the Universal Studio in Osaka

11.  Visiting Amusement Parks in Japan will Make You Feel Like a Child Again

There are bountiful world-renowned amusement parks in Japan, and visiting those places is like a dream come true. People from all age groups can visit these parks and relive their childhood.

Disney land, Disney sea in Tokyo, Universal Studio in Osaka, Fuji Q in Yamanashi, Sea paradise in Yokohama, Lego Land in Nagoya, Summer land in Tokyo, Huis Ten Bosch in Nagasaki, are just a few names of wonderful fantasy lands. Never miss a chance to leave everything and enjoy these places like a child. 

12. Travelling to Japan from India to Experience Its Unique Culture Is totally Worth It

One of the major reasons to visit Japan from India is their unique culture and the rest of the world doesn’t know about it. I love the culture and recommend everyone must visit this amazing place.

Explore this sophisticated, rich, and exemplary culture of Japan. By visiting there one can easily find out what makes this country so extraordinary and unique.

13. By Visiting Japan You Get a Chance to Learn Its Incredible History 

Without knowing the history of a place you can’t understand their present. Japanese history is not just related to World War-2 only, there is much more to know.

Edo Museum in Tokyo, Osaka Castle Museum, Ainu museum in Hokkaido, are few places that will take you through the great history of this small island country.

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Stunning Cherry blossom is the one of the best reason to visit Japan during spring

14. Japan is the Perfect Place to Celebrate Cherry Blossoms in Spring

Japan is incredibly famous to celebrate beautiful Cherry Blossoms during the period of March to May, amidst the spring season. These small light pink or white flowers popularly known as Sakura fills people’s hearts with joy, hope, and warmth.

People are keen to visit the park, river, and lake view just to experience the spectacular view of these flowers bloomed for a couple of weeks. If you want to see nature at its best, this is certainly the perfect time to plan your trip.

15. Visit Japan to See the Magnificent Wisteria Blossom 

From Mid-April to Mid-May, you can experience the most magnificent Wisteria blossoms all around Japan.

Although you can see these spectacular flowers in many places in parks throughout Japan Ashikaga flower park, Kameido Tenjin Shrine, Tennogawa Park are very well-known places to enjoy the perfect beauty of it.

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Fireworks at Biwa Lake. Sights like these will transport you into a magical world

16. In Japan You Get to Witness the Splendid Fireworks, Like No Other

During summers you can witness one of the finest fireworks in the world. Fireworks on the riverside in this season are a part of Japanese traditions to celebrate good weather.

Check the schedule of these fireworks on the internet and plan your trip accordingly. You can see those shows in open areas, near riversides or in the parks.

You can also enjoy the many local summer festivals which are known as Natsu Matsuri, where you can try many traditional local dishes. 

reasons to visit Japan

Hokkaido – The Northern most  island of Japan is a must-visit place during summer to see gorgeous lavender fields

17. Breathtaking view of Lavender Fields Makes Japan a Treat to the Eyes and the Soul for Visitors

During summers, Japan’s northernmost island Hokkaido is filled with lavender fields. Beautiful green mountains, crystal clear lakes, and widely spread purple lavender fields create a breathtaking view.

I highly recommend a visit to Hokkaido during the summers. Also, I would strongly insist to try locally grown potatoes, sweet potatoes, and musk melons. 

reasons to visit Japan from India

Climbing Mount Fuji with my daughter and husband, was a magical experience

18. Exceptional Beauty of Glorious Mount Fuji Will Attract Every Adventure Lover to Japan

Mount Fuji is the highest peak in Japan. Its exceptional symmetrical cone shape makes it unique and iconic. July and August are the only months when you are allowed to climb Mt. Fuji and enjoy the beauty of this volcanic mountain.

The climb to Mt. Fuji is worth experiencing if you are physically fit. Otherwise, you can just go to nearby places and enjoy the beautiful view from a distance.

19. Visit Japan in Autumn to Enjoy the Splendid Colours of Nature

From September to November is Autumn season and you can enjoy the beautiful red, yellow and orange colors of nature.

It’s the perfect time to explore the outskirts of this beautiful country through camping or hiking to see the real beauty of the season.

reasons to visit Japan from India

Stunning views of white peaks. Nagano, Niigata and Hokkaido are the best places to enjoy this view

20. The Wonderful Winters of Japan are the Best Time to Unwind Yourself

Winters start from December and continue till March. This is the best time to enjoy snowfall in Japan.  You can go skiing on gorgeous white peaks of Niigata, Nagano or Hokkaido.

Apart from that, you can also get the experience of the hot spring baths called Onsens, which are quite famous among locals because of their health benefits and relaxing.

21. Sapporo Snow Festival is Something That Every Indian Traveller Must Witness In Japan During Winters

Hokkaido is famous for the splendid Lavender fields and the Snow Festival. It is celebrated every year from January to February in Sapporo, the capital city of Hokkaido. 

Here artists throughout the world create snow sculptures for this world-famous show. If you are interested in winter sports and snowfall then this place is definitely for you.

22. Extremely Helpful, Honest, and Disciplined People of Japan are a Reason Enough to Visit the Country

Japan is a great country because of its great people who are extremely helpful, honest and discipline. The way they follow the rules, the way they care for others’ comfort and the way they help each other, is totally remarkable.

Because of the language constraint, they may not be able to understand you completely, but will they make sure that you get what you want. They go beyond their limits to help foreign visitors.

23. Food Lovers Will be in for a Treat in Japan

I strongly believe that without tasting the food of a place, your travel can never be complete. Well if you are in Japan, the land of exotic food, then it is a must to try its delicious cuisine. Japan is widely known for its seafood and for being an island country that makes sense too.

A sushi bar is a must-visit during your trip, but you should also try their Udon, ramen, cakes, mochi, rice cakes. All fruits are also very fresh and of high quality, so pack those for your mid-day snacks, you will relish those.

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Golden Temple of Japan is in Kyoto, the old capital city of Japan. It is a city of temples

24. Buddhist Temples and Shrine Of Japan Make It a Wonderful Destination for Indian Visitors Seeking Spirituality

Japanese culture is a beautiful mixture of Buddhism and Shinto religion. You can find many gorgeous Buddhist temples and equally marvelous Shinto shrines.

The basic difference is that in temples you can find statues but in the Shinto shrine, you will not find a statue in the main building, there will be a mirror. Kamakura, Koyasan, Asakusa, Kyoto, Nara, Narita, and Miyajima are places where you can find many famous temples and shrines.

25. Japan is a Developed Asian country, Which Makes It An Incredible Case History To Observe, Especially for Indians

Japan was almost ruined completely during WW2, but the way this country recovered from this in just 6-7 decades is quite remarkable.

Now one of the strongest economies in the world, Japan is as developed as any western country in the world. Get to know this fully developed Asian country and how it was raised from ruins.

26. Japan’s Bullet Trains are a Major Attraction for  Travellers From Around the World

Japan is thoroughly connected with Bullet trains which are comfortable and one the fastest ways to visit different cities. Bullet trains are called SHINKANSEN and are one of the major attractions for tourists.

Here I want to discuss one very important point for all foreign travelers, once you receive your tourist Visa to enter Japan, you can get Japan’s Bullet train Pass, which is provided by travel agencies.

You can choose the validity period of this, between one week or two weeks. This will make your travel affordable.

27. One of the Main Reasons to Visit Japan from India is Witnessing Robots in Action 

Japan is known for its advanced robot technology. Here you can see very fascinating robots which will look so much like humans.

Giant robots in Odaiba or Robot restaurants in Shinjuku, are totally worth experiencing. You can see Robot assistants at many receptions to welcome you.

Visiting Japan reasons

Our tent at a camping site, you don’t have to bother about your safety at such places too.

28. Visit Remote Areas in Japan to Experience Incredible Serenity 

As a nature lover, I will recommend you to go to remote areas of Japan, those are incredibly beautiful and serene. 

Add some mountain hiking, or camping trips during your travel, you will be mesmerized by the picturesque scenery of the places.

29. Absence of Racism In Japan, Makes It an Ideal Travel Destination for All, Especially Indians

There is no chance to face any racial abuse in this country and I really appreciate the fact that Japanese people don’t like to comment on people’s skin or race. You will not feel awkward here in any public place. 

why should i visit Japan

Don’t leave Japan without trying all green tea treats including matcha chocolate or ice cream.

30. Visit Japan, For the Love of Matcha & Green Tea 

Japanese green tea is quite popular throughout the world. Green tea is a huge part of Japanese people, just the way for Indians Chai is there. A green tea ceremony is a pleasant way to understand Japanese culture.

Japanese peoples’ love for green tea doesn’t stop with tea, they add it to ice creams, chocolates, cakes, and coffee. And, believe these treats taste so good, that you will definitely pack a few items for sure. 

31. A Visit to Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan, Will Teach You Important Lessons  

Everyone knows about Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It is essential to visit these cities to see the level of destruction that deadly weapons did and to feel the pain of the people who suffered so much.

You can still meet the survivors of those atom attacks, in the memorial museums in both cities. But that is not the only reason to visit here, both the towns are blessed with stunning natural beauty.  

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Some of the best beaches in Japan are in Okinawa.

32. The Serene Beaches are One of The Many Reasons to Visit Japan from India

 As an Island country, Japan has incredibly beautiful beaches. It has many small islands which are like a hidden treasure of the country.

You can take a cruise or speed boat to reach there. I would like to specially mention Okinawa. Perfect shades of cyan, tropic climate, coral reefs, delicious tropic fruits, and water sports make it a dream beach destination. 

33. Anime is One Reason Every Anime Lover Must Visit Japan

This is one of the major reasons anyone from India would love to visit Japan. Let me tell you it is the birthplace of Anime and you can find the real places that belong to your favorite anime character.

Ghibli museum is like a temple for all anime and manga lovers. Nintendo Tokyo, Pokemon Center Tokyo DX and Akhiabara are other famous places for anime.

34. Art Lovers will Get a Chance to Experience Kabuki in Japan

Kabuki is a traditional Japanese performing art. It is a dramatic presentation of the story with the perfect blend of dance and music. Elaborated sets, artists make-up, gorgeous costumes and amazing acting skills create such magic around the audience.

There are many Kabuki theatres in Japan where you experience this classic art. 2- years back a Kabuki drama on Mahabharat became very popular not only in Japan but in India too. 

reasons to visit Japan from India

Feel the sophistication of Japanese culture by wearing traditional Yukata. My daughter at Asakusa temple.

35. You Get The Opportunity to Dress up in A Kimono or Yukata

You can find many rental shops near tourist destinations in Tokyo, Kyoto, or Osaka, where they will dress you up in Kimono or Yukata.

Yukata is nothing but the summer version of the Kimono, which is made of cotton. You must try these traditional wears whenever visiting some beautiful temple or shrine. 

36. Japan is Culturally Connected to India, Visit It to Explore This Side

You can see many cultural links between India and Japan. In the past, many Indian monks went to Japan to teach Buddhism and you can find that India is mentioned in many old temples throughout Japan.

Japan’s Gods and Goddesses’ deities are also quite similar to India, which shows our deep-rooted connection to Japan. That is why most Japanese people respect Indians.

37. Visit Japan to See Sumo Wrestlers in Action 

Sumo is the national sport of Japan. If you want to experience highly authentic Japanese culture, then nothing can be better than watch Sumo wrestling.

Sumo matches happen on a fixed date and time so please make sure you plan your trip accordingly. But without watching the real match, you can just see Sumo wrestlers and watch them doing their practices in Ryogoku Sumo stadium, which is in Tokyo. 

38.Tourist-Friendly Approach Make It Extremely Easy to Visit Japan

While some people think it’s difficult to travel in Japan due to the language constraint, let me tell you that in most tourist places you can find English guidance quite easily.

You can see English signboards at all the metro stations and bus stops. In the museums, you can get English headphones and guides who can assist you to understand everything.

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Mount Mitake near Tokyo, is a great place for a day hike.

39.Tranquil Peaks In Japan are Best for Short Day Hikes

Hiking is like a meditation, that’s the reason there are many temples in the mountains. It is like this in Japan too, at almost every peak you can find a temple.

I used to go hiking quite often during my stay in Japan. If you are a nature lover, then you must add a hiking trip to your itinerary. Mount Fuji, Mitake, Takao, and Kamakura are few places that are near Tokyo and you can go hiking one-day hiking.

40. Neat and Clean Public Places Is Something We Need to Learn From the Japanese

One of the best reasons to visit Japan from India is hygiene in all public places that we all are majorly concerned about while traveling. I mean, it’s so neat and clean especially Parks, train stations, bus stops, or any tourist place, everything is very well-managed.

Here, I specifically want to mention the public toilets, no country can be as hygienic as Japan. You will find well-maintained public restrooms everywhere in Japan, no matter it is a small town or the main city. 

41. Visit Japan to See Its Super Cool & Fun Side 

Japan is very unique in a lot of ways. Right from finding square melons in supermarkets to weirdly food flavoured candies, they have so many cool things that some may find weird. This is not only true for food but also for other aspects.

Maid cafes,  3D models in the streets, maid cafes, game halls for adults are some of the other things that make Japan quite cool if you ask me.

42. Experience The Comforting ‘Forest Bathing’ in Japan

In Japan, you can get a unique experience Shinrin-yoku or forest bathing. Forest bathing includes spending time in healing forests.

The activity includes guided meditation, aromatherapy and rejuvenation practices. The activity is the perfect way to detox digitally and connect spiritually to nature.

visiting ja[an

The Sika deer found in Nara Park are considered sacred and messengers of God.

43. Visit Japan for Its Amazing Wildlife

Due to the diversity of terrain, Japan is blessed with varied wildlife including the famous Japanese macaque (or snow monkey), serow, flying squirrel, Okinawa Spiny Rat, etc.  As a wildlife lover, you must plan a trip to Japan at least once.

The best part is that some of the animals can be seen freely roaming around the wooded areas of Japan. These include deer roaming around in Nara Park and tanuki (a kind of raccoon) in the Koenji district of Tokyo.

I really hope the above reasons shared by me will convince you to book a ticket to this amazing country of the east where the sun rises first in the world. Explore Japan and its unique culture and share your experiences with me. Lastly, I will leave you with this quote:

“The whole of Japan is a pure invention. There is no such country, there are no such people”. — Oscar Wilde


Neetu Bhardwaj

Neetu Bhardwaj has spent an inspiring duration of 17 years in the land of the rising sun - Japan. She has traveled across the nation, connected with its beautiful culture and people.