Top 5 Heritage Palaces to Visit in Jaipur, India’s Pink City

Palaces to visit in Jaipur are on every traveller’s itinerary. Every visitor who travels to the pink city for the first time wishes to visit its grand forts and palaces.

The forts and palaces of Jaipur stand witness to the state’s eventful past. The brilliant artwork, grand architecture and glorious history of these epoch-making monuments is bound to leave an onlooker mesmerized.

While many of these forts and palaces are open to the public, many others have been converted into five-star luxury hotels.

Jaipur, famously known as the Pink City, is the capital of the north Indian state of Rajasthan. It is one of the liveliest and colourful cities in India. Well-known for its vivid culture, forts, lakes and palaces, the pink city takes pleasure in showcasing a prosperous, affluent and eventful past in front of the world.

The Forts and Palaces of Jaipur are the most striking features of the city. A mix of Rajput, Mughal and European styles of architecture, these are a masterpiece in their own right. A visit to these palaces and forts gives you the taste of the royal Rajasthan.

In the current blog, I will be telling you about the top 5 forts and palaces to visit in Jaipur, on your very first trip. An excursion to Jaipur will be deemed incomplete without visiting these historic monuments.

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Forts & Palaces to Visit in Jaipur: An Overview

There are a number of palaces in Jaipur, however, as a traveller, you can’t visit all of them. As I pointed out earlier, some of the historic forts and palaces have been converted into luxury hotels. You can visit these only if you have a reservation. Rambaug Palace is one such historic palace.

Here are the top 5 heritage forts & palaces to visit in Jaipur:

Amer Fort

Visit one if the most important palace of Jaipur

Jaigarh Fort

Know the military and defence history of the city

Jal Mahal

Take an evening stroll by the lakeside promenade

City Palace

Be amazed by the grandeur of Rajasthani royalty.

Nahargarh Fort

Experience amazing city views from up here

Amer Fort: The Grand Palace

This is one of the most important palaces to visit in Jaipur. Built in red and white stone, Amer or Amber Fort stands tall on a naturally formed ridge (Cheel ka Teela) on the outskirts Jaipur. It is an architectural marvel and is a blend of both Rajput and Mughal style of ornamentation.

The fort was built by Raja Man Singh I who happened to be one of the Navratnas of Emperor Akbar.  There is a small lake (Maota lake) on the front side of Amer Fort that adds to its beauty. It also soothes the eye amidst the dry weather of Pink City.

Amer and the Jaigarh Fort are located nearby and considered as one unified structure. A subterranean passage connects them both. 

For me personally, Sheesh Mahal was the highlight of the entire visit. The mirror work is beyond exquisite.

The fort can be explored fully and one can even hire a guide to unravel the place well. Audio Guides are also available, although they are not very good.

Entry Fee

Indians – 100 INR

Foreigners – 500 INR

Carry your student IDs and get a discount


8 am – 5.30 pm; 6.30 pm -9.15 pm

Visiting Duration

2-3 Hours

Special Attractions

Art & Architecture

Sheesh Mahal

Light & Sound Show- 6.30 pm -9.15 pm

Nearby Places to explore

Jaigarh Fort (walking distance via tunnel)

Panna Meena ka Kund

Best Time to Visit

Early Morning

Late evening

I would request you to refrain from taking an elephant ride up till the fort. There have been serious concerns over the treatment of these animals.

You can either walk up (about 15 mins) to the fort or get into one of the jeeps or cars that are easily available near the base of the fort.

Pushkar camel Festival Amer palace, along with Jaigarh Fort, is located above the Cheel ka Teela (Hill of Eagles) of the Aravalli Hills. The Palace is located at a distance of about 10 km from Jaipur city. Picture Credits: Niks


palaces to visit in Jaipur Sheesh Mahal is one of the best places to see in the Amer Complex. Glazing glass pieces on the ceiling of Sheesh Mahal are a pure delight to witness. Picture Credits: Aarushi Singhaniya

Jaigarh Fort- The Palace with Military History

If you google Jaigarh fort to Amer fort distance, you will be shown around 7 km. However, both these palaces are connected through a tunnel. You can easily walk up to the Jaigarh fort from Amer Fort.

It took us about half an hour to reach Jaigarh fort from Amer Fort.

Jaigarh fort will particularly interest you if you are interested in defence and architecture. The fort has a museum and armoury. It also houses the world’s biggest canon on wheels – Jaivana. (it had a range of about 5km!)

Jaigarh Fort was used as an important military establishment. It was primarily built to protect the Amer Fort. It acted as a cannon foundry during the time of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan.

Another interesting feature our guide told us was about the water harvesting system. The palace has an elaborate system for monsoon water collection, filtration and utilization.

The fort provides a splendid view of the entire Jaipur City along with Amer Fort.

Entry Fee

Indians – 70 INR

Foreigners – 150 INR

Students – Carry IDs for availing discount

Car entry charges – 100 INR


9 am – 5 pm

Visiting Duration

1-2 Hours

Special Attractions



Spectacular Views of Jaipur City and Amer Fort

Nearby Places to explore

Amer Fort

Panna Meena ka Kund

Best Time to Visit

Early Morning

Late evening

If you happen to be here around evening, make sure you watch the sunset from here. It is absolutely breathtaking.  Not many people visit this place, therefore, you have ample space and time to click some marvellous pictures.

Most people don’t include Jaigarh fort in the list of forts and palaces to visit in Jaipur, however, I strongly advise you to see it.

palaces to visit in Jaipur Overlooking the Amer Fort and the Maota Lake, Jaigarh Fort is built about 400 m above the Amer Fort and is highly fortified with thick walls of red sandstone. Picture Credits: A Sain


palaces to visit in Jaipur Jaigarh fort features a cannon named “Jaivana”, which was manufactured in the fort premises. It was then the world’s largest cannon on wheels. Picture Credits: A Sain

Jal Mahal: The Water Palace

Jal Mahal, the water palace, was also constructed by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh. It is situated in the heart of the Man Sagar Lake in the Pink City.

The purpose of building this beautiful palace was solely recreational. Later on, during the 18th century, Maharaja Jai Singh II got the palace and the lake refurbished.

Though the palace is now deserted, it is practically well preserved. The first four floors of the monument are under water. Visitors can see only the top floor that remains outside.

The palace along with the calm and serene lake makes a wonderful leisure spot in the evenings. It looks particularly mesmerizing during the monsoons when the red sandstone work appears clean and sparkling new.

Since most of the monuments and tourist spots in the city close down by 6 pm spending the evening near the lake is a good idea.

Visitors are not allowed to enter the Palace and you have to enjoy the view from the promenade.

You can visit the lake on your way to or from Amer Fort.

Entry Fee



9 am – 10.30 pm

Visiting Duration

30 mins- 1 hour

Special Attractions

Roadside Shopping

Beautiful view

Best Time to Visit

Late evening when the Fort is illuminated

You can enjoy the cool breeze and click pictures in front of the palace. Professional photographers are also available nearby who will click your pictures and provide you with hard copies before you leave the place.

palaces to visit in Jaipur Sitting in the centre of the Man Sagar Lake, the Jal Mahal looks incredibly beautiful at night when the lights of the palace are lit. Picture Credits: Iftikhar Hussain


Pink City Jaipur The lakeside promenade near the Jal Mahal is an interesting place to hang out. You may indulge in a little street shopping here. Picture Credits: Chris Rathore

City Palace: An Historical Marvel

City Palace is located in the centre of the pink city, just next to Hawa Mahal. The splendid architectural blend of the Rajasthani and Mughal styles, it covers nearly 15 per cent of Jaipur’s area.

The palace was originally built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh between 1729 and 1732 but many features were added to the monument by the subsequent kings.

All successive rulers went on to make their contributions to the existing edifice. Some filled the palace with scientific and artistic assets, while others paid attention to public works.

The City Palace Complex is huge and you require different tickets to see different parts. With the basic ticket, you can only see a few galleries and the palace from outside

Hawa Mahal Palace and Jantar Mantar are situated at a walking distance from the City Palace.

The palace has a museum open to visitors. During the summer vacations, students and the general public can enrol themselves in various courses such as music, dance, and art offered by volunteers.

Basic Entry Fee

Indians- 75 INR

Foreigners – 300 INR

Children – 40 INR


9.30 am –5pm

Visiting Duration

1-2 hours

Special Attractions

Architecture & History



Sculpture Lumiere- a light and sound show (6.30pm- 8 pm)

Nearby Places to explore

Jantar Mantar

Hawa Mahal

Baapu Bazar (For shopping)

Johri Bazar (For shopping)

Best Time to Visit


Late Evenings

There is a market within the palace where one can find the most beautiful bed sheets, quilts, kurtis and souvenirs. Although the prices offered here are a little higher than the other markets in the city.

You can also witness the spectacular Sculpture Lumiere show in the evening. This light and sound show narrates the regal history of Jaipur. The cost of the show is 250 INR for Indian Nationals and 500 INR for foreigners.

palaces to visit in Jaipur The City Palace is as old as the city of Jaipur. The palace complex has several structures, courtyards, galleries, restaurants. You need different tickets to access to different parts. Picture Credits: Mahika


palaces to visit in Jaipur The beautiful peacock gate inside City Palace is one of the four gates in Pritam Niwas Chowk. It represents autumn and is dedicated Lord Vishnu Picture Credits: Pallavi Pasricha

Nahargarh Fort- The Palace with the Best Views

This is a must include in your list of best forts and palaces to visit in Jaipur. The fort is located at a distance of about 6 kms from centre of Jaipur city.

In ancient times, Nahargarh Fort along with Jaigarh Fort and Amer Fort formed a strong defence ring around the city of Jaipur. There is a wax museum and Sheesh Mahal inside the fort premises.

The entry fee does not include the entry to the wax museum and Sheesh Mahal. You have to pay 500 INR extra for that.

The fort provides the most stunning view of the Jaipur city. Sunsets, in particular, are mesmerising.

There are a number of eating outlets and restaurants here in case you want to grab a bite.

Entry Fee

Indians- 50 INR

Foreigners – 200 INR

Students – 25 INR


10 am –5pm

Visiting Duration

1-2 hours

Special Attractions

Sheesh Mahal

Wax Museum

Magnificent city view

Best Time to Visit



You will love this place if you are a passionate photographer. The views from here are unmatched.

palaces to visit in Jaipur Nahargarh Fort overlooks the city of Jaipur and offers excellent views. Sunrises and sunsets are the best time to visit. This picture was taken at 6 am in the morning. Picture Credits: Rifqy RA Hakim

Travel Information about India’s Pink City – Jaipur

Now that we have been through the best forts and palaces to visit in Jaipur, here are a few other things that you must know before visiting the pink city:


West India    



Nearby Palaces to Visit

Udaipur, Ajmer, Kota

Mode of External Transport

State Roadway Buses, Train

Mode of Internal Transport

Cabs, E-rickshaws

Cost of 3-4 Day Trip


Best Time to Visit

November to February

Things to carry along for sightseeing

Water Bottle

Scarf & Hat


Comfortable Footwear

Must Try Food

Dal Baati (Traditional Rajasthani Meal consisting of Lentil curry and oven cooked hard bread)

Choorma (A sweet dish made with wheat flour, sugar & ghee. Served along Daal Baati)

Dal Kachoris (Spicy and fried snack)

Laal Maas (Mutton curry)

Safety Level


FAQs on Pink City for Travelers

Travellers visiting Jaipur for the first time may have a few questions.  I have tried to answer a few of these below. However, if you have any other questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section. I will try to answer them as soon as possible.

How safe is Pink City for a solo women traveller?

Pink City is moderately safe for solo women travellers.

Are their nominal food options in Pink City?

Yes, plenty of them.

What are the best street shopping markets in Pink City?

Bapu Bazaar, Nehru Bazaar and Tripolia Bazaar

 What is the top tip for a first-time traveller to Pink City?

Pink City hosts certain fairs and festivals. Make sure to time you visit around their occurrence.

How many days are enough for visiting Jaipur?

3-4 days

Is Pink City worth a visit?

Absolutely yes

khuri sand dunes Try some traditional food in Jaipur. In the picture is the sumptuous ‘Royal Rajasthani Thali.’ Picture Credits: Kusha Chopra

Pink City Jaipur is the most royal and colourful evidence of India’s cultural heritage and a visit to all the gorgeous pieces of intricate architecture are bound to fill your heart with joy. Plan an excursion and experience the royalty.

Happy Wayfaring 😊

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