Pappi Chulo Hostel: Goa’s Top Digs for Backpackers

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Pappi Chulo hostel Goa is one of the most nominal places to stay in a popular travel destination. Not only will you save huge bucks here but will also have a great time. The staff is hospitable and the rooms are clean. Not to forget the open bar that serves amazing drinks.

The dormitories at the hostel are cleaned regularly making the place extremely hygienic. The owner, Mr Rohit and the entire staff is extremely friendly. The staff is partly European and partly Indian. All of them are well versed in English. The environment is very positive and relaxing. 

Goa, they say is the ultimate partying destination in India. Nothing can be better in Goa than comfortable budget stays, delicious food, warm natured fellow inmates and crazy party nights. This place is full of positivity and well being. Even if you’re traveling solo and are doing it for the first time, the Pappi Chulo hostel will prove to be a boon.

Pappi Chulo Hostel Goa

Entrance gate to Pappi Chulo Hostel, Goa. Photo credits:

Pappi Chulo Hostel Goa: An Overview

Location: West India
Address: Orzan Beach Road, Next to 9 Bar, Bardez, Vagator, Goa
Distance from Dambolin airport: 43 kms
Distance from Madgaon station: 55 kms
Type of rooms: AC and Non AC Dormitory
Average Cost: Starting from 200 rupees
In house Bar: Available
Common Kitchen: Available
Pets: Allowed
Internet: Free Internet Access
Parking: Free Bicycle Parking is available
Nearest Beach: Ozran Beach
Nearest Restaurant: Blu Restaurant

How to Reach Pappi Chulo Hostel Goa?

Locating the Pappi Chulo Hostel Goa will not be an issue, all thanks to GPS( in case you have not taken the assistance of a taxi facility from Madgaon station or Dambolin Airport). Taxi drivers are very well versed with the places and will take you to the Pappi Chulo hostel without any hassle.

If you are perplexed about the place, the drivers, as well as the local people, will guide you in finding it. Booking a taxi from the airport will cost you around 2000 rupees. Try pooling it with other fellow travellers. Taking a bus is also an option from the airport to Vagator which is comparatively cheaper. It will cost you around 300 rupees. You will need to switch buses in between.

Pappi Chulo Hostel Goa

Madgaon Railway Station. Photography by Anisuzzaman Rubel

How to Book Pappi Chulo Hostel Goa?

The Pappi Chulo hostel Goa can be booked through any of the leading apps – Make My Trip,, etc. You just need to reserve the dorm you want to stay in with the details and pay at the hostel check-in. It’s pretty easy to book through any travel and booking site. Just make sure you book the hostel in advance, especially during the peak season i.e December mid to February 1st week.

Are the Rooms Good in Pappi Chulo Hostel Goa?

They are basic rooms with dorm beds. There are both AC and non-AC rooms available. It consists of one washroom and small individual lockers for guests. The room lights are not that bright it’s a bit dingy. The room is filled with posters on the walls. Carrying an extra lock is advised. The room is sufficient for the price that you pay for the stay. It’s worth the experience.

Pappi Chulo Hostel Goa

One of the rooms at Pappi Chulo Hostel in Goa. Photo credits:

Chilled Out Evening Sessions

The time spent in Goa will always be remembered by you, especially the time in Pappi Chulo Hostel. Good music, cool breeze and stories from travelers from different parts of the world will prove to be a delightful experience. You will not even miss out on going out for a wild party night. The fun at the hostel will prove more memorable than any other part of your trip.

Pappi Chulo Hostel Goa

One of the most chilled-out accommodation options is Pappi Chulo in Goa. Photo credits:

Pappi Chulo Hostel Goa: Status During Monsoons

Pappi Chulo hostel is not recommended during the monsoon season. The non-ac rooms are very packed with dorm beds making the atmosphere more humid and full of unpleasant odour.  Also,  the lounge area and the kitchen were dripping all the time when I visited. Goa as a travel destination should not be visited during the rains.

The Staff at Pappi Chulo Hostel Goa

The staff at Pappi Chulo Hostel in Goa is up for anything and everything you ask them. The staff members don’t remain the same throughout. They change as per their contract. During my stay, the bar had a person named Mickey as the bartender. He is one chilled out person with some interesting life experiences.

Pappi Chulo is a typical Goa hostel that has both the old and famous hippie style as its essence. The staff is unbelievably friendly and there is always an amazing atmosphere while the guests are chilling in the central area between the small houses where are the rooms located. 

Pappi Chulo Hostel Goa

Pappi Chulo has an extremely cordial staff. Photo credits:

Ozran Beach Near to Pappi Chulo Hostel Goa

Known as ‘Little Vagator’, the Ozran beach is at a distance of 100 meters from the Pappi Chulo hostel Goa. The beach has the face of Shiva carved onto the rock. It looks amazing. It is one of the finest Goan beaches to have a sunbath. Also, the evenings here are really pleasant.

Pappi Chulo Hostel Goa

A shack on Ozran beach. Photography by Minu Dixit

A distance of Major Attractions from Pappi Chulo Hostel Goa

Chapora Fort 1.7 kms
Aguada Fort 16.5 kms
SinQ Club 13.7 kms
Club Cabana 5.4 kms
Tito’s Club 8.7 kms
Thalassa 300 mts
Basilica of Bom Jesus 28.6 kms
Dughsagar Falls 90.5 kms
Wax World Museum 28.3 kms
Our Lady of the Immaculate 20.3 kms

Pappi Chulo Hostel Goa is a great place to stay if you don’t plan on sleeping. Located close to the Ozran beach with nice restaurants and good street food, it will make for one important part of your trip. This hostel is definitely a place where you will end up staying up all night. I made my dig here. You should plan to visit here next.

Happy Wayfaring 🙂


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