Old Trafford: The Bequest for Every Manchester United Fan

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Old Trafford tour and travel guide will prove helpful for all first-time visitors to this football haven. The place is sanctimonious for die-hard football fans, especially MUFC. Not only should the Old Trafford tour be undertaken by Manchester United fans but also by any first-time traveler to the city of Manchester. 


Old Trafford is a football stadium located in the city of Manchester, England. It is the home to the team – Manchester United. The stadium is a host to approximately 76,000 audience which in turn makes it the second-largest football stadium in England after Wembley Stadium. It is a perfect treat for all the Manchester United Fans and an attraction to the tourists visiting Manchester.

The stadium is popularly known as the “Theatre of Dreams” which opened its doors for the fans to the world of passion and game. It offers its visitors a grand stadium tour followed by walking down the lane to the football ground.

Old Trafford Tour

Old Trafford is a football stadium located in the city of Manchester, England. Photography by Steven Mallia

Let’s take a look around at what the Old Trafford tour offers you.

Old Trafford Tour: An Overview

Best Time to Visit
Throughout the Year
Mode of Transport
You get the tram right from the city centre which takes you to the stadium. Also, you can hire a cab – Though cabs will cost you a bit expensive as compared to the tram
Duration of Tour
Approx. 70 minutes
Doors Open at
9:30 am – 4:30 pm
Main Attraction
Theatre of Dreams
Mode of Entry
Stadium passes or Entry Ticket for approx. 30 pounds
Nearest Food point
Manchester United’s Red Cafe
Areas around Old Trafford
Old Trafford Cricket Stadium – Located 0.5 miles from the football stadium, City centre, Manchester Central Library, Jump Nation


History of Old Trafford

Taking a throwback to the formative years, the Old Trafford Football Stadium was formed in the year 1902. The stadium was originally designed by an architect named Archibald Leitch who belonged to Scotland. The stadium was earlier designed to host 100,000 audience members followed by the different stands representing their own significant seating patterns. The estimated budget for the construction was calculated to 60,000 pounds. However, due to the increase in the budget during the construction, the capacity of the stadium was then reduced to approximately 75000.

The stadium hosted its first football match in the year 1910 when it became a host to the Liverpool Football Team. The stadium also became a depot for the Second World War during the year 1936 and faced damage due to the bombing. After suffering all such dreads, the stadium was then transformed into an all-seater during the 1980s after the government’s demand for the conversion. Since then, Old Trafford has undergone various other expansions including the development of different stands, The Trophy Rooms, and other attractions that were added in the 1990s and 2000s. The Old Trafford tour makes visitors go to the memory lane.

Old Trafford Tour

Old Trafford is home to the Manchester United team. Photography by Kawamura Hayate

Old Trafford Tour to the Stadium: Theater of Dreams

The Old Trafford Stadium is popularly known as the Theater of Dreams and it is what its name signifies. This dream house is a perfect blend of the history of Manchester United. It is suggested for the visitors to reach the Stadium 1 hour prior to their Old Trafford tour time.

Let’s take a look at the Key Highlights of the Theater of Dreams –

The Munich Tunnel: This is the most breathtaking and emotional gateway of the Old Trafford tour which will take you through the remembrance of the air crash incidence. There you get to see the clock with the time set as the crash took place. The tunnel is surrounded by the memories of the players the country and club lost

The Trophy House: Experience the passion of a true Football lover and a ManU fan where you get to see the trophies won by the club for ages. The area is surrounded by amazing and shining trophies all around the corners and centres

Get Yourself Clicked with the latest trophy won and get your image developed on the spot for just 20 pounds. This will prove an important memory of the Old Trafford tour.

The Changing Room: This is where you get the real feel. Touch the jerseys and get the pictures clicked in the changing room where your favourite star players spend a good relaxing time right before the match.

Feel the Space: Enter the ground and feel the view by sitting on the visitor’s chairs.

The Manchester United Store: Buy yourself exclusive merchandise for the memory from the ManU store in the stadium. They even create for you the certificate of participation in the Old Trafford tour at the store itself and that too for no charge.

Old Trafford Tour

In memory of the Munich air tragedy. Photography by Asher Tan


Old Trafford Tour

Munich Tunnel in Pictures. Photography by Ben


Old Trafford Tour

The Glorious Trophy Room. Photography by Tiffany

 Accommodation Options for Old Trafford Tour

Though there are enormous options available to stay around the city what I’ll recommend is to stay somewhere near Old Trafford which gets you directly to the stadium via tram.

Take a look at the good affordable accommodations you get near Old Trafford –

Name of the Hotel Distance from Old Trafford Rooms starting from
Victoria Warehouse Hotel 0.2 miles 50 pounds
Copthorne Hotel Manchester 0.4 miles 45 pounds
Trafford Hall Hotel 0.4 miles 30 pounds


Ibis Budget Manchester Salford Quays 0.5 miles 30 pounds
Barlow place 1.6 miles 35 pounds
Trivelles Hotel 1.5 miles 30 pounds

 Note: The exciting part about booking hotels in advance is that you get a good discount overbooking and who knows your stay before the Old Trafford tour costs you just 15 pounds.


Old Trafford Tour

A room inside Victoria Warehouse Hotel. Photography by Cadi Lambert

Old Trafford Tour

View from the window of Hotel Ibis Budget Manchester Salford Quays. Photography by Laurie Willson


Old Trafford Tour

View from Copthorne Hotel Manchester. Photography by Fedrico

Satisfy Your Taste Buds Around Old Trafford

After a good long Old Trafford tour of the Theater of Dreams, you will need to satisfy your taste buds. There are amazing eating options available around Old Trafford and also when you walk down towards the city. Manchester is a city of culture and food. You will never leave this city hungry.

Though there are many options available, the ones I’ll recommend are –

Chinatown: Visit Chinatown, Manchester and get your taste buds tickling.

Yang Sing – One of the best restaurants serving Chinese food in the country is a must try.

The New Emperor: Duck Dishes are a must try here

Cloud 23 Bar: This bar is located in the New Hilton Hotel, Deansgate, Manchester. The best part about this bar is the view it offers you. Opening Hours: 5 pm every day

Old Trafford Tour

Splendid Manchester city view at night as seen from Cloud 23 Bar. Photography by Arabella Ogilvie


Old Trafford Tour

Taste delicious Chinese food at China Town. Photography by Alkis


Old Trafford Tour

Yang Sing is one of the best restaurants serving Chinese food. Photography by Helen Taylor

Manchester is also known as – Europe’s Buffet Capital – So I’ve got you some of the best buffets to visit while in Manchester –

Cosmo World Buffet: Enjoy a variety of at least 160 dishes from across the world. Minimum time spent in the Buffet: Approximately 2 hours.

Tops Buffet Restaurant: Enter the extravaganza of food and enjoy the eateries served from around the world. Also, you get to make your own ice cream cones and get them showered in the Chocolate Fountain.     

Apart from trying on the different delicacies, I strongly recommend that you try the Fish and Chips which are easily available at the local food centres.

old trafford tour

The Chocolate Fountain. Photography by Paul Halstead

So Guys, do not wait and get your tickets booked for the truly amazing experience at Manchester. 

 Happy wayfaring 🙂


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