Nightlife in Bishkek: What are the Top Places to Visit and Things to Do ?

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Nightlife in Bishkek can be defined in one word – Exciting! Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan is a young city and has a number of well-known nightclubs and bars where you can go to grab a drink and have fun with your friends.

If you find yourself in Bishkek wondering about the things to do in Bishkek at night, exploring the nightlife in Bishkek is your best bet. The bars and nightclubs in Bishkek will welcome you with good food, music and drinks served all seven days of the week.

The best part is that a lot of these places happen to be pretty nominal and affordable. Feel free to check out the hippest places to enjoy the nightlife in Bishkek in the video below.

The city is sprawling with bars, pubs and clubs, especially around the city centre. To an outsider visiting Bishkek for the first time, the nightlife of the region will come across as a surprise.

Reason being, not many travellers expect Bishkek to have a happening night culture. In the current blog, I will guide you on how and where to best enjoy the Bishkek city nightlife. I hope it benefits you.

Nightlife in Bishkek

Bishkek is a relatively new city located in the Tien Shan mountain range in the Chui Valley. The city is fast becoming popular with a lot of travellers from across the globe who wish to explore the country.

Also, the tourist visa regime is liberal as compared to the neighbouring countries. If you are travelling to Bishkek, I would strongly recommend you to explore the nightlife in Bishkek. It is fast catching up with some really cool cafes and clubs coming up in recent times.

Nightlife in Bishkek: An Overview

Here’s a brief overview of Bishkek’s nightlife.

Where to Go?



Night Clubs

Dress Code

Low to high end Casual


Low to Moderate


Moderate to High


Late afternoon to early morning hours

Now that you’re aware of the titbits of nightlife in Bishkek, let me introduce you to the most happening places around the city.

Nightlife in Bishkek: Top 5 Pubs and Bars to Visit

The nightlife in Bishkek is pretty interesting.  Most of the bars, pubs and clubs in Bishkek are situated near the Ala-Too Square. So, they are easily accessible. You can easily find cabs even at night.

Most of the bars and clubs in Bishkek remain open from late afternoon to early morning hours, all days of the week. During summers you can also try some streetside or open-air bars. They are quite good.

Alcohol in Bishkek

Bars in Bishkek also have a great collection of alcohol. From beers to fruit ales to other hard liquor, you’ll manage to find everything here. For those that do not drink, you could try out the innovative mocktails that a host of bars have to offer!

Although there are a number of bars, some of the best places to enjoy the Bishkek nightlife in my opinion are as follows.

Metro Pub

Chuy Avenue 168/A, Bishkek 720000, Kyrgyzstan

Metro Pub is a great place for some great live music, good beer and food. There is also a dance hall where you can shake a leg if you like.

Although the place is not that cheap but is reasonable considering its service and quality. Like most bars in Bishkek, the place is open well past midnight.

Promzona Club

Cholpon-Ata St., 16, Bishkek 720000, Kyrgyzstan

This is probably one of the best nightclubs in Bishkek. It also happens to be one of the oldest. They play some great rock music here and sometimes host live rock performances too.

The staff and service are great, and so is their food. Their drinks menu is pretty extensive as well. The entry to the Promzona club is around 450 SOM.

The only drawback of this place is that it is situated slightly far away from the city centre. Fortunately, you can find cabs/taxis easily.

Save the Ales

Tynystanov st., 193 A, Bishkek 720040, Kyrgyzstan

Save the Ales Bishkek is an all-women run microbrewery, which was started by two women. It is an amazing place but may be hard to find, owing to the location. The bar has a pretty cool backyard too.

If you love beer, you must visit this place for some fine craft beer and ciders. They also have seasonal fruit Ales which have very unique flavours. These are a must-try. The food served here is good too and the staff is very hospitable.

Centre Bar

Chuy Avenue. 158 / Isanov St, Bishkek 720000, Kyrgyzstan

The service and the food at Center Bar are great. The pizzas are a must try. The Centre Park Bishkek is located on Chuy Avenue. It is one of the oldest bars and has pretty affordable drinks especially cocktails.

The bar is divided into sections. It has a Karaoke bar upstairs and a decent sitting area on the ground floor as well.

There are a number of other bars and eateries near Center Bar that you can explore.

Cheback Pub

207/1 Chuy Avenue, Bishkek 720000, Kyrgyzstan

This is another great option for travellers to enjoy nightlife in Bishek. You can visit this place for a decent drink and some good food. The live music and performances are great too. The crowd is pretty decent and the service is nice.

They have a decent collection of beers. You can try their food and beer combos. The Pub is located in Chuy Avenue in an upscale neighbourhood. Therefore it is totally safe.

Nightlife in Bishkek

Bishkek has some amazing places to have a drink or just enjoy the good food. The best part is that you’ll find bars suited to all price ranges. This makes the nightlife in Bishkek really inclusive. It is also a great way to make friends with locals.

Other Notable Places to Enjoy Nightlife in Bishkek

Other than the places mentioned above, there are a few other places that you can visit in Bishkek. I’m listing them for you below.

Zolden Pub
Greenwich Pub
Zusmanovich’s Suitcase
Coyote Ugly
Tuman Bar

Tips on Enjoying Nightlife in Bishkek

Based on my experience, here are a few tips for enjoying the nightlife in Bishkek to its fullest. Try implementing them and see the results for yourself.

Cover charge

Some bars in Bishkek have a cover charge. They add a service fee of 10-25% to the total bill. Therefore, check before you order your food and drinks.


Bishkek is quite safe during the day as well as during the night time. However, I would suggest you avoid poorly lit streets.

If you are planning on bar hopping, just hire a cab from one place to another. Also, the taxi drivers sometimes quote really high fares, so try and negotiate the price as much as you can.

Entrance Fee

While entry is free in some bars, others have an entry fee between 200-500 SOMS.


Sometimes the prominent bars and clubs in Bishkek have special performances and offers, which they generally announce on their social media pages like Facebook and Instagram.

So, do check them out in advance if possible.

Stay aware

Always be aware of your surroundings when inside and outside the nightclubs especially if you are all by yourself.

Stay out of trouble

This is an obvious tip but worth mentioning. Don’t get into bar fights or brawls of any sort. Trust me, you will not garner any support.

Staying put and taking care of a few things will ensure your safety in Bishkek. Also, you will be able to enjoy the night places more.

nightlife in bishkek

Stay aware of discounts and special offers at the most happening pubs and bars in Bishkek. Being active on Facebook and Instagram would help. If you’re unable to find information, simply ask a local. They’ll be more than happy to help.

Dress Code for Nightlife in Bishkek

Some of the nightclubs in Bishkek might have a dress code. Although you can get away with wearing casuals, high-end clubs might deny you an entry.

The high-end places like Zavod, Bar 12, etc. are a little strict on the dress code guidelines.

I would suggest the guys especially to wear full pants or jeans along with shoes instead of slippers and shorts. Women can fit in anything from casual to high-end glamorous.

Next time you are in Kyrgyzstan, remember that the best Kyrgyzstan nightlife can be experienced in Bishkek. This young city is vibrant and fun and you will surely have the time of your life exploring it.

Happy Wayfaring.



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