Wondering What To Caption Your Latest Nature Trip Pictures?

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Nature is always pleasant to connect with. This is why you need to post them with some beautiful nature travel quotes.

In this blog, I have come up with 159 quotes about travel and nature you could use as per your liking for your captures. Trust me,you will thank me later for these amazing nature trip quotes!

Nature travel quotes

159 Splendid Nature Travel Quotes

I am sure you will love these trip to nature quotes by me. Come, let’s begin!

First time in the forest, all set to cherish the wildness!

I was a mere tourist, but nature made me it’s dearest!

Hello August, how do you like the torrent?

Entrenched in nature, how do I describe its features?

Come, let’s build a tent, and cut down the room rent!

Time spent, completely content!

Nature is present, to cement our life intent!

Gentle even at its peak, isn’t nature humbly sweet?

First time feeling present, hundred percent, isn’t that a thing so pleasant?

Don’t repent, experience the travel bends!

 No longer fenced, who cares about the travel expense!

I just belched, because nature quenched my travel-hunger bells!

Who needs a map, on nature’s lap?

Birds flap and I take a photo snap!

Nature wrapped me on her lap!

No more afternoon naps, setting up my camp!

Who needs a lamp, when the moon is here to light up my camp?

Let it rain, I will not allow myself to be chained!

Walk the terrains, and do a nature campaign!

Shush, let’s explore the bush!

Be nature procured, your life is well-assured!

Is this the same brook I read in my school book?

No longer obscured, nature has got me hooked!

Nature tour is the best cure!

Strong winds trees endure, that’s the way nature tells us to mature!

Look, what is keeping my hands full!

Wear your hood, and disappear into the woods!

The moment I stepped outside, I became a child!

Outside, I discovered my bright side!

Hop out, you will not have any doubts!

Nature calls me out, and I turn all devout!

A seed just escaped a drought, do you see it sprout?

What can life be about, if it can be without travel?

Finding my route, building travel sport!

Shake off and take off!

Feeling tough? Become a travel buff!

Don’t think I sound irrational, I am a naturalist in the making!

Converse with nature, you will produce lyrical verses!

I will not rest, till I cover the entire forest!

Venture, because it doesn’t come with a tenure!

Please don’t give me a lecture, I am already with my mother nature!

Surrender, nature will take you to her centre!

Nature is tender, be gentle with her!

You don’t have to fetch her, nature is everywhere!

Dear Rose garden, can I pack you in a carton?

Dear Garden, I have not gotten over you yet!

Someday I will create a wonderful jargon, to describe this beautiful garden!

Trees carry away my worries!

Happiness Travel Nature Quotes 

Dear Seas, seeing you I got down on my knees, that someone ensured to freeze!

Got my life keys, hail the eye-warming seas!

Nature is divine, let’s unwind!

Time to munch on some greens, bye bye cheese!

Seize, whenever nature sends out a breeze!

Full of bees, churning out honey without fees!

Will someone let this mountain on lease, I will be pleased!

Let me plant some trees, nature will definitely be pleased!

Sneeze, without disturbing the breeze!

If I don’t return, know what I yearn for!

Go after ferns, and never return!

Capturing deep scenes, amidst beaming greens!

Why carry sunscreen, when there are enough greens?

Sun sheens, my beams, etch this scene!

I am not a machine, so I don’t follow a routine!

From marine, I derive something divine!

Never whine, always shine!

Away from screens, drenched in Sun beams!

O boy, I am teeming with joy!

Filling my gallery with pictures of the valley!

Dear Dolphin, how did you get me spinned?

Step on ice, you will feel nice!

I was mad, but mighty nature made me glad!

Fly kites, and ignite your inner lights!

Nights at heights inspire you to take flights!

Go and bow, the water will take you on a flow!

Freak out without any doubt!

Call out to the cloud, it will announce its route out aloud!

My inner fire will not douse, because I am so devout!

Pout before you begin a new route!

I will not slow, even if it snows!

Sew travel dews, and make your life new!

Travel to chill, not be under vigil!

Feel the thrill, even if you fall ill!

Travel to fulfil your life drizzle!

Use your time to experience thrill, not ill!

Feeling foreign , with dolphins!

Temperature goes low, it snows, nevertheless I will not slow, because I am smitten by an unstoppable nature’s flow!

Don’t get into any row, instead row a boat, and let your travel diary grow!

I glow, because of travel overflow!

Wind blows, my hair flows, and joy overflows!

Bestow yourself with travel, it will tow you for a lifetime with marvel!

Paddles are for boats, travel is for life!

Nature is a channel that lets your life dazzle!

Light a candle and start building your travel castle!

If you have recently been babbling a lot, start nature dabbling!

Life feels like a battle? Better travel, nature will get you back to normal!

If you want to chill, better don’t mind the bill!

Take nature expeditions; redefine traditions!

Eat berries and deposit your mind with travel memories!

Engaging Travel Nature Adventure Quotes 

Immerse in nature, till it quenches your thirst!

Dear Parrot, Am I allowed to be a guest in your nest?

Whether you travel solo OR as a group, nature will pull you into its loop!

Something pierced my heart, and I realised it was nature’s well-crafted knack!

Depart now, because there is a lot, travel is waiting to impart to you!

Let the divine nature define your life!

In line with the divine!

Combine and become one with the divine!

Be enshrined in this abode so divine!

Nature is like a wine you sip and turn divine!

The bridge that gave me the courage to climb ridges!

Hours are not enough to click these glistening flowers!

Devour these vibrant flowers; they give you magical powers!

Rain showers in the midst of these flowers, I just attained a superpower!

I heard a bird say, “Don’t follow the herd, rather be weird”!

There is a whole new world, waiting to open up your inside world!

These nature visits tapped out my inner spirit!

Nature dearest, I hope my face makes it explicit!

Enjoy every minute, there is no limit!

Hinterland, it is a wonderland!

Munching on some dessert in the desert!

Nature is magical because it is omnipresent!

Out of doors, off the mundane chores!

We are four, ready to explore oars, with excitement in store!

Go outdoors, you will reach your inner core!

River is like a mirror, when understood makes your life glimmer!

Memories by the river still linger in my insides, because they got me immense cheer!

Some time by the lake, wakes you up from your life’s mistakes!

“Never fake”, the lake tells with an ache!

Give your life a shape, by taking travel breaks!

Gaze at the stars, you will recharge!

Travel loads, nature makes you gold!

I weigh a hundred pounds, but travel makes me feel like cotton rolls!

Nature and its sounds just gets me aroused!

Nature abounds, make it your ground!

Posing like a clown, under the passing clouds!

I don’t need a jacket, just getting ready to explore the entire planet!

Dear Universe, I wish to adorn every bit of you with my verses!

Dear Rainbow, I am here to create my travel tale, not put my heart up for sale!

Sky is a spy; she comes along wherever I stay by!

Adore Sunset, you will automatically reset!

Up early to take a peek at Sunrise, even the Sun is surprised!

My footprints on soil makes me feel more joyful!

Enjoy the breeze, because it only comes once in a while to tease!

The wind just came in at the right time, washing off my pride!

Get into the wild and smile!

Set your worries aside, go and live your life!

Run, till you touch the Sun!

Hello June, it’s time to blow some balloons and send our love to the Moon!

Left my cocoon to adore the Moon!

Get your thoughts pruned and gaze at the Moon!

I literally swooned, looking at the Moon!

I am no buffoon, I am just talking to the Moon!

I composed a tune, looking at the Moon!

Enjoying the dawn, lying on the lawn!

Feeling like a king, possibly nature gifted me a wing!

It is Spring, and I am enjoying the swing!

In daylight , I write, because the place has gotten me high!

Found my life meaning, hence blissfully weaving!

Butterflies are here to multiply my life’s joy!

Life falls in place under water falls!

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