33 Most Haunted Places in India for the Bravehearts!

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Most haunted places in India can be found all over the country. Although every city, town and village, has some horror stories attached to it, some places are more popular and scary than others.

In this blog, I will give you an overview of the most haunted places in India. So, whether you are a person who avoids such places or someone who gets an adrenaline rush by visiting such places, read on. 

Even if you don’t believe in the existence of ghosts, stories of haunted places are always very exciting. While some stories behind these places are fascinating, others are absolutely bone-chilling.

33 Most Haunted Places in India, I Would Definitely NOT Visit at Night!

Delhi, Maharashtra and Rajasthan are considered to be the most haunted states in India. Most of the spooky stories come from these states and some of them are really bone-chilling.

Surprisingly, some of the most haunted places are located in big cities such as Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai.

In this blog, I have included those places in India that are currently considered to be the most haunted and have some kind of back story attached to them.

These haunted places include everything from abandoned buildings to spooky forts, deserted villages, haunted highways, closed mines, etc.

Most haunted places in kolkata

1. Writers’ Building, Kolkata 

The writers building in Kolkata is considered to be one of the most haunted places in India.

The building is said to be haunted by the ghost of British Inspector General, Colonel N.S. Simpson who was killed by three Indian freedom fighters.

People who work in the building have reported hearing screams and the sound of footsteps coming from vacant rooms at night. 

2. Sanjay Van, Delhi

The capital of India, Delhi is said to be one of the most haunted places in  India. One such haunted spot is the Sanjay Van.

Spread across an area of 10 km, the forest is said to be haunted by the spirit of a woman who hanged herself from a peepal tree here.

Many people have reported sightings of a woman in a white saree. She disappears and reappears, and can be spotted all around the forest at night.

Most haunted places in india

3. Bhangarh Fort, Alwar

Bhangarh fort in Alwar is considered one of the most haunted places in India and the world.

The story says that a magician fell in love with the local princess of the area. The magician tried to lure her by casting a spell.  However, she learned of his plans and tricked the magician which ended up killing him. Before his death, the magician cursed the doom of her and her family.

Soon enough, in a war, the princess and her entire family were killed and the site is said to be haunted by the spirits of the princess, her family and the magician.

The place is forbidden to visitors between sunset and sunrise. most haunted places in india

4. Tunnel 33, Barog

Tunnel no. 33 on the Shimla-Kalka railway line is considered to be haunted by the ghost of Captain Barog. According to the story, the engineer shot himself in the tunnel after failing at the task of completing of the tunnel.

Other than his ghost, a few other ghosts are said to haunt this place. Locals also recount seeing a woman run screaming into the tunnel and a man asking for matchsticks to light his cigarette.

haunted places in india

5. Dow Hill, Darjeeling

The forests around The Dow Hill Boarding School for Girls is very well known for spooky stories.

There have been reports of ghost sightings.  many people who visit the forest have reported seeing a headless boy who suddenly appears and then disappears.

Locals believe that there were innumerable murders which took place in this forest area.

haunted places in Hyderabad

6. Golconda Fort, Hyderabad

The Fort is one of the most important tourist attractions in the city of Hyderabad.

It is said to be haunted by the ghost of Queen Taramati. People believe that her ghost can be seen dancing and singing around the court area at night

Visitors have also reported some eerie activities and had some paranormal experiences inside the fort.

most haunted places in mumbai

7. Mukesh Mills, Mumbai

The Mukesh Mills in Colaba is said to be haunted by the spirits of those who lost their lives in the devastating fire.

Since the fire, the passers-by have claimed to have heard whispers and cries from the building.

The movie industry has used the spot as a shooting location and many members of the crew and cast have said that they experienced paranormal activities here.

haunted places in kolkata

8. South Park Cemetery, Kolkata

The Grave was built in 1767 and has the graves of many British soldiers.

If stories are to be believed, strange things can be witnessed here. For instance, a girl in white can be seen in the cemetery.

I would definitely advise visiting this or any other cemetery at night.

most haunted places in delhi

9.  Cantonment Area, Delhi

Another haunted place in Delhi is the Delhi Cantonment area.

People have reported sighting a woman wearing a white saree, taking a stroll along the streets.

Many others have reported feeling uneasy and having a sense of being followed by someone while passing through the road.

hauned places in india

10. Dow Industrial Complex, Bhopal

The Dow Industrial Complex is the site of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy.  The gas leak, one of the world’s worst industrial disasters, killed 4,000 people in the early hours of December 3, 1984.

The spirits of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy victims are said to be trapped in this abandoned and burnt complex.  Some people have reported the presence of spirits here.

jamali kamali masjid

11. Jamali- Kamali Masjid, Delhi

The mosque is located near the popular Qutub Minar in Delhi.

The mosque is said to be haunted by Jinns. There are many stories of sightings of lights, eerie sounds and people getting slapped by an invisible force.

Owing to these stories, most people tend to stay away from the place at night.

haunted places in India

12. Kuldhara, Jaisalmer

Rajasthan is said to have some of the most haunted places in India and one such place is Kuldhara Village in Jaisalmer.

Legend has it that the inhabitants of the village deserted it overnight when Minister Salim Singh became adamant about marrying the chief’s daughter.

Before they left, they cursed the village and no one has lived here ever since.

national library kolkata haunted

13. National Library, Kolkata

The National Library in Kolkata is believed to be haunted.

It is said that, at the time of its renovation, 12 labourers lost their lives and their ghosts haunt the place. The ghost of a student who died an unnatural death is also said to haunt the place.

The guards on night duty at the library have recounted hearing footsteps and strange noises coming from the premises.

haunted places in delhi

14. Karkardooma Delhi Court, Delhi

The Kakordooma Delhi Court has witnessed several unusual paranormal incidents. The court that remains abuzz all day, is believed to turn into a ghost playhouse at night.

CCTV camera footage of the office has captured some eerie things happening in the office at odd hours. The computers turning on and off, files flying out of drawers and doors opening and shutting can be seen in the camera footage.

haunted places in maharashtra

15. Chandan Nagar, Pune

This small locality in Pune is believed to be one of the most haunted places in Maharashtra.

The stories suggest that the place is haunted by the ghost of a little girl who died here during the construction of the place.

People living here and those who pay by have reported having seen the spirit of the girl in blood-stained clothes, holding a doll.

haunted places in india

16. Lambi Dehar Mines, Mussoorie

The  Lambi Dehar Mines, or the death mine in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand are believed to be one of the most haunted places in India.

In the 1990s, around 50,000 workers died here after the lack of maintenance and safety rules made them extremely sick, and they died coughing blood.

The place was abandoned and Locals say that they can still hear cries of the workers at night. That’s not all, the place is also infamous for a witch who has claimed many lives in unusual car accidents nearby.

haunted places in kerala

17. Lakkidi Chain Tree, Wayanad 

The Chain Tree of Lakkidi, in the Wayanad district of Kerala, has lore attached to it

Legend has it that a local tribal named Karinthandan helped a British Engineer find a way into Wayanad but instead of acknowledging the help, the engineer killed him.

The soul of Karinthandan started haunting the passengers until a priest managed to chain his ghost to a Ficus tree. People say that they can still hear strange noises and screams while passing down the road at night.

haunted places in india

18. Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai

One of the most visited parks in Mumbai, the lush green Sanjay Gandhi Park is said to be haunted.

Many people in the park have claimed to have seen a lady in white asking for a lift. The park is believed to be haunted by the ghosts of people who lost their lives here due to animal attacks.

People avoid going here in the evenings, even the guards will advise you against it.

haunted places in india

19. Bara Inambara, Lucknow

Lucknow’s Bara Inambara is one of the most visited tourist spots during the day. However, Imamabara is believed to be haunted.

Several people died at this working in the splendid building at the time of the Great Famine. It is believed that their spirits still haunt the corridors of the building.

It is also said that the Bara Imambara has a ‘Tehkhana’ which was used by the Britishers to lock up the Indian prisoners. Locals and visitors have often complained about hearing the dying voices of prisoners and their screams.

three kings church

20. Three Kings Church, Goa

The Three Kings Church In Cansaulim, Goa has an interesting story. The story goes like this the church was once overseen by 3 kings.

The quest to become the ultimate ruler led to a fight among the three and eventually ended up with the three kings killing each other. All three were buried inside the church and it is said that their spirits still roam the place.

A number of visitors have claimed to have had mysterious experiences while passing through the church at night. If you want to visit the place, you can but only before 6 pm. After that, you aren’t allowed on the church grounds.

aleya ghost lights

21. Swamps, Sunderban

Another haunted place is the Sunderban swamps in West Bengal. The fishermen here have witnessed something known as Aleya Ghost lights.

Locals say that the colourful lights flicker from a distance. The fishermen who follow the lights drown and die. Locals believe that these lights are the spirits of dead fishermen who lost their lives fishing in the marshes. They say that Some of these spirits appear with the intention of killing other fishermen, others appear to point them in the right direction!

haunted places in hyderabad

22. Khairatabad Science College, Hyderabad

The next contender for the most haunted places in India is the Khairatabad Science College in Hyderabad.  This deserted building was once a college and is now said to be one of the most haunted places of Hyderabad.

People say that the dead bodies in the labs were not disposed of properly and they continue to haunt the place. Passers-by have reported hearing noises and seeing skeletons around the building at night.

A guard stationed by the Government in the college died mysteriously, which added to the scariness of the place.

haunted places in kerala

23. Bonacaud Bungalow, Kerala

Kerala has a lot of ghost stories and one such s associated with the Bonacaud Bungalow in Kerala.

Lore has it that during British rule, the bungalow was famous for its sprawling tea plantations. It is said that on one fateful night the young children of the owner died under mysterious circumstances. After this incident, the couple went back to London.

People have reported the frequent wandering of a young spirit in the mansion. The sound of the breaking glass and the screaming of a child can be heard at midnight. The apparition of the ghostly boy wandering in the air has also been claimed.

haunted places in chennai

24. De Monte Colony, Chennai

The metropolitan city of Chennai has some haunted stories of its own.  The most interesting (scary) one I found was the one about the De Monte Colony near St. Marks road

The colony was owned by John De Monte, who lived there with his mentally unstable wife. His son died mysteriously and later Monte committed suicide.  Since then, the place is said to be haunted.

People say that they hear strange noises from the colony at night. People have also reported locks on the gate being puzzlingly opened.

most haunted places in india

25. Saath Kabar, Bijapur

The site is a testimony to the cruelty of Afzal Khan and the army chief. According to the story, as Afzal was going on a war against Maratha Warrior Shivaji, a prophecy foretold his loss in the war.

He then took 63 wives to a well where he killed them by pushing them into it so that wouldn’t remarry after his death.

When two of his wives tried to escape, they were chased by his soldiers and killed. All 63 wives, who were killed thus, were buried in a place near the well, which has come

This well is supposed to be haunted and on certain nights people have heard noises coming out from the well.

haunted places in maharashtra

26. Shaniwar Wada, Pune

Maharashtra is said to be one of the most haunted places in India and one such haunted place is the Shaniwar Wada in Pune. A popular tourist attraction is said to be haunted by the ghost of 17-year-old Narayan Rao.

The stories suggest that Narayan Rao was brutally murdered, cut into pieces and thrown into a nearby river.

The spirit of the prince is trapped here and people can hear his calls for help at night especially on a full moon.

most haunted places in india

27. NH-79 near Dudu Village

NH-79 near Dudu  Village is called the  ‘highway that asks for blood’. It connects Ajmer and Udaipur.

The story goes that a 5-year-old girl was being, married to a 3-year boy. the mother of the girl was against this wedding and ran towards the highway to seek help, where she and her baby got hit by a vehicle. They both died on the spot and ever since, stories about their spirits haunting the road have remained.

haunted places in delhi

28. Agrasen ki Baoli, Delhi 

India’s Capital Delhi is replete with horror stories of its own. Agrasen ki Baoli is one such place. The beautiful stepwell has many scary stories attached to it.

It is said that the black water of the well lures people and leads them to drown themselves. The lure strengthens as you go further down the stairs, with nothing but the echo of your own footsteps following you.

Some also say that after you visit the well you get a feeling of Being constantly watched and followed, wherever you go.

haunted places in meerut

29. GP Block, Meerut

The GP Block in Meerut is a set of three abandoned buildings that are known to be haunted.

People passing through the area have reported ghosts of four men drinking alcohol by the light of a single candle.

Others have seen a young girl coming out of the house in a red dress. Anyone who was brave enough to go closer claimed that the ghosts suddenly disappeared.

haunted places in india

30. Dumas Beach, Surat

The Dumas Beach in Surat, Gujarat is believed to have been used as a Hindu burial ground earlier and locals believe that their spirits still lurk here at night.

Visitors have been reported going missing post-midnight exploring the beach. It is also said that if you take a stroll at night here you will hear the whispers here.

haunted places in india

31. Sathyamangalam Wildlife Sanctuary, Tamil Nadu

The highway passing through the dense Sathyamangalam Wildlife Sanctuary is said to be one of the most haunted roads in India.

The jungle was home to the bandit Veerappan and many believe that the road is haunted by his ghost. People have said to have seen floating lights and heard screams while passing through the jungle.

most haunted places in india

32. Charleville Mansion, Shimla

Shimla has a number o =f ghost stories attached to it. Growing up, I heard a lot of these stories. Charleville Mansion in Shimla is one of the several haunted places in Shimla.

The 100-year-old castle is said to be haunted. The house served as the home of a British officer and his wife. For months they did not experience anything spooky on the premises. But one day, their domestic help, witnessed a ghost.

Later they witnessed many supernatural activities in the house.   After that incident, the couple left the place.

haunted places in orissa

33. Jatan Nagar Palace, Odhisa

Located in Dhenkanal, the palace is also called the Palace of Pain.

It was owned by a cruel king who tortured his slaves in special torture rooms. The place is to be haunted by the ghosts of tortured souls.

The palace has been abandoned and people living near the place have reported hearing people’s cries at night here

As I said earlier, these are some of the most popular haunted places in India. In case you know of a haunted place in your city or town, do tell me in the comment section below.



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