Two Day Itinerary for Exploring the Ancient Aztec Capital – Mexico City

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Mexico City 2 day itinerary is essential for a trouble-free trip to this part of the world. Mexico City is the nerve centre of the country, which boasts of a variety of landscapes, mouth-watering delicacies, warm locals, and ancient history.

Centuries ago, the same Mexico City was the seat of the glorious Aztec empire, formerly known as Tenochtitlan. It smells of the ruins of its past, the history of Spanish Inquisition, the struggle for independence and the spirit of Mexican resilience.

In my current post, you can explore through my writing, the best places to cover in this wondrous region. This Mexico City 2 day itinerary covers major aspects of the city that juxtapose the old and the new seamlessly.

Mexico City 2 Day Itinerary map

Mexico City 2 Day Itinerary: See the best of this Ancient Aztec Capital in 48 hours 

A visit to Mexico City gives you the best insight into this wonderful country. The best part is that some of the most amazing sites are only a few hours drive away from the city. This made my trip to Teotihuacan pyramids and my Xochimilco day trip fairly easy and convenient. 

Before venturing deep into details of the Mexico City 2 Day Itinerary, here is a quick look at the plan:

DAY ONE: Immerse yourself in the history and culture of Mexico City’s Historic Centre

1. Start your day with a visit to the symbolic Ángel de la Independencia

2. Immerse in art & culture at Palacio de Bellas Artes

3. Gaze at one of the world’s first skyscrapers “Torre Latino Americana”

4. Take a walk around the lively Avenue Cinco de Mayo & grab something to eat

5. Visit the stunning Catedral Metropolitana that took over 200 years to build

6. Witness some delightful Aztec Dancers at Zócalo

7. Be amazed by the display of 700 years of Aztec life at Templo Mayor

9. End your day at Bosque de Chapultepec, one of the World’s largest parks

Getting from One Place to another – Places in the Historical Centre (2-7) are located at a walking distance from each other. For convenience, you can take a 2-hour walking tour of the historical attractions.

DAY TWO:  Explore the city’s most colourful neighbourhood after spending some time in nature

1. Spend some time in nature at Parque Nacional Desierto de Los Leones

2. Explore Mexico City’s most colourful neighbourhood Coyoacán

3. Get inspired at Mexican artist Frida Kahlo’s museum.

4. End your trip with some souvenir shopping at Coyoacán market

Getting from One Place to another – You need to hire a two-way cab for Parque Nacional.  For other sights, you can either walk around or rent a bike. I took an amazing 4-hour guided biking trip. It included museum entry, a Cocoyan visit and some drinks & snacks.

By using this Mexico City 2 day itinerary you will be able to cover some of the most historic and modern symbols of Mexico City.

8 Amazing Spots to Cover on Day One of Mexico 2-Day Visit 

I feel that Mexico is one of the most diverse regions of the world. Along with the most laid back beaches, Mexico has a wonderful culture, fascinating history and opportunities for epic outdoor adventure. In case you are interested in a little more than Mexico City, you can read my other Mexico blogs.

Mexico City offers an insight into the rich culture of the country. In the subsequent paragraphs, I will be delving into the places I covered on my s day trip to Mexico City. These places are brimming with historical, cultural, or gastronomical significance. 

I will also elaborate on the most convenient and budget-friendly way of getting from one spot on your itinerary to another.

1. Start your Mexico City 2 Day Trip with a visit to the symbolic Ángel de la Independencia

My Mexico City 2 Day Itinerary began with a visit to Ángel de la IndependenciaThis is in the CBD (Central Business District) of Mexico City. The towering structure depicts Mexico’s 100 years of Independence from the Spanish conquistadors (leaders).

This spot is popular amongst Mexicans for protests, rallies, and celebrations, tourists are always buzzing here.

This is also Mexico’s financial heart. In the vicinity, are lofty buildings which house some world-renowned banks.

Mexico City 2 day Itinerary

This is the Angel de la Independencia, standing tall amidst renowned banks. It was built to commemorate Mexico’s War of Independence. The Angel has also been depicted in a number of publicity videos, and the opening of the popular Netflix series Sense8.

In order to reach the Palace of Fine Arts from Ángel de la Independencia, you have two options:

  • One option is walking down 3 km to the Palace.
  • But as per my Mexico City 2 day itinerary, conserve your energy and hop on to a metro. You can take the green line from El Ángel stop until Hidalgo. Get out of the metro station, and walk along with Avenue Hidalgo or Avenue Jurez.

2. Immerse in art & culture on your Mexico City 2- Day Visit at Palacio de Bellas Artes 

One of the main Mexican city attractions is the culture-infused Palacio de Bellas Artes (Palace of Fine Arts). The monument has a combination of Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles of architecture.

It houses lots of murals in the interiors from some of Mexico’s greatest artists, like Diego Rivera.

No matter how much time you spend at this cultural abode, it’s going to be insufficient. Many tours also offer a behind-the-scenes look at the venue, including its theatre curtain.

The building also features a theatre. What’s cool is that it is made of almost a million pieces of coloured glass from Tiffany’s.

Mexico City 2 Day Itinerary

Palacio de Bellas Artes is so popular that travellers visit Mexico City just to explore this wonder. What really intrigued me was the fact that this palace took 30 years to complete, as against the initial plan of just 4.

Some of the important things you need to know about the Palace of Arts are: 

Entrance Fee

60 MXN

(Mexican Peso / Mex$ / M$ / MXN is the currency of Mexico. When I travelled, 1 USD = 19.1)

Entry to the building is free. This fee is for you to see the museum, which is absolutely worth the price. In addition, you could also access some of the temporary and permanent exhibitions.

The Museum is one of the main attractions of Mexico City and attracts a lot of visitors every day. You will find this place crowded at all times, therefore, be prepared to wait in line.


The Palace is open for visitors on all days from 10 AM to 6 PM, except on Mondays.

You can explore the Palace of Fine arts and other places in the historic centre on your own. However, if you are the kind of traveller who likes to have a guided tour, you can book one ahead.

My roommate at the hostel, Kelly, seemed very pleased with her incredibly cheap  2-hour walking tour of Mexico City that covered sights including  Zocalo, Metropolitan Cathedral, Templo Mayor and Palace of Fine Arts

3. Keep some time in your Mexico City 2 day plan for appreciating the engineering marvel –Torre Latino Americana

Right beside the Palais of Bellas Artes, is the unmissable Torre Latino Americana. This is considered to be one of the world’s first skyscrapers, with a towering height of 204 meters and 44 floors.

Actually, it is an engineering marvel and an innovation for being a skyscraper built in an active earthquake zone. When it withstood the 1985 earthquake of a magnitude of 8.1, it started gaining more popularity.

In addition to the cool engineering, this skyscraper is also visited for the panoramic views that it offers. With a ticket that costs MXN 70, zoom to the top floor in an elevator.

This elevation gives you a bird’s eye view of the old areas of Mexico City versus the new. Without such an aerial perspective, you will not be able to appreciate the incredible town planning of the city.

mexico city 2 day itinerary

For how huge and populous Mexico City is, the number of skyscrapers is really few. Torre Latino Americana is the most prominent of all, and you simply cannot miss out on the breathtaking views. Its central location makes it easily accessible, so do visit.

After the visit to the tower, explore the nearby area if it interests you. Pastelería Ideal, a bakery on the other side of the block sells assorted decorated cakes of various shapes, sizes, flavours and colours.

Have a quick bite and walk towards the historic Avenue Cinco de Mayo.

4. Walking around the lively Avenue Cinco de Mayo is a must on Mexico City two day trip

This street is named after the Mexican Army’s victory against the French in 1862.

Avenue Cinco de Mayo is peppered with a number of interesting buildings. Simply keep your eyes open, and you will discover structures with miraculous architecture and detailing.

What I love most about the street was that it is filled with people dressed as human statues, aliens from The Predator movie or characters from Looney Tunes.

There are also bands of Mariachi (a style of Mexican music) singers singing to their hearts’ content. Overall, it’s a really happy and lively place to be in.

mexico city food

Grab some delicious local food on Avenue Cinco de Mayo. On my table here are some freshly prepared tacos, salsa and corn. 

Grab Some Lip-Smacking Food

Here, there are a plethora of restaurants for you to choose from. From my experience, I would suggest the following places:

My favourite is the El Balcon del Zocalo, right at the end of this street. It is a restaurant overlooking the main square Zócalo – the political and religious centre of the country since Aztec times.

There is another classic Mexican restaurant called Mercaderes which serves mouth-watering local cuisine. It is slightly on the higher side, but totally worth the money.

If you are thirsty and thrifty, pay a visit to Jugos Canada, which serves fresh fruit juices from an assortment of tropical fruits.

5. Mexico City 2 Day Itinerary is incomplete without a visit to the stunning Cathedral Metropolitana 

Walking up to the end of Avenue Cinco de Mayo you can see this stunning cathedral that stands in all its glory.

The Spanish started building this in 1573, and their influence on the cathedral’s architecture is clearly evident. It was completed in 1813.  An air of peace on the inside contrasts with noisy scores of people on the outside.

mexico cathedral

The stunning Catedral Metropolitana, on Avenida Cinco de Mayo is a treat to the eyes. This street is perpetually filled with locals and tourists alike. For me, walking to the cathedral was an incredible experience in itself! It was the perfect melting pot of cultures.

Important entry details about the Cathedral are:

Entrance Fee

Free of cost


Every day, 8 am-8 pm

I was baffled to know that since its construction in the 16th century, the cathedral has been sinking into the ground. This is attributed to the consumption of underground water in this populous city.

When you enter the church, make sure you notice the scaffolding set up to reverse the damage being caused by the land caving in slowly beneath your feet.

Lastly, if you want, you can climb the bell tower (MXN 20), marvel at its history and walk on the roof of the cathedral.

6. On a 2 day Mexico City Visit, get a glimpse of Mexican art and performances at Zócalo

Officially known as Palacio de la Constitución, Zocalo is a famous urban square, with lots of government buildings.

Here, you will find street performers called concheros (traditional Aztec dancers.)

Dressed in colourful clothing with headgears adorned with bright feathers, the Concheros will catch your attention in a jiffy. They dance to beating drums and it is enthralling and full of passion.
mexico city 2 day visit plan

Zócalo is a famous urban square in Mexico City. It had lots of government buildings. This colourful place is my absolute favourite as here you can see a glimpse of Mexican art & culture. You will see many artists and dancers performing here. 

Finally, if you are interested, you can enter the Palacio Nacional, which has the Mexican President’s office. The walls inside are adorned with murals from Diego Rivera, depicting Aztec life and the Spanish Inquisition.

7. On your 2 Day Mexico visit, get to know 700 years of Aztec History at Templo Mayor

Next on my Mexico City 2 day itinerary was Templo Mayor. This temple was discovered accidentally in 1978 while laying underground cables in the city. It is a culmination of 700 years of Aztec life, followed by Spanish rule and present Modern Mexico.

The site also features a museum, housing artefacts from this era like skulls and ceramic figures. 

Here are some important things you need to know about visiting Templo Mayor 

Entrance Fee

70 Pesos for both the temple and the museum; it is free for Mexican citizens and residents on Sundays. Charges for using your camera are additional.

Again, I would like to point out that expect crowds here. I got myself skip a line museum entry ticket and entered the museum in less than 2 minutes.


Tuesday-Sunday, 9 am-5 pm

Also Know

You can opt for an audio guide (available in both English and Spanish) if you want to know about the history better. Note that you need to pay for it separately.

By now, it is 3.30 – 4 pm. Hire a cab to Chapultepec Castle. If your energy levels are still high, take the metro blue line from Zócalo to Pino Saurez station.

Here, change from blue to the pink line and get off at the Juanacatlán station. Walk around half a kilometre to reach Chapultepec.

8. End the 1st day of your Two Day trip to Mexico City at Bosque de Chapultepec, one of the World’s largest parks

A vast green space in the heart of Mexico City, this is one of the largest parks in the world. Along with a wide variety of flora and fauna to explore, this park also hosts museums, monuments, fountains, a world-famous zoo, and a castle.

This castle, Castillo de Chapultepec is situated on top of a hill and provides great views of the city. You can either hike up by yourself or take an uphill train ride for just 10 pesos.

Bosque de Chapultepec mexico city

The Castillo de Chapultepec castle offers these incredible views of Mexico City. It also has a lush green park and is considered a sacred hilltop by the Aztecs. To know more about its history, you could opt for an audio guide for about MXN 65.

These are a few things that you need to know before visiting Bosque de Chapultepec


This park is so huge that is divided into 3 sections.

1)    Primera Section – Features the zoo, the castle, a few museums, and an artificial lake you can boating in.

2)    Segunda Section – Features a large amusement park, fountains, public art, and some other museums.

3)    Tercera Section – This part of the park is less visited by people and is mainly covered with wildlife and wooded areas.


Section 1: Tuesday to Sunday, 5 am-8 pm

Section 2 and 3: Open 24 hours of the day, throughout the week.

Entrance Fee

Entrance to the park is free, but you will have to pay for some of the other attractions if you wish to visit them.

A Mexico City 2 Day Itinerary will not be able to accommodate exploring every part of the park. However, it is a great place to simply sit and relax. Munch on a local snack, read a book or pick up some souvenirs.

4 Sights to be covered on Day 2 of the Mexico City Visit 

The second day of the Mexico City trip will take you to the outskirts of the city. This is the reason why I have included only four places for day two. 

1. Start your 2nd day of Mexico City trip from Parque Nacional Desierto de Los Leones 

About 30 kilometres from Mexico city is the monastery in the Desierto de Los Leones National Park.

While Mexico City is a fine amalgamation of chaos and beauty, take a break from the city’s fast-paced life. Head to this monastery nestled in the Sierra de las Cruces Mountain Ranges, and get a taste of the other side of Mexico.

Spread across 1500 hectares, this place is for you if you’re a slow traveller who loves peace and calm. It is a former convent of the 17th century and the park is spread across more than 1500 hectares.

Note: There is no public transport that connects downtown Mexico City with the national park. The best option is to book a cab to and fro, which will cost you around MXN 300.

Tip: Try your hand at bargaining and bringing the fare down.

mexico places to see in 2 days

Parque Nacional Desierto de Los Leones is a great place to hike if you have the time. Pine and oak trees are scattered across the park. The resulting fragrance that fills the air is soothing, in contrast with the city smothered with vehicular pollution.

Also, this monastery was built by barefoot Carmelite monks back in the 17th Century. Today, several buildings associated with the monks and their lifestyle are in ruins. You could step real close and get a real feel of their history.

This trip took me about 5 -6 hours, following which I went back to the city. Next in line was Coyoacán – previously a village but one that still retains the old-world charm.

2. On your 2 day trip, make sure to Click & get clicked at Cocoyán- the most Insta-worthy spot in Mexico City.

Houses here are brightly painted with different hues. It’s almost like you’re in a Mexican village right in the middle of a metropolitan. This was one of the most beautiful explorations of my Mexico City 2 day itinerary.

I love to bike and while looking for a way to explore Coyoacán and Frieda Kahlo Museum, I came across this really great cycling tour.

In our 4-hour long biking tour, the guides showed us around the markets, the neighbourhood and the museum. I would recommend it to all bikers like me.

cocoyan street art mexixo city

Biking around these beautiful coloured streets in Cocoyan is one of the best memories I have of the city. Trust me, after visiting here, you’re going to want to move to this locality. Forever!

3. Frida Kahlo’s museum is a must-have on every art lover’s 2 day Mexico City Itinerary

Most travellers are immediately drawn to a striking cobalt blue building. This is the great Mexican artist Frida Kahlo’s museum. It’s the place which saw Frida Kahlo take birth, grow up, live, get married to Diego Rivera, and eventually her death.

The entry fee is MXN 200 and absolutely worth the beautiful art pieces, photographs, and paintings you get to see.

You can explore the neighbourhood on foot or on a bike, and at your own pace. You will see that every church, park and building seems to be handpicked and artfully placed.

The roads here are not asphalted but cobble-stoned. Thus, it has a beautiful rural charm to it. As evening approaches, the locality lights up with music concerts, hippie markets, and street vendors. The smell of tacos fills the air, and you can walk up to any stall and gorge on delicious local cuisine.

4. End your Mexico City 2 day visit with some Quirky shopping at Coyocan Market

The Coyoacán market is unlike any other marketplace. Cute craft stalls and carts selling Mexican crafts line the market. Most of the goodies are handmade by the locals, and not mass-produced in a factory.

Tip: Do try to bargain if you’re buying a lot, but kindly don’t push it. It’s necessary to protect the artisan’s work and value – their profit margins are anyway small.

Mariachi Hats cocoyan market

You will find these colourful  Mariachi Hats in Cocoyan Market. They are the perfect souvenirs to take back from your Mexico city visit. 

Things to buy in Coyoacán Market:

If you want to indulge in some shopping, do include this place in your Mexico City 2 day itinerary. 

Leather Belts

Leather Wallets

Beaded Jewelry

Incense Sticks                                                 


Tee Shirts

Mariachi Hats

If you want to embrace a new look, you could get henna tattoos, dreadlocks, and braids done right here.

Spend the rest of the evening exploring Coyoacán. Trust me, you’re not going to want to leave too soon.

Budget Breakdown of Mexico City 2 Day Itinerary

On average, two days in Mexico City will cost you around USD 200. This, of course, depends on your choice of transport, accommodation, food, shopping, etc.

The expenses on my Mexico City 2 Day itinerary were as follows.

Average Daily Cost

M$ 300-400


M$ 150-200


M$ 50-80

Mineral Water

M$ 40-60

Internal Transportation

M$ 30-40

Tips at eating places

M$ 25-35


M$ 400


3 Most Popular Ways to commute between attractions on your Mexico City 2 Day Visit

Fortunately, Mexico City has an incredibly cheap transportation system. The 3 most popular ways of commuting are as follows:

1. Travel within Mexico City By Taxi for a comfortable experience

Only hail pink and white coloured taxis, with CDMX written on them. They are safe and cheap to travel in.

Similarly, you also have the option to use Uber – rides are affordable and convenient.

2. I personally recommend using the Subway/ Metro in Mexico City 

The Subway System in Mexico is known to be one of the cheapest (as low as 5 pesos a ticket) in the world. My Mexico City 2 day visit was smooth and cheap – thanks to the Metro.


Monday to Friday: 5 AM to midnight
Saturday: 6 AM to midnight
Sunday: 7 AM to midnight

As a fair warning, avoid taking the metro during peak hours. Also, hold on tight to your belongings.

Tip: Download the app ‘Mexico City Metro App & Route Planner’ for easier navigation.

3. Take the Bus in Mexico City  to get from one point to another 

Buses connect popular tourist spots in Mexico City fairly well. Tickets cost roughly 6 pesos. Most buses have a city map posted on the inside. Click a photograph of it – it will help you throughout your trip.

Tip: Download ‘Moovit’ on your smartphone. It will give you the best public transport options, depending on the locality, traffic, etc.

mexico city transport

The best thing about visiting Mexico City is that the city transportation system is incredibly cheap. It is easily available and will not burn a hole in your pocket.

Where to Stay on your Mexico City 2 Day Trip- My Budget Recommendations

Since Mexico City is a city that attracts tourists from far and wide, finding budget accommodation is not all that hard. Following are 2 options you could choose to stay in, as per my Mexico City 2 day itinerary.

These choices are based on my personal experience during these stays.

Mexico City Hostel – This is the first hostel I stayed at in Mexico. It is centrally located with good proximity to good eating places. They have a shared kitchen and free WiFi as well.  Apart from dorms, they also have single and double rooms.

Beds starting at MXN$180 per night

Hostel Zocalo – This is another very centrally located property I would recommend. The Hostel is located near the Cathedral and has an in house cafe. What I loved the most about my stay was that the staff was very cooperative. 

Beds starting at MXN$190 per night

For a cheap Mexico trip, you could try your hand at Couchsurfing. It is a great option for budget travellers and also a great way to meet like-minded people.

Where & What to Eat in your 2 Day Mexico Visit?

One of the things to do in Mexico City is immersed in its cuisine. A large proportion of tourists in Mexico, visit the country for its delectable food. To be honest, that doesn’t quite surprise me. Mexican food doesn’t just stop at saucy, tangy tacos

Following is a shortlist of dishes you MUST try while in Mexico City:

Quesadillas – A type of taco, often filled with vegetables, meat, spices, and cheese.
Enchiladas – A corn tortilla served with chilli pepper sauce.
Pozole – This is a soup, made using corn as a base. It is slow-cooked and generally topped with lettuce, onion, lime, and chilli.
Guacamole – This dish often accompanies tortilla chips. Its base is avocados.
Churros – Although originally from Spain, Churros are a popular dessert in Spain. It is basically a fried strip of dough, covered with cinnamon and sugar.

The list of must-try dishes in Mexico is literally endless. In addition to food, Mexico is also renowned for its liquor and inventive cocktails.

The best part is that Mexican food caters to non-vegetarians, vegetarians, and vegans alike. That’s pretty rare, isn’t it?

pozole mexico city

Try a delicious bowl of Pozole in Mexico City. This soup is made using corn as a base. Mine is a chicken Pozole, but you can get vegetarian options as well.

Quick getaways from Mexico City if you’re planning to stay more than 2 days

If you have a day or two to spare, you can also take the following day trips from Mexico City:

Mexico City 2 Day Itinerary

Mexico City is vibrant with exuberant and energetic people, beautiful town planning and a kaleidoscope of bright colours. Being one of the most populous cities in the Western hemisphere with a population of a whopping 21 million, you will be sure to find places crowded. However, you will still fall in love with this capital city. I surely did and cannot wait to go back again.

5 Handy Travel Tips for a convenient 2-day Mexico City Trip

As a first-time visitor to Mexico City, here are a few things that you need to be careful about:

1. Be prepared for Unexpected Weather:  Always keep a light raincoat handy. Unexpected showers are common in the city.

2. Carry Cash: Small businesses selling souvenirs and street food vendors will refuse to accept credit cards, so carry cash all the time.

3. Bargaining is the key: When you are in the birthplace of the Aztec civilization, you’ll be itching to buy souvenirs. Be wary of the shopkeepers and try to negotiate a price. Prices are often hiked simply because they’re catering to foreigners.

4. Tip Waiters the right way: Tipping is almost like an unsaid rule in Mexico. The standard amount is roughly 10% of the total bill.

5. Book Accommodation in advance: Make bookings in advance. Else, you’ll end up spending more.

My Mexico City 2 Day Itinerary covers a significant part of the city which combines its past and present in the right proportion. Like any other city, it is never enough as time doesn’t permit us to explore the way locals do. Visiting Mexico City will surely leave an impression on you, and you will want to visit this country again soon.

Happy wayfaring 🙂


Supriya A.N.

Supriya hails from the garden city of Bangalore in southern India. She is always on the lookout for fun experiences across the globe. After scuba diving in the Mediterranean, counted shooting stars in the Sahara, and flying in a helicopter over Barcelona, she now aims at horse riding in the Mongolian steppe, pet whales off the coast of Baja California and many more adventures. She’s also keen on the arduous journey the snow geese make every year from the Canadian Arctic to the Gulf of Mexico every winter.