Which Offers a Better Experience, Mauritius or Seychelles?

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Looking forward to exploring an island in the Indian Ocean, but confused between Mauritius vs Seychelles?

It can be quite difficult to make a choice between Mauritius and Seychelles, as they have a lot of similarities. So. let’s compare all the relevant points and help you choose the right destination.

Mauritius vs Seychelles, which is better

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Mauritius Vs Seychelles: Choose Your Next Holiday Destination

 Before we answer which is better Seychelles or Mauritius, let’s take an overview of the similarities and differences between Mauritius and Seychelles.


Indian Ocean, Africa


Indian Ocean, Africa


May – Dec


Apr-May & Oct-Nov


7-10 Days


10-14 Days


All kinds of travellers


Couples & Families


2600 USD


3900 USD


Very Good


Very Good






Diverse cuisines


Seychellois & fusion Cuisine






Budget-friendly to Luxurious


Average to Very Luxurious


Very Good


Very Good




Very Good


Very Good


Very Good




Very Good





Let’s dive into the details and clear all the confusions between Mauritius and Seychelles.

Location & Accessibility of Mauritius Vs Seychelles

Mauritius is located in the Indian Ocean. This is a beautiful island off the Eastern Coast of Africa. It has  4 beautiful islands and is is known for its beaches, waterfalls, rainforests, and wildlife. 

Seychelles is also located in the Indian Ocean. This is a nation consisting of 115 islands. This geographically diverse island nation has 2 UNESCO World Heritage sites.

You can fly to Mauritius or Seychelles easily as there are direct flights to these islands from most countries. The hours of journey may take anywhere between 5 to 30 hours depending on your current location.

Best Time to Visit & Climate in Mauritius Vs Seychelles

Mauritius has a tropical climate throughout the year. December to March is considered a cyclone period in Mauritius.

The Mauritius trip can be planned for any time between May and December. These winter months are the best time to enjoy the cool, dry and sunny weather in Mauritius that makes your traveling enjoyable and comfortable.

Seychelles experiences tropical weather with almost similar temperatures throughout the year. The climate in Seychelles is a mixture of sunshine and tropical showers all year round.

The best time to visit Seychelles is Apr to May, also Oct to Nov. During the month of April and May this island nation has little breeze and rainfall. And in the months of October and November Seychelles witnesses less winds. 

Ideal Vacation Time Needed for Mauritius Verses Seychelles

7-10 Days can be a really good vacation at Mauritius to explore beaches, sightseeing and activities. You can cover all the important and beautiful places like Chamarel Seven Coloured Earth, Capital city of Port Louis etc. However, if you plan it for 10-14 days, this island nation has so much to offer travelers.

A minimum of 10 days are required to explore most important spots in  Seychelles. However, if you wish to stay on  just one private island you can spend 3-5 days.

VERDICT: You need more days to explore Seychelles when compared to Mauritius


Seychelles is blessed with incredible beauty both above and underwater.

Are Mauritius and Seychelles Travel Destinations Suitable for All?

Mauritius is best suitable for couples and families. Couples can enjoy their ‘me time’. Families can choose to relax and enjoy adventurous activities in nature.

For backpackers, Mauritius is good as they can engage in activities, adventure and wildlife.

Seychelles is best suitable for couples as well as for families. Couples can choose a private island in Seychelles to spend some quality time. Also, it is a good destination for families to rejuvenate as it offers plenty of relaxing and adventure opportunities.

Seychelles is not bad for backpackers but it is more expensive.

VERDICT: Mauritius is more suitable for backpackers.

Is Mauritius VS Seychelles Cheaper for Travellers? 

The cost of travelling to Mauritius is about 1500 to 4000 USD  for 2 people for a week. The cost depends on one’s own preferences such as accommodation and deals on the flights.

The cost breakdown of Mauritius-

Food, travel & sightseeing (Per Day)

50 – 100 USD

Accommodation (Per Night)

18 – 250 USD

Internal Transportation (Per Day)

10-50 USD

Seychelles is more expensive when compared to Mauritius. The cost of travelling to Seychelles is about 2200 – 6000 USD for two people, for 7 days. 

The cost breakdown of Seychelles-

Food, travel & sightseeing (Per Day)

150 – 400 USD

Accommodation (Per Night)

100 – 500 USD

Internal Transportation (Per Day)

50 – 250 USD

VERDICT: Seychelles is more expensive than Mauritius.

Hawaii vs Mauritius beach

Flic-en-Flac beach is one of the longest white sandy beach in Mauritius

 Is Seychelles Similar to Mauritius When We Compare Beaches?

The beaches of Mauritius mesmerize you with clear water and beautiful surroundings. There are white sand beaches, golden sand beaches and also some black sand beaches.

Best Beaches in Mauritius

  • Grand Baie
  • Blue Bay
  • Le Morne
  • Flic and Flac
  • Deer Island Beaches 
  • Belle Mare
  • Pereybare
  • Mont Choisy Beach
  • La Cambuse
  • Tamarin Beach
  • Riviere Des Galets

Seychelles has soft white sand beaches. You can find some beautiful pink sand beaches here. There are many secluded and quiet beaches in Seychelles where you can reach only by boat. 

Best Beaches in Seychelles

  • Anse Source d’Argent
  • Grand Anse 
  • Anse Lazio
  • Anse Georgette
  • Anse Intendance
  • Beau Vallon
  • Petite Anse
  • Anse Cocos
  • Petite Anse Kerlan
  • Anse Marron

VERDICT: Both Mauritius and Seychelles have a number of beautiful beaches to explore.

Hawaii vs Mauritius sightseeing

Maconde viewpoint in Mauritius is set on a curved portion that allows you to enjoy splendid views of the Indian Ocean

Which is Better Seychelles or Mauritius for Sightseeing Opportunities?

In Mauritius, along with beaches there are so many awesome things to explore. You can visit places such as museums, gardens, wildlife, nature, waterfalls  and many historical sites.

Major attractions in Mauritius-

  • Black River Gorges National Park 
  • Ganga Talao – Grand Bassin
  • Fort Adelaide
  • Mauritius Botanical Garden (SSR Botanical Garden)
  • Rivulet Terre Rouge Estuary Bird Sanctuary
  • Gerald Durell Endemic Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Tamarin 
  • Chamarel’s Seven Colored Earth Park
  • Le Caudan Waterfront
  • Balaclava Ruins
  • Aapravasi Ghat (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  • Mauritius Sugar Museum and Factory
  • Le Morne Cultural Landscape (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

You can not only explore beautiful National parks, nature, wildlife and some temples in Seychelles.  You also get to see the rare black parrots here.

Major attractions in Seychelles-

  • Bird Island
  • Clock Tower
  • Garden of Eden (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  • Ste Anne Marine National Park
  • Morne Seychellois National Park
  • Mission Lodge (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  • Giant Tortoise farm
  • Nid d’Aigle
  • Le Jardin Du Roi (Spice garden)
  • Seychelles National Botanical Gardens 
  • Seychelles Natural History Museum
  • Sri Navasakthi Vinayagar temple

VERDICT: Mauritius and Seychelles, both offer many opportunities for sightseeing.

Which is More Adventurous Destination – Mauritius verses Seychelles? 

You can feel the thrill in Mauritius with adventure tours and entertainment such as mountain trekking, waterfall hiking, volcanic tours and much more.

Also, you can explore exciting water activities like – Submarine safari, snorkeling, underwater sub scooter trip, scuba diving, kiteboarding, stand up paddle boarding, kite surfing, and cave sea kayaking.

Popular Activities in Mauritius- 

  • Dolphin Watching Cruise at Tamarin Bay
  • Moka mountains Tour
  • Safari jeep trips
  • Tandem skydiving
  • Underwater submarine scooter adventure
  • Le Pounce Mountain Trek
  • Tamarind Falls Hike
  • Buggy Riding 
  • Kitesurfing and Windsurfing
  • Speed tour trip in Lle Aux Cerfs Island 

Seychelles too has many adventure activities to offer to visitors. Such as hikes in jungles, climbing through caves and much more.

Seychelles also includes water sports like – Surfing, scuba diving, kayaking, sailing and snorkelling.

Major attractions in Seychelles- 

  • Rock Climbing
  • Adventurous hiking
  • Island tour with the beach buggy
  • Walking around the ruins
  • Surfing
  • Watch baby Hawksbill sea turtles venture into the sea

VERDICT: Mauritius has more extensive and diverse activities than Seychelles.

Seychelles Food

In Seychelles you can try many unique dishes like this traditional Octopus curry

Comparing the Unique Food Culture of Mauritius Vs Seychelles

Mauritius has a diverse population and this diversity is reflected in its food culture. It’s a blend of African, Chinese, Indian and European cuisines.

Best Foods to Try in Mauritius-

  • Dholl Puri
  • Mauritian SeaFood
  • Coconut Cakes
  • Farata
  • Alouda
  • Bol Renverse
  • Boulettes

Seychelles cuisine includes seafood cooked in several ways, wrapped and served in banana leaves. Also, rice and curry dishes are a part of its cuisine. Seychelles food culture is also influenced by Indian, French, Chinese and African cultures.

Best Foods to Try in Seychelles-

  • Grilled Fish
  • Octopus Curry
  • Satini
  • Ladob
  • Caris Masala
  • Coconut curry

VERDICT: Both Mauritius and Seychelles have diverse food cultures.

Which Has A More Happening Nightlife – Mauritius or Seychelles?

Nightlife in Mauritius is amazing and you will have the best time here. Nightlife in Mauritius can be experienced through its nightclubs, casinos, live music bars and late night movie shows.

Fifty Five Lounge Club, Zoobar, Banana Beach Club, Big Willy’s are some of the best nightclubs to enjoy in Mauritius.

Seychelles does have a nightlife but its not that great as compared to Mauritius. Mahe Island is the centre of all major nightlife scene in Seychelles.  You can enjoy and have fun with DJ music, pubs, casinos and clubs.

You can visit the best nightclubs in Seychelles – Barrel Nightclub, Tequila Boom, Ozone, Oxygen and many more.

VERDICT: Nightlife in Mauritius is way better than that in Seychelles.

Comparing the Cultural Experience in Mauritius VS Seychelles

Mauritius is culturally and ethnically diverse. Also, people are very friendly here. While in Mauritius you can immerse in this rich cultural diversity. 

Mauritian Sega performance is an art-from and it is registered as its Intangible Cultural Heritage list by UNESCO and is a must see. Model ships are Mauritius signature handicraft. You can find workshops for this in the islands by exploring Historic Marine.

Seychelles has a beautiful diverse culture as well which is influenced by European and British, African, Indian and Moorish cultures . Seychellois people like inviting tourists to their home and are very warm, cordial.

Moutia is a traditional dance and Seychelles Ocean Festival is an underwater festival celebrated in December every year. You should not miss out on Creole Festival in October month if you want to witness the colourful cultures and traditions of Seychelles. 

VERDICT: Mauritius and Seychelles, both offer a beautiful cultural experience.

Accommodation Options in Mauritius VS Seychelles

Mauritius offers you a variety of options for accommodation. You can choose anything among Villas, Guest houses, apartments etc. You can choose your stay as per your comfort and budget.

“Bed and Breakfast” option is the cheapest option that starts from 2 USD per night. Whereas, 3-5 star hotels cost you 18 USD to 250 USD per night depending on the luxury.

Seychelles also offers hostels, hotels, villas etc. The cost of accommodation per night ranges anywhere between 100 – 500 USD. 

Hostels are cheaper and cost around 70-100 USD per night. 3-5 star hotels range between 200-500 USD on an average.

VERDICT: Accommodation cost in Mauritius is quite reasonable when compared to Seychelles.

Which Offers More Ease of Travel: Mauritius or Seychelles?

In Mauritius, the internal transportation system is easily accessible. There are plenty of options at reasonable prices such as car, taxi, minibus, bicycle tour, scooter rental etc. 

Public transportation includes express bus service from Port Louis to the North, South and also to the main towns.

Seychelles has many options like public buses, hired cars and cabs in Mahe and Praslin islands. In La Digue there are only a few cabs and no public transportation. But bicycles are very common here as the roads are suitable for riding bikes.

And some islands like Bird Island are very small and you can cover them by walking. For inter island travel boats are available. Also, helicopters and a few flights are available on private islands.

VERDICT: Internal transportation in Mauritius is easier and way more reasonable than Seychelles.

Seychelles market

There are plenty of souvenirs you can take back home from Seychelles

Mauritius VS Seychelles: Which Offers Better Shopping Experience?

In Mauritius, the Port Lois main market is ideal for shopping local made products at very reasonable prices. Also, there are many wonderful shopping malls and markets here like Bagatelle Mall, Le Craft Market, Port Louis Market, Floreal Square, etc.  

You can buy quality clothes, diamonds, and unique designed jewelry. Also, a wide range of hand crafts such as artificial flowers, wooden art etc. are easily available in Mauritius.

Victoria market in Seychelles is a main place for shopping. You can find many small corner shops and a few large supermarkets.

The best souvenirs to buy here are  coco de mer, as this is an exotic nut found only in this geographical region. Yi-King essential oils, black pearls, Vanilla, are some other things to bag in Seychelles.

NOTE: Buy coco de mer legally that comes with holographic stickers and with an official permit.

VERDICT: Mauritius offers a much wider experience when it comes to Shopping

Mauritius VS Seychelles: The Safer Destination

Mauritius is safe for travellers. However, crowded and touristy places like Mauritius may witness thefts and petty crimes. 

Also, it’s better to try to avoid late night bus trips and hiking without a guide for extra safety.

Seychelles is also safe for travellers. You have to be just careful about thefts and non-violent crimes. Avoid walking at night. 

In Seychelles there are also some widespread diseases like Chikungunya and Leptospirosis that spread because of mosquitoes and contaminated water. So, you have to be a little careful about these things.

VERDICT: Mauritius and Seychelles, both are safe for travellers.

mauritius family

With plenty of options for exploration, Mauritius makes for an excellent choice for a family vacation

Which is Best For Family Vacation – Mauritius or Seychelles?

Mauritius is perfect for family vacation. You can go there with kids and spouse to enjoy holidays. With guidance, children can explore so many extensive activities in Mauritius.

Seychelles trip with a family will be thrilling and enjoyable. Children will also love to explore amazing beaches, activities and sightseeing in Seychelles.

VERDICT: Both Mauritius and Seychelles are excellent for family vacation, but Mauritius has a upper hand.

Mauritius Vs Seychelles – The Ideal Spot for Honeymoon Couples

Mauritius is the best spot for honeymooners. Couples can enjoy romantic walks in mesmerizing nature. They can enjoy stay at the lovely beach resorts along with exploring waterfalls, National parks and wildlife.

Seychelles is one of the top honeymoon island destinations in the world. Couples can enjoy their space with privacy. Couples can create romantic memories in the beauty of nature along with exploring activities and entertainment.

VERDICT: Mauritius and Seychelles, both are excellent for honeymoon couples.

Mauritius Vs Seychelles: The Final Verdict

Mauritius and Seychelles both offer the best experiences for visitors.

However, if you are looking for a budget-friendly island destination and also want to explore extensive activities then choose Mauritius. If you prefer to have more privacy and luxurious honeymoon travel then choose Seychelles.

I’m hoping that now you have gained more clarity about all similarities and differences between Mauritius and Seychelles. Let me know what will be your pick for your holidays – Mauritius or Seychelles?

Happy Wayfaring!



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