16 Lesser-Known Travel Movies, You Need to Add to Your Watchlist!

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Lesser-known travel movies include some of the travel-themed movies, that haven’t gotten their share of attention.

There are a lot of movies that are centred around the theme of travel. While some the movies like, ‘Eat Pray Love’ are widely known, others are not that well recognised despite being fairly good.

In this blog, I will be sharing with you a list of some of the best lesser-known travel movies. While you might have heard of some of these, you would know only if you are a huge movie buff.

16 Lesser-known travel movies, you need to add to your Watchlist!

Travel is a recurrent theme in a lot of movies. Be it road trips or journeys of self-discovery, travel movies are a great way of going on a virtual trip when it’s not possible to go on a real one.

Here, I share with you a list of some of the best yet lesser known travel movies that you must add to your watchlist. However, I must point out that I have not included any documentaries in this list:

1.  On the Road (2012)
2.  One Week (2008)
3.  The Way (2010)
4.   My Travel Buddy (2007)
5.  Easy Rider (1969)
6.  Tracks (2013)
7.  The Art of Travel (2008)
8.  My Own Private Idaho (1991)
9.  A Walk in the Woods (2015)
10.  National Lampoon’s Vacation (1983)
11.  In July (2000)
12.  The Road Within (2014)
13.  Two for the Road (1967)
14.  Copenhagen (2014)
15. Patagonia (2010)
16. Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016)

The travel movies I have listed here are available on different online platforms like Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, etc. In case you want to watch travel movies on Netflix, you can read my other blog.

Lesser Known Travel Movies

1. On the Road: Explore the themes of Freedom, Conformity and Conservatism

The movie takes you along the journey of a young writer and his friend as they travel through the United States.  The movie explores the ideas of freedom, conformity and conservatism through the eyes of the lead characters.

The movie is a screen adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s novel “On the Road.” Well, having read the book as well, I would definitely recommend the book to all travellers. It is better than the movie.

  • Main Cast: Sam Riley, Garret Hedlund, Kristen Stewart
  • Director: Walter Salles
  • Where to watch: Amazon (USA)
  • Locations: Argentina, Canada USA

Lesser Known Travel Movies

2. One Week: Take a motorcycle Road trip across Canada 

The story is about a man who is taking a motorcycle road trip across Canada. He meets many people who help change his perspective to his relationships and life.

The entire movie is set against the breath-taking Canadian landscapes. Other than the landscapes, the thing I liked about the movie is the background score.

  • Main Cast: Joshua Jackson, Liane Balaban, Campbell Scott
  • Director: Michael McGowan
  • Where to watch: YouTube
  • Locations: Canada- Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba

Lesser Known Travel Movies

3. The Way: Walk along with a grieving father’s profound journey

This is one of my favourite travel movies. The movie is shot in France and tells the story of a father who travels to France after the death of his son.

Apart from the stunning landscapes, this heartfelt movie also explores the theme of loss and faith. I  highly recommend this movie, put it on your list of must-watch.

  • Main Cast: Martin Sheen, Deborah Kara Unger, James Nesbitt, Yorick van Wageningen, Emilio Estevez,
  • Director: Emilio Estevez
  • Where to watch: Amazon (USA), Apple TV
  • Locations: Bulgaria, Morocco, India

travel movies on netflix

4. My Travel Buddy: A funny Turkish Movie of two friends on a road trip

This is a two-part series and both the movies are available on Netflix. The movies revolve around the adventure and road trips of a duo.

This Turkish movie is fun to watch as it takes you through beautiful Turkish towns. Give it a try if you want to watch something goofy.

  • Main Cast: Oguzhan Koç, İbrahim Büyükak, Emre Kınay, Aslı Bekiroğlu, Eda Ece, Bahar Sahin
  • Director: Bedran Güzel
  • Where to watch: Netflix
  • Locations:  Turkey

travel movies classic

5. Easy Rider: A Classic Motorcycle Travelogue

The movie is a motorcycle travelogue that follows the main characters on their journey from Mexico to Los Angeles to New Orleans.

The film is shot across varied landscapes including desert landscapes and towns. I feel this is one of the best travel movies on Netflix right now.

  • Main Cast: Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, Jack Nicholson
  • Director: Dennis Hopper
  • Where to watch: Netflix
  • Locations:  Mexico and USA

Lesser Known Travel Movies

6. Tracks: One of the best Lesser-Known Travel Movies

This is yet another amazing yet slightly lesser know travel movies. The movie is an adaptation of Robyn Davidson’s Memoir “Tracks.”

The plot follows the lead character through her journey across the Australian deserts with her dog and 4 camels. She is also joined by a National Geographic photographer, who documents her journey. This is definitely a must-watch!

  • Main Cast: Mia Wasikowska and Adam Driver
  • Director: John Curran
  • Where to watch: Amazon (USA)
  • Locations: Australia- South Australia, Central Australia, Northern Territory, Ayers Rock, Outback

Lesser Known Travel Movies

7. The Art of Travel: Travel through Central America

This is a decent film that follows the story of a man who plans to go on his honeymoon alone after his marriage plans are ruined.

Shot in the stunning landscapes of Central America, the movie is a decent one time watch.  The Art of Travel will definitely inspire you to travel to Central America.

  • Main Cast: Christopher Masterson, Brooke Burns, Johnny Messner
  • Director: Thomas Whelan
  • Where to watch: Just Watch
  • Locations: Bolivia, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru

my own private idaho

8. My Own Private Idaho: Enjoy some fine performances 

The movie follows the story of two friends Mike and Scott as they embark personal discovery journey. They travel from Portland, Oregon to Idaho, and then to Rome in search.

The main plot of the movie is loosely based on Shakespeare work ‘Henry IV’. Other than the story, the performances are really work appreciating.

  • Main Cast: River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves
  • Director: Gus Van Sants
  • Where to watch: Amazon (USA)
  • Locations: USA- Portland, Oregon, Idaho; Rome, Italy

travel movie

9. A Walk in the WoodsTake a hilarious walk with this book based movie

Based on a 2015 Memoir by Bill Bryson, this comedy movie is mainly shot in Georgia, United States.

The story is about two elderly men going on a hiking trail. The film manages to make you laugh at certain points and is definitely at least a one-time watch.

  • Main Cast: Robert Redford, Nick Nolte, Kristen Schaal, Nick Offerman, Mary Steenburgen, Emma Thompson
  • Director: Ken Kwapis
  • Where to watch: Amazon  (USA)
  • Locations: Georgia, USA

best travel movie

10. National Lampoon’s Vacation: One of the Best Classic Travel Movies 

This hilarious movie is a part of a series of movies. The movie takes you on a hilarious family road trip across America.

The movie has four subsequent sequels, but my favourite is the first one. This movie is definitely a must-watch if you are looking for something on the lighter side

  • Main Cast: Chevy Chase, Beverly D’Angelo, Imogene Coca, Randy Quaid, John Candy, Christie Brinkley
  • Director: Harold Ramis
  • Where to watch: Hulu
  • Locations: USA- Arizona, Utah, California, Missouri

Lesser Known Travel Movies

11. In July: A little-known German Movie that takes you through Europe

This is a German movie that follows the story of two people on a road trip across Europe to find true love. The movie will not bore you for a minute. It is surprising, charming and funny at times.

This romantic movie is heart-warming and takes you through breathtaking locations.

  • Main Cast: Moritz Bleibtreu, Christiane Paul
  • Director: Fatih Akın
  • Where to watch: Just Watch
  • Locations: Hungary, Germany, Turkey, Romania

movies on travel teenagers

12. The Road WithinFollow the life Changing Journey of three friends 

The film is an American remake of a German film, ‘Vincent Wants to Sea’. The plot of the movie revolves around three teenagers who go on a life-changing journey.

What I liked most about the movie are the performances of the three main characters. It is definitely a one-time watch.

  • Main Cast: Zoë Kravitz, Dev Patel, Robert Sheehan      
  • Director: Gren Wells
  • Where to watch: Amazon (USA)
  • Locations: California, USA

two for the road

13. Two for the Road: One of the best yet lesser known travel movies

This is most definitely one of the best road trip movies. The movie tells the story of a husband and wife who take a road trip in Southern France to examine their twelve-year relationship while.

The story, the screenplay and the locations, everything about this movie is wonderful. This movie will definitely inspire you to travel to France.

  • Main Cast: Audrey Hepburn, Albert Finney, Eleanor Bron
  • Director: Stanley Donen
  • Where to watch: Amazon (USA)
  • Locations: France- Var, Oise, Alpes-Maritimes, Drome, Cap Valery, Paris

travel movie

14. CopenhagenExplore the beautiful Danish City

A man is travelling through Europe and finally reaches Copenhagen. Here he is in search of his grandfather and a young teen helps him in his endeavours.

Other than the beautiful cinematography the movie also explores the themes of love in a very subtle way.

  • Main Cast: Gethin Anthony, Frederikke Dahl Hansen, Sebastian Armesto, Olivia Grant, Mille Dinesen, Baard Owe, Tamzin Merchant
  • Director: Mark Raso
  • Where to watch: Amazon (USA)
  • Locations: Copenhagen

Patagonia movie

15. Patagonia: Explore the Argentian Culture in this beautiful Movie

The story centres around the journey of two women who take a journey to escape from their mundane lives. In their journey, they try to find peace within themselves.

The movie can be seen in 4 different languages including Welsh, Spanish, English and Polish.

  • Main Cast: Matthew Rhys, Marta Lubos, Nahuel Pérez Biscayart
  • Director: Mark Evans
  • Where to watch: Amazon  (UK), Youtube
  • Locations: Argentina, UK 

hunt for the wilderpeople

16. Hunt for the Wilderpeople:  An amazing Adventure- Comedy Film 

Shot in the wilderness in New Zealand, this hilarious movie is an absolute must-watch The story revolves around a boy and his foster father who go on an adventure in the wilderness.

The movie is based on a book titled, ‘Wild Pork and Watercress’ by Barry Crump.

  • Main Cast: Sam Neill, Julian Dennison, Rima Te Wiata, Rhys Darby
  • Director: Taika Waititi
  • Where to watch: Amazon (UK and USA)
  • Locations: New Zealand – Manawatu-Wanganui, Tongariro National Park, Central Plateau,, Auckland, Puhoi, Coromandel

So, while you are still stuck indoors, watch some of these amazing travel movies to quench your thirst for travel. Do let me know in the comment section below if you know of any other good but lesser-known travel movies.



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