Le Caudan Waterfront Mauritius: Leisure, Pleasure and Biz

Le Caudan Waterfront is situated in Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius. This modern waterfront shopping and entertainment complex in Port Louis features a wide array of shops, restaurants, 4 & 5 star hotels, movie theaters, a casino, a history museum, a craft market and it hosts regular live street entertainment.

Le Caudan Waterfront is a popular destination which offers a complete shopping, leisure and commercial experience. Markets, restaurants, cafes, entertainment, art, casino, cinema, 5-star hotel, museum, business centre – you name it, Le Caudan Waterfront has it all.

The shopping experience at Le Caudan Waterfront is a benign one. Here you can shop for products from local artists, enjoy Mauritian and international delicacies at the restaurants, watch movies or try your luck at the casino and take pleasure in admiring various artists’ work while enjoying shopping. You can simply stroll on the walkways which are covered with colourful umbrellas, sit on the Le Caudan Waterfront café, enjoy the local views and street food, see the ships coming into the harbour.

Le caudan waterfront

The magnificent Le Caudan Waterfront in Mauritius. Photography by Stephan Kelle


Le caudan waterfront

Le Caudan Waterfront is a popular destination which offers a complete shopping, leisure and commercial experience. Photography by Aleksandra


Le caudan waterfront

The shopping experience at Le Caudan Waterfront is a benign one. Photography by Sabrina Webber

Le Caudan Waterfront: An Overview

Location & Currency Marina Quay, Caudan, Port Louis, Mauritius

Mauritian Rupee. The most sought-after Mauritius Rupee exchange
rate is the USD to MUR rate.

 Mode of travel  You can easily commute by taxi. Companies and local tour operators offer car, scooter and bicycle rental services at reasonable
 Highlights A unique Shopping experience which includes fashion, beachwear, jewellery, accessories, embroidered linen, books, sports goods, duty
free goods etc; crafts market which offers plethora of semi-precious stones, wooden sculptures, artisanal soaps, souvenirs made out of coconut, wood or glass, creative range of regional handicraft ; restaurants which serve international delicacies along with local
Mauritian cuisine ; a casino for gambling
 Nearby Spots Blue Penny Museum, Citadel Fort Adelaide, The Deck in Trou Fanfaron Harbour
 Weather Conditions Weather in Mauritius is very pleasant and visitors can visit at any Conditions time of the year. One can enjoy tropical climate all the year round because Mauritius is not far from the Tropic of Capricorn and thus witnesses many hours of bright sunny skies.
 Temperature January is the hottest month with an average temperature of 26˚ and
July is the coldest with an average of 21˚.

 Le Caudan Waterfront: Integral Part of Mauritius’s Cultural Landscape

Le Caudan Waterfront has been part of the cultural landscape of Mauritius. The history of this place is alluring. The name of this place commes from a famous figure, Jean Dominique Michel de Caudan, who came to former Isle de France from Languedoc (a department in the south of France). He started a saltpan in 1726, in the southwest of Port Louis. This area is now known as Robert Edward Hart Garden and is situated on the entrance road leading to the waterfront.

The peninsula called Le Caudan, a historical site, has been home to quays, warehouses, various small enterprises, an astronomic and meteorological observatory over the last 250 years. After 1980, this site had now became a popular
harbour where sugar bags were transported by train, trucks, boat, carried by hundreds of hands. Das Pier, brother of the famous navigator Barthoulomeu Dias.

The main building known as Barkly Wharf was named after Sir Henry Barkly who was appointed governor of Mauritius from 1863-1870. Le Caudan is also a business centre and a hub for commercial activities which
attracts tourists worldwide.

Le Caudan Waterfront

Mauritian crafted wooden baskets stacked beautifully together. Photography by Kim Berley


Le Caudan Waterfront

A wooden sculpture placed at the Le Caudan Waterfront. Photography by Sam B Elliot


Le Caudan Waterfront

Colourful umbrellas hanging from the wires up make for a unique feature. Photography by Manami

Shopping Experience at Le Caudan Waterfront

The Craft Market at Le Caudan Waterfront consists of 36 stands each displaying unique regional handicraft, souvenirs made out of coconut, glass, wood; recycled and stained glass objects; a collection of semi-precious stones, wooden sculptures, basketwork, locally grounded spices.

The market is full of local Mauritian artists who possess great talent. During my visit, I found a wood carver who had won many prizes, an artist who has been painting for nearly 25 years. Then there was also a mehendi artist who was making beautiful designs as demanded by her customers.

There are over 170 shops which offer a wide variety of products ranging from jewellery, watches, body care products, clothes, embroidered linen, colourful sarongs and souvenirs. Some of the famous shops where I witnessed greater footfall were:-

Didus Art Gallery which offers paintings of local artists; exhibition of postcards, lithographs, reproductions; artist materials

Del So,  a unique concept boutique that offers a huge range of products such as nail polish, shorts, hair clips etc.that change colour in the sun.

Kashmir Gallery sells products imported from India, all handmade. These shops sell bed covers, table covers, pure pashmina shawls, silk carpets, silk embroidery kaftans.

Solaflags markets flags, banners and accessories, fridge magnets, cufflinks, tie clips, key chains etc.

Flemingo – famous for duty-free products such as chocolate, liquor, tobacco, perfumes.

Poncini– It is famous for setting up of non- sugar agricultural enterprises. Good quality watches and top end jewellery are offered here.

There are several shops which deal in clothes. The most celebrated shops are Delire, Entrez, Dockland, Citysport, Karl Kaiser, Peace Angel, Laughing Duke.

le caudan waterfront

Didus Art Gallery. Picture credits: Didus Art Gallery


The Book Court at Le Caudan Waterfront. Picture credits: Book Court Mauritius


le caudan waterfront

The Craft Market. Photography by Naads

Casinos in and Around Le Caudan Waterfront

During recent years an increasing number of casinos are opening all around the island.

The Caudan Waterfront Casino is a popular hotspot in Port Louis and is visited by thousands of people. The casino offers both live table games and selection of slot machines. Popular table games include Oasis Poker, Blackjack, American Roulette, Reel Machine. Foreign currency is accepted here.

The casino is open for adults above the age of 18 years and there is no dress code. But shorts and sandals are not allowed after 7 pm. The casino is open for slots every day from 10 am to 2 am. It is situated in the beautiful waterfront area and started operations in 1996.

This casino features the highest number of slot machines.

Le Caudan Waterfront

The Caudan Waterfront Casino. Photography by Prayuj

Restaurants, Coffee Shops and Cafes at Le Caudan Waterfront

There are plenty of eating places at Le Caudan Waterfront. The Mauritian food is a blend of French, Chinese, Creole and Indian food. The local beer of Mauritius – Phoenix Beer is named after the town where it is produced. Flying Dodo is the only craft beer produced on the island.

One of the distinguished local food items Roti Chaud is also available at the Le Caudan Waterfront. It is a kind of local street food of Mauritius.

L’Observatoire (food court) consists of around 17 food outlets. Also, there are a number of cafes, restaurants and beverage stalls in Le Caudan.

There are a number of hotels (Le Labourdonnais and Le Suffren) at Le Caudan Waterfront where 4 restaurants and 2 bars can be found. The commercial centre subsists pastry counters, coffee bars, ice-cream parlours, pubs, fast food outlets.

At the Tandoori Express you get mouth- watering tandoori snacks, Mystic Masala serves good Indian food. Grand Ocean City provides a good choice for Chinese lovers.

The Le Caudan Waterfront is also home to sophisticated restaurants of international standard food places offering Mauritian, Eastern or Western cuisine.

Also, do not miss the sugarcane juice at the Creperie.

Le caudan waterfront

The streets of Port Louis are flooded with fresh fruits and delectable food. Photography by Sabs


Le caudan waterfront

The local beer of Mauritius – Phoenix Beer. Photography by Tom Harris


Le caudan waterfront

There are plenty of coffee shops, cafes and restaurants at Le Caudan Waterfront. Photography by Andrea

Le Caudan Waterfront as a Business Centre

Port Louis is the administrative and business capital of the island. Here the large businesses and little trades coincide. Port Louis is home to the biggest port facility in the Indian Ocean region and one of Africa’s major financial centres. The number of ships visiting the port numbered is over 2,200 annually. The trade of various goods occurs through this port where the Le Caudan Waterfront is situated.

All in all, Le Caudan Waterfront in specific and Mauritius, in general, is a good place to be for travelers. So take a break from the beaches and visit Le Caudan Waterfront in Port Louis. One can simply stroll around and take a nice walk around colourful shops and cafes. You can also enjoy a wonderful view across the harbour sea.

P.S: Don’t miss the umbrella arcade!

Le caudan waterfront

Port Louis is the administrative and business capital of the island. Photography by Neer


Le caudan waterfront

Port Louis is home to biggest port facility in the Indian Ocean region. Photography by Jasheel


Le caudan waterfront

The beautiful city of Port Louis at night. Photography by Hizanora

Happy Wayfaring.


Le caudan waterfront

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le caudan waterfront  le caudan waterfront