Itinerary for Lombok Beaches & Nature Trails for Budget Travelers

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Itinerary for Lombok should be planned in such a way that it gets the best out of this enchanting island destination. Lombok is a backpacker’s paradise. It is known for its stunning mountains, beautiful beaches, gushing waterfalls and diverse surf spots.

A friend and I took our first trip to Lombok together. Since we were short on time, we could spend just five days in this pretty locale. However, we made sure that we created our itinerary for Lombok in such a way that each moment counted. 

We spent a total of ten days in Indonesia and the last five days were meant exclusively for exploring Lombok. The first five were spent exploring Gili Trawangan. Our main aim was to go lounging on the lovely beaches and stay amidst locales near nature. 

Itinerary for Lombok

Exploring Lombok has been an adventure for me. This place has everything I desired for as a wanderlust lover – nature trails, waterfalls, beaches, buzzing markets – just everything. This is a picture from day 1 of my Lombok trip. I was at the Tiu Kelep Waterfalls and spent hours by the naturally flowing water. Staying close to nature makes me happy. Picture credits: Tanvi Gautama

In my current blog, I will share my travel itinerary for Lombok with you in great detail. My aim is to help fellow travelers, headed to the same region with their travel plans. I hope that my travel itinerary helps you make the most of your time.

Being beach lovers and nature enthusiasts, my friend and me chose places that suited our travel interests. Nature trails, seaside retreats, waterfalls and local markets are what we chose to explore in the time that we had. However, as a traveler, you can choose to explore Lombok in any other way you like.

Places Marked on My Travel Itinerary for Lombok

Before I begin to share my itinerary with you, it is important that you understand the locale I chose for my trip. My primary base i.e. place of stay was Kuta region in Lombok. My friend and I stayed at a very nominal and comfortable homestay in Kuta Lombok. 

Before Lombok, we had pursued a backpacking trip to Gili Trawangan – Another gem of a place in Indonesia. We arrived at Kuta region from Gili Trawangan and that is how our trip began.

Each day, we would wake up early and tour the places en route from Kuta in the northern part of Lombok as well as the southern part. Kuta region itself lies in Southern Lombok. The map below will help you understand my itinerary as well as my travel plan.

Itinerary for Lombok

The current map has been take from Google Maps. The route layout and curation have been done by Akriti Mattu.

Lombok as a travel destination has a lot of things to offer. However, for beach bums like my friend and me, spending quality time at the shore was a priority. Hence, our itinerary for Lombok spanning five days focused mainly on the best beaches and nature trails in the region. 

Since we just had 5 days to spare for Lombok, our travel itinerary and plan had to be designed in a way that made each locale visited and each moment spent worth it. 

My Travel Itinerary for Lombok Beaches & Nature Trails

Lombok is a large Island located in the South Asian country of Indonesia. It is almost the same size as Bali. Therefore, it is not at all possible to cover it fully in just five days. What is possible is to prioritize some places over others depending on your preference as a traveler.

Hence, our itinerary for Lombok spanning over 5 days comprised of the following travel plan.


  • Arriving at Lombok Port and getting picked up by our travel guide
  • Road trip to Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep Waterfalls
  • Hiking up to Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep Waterfalls
  • Bathing under naturally flowing water of the Falls
  • Returning to our homestay at Kuta Lombok

  • Waking up early and taking a cab to Semeti Beach
  • Exploring the beautiful rock formations at Semeti Beach
  • Walking to nearby Mawi Beach and enjoying sun tanning
  • Spending a few hours by the sea and returning to our homestay

  • Visiting Selong Belanak Beach in the morning
  • Signing up for a crash course in surfing on the beach
  • Spending half the day in trying to surf well and having fun
  • Having an excellent time at the beach and returning back 

  • Exploring the nearby Kuta Beach
  • Observing the native Jakunga boats
  • Lazying around at the Kuta Beach
  • Indulging in good food and some peace time

  • Taking a cab to a hotel offering shuttle services to Lombok Airport
  • Exploring the local market on the way
  • Buying small but nice native souvenirs
  • Heading back home finally from Lombok

Lombok is a nice island that is located between Bali and Sumbawa Island in Indonesia. Even though it lies so close to Bali, it is still not as visited as Bali. Now, this makes Lombok an even lovely place to visit.

Travelers claim that Lombok is now where Bali was years ago in terms of beauty. The fact that most parts of Lombok are still remote makes it quite enticing to backpackers and solo travelers.

Having this exact enticing thought in mind, a friend and I headed to Lombok for 5 days. As travelers, we knew that exploring locales close to the sea and amidst nature would be our top priority. Hence, we were all set to go on a journey that would bring us close to nature.

I’ve already stated my Lombok itinerary with you briefly above. But now, I will share all the day-wise details. These will include an elaboration of places visited. Not to forget some very fine minuscule but significant travel tips for first-time visitors.

Day 1 of Itinerary for Lombok

Being completely new to the region, my friend and I hired a travel guide – Ahmad. He was supposed to take us to Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep waterfalls. We found him through Instagram and are super glad that we did. Now, this isn’t necessary but it did make our journey much easier.

It needs to be mentioned here that we traveled to Lombok after taking a backpacking trip to Gili Trawangan. So, our travel guide – Mr. Ahmad picked us from Lombok Harbour (the sea point of entry in Lombok from Gili Trawangan) in a car and accompanied us right up till the waterfalls.

The car ride was absolutely beautiful. On our way to the waterfalls, we stopped for breakfast at Rinjani Lodge. The Lodge is extremely scenic and we enjoyed a delectable breakfast there. If you want, an overnight stay can be planned at this lovely place. 

Hiking till Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep Waterfalls

Both these waterfalls are located in the northern part of the Lombok island, at a place called Senaru. To get to the waterfalls, you have to enter a park that has an entrance fee. You will find both these waterfalls once you enter the park.

Sendang Gile is the smaller one of the two falls. A small hike leads to it. The water flow isn’t very harsh and you can even stand under it. It’s almost like nature giving you a free massage.

Though Sendang Gile is gorgeous, the real deal is the Tiu Kelep waterfall. The water is colder here. But this will be refreshing after a long sweaty hike. Unlike the small hike leading towards Sendang Gile, the hike till Tiu Kelep is a long one. But, totally worth it.

Slipping on Mossy Waterfall Trails

One of the sweetest and most helpful beings that we saw on our way to the waterfalls was a bunch of local kids. They were sitting there, playing and the minute they saw us they started to help. They held our hands while we walked through a stream so that we wouldn’t slip on any of the mossy stones.

After spending a good few hours at both these waterfalls, we returned to our place of stay at Kuta Lombok. We had pre-booked it online. It goes by the name of Sasak Lombok Bungalow. It was super affordable with a really nice location. If I visit Lombok again, I am so staying at this place.

Before leaving for the Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep waterfalls, carry enough cash with you before leaving. You will need it for paying an entrance fee of 10,000 IDR.

Wear string shoes for the hike and no slippers of any kind. Make sure the shoes are water-resistant.  Also, carry a good swimsuit with you. Else, you will not be able to take a dip under the flowing water.

Buy a waterproof bag before you leave for the falls. It will help you store your phones and cameras. Carry your own drinking water with you because none of it is available inside the park.


Itinerary for Lombok

Cute kids helping me as well as a lot of fellow travelers on our way to the waterfalls. The rocks here are moss-laden and hence one needs to be very careful while crossing over. Picture credits: Tanvi Gautama


Tiu Kelep Waterfalls in Lombok

This is my friend and me laying free under the naturally flowing water of the Tiu Kelep waterfall. Nature literally pampers you here. We spent a good few hours before heading back to our homestay in the Kuta area. Picture credits: Tanvi Gautama

Day 2 of Itinerary for Lombok

Our second day on our itinerary for Lombok was dedicated exclusively to the tropical beaches. These included Semeti Beach and Mawi Beach. We were accompanied by our travel guide on day two as well. This isn’t required so if you think you want to visit on your own, you totally can.

Semeti Beach, popularly known as Pantai Beach by the locals, is a secluded getaway from crowds. You can find this beach in Central Lombok. It takes around 45 minutes from Kuta area (our place of stay) to reach here.

Touring rock formation at Semeti Beach

Our tour guide, Ahmad, took us all over the rock formations to view the scenic Semeti beach from various angles. It is hard to reach these rock formations. However, once you manage to reach here, your visit will be totally worth it.

These rock formations are a hidden treasure of little caves and pools. The water is so clear that you can see everything that lies underwater.

After we got done exploring the rocky formations of the beach and marvelling at its beauty, we decided to head to Mawi Beach. This beach is only five minutes away from Semeti Beach.

Visiting Mawi Beach

Mawi Beach is known as one of the best spots for surfing in Lombok. Characterized by clean water and fun waves, Mawi Beach is still one of my favourite spots in the world.

We spent a good few hours there, swimming around and basking away in the sun. A lot of travelers go for sun tanning here. So we did the same. It was good to get in some Vitamin D directly.

There is an entrance fee for vehicles at Semeti Beach and Mawi Beach – 10,000 Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). A company by the name of Gojek runs reliable cabs in the region. If you want, you can even rent a bike for 50,000 IDR to reach here.

While at Semeti Beach, wear shoes if you plan on exploring the rock formations. Carry water with you so that you stay hydrated. Also, apply lots of good SPF sunscreen.

Note: 1 IDR=0.000070 USD, I IDR=0.000063 EUR, IDR=0.0049 INR (these were conversion rates at the time of my trip).

itinerary for Lombok

A little peak into Semeti Beach from a distance. Nature is at its best here. Check out the beautiful blue sea, green plantation and a lovely bird hovering around the sea. Picture credits: Tanvi Gautama


itinerary for Lombok

This is me sitting on the beautiful rock formations near Semeti Beach. Every traveler should visit these rock formations if Semeti Beach is on their itinerary. Picture credits: Tanvi Gautama

Day 3 of Itinerary for Lombok

Surfing dominated day three of my trip in Lombok. We headed to Selong Belanak Beach early morning and were mesmerized by its white sand. Selong is primarily a white sand beach and is popular with beginner level surfers.

Any traveler is welcome to learn surfing here. I suggest that you try it for sure. You will find many surf shops and shacks on the beach. Therefore, if you would like to give surfing a try, all you have to do is find a surf shop and sign up.

Giving a shot at Surfing at Selong Beach

I have been a pretty decent diver all these years. However, I had no idea how to surf. But even then, I felt like trying and so signed up for a crash course in surfing. Sure, you can’t learn surfing in just one crash course but it was definitely worth trying.

If you know how to swim and really enjoy swimming in the sea, then a surfing crash course is the most fun thing you can do at Selong Beach. Since I was a beginner, I was given a paddleboard. My instructor taught me some drills on the sand and then we went to test them out in the sea.

Pursuing surfing till the end at Selong

I fell every time I tried to stand up and it was hilarious. The waves would just throw me out on the shore. But I kept trying. Selong Beach is a great place to learn to surf as the waves are not very big.

If you try it out you will find many beginners, swimming and falling and just having a great time. If you do have more time and money, learn how to surf properly. Sign up for a proper crash course.

While at Selong Beach, do give surfing a shot. You don’t have to be a pro. Just do it for fun. In case you have more time and resources, then surely go for a proper course.

Do carry drinking water with you on Selong Beach and try keeping yourself as hydrated as possible.


Surfing in Lombok

This is me walking with a paddle towards Selong Beach. This was going to be my first time surfing ever. I didn’t know how to do it so signed up for a small crash course. It helped me learn the basics. Picture credits: Tanvi Gautama


Surfing in Lombok

After falling numerous times on the paddle, I decided to take some rest. So, I lied down on the paddle for a while and took some time off from the continuous waves. Picture credits: Tanvi Gautama

Day 4 of Itinerary for Lombok

Since our homestay was in the Kuta area, we thought of spending our fourth day exploring the beaches there. Kuta Lombok is a popular spot amongst backpackers. It is a well-known village in the Indonesian province of West Nusa Tenggara.

Our homestay wasn’t very far from Kuta Beach. So, my friend and I decided to walk toward the beach. Lombok is still relatively very new to tourism, so our walk comprised of just us and a scenic view. As we walked we could see the sea on our side but we decided to walk towards the main entrance of it.

Observing Jukungs at Kuta Beach

You will find lots of locals at the Kuta Beach and will also spot many Jukungs (Jukungs are traditional Indonesian fishing boats. These fishing boats are often used by scuba shops, taking the divers to various dive sites which bigger boats cannot).

The water at Kuta Beach was quite clean. So taking a dip here becomes even more fun. The beach receives a lot of travelers per day. I preferred the other beaches to this one. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a fun attraction. It’s just that it was a tad bit crowded for me

Head to Kuta Beach only if you don’t mind the crowd. There is no entry fee for this beach and a lot of eating options are also available. However, the buzzing footfalls are a slight issue.

While at the beach, request a boatman to offer you a ride in one of the Jukungs.


Itinerary for Lombok

Jukungs riding in Kuta Beach. Jukungs are traditional Indonesian fishing boats that are often used by scuba shops. Their role is to take the divers to various dive sites which bigger boats cannot. Picture credits: Tanvi Gautama


Itinerary for Lombok

A broken but decorated ship docked at the shore of Kuta Beach. Check out the colourful sketching on its mainframe. You could even go inside and see what lies inside. It was interesting. Picture credits: Tanvi Gautama

Day 5 of Itinerary for Lombok

Finally, our last day in Lombok and in Indonesia had arrived.  We spent our last day going to a hotel that provided a free shuttle and was closer to the airport as it was more convenient. The homestay we were living in was quite far from the Lombok International Airport.

While we were on our way we passed through the traditional market of Lombok. So we thought of exploring it. It was a very colourful market bursting with life. It was crowded but things edible things being sold were all fresh. It was like a mix of a farmer’s market and normal goods market.

After we were done with some light shopping, we headed to the hotel and finally the airport. It was time to say goodbye to Lombok. Our hearts were heavy but there was this strong hope of returning really soon.

Do not leave Lombok without buying souvenirs that are native to the region. Buy something small that reminds you of this beautiful haven.

If you’re staying too far from Lombok’s International Airport, make sure to arrange for a cab service till any hotel which will, in turn, provide an airport shuttle service.


Shopping in Lombok

Buying small but unique souvenirs from a market in the Kuta area on our way back to Lombok International Airport. Also, try various kind of caps and hats available at a store. Picture credits: Tanvi Gautama


Lombok is beautiful

The beaches of Lombok will always stay special for me. The oceans keep me alive and sane. They are the reason why I wish to re-visit this locale very soon. Picture credits: Tanvi Gautama

I’d like to mention here that even though my friend and I could invest just 5 days on our trip to Lombok, you should certainly spend more time here. In fact, on my next trip, I plan to invest more time in Lombok alone. The reason being, a lot of locales are still left to be explored.

On my next trip, I surely will visit Mount Rinjani, Mangku Sakti Waterfall, Narmada Water Park, Pink Beach, Nambung Beach, Pantai Tebing, Tanjung Bloam and TWA Gunung Tunak. Seems like I am not done with Lombok – not yet.

I hope my itinerary for Lombok helps all my fellow travelers. If you have any questions to ask, feel free to post them in the comments section below.

Happy wayfaring.


Tanvi Gautama

Tanvi is an inspiring PADI Scuba Diving Instructor and a passionate underwater photographer. Tanvi loves the oceans, their indigenous flora and the untamed world beneath.