These Make Nandi Hills is a Ten on Ten for Your Perfect Day Trip!

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Are you trying to answer the 5W’s for Is Nandi Hills worth visiting? I might as well help. 

Located at about a 2-hour drive from the heart of Bangalore city, Nandi hills is a popular getaway. Scroll down to know 11 reasons why Nandi hills is worth your time and effort.

Is Nandi Hills Worth Visiting

Nandi hills has a quite a lot to offer other than the splendid sunrise views. 

Is Nandi Hills Worth Visiting: 12 Exciting Reasons to Visit

So, without any adieu, let me delve straight into the reasons for visiting Nandi Hills near Bangalore City –


Nandi Hills – A Paradise for Nature Lovers

If you are someone whose ideal trips are around mountains, greens and animals, then Nandi hills should top your bucket list. With magnificent views of the nature and friendly monkeys, it’s your mind that stills with calmness and your camera that overflows capturing the beauty.


Its Time for the Bicycle Enthusiasts to Shine!

If as a cyclist you’re wondering is Nandi Hills worth visiting, it definitely is! If you prefer cycling and want to peddle through the hills, you can. So, get your bikes ready, strengthen your muscles and pull a friend to race with you. Ready, Set and Go!

Walk towards Nandi Hills

The walk towards the main hill view point is not very challenging and can be completed by beginners easily.


At Nandi Hills I Bet Its 1000 Steps at Minimum!

Mostly, people park their vehicles at the entrance of the gate, after which the actual hill starts. The parking fee is 150 INR. So, if you are looking for places to trek, tighten your shoe laces as Nandi hills is the ultimate adventure for the trekkers.


Transport for Non-trekkers

For those who cannot or do not wish to walk up the hills, there are buses available at the base of the hill that run to the top of the hill and also down the hill. The buses charge 25 INR per person one way, which is indeed reasonable.


Your Pets Can Join the Fun!

You read it right! You can go trekking with your dogs and cats, without letting them feeling left over. But you would have to keep them tied up for the safety of other visitors.


Get Your Adrenaline Rush With Paragliding at Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills offers paragliding. 4000 ft. above sea level, equipped with gears and a professional instructor, enjoy the 360-degree view of the landscapes and the sky. So, if life isn’t daring enough, paraglide!

Tipu Sultan's lodge Nandi Hills

When in Nandi Hills, don’t miss out on this peek into the past at Tipu Sultan’s Summer Lodge


Visit Nandi Hills for Its Historical Significance

Nandi Hills links with the history of India. It has Tipu Sultan’s Lodge that was used by him as a summer residence. Later, it was converted into a hill resort by the Britishers. So, if you are interested in visiting the histories, come and cherish Nandi Hills.


Nandi Hilltop Is the Perfect Picnic Spot

This is probably one of the best reasons to visit Nandi Hills. Be it friends or family, get your jokes ready and your food warm and live the present of scenic nature. Although, you might have to share some food with the monkeys.

Nandi Hills Temple

Nandi Hills has some beautiful ancient temples dedicated to Lord Shiva.


Religious Places Creating Positive Aura

There are many temples at the top of the hill primarily Lord Ganesh’s and Lord Hanuman’s temples. There is also a statue of Nandi, Lord Shiva’s vehicle before Lord Ganesh’s temple. It is said that, if one whispers their wishes into Nandi’s ears, their wishes are fulfilled. And I might just add, MANIFEST AND ATTRACT!


Restaurants and Hotels Will Not Let You Get Hungry

If packing homemade food for your picnic is a no-go, there are restaurants and hotels providing food and beverages. Although they are not very posh, they do serve decent food like piping hot tea in mud pots, idilies, vadas, sambar rice, sandwiches, snacks and various drinks.

reasons to visit Nandi Hills

The places in and around Nandi Hills are very clean and well maintained which is quite pleasing


Nandi Hills Is at Least a 4 Star for the Environmentalists

With increasing pollution, it is difficult to find clean tourist places. Although, Nandi Hills is an emerging change. Plastic bottles and plastic bags are not allowed inside the hills. They are seized at the entrance and you can take them back after your trip. Although, you may still find some tobacco and cigarette packets at the site otherwise, it’s an A+ for cleanliness.


Nandi Hills Offers Camping Grounds for Enthusiasts

The best way to enjoy the beauty of Nandi Hills is by staying overnight in a camp. There are plenty of options for camping in and around Nandi Hills. You can book them online or find the one that suits your needs the best when you reach Nandi Hills. Most of these camps are located at the foothills and offer a number of adventure activities like rope activities, trekking, ziplining etc.

I hope you found your answer to “Is Nandi Hills Worth visit.” So, if you are in Bangalore and looking for a weekend getaway, why not visit Nandi Hills. Undoubtedly, many other places offer quite more adventure and fun, but sometimes, it’s the simplicity that we miss in the rush. Simplicity of nature and its creations! 


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