Which One to Choose For Your Next Trip – Hawaii Or Aruba?

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Hawaii and Aruba are both gorgeous tropical paradises that deserve a spot on every traveller’s wishlist. However, for someone looking to visit just one, choosing between Hawaii versus Aruba can be extremely confusing. 

Aruba and Hawaii are similar in a lot of aspects but it’s the differences that you need to know if you want to make a pick between the two. We help you remove your dilemma by analysing these differences and similarities.  

Hawaii Versus Aruba

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Choosing the Best Between Hawaii Versus Aruba  

Hawaii or Aruba, which one’s better. Let’s find out with this comparison – 






Mar- Oct


Apr- Aug


7-14 Days


2-5 Days

7-DAY TRIP COST (2 People)

2800-6000 USD


2500-4500 USD


Very Good








Traditional Hawaiian & Latin American


Dutch, Caribbean, & Latin American




Very Good


Budget-Friendly to Luxurious


Budget-Friendly to Luxurious


Very Good


Very Good




Very Good


Very Good


Very Good




Very Good





Hawaii or “Aloha State” is one of the most popular holiday destinations for travellers known for its beauty, heartwarming culture and hospitality.  Aruba or “One Happy Island” is also recognised for its beautiful multi-ethnic culture and behavior of locals.

So, how do you decide between the two?  Let us evaluate each of their defining attributes:

What is the Best Time To Visit Hawaii Versus Aruba?

 Mid-March to Mid-October is the best time to visit Hawaii. This is because the islands witness the least rain during this period and the highest temperatures remain between a comfortable 23 and 32 degrees.

However, if you visit between October and December, you can explore a much quieter and cooler side of Hawaii. 

Aruba gets fairly crowded between Mid-December to mid-April. Therefore, April to August is considered a good time to explore Aruba. Reason being, you will get the best vacation deals during this season.

Most importantly, there is less crowd as this is the time when the tourist season ends. 

 VERDICT:  While Hawaii sees a lot of variation in the weather conditions, Aruba’s weather remains fairly the same throughout the year and can be visited anytime.

Hawaii Vs Bahamas Cost

Hawaii is one of the most travel-friendly travel destinations with plenty to explore

Comparing The Ideal Vacation Time Needed for  Hawaii Versus Aruba

Hawaii is a large island and there are multiple things that you can do from watersports to hiking or just chilling around. Therefore,  you need a minimum of one week to explore Hawaii.

Aruba on the other hand is way smaller than Hawaii in size. You can explore the entire island completely in under 5 days. It is only about 20 miles from its northernmost point to its southernmost point.

VERDICT:  You need more time to explore Hawaii since it is much bigger and has a diverse landscape.

Is Hawaii or Aruba More Expensive for Travellers?

The cost of travelling to Hawaiian Islands is approximately 3900 USD  for two people depending on the season you are choosing to book flights, sometimes prices may spike due to peak seasons like December and New year.

The breakdown of the costs is given below –

Food, travel & sightseeing (Per Day)

150 – 300 USD

Flights (2 Way)

1000 to 2500 USD

Accommodation (Per Night)

30 – 350 USD

Internal Transportation (Per Day)

50-200 USD

When it comes to the cost of travelling to Aruba, it comes out to be around 3400 USD for two people.

Breaking down the costs – 

Food, travel & sightseeing (Per Day)

100 – 280 USD

Flights (2 Way)

800 – 1500USD

Accommodation (Per Night)

100- 350 USD

Internal Transportation (Per Day)

20-100 USD

VERDICT:  Aruba is relatively cheaper when compared to Hawaii. 

Hawaii vs Aruba Beaches

The Flamingo Beach in Aruba is one of the most visited attraction

Hawaii Versus Aruba: Which One Has Better Beaches?

Hawaii is home to some of the most beautiful white, black, red and green sand beaches. There are more than 100 beaches and all are free to visit.

Best beaches in Hawai:

  • Punalu’u
  • Kahaluu
  • Kehena
  • Kaanapali
  • Waikiki
  • Ko Olina Beach Park
  • Kalapaki
  • Waimea Bay

Aruba is blessed with some of the most spectacular white-sand beaches. With warm waters, these palm trees lined beaches are perfect for relaxation.

Best beaches in Aruba:

  • Baby
  • Eagle 
  • Arashi
  • Palm 
  • Druif 
  • Malmok
  • Flamingo

VERDICT:  Aruba has an upper hand with its crystal clear white sand beaches

Hawaii vs Aruba Sightseeing

The Spouting Horn blowhole in Kauai is an excellent spot to see crashing waves

Which Has More Opportunities for Sightseeing: Hawaii Or Aruba?

Hawaii will intrigue you with mesmerizing beaches, national parks, museums, zoos, aquariums and what not. There are plenty of things to explore in Hawaii and therefore you must plan a trip of at least one week when visiting the islands

Major attractions in Hawaii:

  • Na-Pali Coast
  • Pearl Harbour
  • Waimea Canyon
  • Diamond Head
  • Haleakala National Park
  • Honolulu Museum of Art
  • Waikiki Aquarium
  • Nahuku- Thurston Lava Tube
  • Spouting Horn

Besides relaxing with the sun, sand, and sea there are many other places of interest Aruba. These include forts, national parks, splash water parks, animal gardens, caves, etc. However, when compared to Hawaii, these spots are limited

Major attractions in Aruba:

  • Oranjestad
  • The Butterfly Farm
  • Bushiribana Ruins
  • Philip’s Animal Garden
  • California Lighthouse & California Dunes
  • Renaissance Island 
  • Hooiberg
  • Aloe Factory Museum
VERDICT:   Hawaii definitely has much more to explore because since it is much bigger than Aruba
Hawaii Vs Bahamas Sightseeing

There are plenty of things to do in Hawaii including hiking up to these Wailua Waterfalls

Hawaii vs Aruba – The Better Destination for Adventurers?

Hawaii has a dramatic landscape with mountains, beaches, waterfalls, hills and more. Therefore there is no dearth of things to do on the island. From exploring lush forest to watersports and hiking, you can indulge in the number of outdoor activities

Best activities in Hawaii:

  • Enjoy Luau Feasts
  • Visiting National Parks
  • Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden
  • Hiking in Kalalau Trail and Waikiki Island 
  • Waimea Canyon driving tour
  • Horseback Riding Tours
  • Helicopter Tour in Maui

Aruba is well known for its stunning white beaches, water sports activities like wreck diving, museums, and national parks. So if you want to have loads of adventures on your trip, this is just for you. 

Best Activities in Aruba:

  • Exploring Arikok National Park
  • Rancho Daimari Horseback Tour
  • ATV Tours 
  • Feeding Flamingoes

VERDICT:  Because of its diverse landscape, Hawaii offers a plethora of outdoor activities to explore

Is Hawaii Or Aruba Better For Water-Related Activities

There are many water-related activities that you can enjoy in Hawaii.

Some of the best water activities for Hawaii are – Deep-sea fishing, Parasailing, Whale watching tours, Mountain tubing, Swimming with Dolphins, Kayaking, Cage Diving with Sharks, Paddleboarding, Snorkeling, and Diving.

Just like Hawaii, Aruba also offers many adventurous water sport activities for travellers.

The best water sports activities you can enjoy in Hawaii include  – Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Snorkeling, Sea scooter, deep-sea fishing, tube rides, and Scuba diving. Apart from this, you can also enjoy underwater visits to the Antilla and Pedernales Wreck. 

VERDICT:  Aruba & Hawaii both offer multiple water-related adventurous activities

Hawaii vs Aruba Food

The noodle soup dish Saimin is a common contemporary cuisine of Hawaii

Hawaii or Aruba, The Better Destination for Food Lovers?

Hawaii is famous for “Plate Lunch”, seafood tacos, Japanese-inspired Poke Bowl, and farm-grown fresh fruits from local markets. Make sure you also try some super fresh tropical foods in Hawaii like pineapple and passion fruit from local farmer’s markets.  

Avg cost of food in Hawaii: 25 USD to 65 USD per day 

Best Food to Try in Hawaii:

  • Hawaiian Plate Lunch
  • Saimin
  • Shaved Ice
  • Loco Moco
  • Manapua

Aruba is well known for its unique blend of Dutch, Caribbean, and Latin American seafood. When in Aruba make sure you try their bread pudding as it is their special dessert. 

Avg cost of food in Aruba: 30 USD – 50 USD per day 

Best Food to Try in in Aruba:

  • Stobas
  • Pan Bati
  • Ayacas
  • Dutch Pancakes
  • Keshi Yena

VERDICT: Aruba and Hawaii both have delicious treats to offer to your taste buds.

Hawaii or Aruba, The Islands With More Happening Nightlife?

Hawaii is known to have an amazing nightlife. While the best nightclubs are in Oahu, you can also choose Waikiki, Honolulu, and Chinatown for exploring bars and pubs. 

Apart from the party scene, nighttime is also a good time to explore other activities such as sunset sailing, fireworks at Waikiki, stargazing, and Luaus performances.

Aruba too has a buzzing nightlife. You can have a good time at the lounges, nightclubs and exciting casinos.  

Other than the bars, clubs and casinos you can also enjoy sunset cruises, Aruba Sinatra Dinner Shows, Salsa lessons or take a Kukoo Kunuku Party Bus Tour.

VERDICT:  Aruba & Hawaii both have an excellent nightlife with multiple activities

Hawaii vs Aruba Shopping

When shopping in Aruba, pick up some delish Dutch cheese

Hawaii Versus Aruba: The Paradise For Shoppers?

Hawaii is famous for its authentic farm-grown iconic Pineapple fruit. They are extensively sold in the local market, served as salads as well as canned foods. Apart from the fresh fruits Hawaii will intrigue you with an array of charming souvenirs  such as Macadamia nuts, Hawaiian quilts, Hawaiian fruits, Aloha shirts, Kona coffee and Tropical fruit jams. 

Recommended Shopping Spots in Hawaii:

  • Queen’s Marketplace to buy fresh food, drinks and experience Hawaiian boutiques
  • Keauhou Shopping center for clothing stores, and local products
  • Kona international market for artistic wooden scriptures and Hawaiian plates
  • Hilos Farmer’s market
  • Ali Gardens marketplace for handcrafted jewelry and trinkets
  • Mauna Lani for beachwear  

Aruba can be the most incredible experience for shopaholics to enjoy delightful things like Fine European Ceramics, gourmet chocolates, fine jewelry, Dutch cheese, Stroopwafels, Aloe products, special Aruban T-shirts, and Mopa Mopa art

Recommended Shopping Spots in Aruba:

  • Oranjestad’s local market for clothes and crafts
  • Caya Betico Croes for clothes,  jewelry  and postcards
  • Souvenirs shopping at the Wharfsideflea markets,
  • Trash by Ronchi for latest fashion clothes
  • Aruba Aloe Factory Museum and Store for small souvenirs

VERDICT: Hawaii and Aruba both offer some wonderful shopping experiences,

Accommodation Options In Hawaii Versus Bahamas

Hawaii has a plethora of reasonable places to stay like hostels, budget vintage hotels, and private lodges. The cost of  stay in Hawaii ranges from 96 USD-450 USD per night and vacation rentals cost around 250 USD- 850 USD per night.

Recommended Stays in Hawaii:

  • Coconut Waikiki Hotel
  • Aqua Aloha Surf Waikiki Hotel
  • Kuhio Banyan Hotel
  • Backpackers Vacation Inn & Plantation Village
  • Hostelling International Honolulu
  • Polynesian Hostel Beach Club
  • Kalani Hawaii Private Lodging

Aruba is cheaper than Hawaii when it comes to accommodation costs. You can choose to stay in t private vacation rentals, beachfront villas, resorts, local Airbnb,  and hotels as per your budget. Aruba offers the best budget hotels that start from 47 USD- 500 USD per night. 

Recommended Stays in Aruba:

  • Holiday Inn Aruba Resort & Casino
  • Serene by the Sea
  • Paradise Beach Villa
  • Amsterdam Manor Resort Aruba
  • Caribbean Palm Village Resort
  • Talk of the Town
  • Manchebo Beach Resort and Spa

VERDICT:  Hawaii and Aruba both offer a wide range of accommodation options but Aruba is more budget-friendly.

Which is More Convenient to Explore: Hawaii Or Aruba?

Hawaii is pretty well connected which makes it easier for travellers to explore the island. You can hire a rental car to travel or a private limo, bus, or taxi to travel between the islands

Aruba also has plenty of options for internal transport. I would insist you go in for Bus services from Oranjestad. Other transport services you can use are Taxis, Limousines, bikes, tramway line, ferries, car and Jeep rentals, and Scooters

VERDICT:  Hawaii and Aruba have an equally well-connected system of internal transportation. But,since Hawaii is much larger, you will spend more on transportation

Hawaii vs Aruba Cleanliness

Aruba has some of the cleanest beaches in the Caribbean region

Hawaii Versus Aruba for the Neat Freaks

Hawaii for most parts is clean and hygienic but some parts do have a serious trash problem.  Some of the cleanest areas in Hawaii are Honolulu and Kahului-Wailuku-Lahaina. 

Aruba is quite clean and has one of the cleanest beaches and waters. The cleanest places in Aruba are Turks and Caicos and Grand Cayman

VERDICT:  Aruba is comparatively cleaner than Hawaii 

Safety of Travellers in Hawaii Versus Aruba

Hawaii is considered safe for travellers except for some places like Waikiki, campgrounds, and country parks. Make sure you are alert in these places and avoid deserted areas at night. Don’t carry expensive cameras and valuables while you are on the streets of Hawaii.

Aruba is safer than Hawaii. In fact, in the Caribbean region, they are known to have the lowest crime rate. It is also located away from the hurricane belt.

VERDICT: Safety-wise, Aruba is better than Hawaii

Which is More Welcoming, Hawaii or Aruba?

Locals of Hawaii are extremely courteous and lovely people. You receive a heartwarming welcome with Lei flowers when you reach there.

In Aruba, the people are really welcoming, helpful, and friendly. You can have a chat with natives without any hesitation and they’ll help you with must-see places to visit with a beautiful smile that you will never forget. This makes Aruba more unique and special. 

VERDICT: Hawaii and Aruba are both very welcoming towards visitors

Aruba vs Hawaii: Which Island is Best for a Family Vacation?

Hawaii is an excellent family vacation spot. Because of the lanscape, there are so many exciting things you can do especially if you have kids. You can enjoy exploring serene beaches in remote areas, outdoor hikes, cruises, watersports like snorkeling with sea turtles, and much more in Hawaii.

Aruba is a desert island with gorgeous beaches. However, there are only a limited number of option when it comes to exploration.  With your family, you can visit the kid-friendly resorts, stunning white sandy beaches, museums, cruise spots, and water sports. 

VERDICT: For a memorable family vacation, both are pretty good options but Hawaii offers a wider range of activities. 

Hawaii vs Aruba Honeymoon

Hawaii and Aruba are both incredible destinations for couples

Hawaii Versus Aruba as Honeymoon Destinations

Hawaii is an amazing place for married couples to enjoy the sandy beaches, clear fresh waters, Aloha spirit, and one of the beautiful resorts in Maui, Oahu, Lanai in Hawaii. 

Experience the romantic sunset cruise, go in for deep-sea diving, Kayaking in the Wailua River, and a must-visit to Honolulu – one of the most popular cities for honeymoon couples. 

Aruba is considered a more popular honeymoon spot when compared to Hawaii. 

Aruba offers a wide range of delightful resorts and luxury resorts with lots of amenities to enjoy for newlyweds. You can just sit by the beach or your resort and spend time in the company of your partner

Verdict: The choice of honeymoon destination depends on the kind of couple you are. If you wish to enjoy some quiet time by the beach, pick Aruba, otherwise visit Hawaii for some adventure.

Hawaii Versus Aruba: The Final Verdict

So, let’s get back to the initial question- Is Hawaii or Aruba better?  Both are fantastic and certainly prove to be a memorable experience no matter if it’s a family trip, solo or couple trip. The choice will depend on your preferences.

 If you are planning an adventurous trip to experience hiking and the lush mountains then Hawaii is the best choice for you. If you are looking for lovely, clean, and warm beaches with countless spots for entertainment and shopping then Aruba is your ideal choice. 

Going further, If you are looking to relax with your family on the beaches on a budget,  Aruba is better. But if you have no budget restrictions and time to spare, Hawaii is a better option. 

Happy Wayfaring!



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