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Searching the whole internet just to find perfect captions for a Goa trip? Want to express your fun feelings, emotions and excitement with suitable Goa travel quotes?

In my current blog, I’ve come up with exciting Goa captions for all types of pictures that you have clicked during your trip.

Goa Captions

165 Chirpy Goa Captions for Your Jolly Days

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Funny Goa Captions

Jolly trip; Cooling my hip

Wetting my balls under the falls

I chill, please you pay my bill

Sit and pose; But don’t fart to disturb any nose

In Goa’s kingdom; Planning to wear a condom

Leaving the prints of my foot; Please bring me the same size of the boot

In the end, I realized “I love Goa” t-shirt is not enough to flirt

Wet bum; Now I need rum

Goa trip is wasted if Feni is not tasted

Drink, kink, wink!

Go Goa Status

Off to the beach; I will be out of reach

With my chilling imagination; On the way to a beach destination

My heart is filled with thrill; Going to Goa to chill

Dear Goa, I’m ready with my shorts; Welcome me with shots

Goa once again; My journey begins with the train

Getting ready for adventure in Goa’s nature


Off to Goa to chill; Today I don’t care about the bill

My trip to Goa begins; Excited to do my kind of sins

Beach babies are ready; On the journey already

Weekend morning; Dear Goa, I’m coming


Fontainhas Goa Captions

Friends meet at a colourful street

Adding colours to my life with my hot wife


For a day I avoided phone calls to explore colourful walls

Walls full of colourful feel for my reel

Colourful way; I’m with my sway

Reeling colours of feeling

Red, yellow, green and blue; Each colour welcomes you

A colourful wall is whispering in my ear, “Can I paint your life dear?’

Wall is yellow and I glow


I incline towards a bright shine

Beyond the beach; Colours reach

Fly in the colourful street as a butterfly


Funny Goa Captions for Instagram

At the beach don’t fart; Waves will apart

Don’t pose after crossing the limits of doze

I planned to get tanned

“I’ve never seen such a fat mermaid”, blue waves said

Somebody said, “In a bikini, you look fire”; Now realized he is such a liar

This Sunday is ‘cooling bum day’

The doctor said, “You need saline”; Now here I’m fine

It’s a naughty relationship; between waves and my hip

Salty sandwich; Fun enrich

Sand is heating my bum; Soon it will look like a brownish drum

Seashell is confused between playdough and bum; It’s trying to leave prints on my personal drum

Goa Captions With Friends

We three, under a coconut tree

Goa’s giggle with my favourite people


Cocktail, mocktail; Friendship tale

Wet friends; Chirpiness blends

Weird pose; High on dose


Special weekends; Wash away the sins of friends


Weekends with friends; Naughtiness blends

Chirpy vibe; Quirky tribe

Trip with my tribe; Should I need to describe?!

Makeup, blow up, chill up!

Glass and my mass

Goa Diaries Captions

Barefoot; photoshoot

I’m in Goa, what’s the reason? It’s a waterfall season

In the monsoon, Goa is a boon

Feel of Goa reel

Sea and sky; I want to fly


Sand in my hand; Feeling beach land

I stand and feel high on the sand

Cheers to my peers

Waves are dancing; Sky is romancing

Soaking myself in sea and sand; Is what I feel grand


Goa Trip Captions for Girls

Chill out and pout

Goggle and my giggle

Short dress; De-stress

Wear a frock and rock

Goggle and messy hair; Away from any affair


Salty beauty

Wild waves deserve each curve

Wine, the tickle of sunshine, divine

Delight sight; I’m feeling bright


Bikini and sunscreen; Now I’m a salty queen

Beach style; Versatile

Tight ponytail and cocktail

Today we are Goan girls; Flaunting our curves


Goa Trip Captions for Boys

Jollification without a job qualification!


The joy of a boy; Exploring Goa without being coy


Dashing dude; Blued


Kings of silly things

Gang full of fusion; Weekend explosion

Individually we are zeroes; Together we are heroes

Goa is warm; I’m full of charm

Youngster, monster, funster

Weekends resettle when I open a bottle

Quenchers with backbenchers

Goan Food Captions

I wish to have a feni and fish

Fish dishes are what my heart wishes

At the beach after cooling my hips; I rush to the restaurant to kiss a fish with my lips

Seafood, taste buds feeling good

Goa trip is a waste if you miss fishing thali of taste

Goan Pao, feni and fish; My favourite dish

I’ve to hurry because it’s month watering fish curry

Goan fish and rice; I had it thrice

Goa’s kingfish is always a tempting dish

Spicy Goan delicacy

Goa Beach Captions

The rush of a ripple ready to tickle

Waves whispered in my ear, “Feel me dear”.

Sea is addictive; Sunshine is seductive


Land of sand; Goa is grand

Waves spank; I thank

Waves are naughty; Kissing my booty


With peace at the beach; Far away from anyone’s reach

Beating blues with blue


Mess up with sand; It’s my chillaxing land

Writing name; It’s my favourite beach game

With seashell, I’m always well

Beach is for fueling; Seashells are for jeweling

At the beach, I kiss to feel the bliss

Miss You Goa Quotes

Goa was a bliss that I miss

Goa dairies are now in memories

Missing my tans; Can we have more Goa plans?

Tan fades; I miss blue shades

Missing those smiles; Wish to revisit miles


Missing Goa moments; Want to decorate myself again with seashell ornaments

Feeling blue, missing blue

Waiting to leave my footprints on sand; Missing my beach land

Waves of my heart; Missing sand and salt

Now wearing boots; I miss flip-flops for my foot


Goa Nightlife Captions

Beach beats make everyone ditch their seats

Musical night; Feeling bright

Feeling light under the colourful lights

Night club; Colourful hub

Sing and fling

High volume room and I bloom

Shout, pout and night out

Without a doubt, I’m high on a night out

Move body with a buddy

Drink and dance with romance

Drink and kink; Wink wink wink 😉

Seductive lights; Beach party nights

Cocktail inside; Swag outside

Waves of thrill and we chill

Dings and Drinks

Parra Road Goa Captions

Being free under a coconut tree

Free road to reload

Coconut trees, breeze; Here I want this moment to freeze

Palm trees kissing the sky in the calm

Parra road; Peace download

Breathe in green: Lean in clean

Trees kissing; It’s a blessing

Green joy; I enjoy

Hop! Hop! I have a heavenly backdrop

Trees flaunting their natural attitude; I’m in awe with gratitude

The capture of contentment in nature

Reel of nature’s feel

Peel off stress in nature’s feel

Out of the crowd; Nature’s proud

Leave worries; With nature’s glories

I hope you have felt the thrill of these Goa captions. Let me know which one has become your favourite from my list of Goa travel quotes.


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