On the Look Out for Travel Comic Captions for Pictures with your BAE?

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Looking for funny travel captions for couples? Searching the internet for humorous vacation captions that make your pictures on social media stand out?

Well, start scrolling my blog for some chucklesome quotes, captions, short liners and what not to captivate the attention of people on your wanderlust soaked posts!

Funny travel captions for couples

51 Funny Travel Captions for Couples to Steal the Show on Social Media!

So much cheese in one frame can cause indigestion!

Perfectly clicked! The camera has your weight tricked!

An ice cream on the lips, a month on the hips!

Eat less babe! We struggle to fit in a frame!

Clicking pics, feeling kicks!

I don’t show off my bod until my partner gives me a nod!

Tantrum face leads to no sharing my space!

My babies cry when it’s time for me to take a selfie and sigh!

The kayaking race has been the best fight ever won with you, Honey!

Getting tanned on the shack was our cheapest beauty treatment!

Look, we shampoo our hair with sea salt!

I am tired of posing when you are dozing!

Hold the kids. I don’t need vacation vibe rids!

Don’t pull my hair when in the selfie we stare!

Who eats ice cream in the freezing mountains?

We thought of getting wild. But forgot to get styled!

Desert, sand and dance!

In pool, I drool!

Get the selfie stick or your bod I’ll kick!

We shouldn’t pack for trips. We need to look for ships!

I love posing one way with you! No-Pose!

That’s how we look a few decades ahead, Thanks snow! 

We can’t go East and West together. So, you better follow me!

You always asked me to bring down the moon! Come, look at it in my spoon!

Funny us under water!

Look, I can still hold you! Just be without shoe!

Street food for some fun mood!

Hand in hand, together we fall in sand!

You claimed yourself to be the best driver, let’s have a cycle race!

Click fast honey, the waves won’t wait for us! 

Did you notice the picture love, your abs shifted down!

Oh, it’s you beside me! I thought I appeared in the Paris fashion week! 

I am not high, it’s the impact of your love!  

Can you smile! I still have to drive with you for a mile!

I can prove my love right now but you know this mountain is way too high!

I can’t get you the moon. I am open for a spoon!

Heels lose trekking deals!

I travelled to this height with you and our love, but jumping from here can’t be love!  

This self-invited guest created a perfect love triangle on the journey!  

You asked for the moon, Now take my googly and catch it with the Sun!

You say I am bad at making choices, so I just posted this picture without making a choice. 

I love our selfies where kids are enjoying… in the background!

Plans are for others. We crash our way around!

Our kids should be happy to see us vacationing! They will have cool parents for some time.

This ain’t no honeymoon! I got no boon!

Dogs and travel is really a marvel!

Did you tell your parents, we are on Baecation! Your dad started following me on Instagram!

Get clicking, never flicking!

Sit back. For once try to relax!

Our selfie doesn’t need a background. Yours is the only sound!

Should I post or create for you a digital roast!

So, how did you find my funny vacation captions for couples ? In case you want to add more to my list, share your wonderful ideas in the comments section below or reach out to us at Budget Wayfarers on Instagram.

Happy wayfaring !


Surbhi Aggarwal

Surbhi Aggarwal hails from Delhi but her heart goes out to those natural and virgin beaches Goa and Andamans. She feels privileged to have experience nature at its best. From the mesmerizing beach sunrises to the unexplored heights of Uttarakhand, she loves them all. She loves to travel with her family and never misses a chance to wake up in those early morning hours just to meet the locals and explore the true flavours of the place.