Looking For Captions That Best Defines Your Travel & Food Pictures?

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Eating your favourite food on travel is an emotion. I have some amazing food and travel quotes for your pictures.

So, sit back, grab a snack and read these unforgettable food trip quotes. 

111 Food And Travel Quotes That Capture the Beauty of Discovering New Flavors

These food travel quotes can inspire you to embrace new cultures and savour new flavours.

Lovely Food Trip With Friends Quotes

  1. Food tour!
  2. Food trip!
  3. Drooling while roaming!
  4. Take east, only if there is a food joint to eat!
  5. Let’s beat the heat with some cold treats!
  6. Sweet, is my heart beat, come let’s go and eat!


  1. My backpack is a sack I use for storing snacks!
  2. I usually prefer a backseat whenever I eat!
  3. Guys, don’t let the food resources go deplete, I cannot bear it!
  4. These cookies are made of wheat, since I believe my friends are gluten-allergic I never ask them to eat!
  5. Every new meal gives me an amazing feel!
  6. I ensure my food packets are sealed, so that no one steals!
  7. I never get on the wheels, without packing my meal!
  8. I never wish to make my trips an ordeal, so I ensure to pack my meals!
  9. Legend has it that travel helps you heal, did you know food supports it?
  10. Feeling fussed? Munch on some nuts!
  11. Getting energised with some coffee, to go all around Bali!
  12. Handbag of toffees, to keep myself at ease!
  13. Sipping some hot tea when the climate is freezing me!
  14. Mint cooler, to beat the hot weather!
  15. Healthy travel pursuits, with fruits!
  16. Wander in hot weather, only if you can find coconut water!
  17. Burnt corn I chew, enjoying the view!
  18. I can go without a map, but never without a vegetable wrap!
  19. Biting popcorn, roaming around the breezy farm!
  20. Atop the hill, I reminisce about the sandwich I had a while ago on the grill!
  21. It is an absolute thrill to have ice cream when it is chilly!
  22. Peanuts, beach huts, is this true, my Jesus?!
  23. Here are locals who are genuinely sweet, pampering me with loads of sweets!
  24. Street food, my good!
  25. Friends’ travel meet, means bingeing on food treats!
  26. My heart beats, for flavorful treats!
  27. Collecting food receipts, to record in my food-while-on-travel diaries!
  28. Tweet, when you eat a croissant made of wheat!
  29. Cookies I eat, to give a short rest to my feet!
  30. Soaking in green, and stomaching the local cuisine, how I wish it becomes my routine!
  31. Day fourteen, and I am still looking for the best meal, to satisfy my travel needs!
  32. Zoo, and I just spotted a bar to cool off!
  33. Breathing the aroma of freshly brewing caffeine, in a place so serene!
  34. Travel goals, with vegetable spring rolls!
  35. Why don’t hotels offer a fridge with chocolate ridge?
  36. While on a travel quest, I adjust to food I can easily digest!
  37. Ensure to taste the best, after all in travel you invest!
  38. Eat till your chest, when you unexpectedly taste something best. 
  39. Rhythms of nature I feel, because bags of green tea are what carry!


Best Eating And Travelling Quotes!


  1. When food, mind, and the body are in sync, you feel divinely linked!
  2. Like the colourful butterfly you fly, when you taste the ever-sumptuous baby corn fry!
  3. Setting my travel mood, with some good food!
  4. Biting the pear and dissipating into the air!
  5. I have not had my food since yesterday, I swear, so people please don’t stare!
  6. Throughout the car ride I cried because we couldn’t find any food joints by the side!
  7. Watching Sea tides and crunching fries, what a feeling guys!
  8. Sigh, I finally found my favourite food, yay!
  9. Sitting by the tinkling river, I enjoy eating fritters!
  10. Puffed rice keeps my travel days healthy and nice!
  11. Feeling fed like after ages, what an amazing bread!
  12. Chocolate, my longtime travel mate!
  13. The food aroma drives me to roam all around Rome!
  14. Struck between the mesmerising Eiffel tower and the yummilicious cheese burger!
  15. Fresh food I touch,  to only become that tourist who doesn’t know the meaning of rush!
  16. Dear trees, please don’t mind me relishing a feast full of cheese, be at ease!
  17. I might be freezing, but I never say no to cheese!
  18. We three on a travel spree are bound to try out different types of cheese as we please!
  19. Be at ease and taste the yum-yum cheese!
  20. Feeling the breeze, I bite the cheese!
  21. Dear Bees, you are sweet, for your information, I love cheese!
  22. Twice I had to change my tees, it looked like they liked the cheese!
  23. It is forty degrees and I am relishing the cheese melting in my mouth!
  24. Car keys please, let us stop at a shop that sells delicacies made of cheese!
  25. Shady trees and I am tasting some mouth watering pastries!
  26. Strolling through streets , with flavorful pastries!
  27. Stray, but with your favourite snack, okay?
  28. With chocolate, I can never be late, look at how the train waits!
  29. Inside my mouth , chocolate melts, seeing the beautiful outside, my insides also melt!
  30. I carry peanuts for my adventures, because they up my guts!
  31. Wandering the farms, eating corn.
  32. Best food I feel, and I heal!

Food And Travel Captions


  1. Well, while on travel, you need to unravel food havens!
  2. Standing in heaven and tasting heaven, feeling driven!
  3. Dreaming bacon and having plenty of fun!
  4. Embracing another cold day with my favourite latte!
  5. Shopping trips and food licks!
  6. Drenching in rainfall, hopping through some mouthwatering food stalls!
  7. Cake is so creamy, when all around it is snowy!
  8. Mountains and tea cakes, my all-new phase!
  9. Life rife with aromatic coffees and savourites!
  10. Backpack and grow your belly like a sack!
  11. The sky is murky and the flavours are quite quirky!
  12. High five, let’s cut the apple into five!
  13. I love watching ships, crunching some chips!
  14. Lollipops at hill tops!
  15. Whenever I go crazy, my friends support me with something tasty!
  16. What is travel without waffles?
  17. With waffle cones, I roam all through the town!
  18. Say hello to my fellow companion, espresso!
  19. Bird watching and snack munching!
  20. Managing cold along with my group, with some manchow soup!
  21. How about making travel a routine and tasting different cuisines?
  22. Sipping pure green soup, adoring nature’s amazing hues!
  23. Caramel flavoured ice cream and I happily scream!
  24. Marine food facing the sea, O man, I feel so good!
  25. I don’t need an escort, whenever I am in the food court!
  26. Climbing miles, leaving food trials!
  27. I lost my favourite chocolate chunks, now how do I build energy to carry my travel trunk?
  28. Flow, reach the river boat, you will be surprised with food in hordes!
  29. Breeze so soothing, coffee is what I am sipping!
  30. Some tofu wraps, before I call this trip a wrap!
  31. At the peak, my insides shake, and my hands holding my most-liked butterscotch milkshake also shakes!
  32. Travel before it is too late, by the way, don’t forget to carry your chocolate!
  33. Travel could get you doubly insane if you get to eat something insanely good!
  34. Frost all around, I was soaked eating cheese fries with tomato sauce!

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