A Rare Shopping Guide for the Old Turkish City of Eskisehir

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Eskisehir top buying things should surely be taken back home with you after visiting this lesser-known but beautiful travel destination. Eskisehir is a small city located in the beautiful country of Turkey. The word, ‘Eskisehir’ literally means old city (Eski implies old and Sehir implies city).

Eskisehir is the city where I spent 6 straight weeks along with a beautiful and kind-hearted Turkish family (my hosts). It certainly is one of the hidden wonders of Turkey. Since I spent a good amount of time here, I explored the markets and am aware of the Eskisehir top buying things in great detail.

You will be amused to know that you can shop for all the local and branded Eskisehir top buying things in almost all the markets of this region. However, here the prices will be quoted almost three times lower than what you will have to pay at other Turkish travel destinations like Istanbul and Cappadocia.

Apart from the well known Turkish items, the city of Eskisehir has many other wonderful things to offer the average traveler. The stuff ranges from miniature painting bookmarks, handmade Baykush gift concept items, Eskisehir glass art showpieces, embroidered accessories, Eskisehir stone items and many more hidden gems that you will be surprised to find in this city.

Being an infamous city amongst travelers, it is a must-visit for all those who love getting out of their comfort zones to explore places. I am so glad that I got to visit this part of the country. I am truly in love with it.

In my current blog on Eskisehir top buying things, I will be elaborating on each and every detail that will be required by the average traveller visiting the markets of the region. The aim is to help you find good stuff at reasonable prices.

Eskisehir Top Buying Things for Travelers

Here are the ten most important Eskisehir top buying things that you should have on your shopping list. I’m also sharing their respective prices in the brackets.

Ceramic bowls, bells, plates, ashtrays or clocks from Odunpazzari (3-15 TL)
Miniature bookmarks from Odunpazzari (2-5 TL)
Miniature bookmarks from Odunpazzari (2-5 TL)
Embroidered rings from Sazova Tale Castle stalls (7 TL)
Wooden wall hangings from the Baykush Gift concept in Ismet Inonu (20-50 TL)
Glass art accessories, magnets, showpieces or home décor  from Odunpazzari (3-25 TL)
Eskisehir stone jewellery from Odunpazzari (10-25 TL)
Bohemian stuff from Nautilus concept in Ismet Inonu (5-50 TL)
Harry Potter merchandise, mugs and other items from Karga Eskisehir in Ismet Inonu (5-40 TL)
Outfits from Mavi, De Facto, LC Waikiki. (20-150 TL)

The Best Areas for Shopping Eskisehir Top Buying Things

There are some lovely markets and places in the region to shop for Eskisehir top buying things. As a traveler you should be exploring these places in detail.

Owing to the fact that the city of Eskisehir doesn’t expect any tourists as such, not many people converse in English. Hence communication can be tricky here.

However, the people here are so warm that they will try their best to reach out to you. They love seeing visitors in their city and love to showcase their culture to the broader world out there.

Most Recommended Market Places in Eskisehir

Some of the highly suggested market places for purchasing Eskisehir top buying things are as follows.

Carsi Market
Ismet Inonu Market
Espark Mall
Ataturk Bulvari Market
Sazova Tale Castle Stalls

Unless you know about the best market places for shopping Eskisehir top buying things, you will not be able to explore the beautiful decor of these places fully.

Therefore, based on my own experience in each of these markets, I am sharing the most travel friendly details for all of these markets below.

Eskisehir Colognes being sold at the Carsi market. Picture credits: Nimisha Modi

eskisehir top buying things Kolonyalari shop selling colognes in super cute bottles at Carsi Market. Picture credits: Nimisha Modi

eskisehir top buying things A range of beautiful nail colours all lined up at Flormar outlet in Eskisehir. Picture credits: Nimisha Modi

Carsi Market

Carsi is one of the most important areas in Eskisehir. There are several shops here and in the vicinity of this area including the local shops as well as the branded stores.

You will find all sorts of famous Turkish brands here. Both sides lying opposite the metro station consists of branded stores. The lanes heading towards the inside of the market comprise of the local shops of Eskisehir.

Some Famous Turkish Labels Available at Carsi Market

I’m mentioning some of the most recommended Eskisehir top buying things under Turkish labels below.

LC Waikiki
De Facto

There are several lanes in the Carsi market dedicated to specific things like wedding items, men’s wear, spices, tea, coffee, clothes, scarves, backpacks and possibly everything that you want as a visitor.

It will take you an entire day to fully explore the Carsi market. You will find various shops selling products like backpacks, scarves, ties, accessories, sunglasses, colognes etc., for prices as low as 10 TL.

Shops and their Respective Eskisehir Top Buying Things at Carsi Market

Now let me tell you about the Eskisehir top buying things that you must shop at the lovely Carsi market. I’m also mentioning the names of the specific shops where the respective item will be available.

Backpacks at Masal Canta
Bags, watches and sunglasses at Su Accessories
Colognes at Akgul
Spices, tea and coffee at Temiz Is. 

The lady who owns the shop speaks very fluent English)

Handmade and woven items, wedding items at Yagmur Ceyiz 
Dry fruits and nuts at Kuruyemis
Artificial flowers at Cicekci 
Home décor items at Mega home 

You can even buy gold from Carsi market since it comprises  numerous jewelry stores with beautiful deigns. As a traveler, you can even get your currency exchanged at a shop here named Eskisehir DovizAltin.

Apart from the Eskisehir top buying things I’ve mentioned above, the other stuff you can buy at Carsi market includes neck ties,  cute socks, Turkish eye bracelets, ceramics, Turkish breads, copper vessels, Turkish tea vessels, handmade soaps, candies, cherries and Turkish hamam accessories

How to Reach Carsi Market ?

Take either the train from SSK to Otogar or vice versa (whichever suits your location ) and get down at Carsi station. It is also at a walkable distance from Ismet Inonu market.

Landmarks: You will spot Mavi store diagonally opposite to the Carsi station.

eskisehir top buying things Mega home store at Carsi market that is the one stop solution for all home items. Picture credits: Nimisha Modi

eskisehir top buying things Kuruyemis shop in carsi sellong various dry fruits. Picture credits: Nimisha Modi

eskisehir top buying things Kurtulus sweet shop offers visitors with a wide variety of chocolates. Picture credits: Nimisha Modi

Now that I’ve elaborated upon the Carsi market in great detail, let me introduce you to another buzzing market place for shopping Eskisehir top buying things.

Ismet Inonu Market

Ismet Inonu market is at a walkable distance from the Carsi market. Here you will find more stylish outfits and accessories. Stores like Watsons, Flormar and food joints like Burger king and Starbucks can all be found here.

Places to shop at Ismet Inonu Market

As a traveler you should stop by the following shops for purchasing the specialized items they sell.

Flormar (nail paints and make up)
Kurtulus (Turkish delight)
Street box (fashionable outfits)
Nautilus concept (harry potter merchandise, mugs, wall clocks, watches, jewelry, diaries, boho stuff and lot of other cute things- any girl’s paradise)
Watsons (beauty and bath products)
Balon (stylish clothes)
Karga Eskisehir (harry potter merchandise, cute mugs and bottles, diaries, magnets, coasters, badges, t-shirts and cute other cute items.
Yoyo (fashionable outfits)
Takinak (cute handmade and artificial accessories)

Do not forget to cross to the other side and head down to the stairs and over the bridge right next to the Riverside café near the Porsuk river to find some hidden gems of Eskisehir.

Let me mention them below.

eskisehir top buying things

Entrance to the Baykush Concept Shop. Picture credits: Nimisha Modi

eskisehir top buying things An entrance to the Istancil Kitabevi shop. Picture credits: Nimisha Modi

eskisehir top buying things Inside the Nautilus concept shop in Eskisehir. Picture credits: Nimisha Modi

Baykush Gift Concept

It is owned by a guy who makes beautiful yet affordable artifacts and paints them all by himself. You can also find a lot of cool home décor items over here.

This place is a must visit if you are in Eskisehir. The owner also speaks fluent English.

Istancil Kitabevi

It is a bookstore that sells novels but only in Turkish language. But you can find some really inexpensive cute magnetic bookmarks over here.

If you are staying with a host family in Turkey, a book in Turkish can serve as a perfect gift. I gifted my host YigitEzen (the Alchemist’s translated Turkish version) from this shop.

This market too needs an entire day to explore it thoroughly. Do not forget to go inside the lanes behind the main road where the metro station lies.

There’s a lot of cool and quirky punk style graffiti done over the walls there. Also, there are many small fashionable shops and boutiques selling outfits.

How to Reach Istancil Kitabevi ?

Take either the train from SSK to Otogar or vice versa (whichever suits your location) and get down at Ismet Inonu station. It is also at a walkable distance from Carsi market.

Landmarks: You will spot a Flormar and Kurtulus store on the opposite side and a mall named Kanati Alisveris Merkezi having a starbucks joint below it.

Moving on next to a fancy market place for travelers in  Eskisehir is the Espark.

eskisehir top buying things The entrance to Espark Mall. Picture credits: Nimisha Modi

eskisehir top buying things Food court at Espark Mall. Picture credits: Nimisha Modi

eskisehir top buying things Flormar outlet just outside the Ismet inonu station. Picture credits: Nimisha Modi

Espark Mall

This mall has all the branded stores and a huge food court too. You can find all brands like Koton, Collezione, Mac, Swaroski, Flormar etc here. Also food joints like Subway, Sbarro, pizzapizza, Starbucks etc.

This place can be a bit crowded at times but do not allow the rush to be a deterrent for shopping. Take your time, make your picks and look for some good deals and discounts.

As a traveler, you should also be using the free toilets here. These are much more cleaner than the ones on the streets elsewhere.

How to reach Espark Mall ?

For reaching the Espark Mall, take either the train from SSK to Otogar or vice versa (whichever suits your location) and get down at Espark station. It is also at a walkable distance from Ismet Inonu market.

Landmarks: You can spot a tall tomb-like cylindrical structure right next to the mall.

The fourth market place for buying the Esksehir top buying things is Odunpazzari. It is one of the most historic districts of Esksehir.


Odunpazzari is an old market selling various handcrafted Turkish items in the city of Eskisehir.

If you are lucky enough, you will find various stalls lined up at the entrance of Odunpazzari market where varieties of items like woven Turkish loofahs, paper quilling jewellery, ceramics, glass art etc. being sold at really affordable prices.

As you walk uphill you will get to see some beautiful old colourful houses lined up giving you a perfect spot to get pictures clicked. I saw a couple taking their pre-wedding pictures over here.

What and where to shop at Odunpazzari?

Here’s a detail of all the Eskisehir top buying things along with their respective selling places at Odunpazzari.

CamlaDans (Eskisehir stone jewellery, glass art, accessories, quirky badges, wall clocks, home décor)
Camiminci by Seniz ( some really unique glass art magnets, bracelets, cute evil eye rings, accessories)

The shopkeeper runs this shop along with his sister who is an artist and he himself is pursuing a pilot course in the aviation industry, hence speaks very fluent English.

Café DosthaneNargile (ceramic, wall hangings, bells, wall art, home décor, dream catchers, bottle clocks).

The shopkeeper’s son who is pursuing a course in animation and advertising, speaks very fluent English.

Nar Cicegi (beautiful ceramics, various artefacts, cups and saucers, mugs, cigar pipes and many more traditionally made daily use items).
Vildan Gunsoy Minyatur Atolyesi (miniature drawings onto pebbles and wood and sells items like bookmarks, necklaces, paperweights, wall hangings, pots, bells).

The lady who sits and paints miniature drawings doesn’t speak fluent English but will gift you something if you happen to tell her you are travelling from another country as a token of love.

Camgoz  (glass items including bells, jewellery, wall hangings, key chains, magnets, home décor, showpieces, lamps).

The shopkeeper speaks very fluent English owing to the fact that he has stayed in countries outside Turkey for a couple of years. He sells the stuff that is all made by him in his tiny little shop by using the glass blowing technique. He even shows you how he makes them at his workshop if you want to learn more about this technique. This shop is a must-visit while is Eskisehir as its one of its kind.

Lalelar (wooden toy store)
Beyzade Konagi (white Eskisehir stone jewellery, other fashion accessories, small boxes, earrings, cigar pipes, ceramics).

The shopkeeper speaks fluent English and will even tell you about how each item is made and the history of the technique used for the same if you are interested.

As you walk uphill, you will come across a mosque. You can enter the park connected to it and will see a lot many shops inside the bricked building.

Do head to these shops for some amazing shopping experiences you can only have in Eskisehir.

What to Buy from Shops Near the Mosque Area?

Maple leaf bookmarks, miniature painting bookmarks, lamps, door hangings, cute wooden colorful wall hangings (the shopkeeper selling these is a cute old man who loves meeting new faces and getting to click with them- he does not speak English).

How to Reach Odunpazzari?

Odunpazzari market comes at the station named Ataturk Lisesi. There are two ways to get here depending on where you are staying. You can take either SSK to Otogar (or vice versa) or SSK to Osmangazi university or vice versa and get off at Ataturk Lisesi station.

Landmarks: You will see a huge white-coloured building standing right in front of the road opposite the metro station. The name of the building is Ataturk Lisesi and you will also be able to spot a sea green coloured fountain roundabout near the same.

Cross the road to get to the building and walk straight from there till you see some small departmental stores. The store selling bread right next to the traffic signal is where you will turn left and head to Odunpazzari market.


eskisehir top buying things An old lady selling handcrafted jewelry at stalls in Odunpazzari. Picture credits: Nimisha Modi

eskisehir The owner of the shop Camimnci along with his artist sister. Picture credits: Nimisha Modi

eskisehir top buying things This is me standing outside the mosque area shops. Picture credits: Nimisha Modi

The fifth market place for buying the Eskisehir top buying things is Ataturk Bulvari market. This remains open on Wednesdays only.

Ataturk Bulvari Market (open on Wednesdays)

This market takes place right next to the Ataturk Bulvari station every Wednesday.  This market keeps shifting to different parts of the city every day.

What to buy at the Ataturk Bulvari Market place?

Here’s a detail of all the Eskisehir top buying things at Ataturk Bulvari Market.

Hair accessories
Tops and T-shirts (including brands like Lee Cooper and Lacoste)
Turkish Novels
Chair covers

This is a sort of flea market where stalls sell the first copies of products at times.

I do not recommend buying makeup products, watches, lingerie, and perfumes from here. But for them only if you don’t find them elsewhere.

You can go for the other things here because they are of good quality despite being a street market.

You can haggle with the shopkeepers for the best prices. Nothing here would cost more than 50 TL.

On the other side of the market, you will find stalls selling fresh fruits and vegetables and even spices and candies. The must-buy items from there should include cherries, strawberries, olives, spices, and candies (seker).

How to reach the Ataturk Bulvari Market?

Take either the train from SSK to Otogar or vice versa whichever suits your location and get down at “Ataturk Bluvari” station.


eskisehir top buying things A huge variety of olives being sold at the Ataturk Bulvari market on Wednesday. Picture credits: Nimisha Modi

eskisehir top buying things My host Yigit Ezen buying watermelons from the Ataturk Bulvari market. Picture credits: Nimisha Modi

eskisehir top buying things Fake watches sold at Ataturk Bulvari market. Picture credits: Nimisha Modi

Finally, coming to the last market place for purchasing Esksehir top buying things.

Sazova Tale Castle Stalls

Sazova Tale caste is Eskisehir’s Disneyland. No wonder, most of the couples in Eskisehir have their pre-wedding shoots over here. The shops right outside the entrance sell various souvenirs for travelers to take along with them.

What to buy from Sazova Tale Castle Stalls ?

Here’s a detail of all the Eskisehir top buying things at Sazova Tale Castle Stalls.

Sazova Tale Castle magnets
Antique home décor
Funky chokers
Embroidered rings
Evil eye hangings

Always have a good internet connection with Google Maps to get to this place.

When I planned a visit to Sazova Tale Castle Stalls, the bus I sat in dropped me a kilometer away and I had to walk straight on a for about 10 minutes to get there.

So, I would suggest that you ask other fellow passengers if they are getting down at the same stop so that you have someone to guide you.

How to reach Sazova Tale Castle Stalls ?

Take either the train from SSK to Otogar or vice versa (whichever suits your location) and get down at Espark station. You will see a bricked wall with a board of 222 Park.  Go and stand there and wait for a red minibus that will take you to the Castle.

The same is available right outside the exit gates of the castle once you cross the road. The buses come in a frequency of half an hour approximately but the drivers do not speak English at all.

So before you get in and get out of the bus, do confirm the place they are taking you or dropping you at by simply asking them, “Sazova castle? Espark metro station?” 

The driver will somehow nod or say Evet (yes) or Hayir (no).

 Eskisehir is a beautiful region to visit as a traveler. It might not be that mainstream yet but it surely is full of pleasant surprises for the average traveler.

Its markets are sprawling with the most creative items that you should most certainly carry back home with you. The variety is huge and the prices are very pocket-friendly.

If you’re planning to visit Turkey soon, you should add Eskisehir and its market places to your itinerary. Shop till you drop here.

Happy wayfaring 🙂


Nimisha Modi

Nimisha Modi started traveling early in life and went on a three month spree across the cultural landscape of Turkey. A cheery Instagram enthusiast, Nimisha loves capturing pictures and keeping her memories alive.