32 Most Dangerous Roads in the World, Only for the Fearless!

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Dangerous roads in the world include roads that despite being treacherous, are still used by many. This is either out of necessity or for sheer adventure.

Although a lot of roads around the world are deemed dangerous, some of them are exceptionally challenging and require skills of the highest level. 

In this blog, I take you through the most dangerous roads in the world. These roads include some of the most beautiful, yet deadly roads from every corner of the planet.

Most Dangerous Roads in the World- Only Bravehearts can drive through!

Many of the world’s roads are plagued by unstable weather conditions, poor maintenance, and deadly natural phenomenon. In this blog, I have tried to include some of the world’s most dangerous roads.

While some of these roads are rendered dangerous because of the fragile terrain, others are dangerous because of notorious crime, irresponsible drivers, etc.

So, while I would outrightly suggest you avoid roads such as the B-116 in Brazil, adventurers can test their driving their skills on many roads such as Pasubio road in Italy.

North Yungas Road

1. North Yungas Road, Bolivia: A Dangerous Road that Attracts Cyclists from around the Globe

Also known as the “Road of Death,” the Old Yungas Road is considered to be one of the most dangerous places in the world.

The one-lane road is considered dangerous for a number of reasons including thick fogs, sharp hairpin turns, landslides, etc.

A number of people have died here in accidents. Despite that, a number of cyclists go here every year to test their cycling skills.

Connects: La Paz and Yungas Road
Approx. Length:  80 km
Dangers: Elevation, No Guardrails, Landslides, Dense Fog,  Uneven

Keylong Road

2. Keylong – Kishtwar Road, India: One of the Most Dangerous Roads in India

Some of the most dangerous roads in India lie in the Himalayas. Keylong to Kishtwar road is one such deadly road.

The road is narrow, rocky, and has no guard rails. One bad turn can land the driver down a 2000 ft vertical cliff.  A drive through this road will test the endurance of you and your vehicle.

Traveling through the road is not for the faint-hearted.

Connects: Keylong to Kishtwar
Approx. Length: 120 km
Dangers: Elevation, No Guardrails, Steep Cliffs, Uneven

most dangerous roads in asia

3. Commonwealth Avenue, Philippines: This ‘Killer Highway,’ is prone to Accidents

The road is popularly known as the Killer Highway for a high number of fatalities.

Despite being a broad highway with around 18 lanes, the highway witnesses are prone to accidents. There are no signs and designated lanes, which makes overspeeding an issue.

Overspeeding vehicles have caused several accidents on the highway in the past. That’s not all,  lack of a proper drainage system leads to heavy flooding during the rainy season. This further adds to the accident rates.

Location: Quezon City
Approx. Length: 12 km
Dangers: High Traffic, Poor Regulations

most dangerous roads in usa

4. James Dalton Highway, Alaska: An Icy, Secluded Highway, Frequented by Polar Bears 

The highway is considered to be one of the most dangerous highways in the American subcontinent. The Road is dangerous for three main reasons – wildlife, extremely remote location, and extreme weather conditions.

The region is extremely windy and temperatures drop drastically during winter. The remoteness of the road adds to the danger. It’s advised that anyone traveling the road should bring survival gear and plenty of supplies.

Also, the region is also frequented by polar bears who have been known to attack people in defence or while chasing prey.

Connects: Fairbanks to Deadhorse
Approx. Length: 666 km
Dangers: Extreme Weather, Remote Locations, Wildlife

br 116 brazil

5. President Dutra Highway BR-116, Brazil: A Dangerous Road Marred by Criminal Activities

Dubbed as the “The Highway of Death,” it is the second-longest road in Brazil.

The highway is marred by unstable weather, poor maintenance, bandit violence, and carjackings. The highway is also very infamous for child prostitution rackets. 

Because of the dangers posed by the highway, tourists are generally advised not to take the route.

Connects: Porto Alegre and Rio de Janeiro
Approx. Length: 4610 km
Dangers: Erratic Weather, Poor Maintainance, Crime, High Traffic

most dangerous roads in asia

6. Kabul-Jalalabad Road, Afghanistan: The Roughest of Roads 

A 65 Km stretch of the Kabul – Jalalabad road is considered to be the most dangerous place on earth.

The stretch passes through the Taliban territory. However, that is not what makes it so dangerous. The road passes through a stretch of extremely rough and mountainous patch.

The road has claimed several lives in the past and becomes even more dangerous during the rains and winter season.

Connects: Kabul and Jalalabad
Approx. Length: 65 km
Dangers: Poor Maintaineous., Terrain

most dangerous roads in europe

7. Atlantic Road, Norway:  A Beautiful Road that Turns Deady during Storms 

This road is Norway offers one of the most scenic drives in the world. However, this beautiful drive has dangers lurking around.

The road’s bridge is quite steep which makes it dangerous especially on stormy days. The weather in this area is very unpredictable. In windy conditions, the high waves coming towards the road make the journey terrifying.

Apart from that, the cold and wet conditions are certainly going to be one hell of a task. 

Connects: Hustadvika and Averøy 
Approx. Length: 8.3 km
Dangers: Unpredictable weather, Slippery Bridges

most dangerous roads in europe

8. Stelvio Pass, Italy: A Gorgeous but equally dangerous Pass in the Alps

This extremely beautiful pass is the highest road in the Alps and is considered one of the most dangerous roads in Europe. 

With 48 hairpin turns and an elevation of around 9000 ft, you will have to be extremely careful while driving on this road.

The stunning views can distract the travellers and there is nothing much a low concrete barrier would be able to do.

Location: Border of South Tyrol and Sondrio provinces, Italy
Approx. Length: 24 km
Dangers: Hairpin Turns, Altitude

a537 britain

9. A537 Road, Britain: One of Europe’s Most Dangerous Roads 

The road is nicknamed as the “widowmaker” and is also sometimes referred to as the’ Cat and Fiddle Road’. 

Although the entire road is stunning, the sharp turns on the road make it a dangerous road for drivers.  The road is reported to have a high death toll. 

The road is said to be one of the most dangerous roads in Great Britain.

Connects: Knuxtford and Buxton
Approx. Length: 12 km
Dangers: Sharp turns

most dangerous roads in the world

10. BAM Road, Russia: The Road Meant for the Most Skilled Riders and Drivers 

The road is one of the toughest and most dangerous roads in the world. The

The entire road is filled with dangers including rickety old bridges, high water crossings, and remoteness. The road is mostly unpaved, which makes matters even worse.

Apart from these, the chilly Siberian weather causes ice formation on the bridge to make matters worse.

Connects: Siberia
Approx. Length: 4300 km
Dangers: Bad conditions, No Guard Rails, Ice Formation, Old Bridges

most dangerous roads in the world

11. Trans-Siberian Highway, Russia:  Remote and Secluded for Miles 

The trans-Siberian highway is the name given to a network of roads that span Russia cross-country from Saint Petersburg to Vladivostok.

The road passes through some of the most remote locations where help is not available for miles. The condition of the road also bad in certain areas and becomes even worse during summers.

Other problems associated with the road are over speeding and unpredictable weather. You must carry a survival kit if you are planning to drive through the road.

Connects: Saint Petersburg to Vladivostok
Approx. Length: 10000 km
Dangers: Remote, Bad quality, Overspeeding

deadliest roads in the world

12. Bayburt D 915 Highway, Turkey: A Road with Many Hairpin Bends & No Safety 

This road in Turkey’s Soganli Mountain is infamously famous as the “highway to hell.”

The road has 29 hairpin bends and no safety rails. This makes the road extremely prone to misjudgments and accidents.

That’s not all, during winters the road is also subject to snowfall, icy winds, and blizzards. Good thing is that the road remains closed during such events.

Connects: Bayburt and Aşkale
Approx. Length: 179 km
Dangers: Hairpin Bends, No Rails

deadliest roads in the USA

13. Hana Highway, Hawaii, USA: A Beautiful, Yet Deadly Road

Although the highway is one of the most beautiful places in the region, it is extremely terrifying.

The entire road is marked by sharp blind turns, extremely narrow lanes, and old bridges. The road is washed out in certain parts which makes it all the more dangerous.

You can guess how careful you have to be on the road by the fact that It takes about 7 hours to complete the distance of a mere 80 km

Connects: Kahului and Hana
Approx. Length: 80 km
Dangers: Narrow Roads, steep curves, Dangerous bridges

deadliest roads in the world

14. Guoliang Tunnel Road, China: A Road Literally Carved into the Mountains 

The tunnel is literally carved out of the side of the Taihang Mountains.

The construction of the tunnel is what has made this road dangerous. The tunnel is hardly 12 feet wide and 15 feet high. It is prone to accidents during the rainy season.

The road was made by the villagers using explosives to blow their way through this vertiginous cliff. Lacking road-building experience, some villagers died in accidents.

Location: Guoliang
Approx. Length: 1.2 km
Dangers: Sheer cliffs, Rockfalls, Uneven

deadliest roads in the world

15. Tuen Mun Road, Hong Kong: Believed to be Haunted By Ghosts

This road is considered dangerous for a different reason altogether. The road is one of the busiest roads and has many blind spots.

The highway is extremely choked and has witnessed several deaths. The folklore suggests that the road is haunted by the ghosts of the people who have died here.

Connects: Tuen Mun with Tsuen Wan
Approx. Length: 19.3  km
Dangers: Ghost Sightings

most dangerous roads in the world

16. Taroko Gorge Road, Taiwan: A Dangerous Road Passing through an extremely Beautiful Region

The road is extremely beautiful and passes through the Taroko national park. The road is considered one of the most dangerous roads in Asia. 

The narrow road has many blind curves, narrow paths, and is extremely susceptible to landslides and rockfalls as it is literally carved in the mountain. 

Location: Hualien County
Approx. Length: 19 km
Dangers: Blind curves, Landslides, Earthquakes, Flooding

deadliest roads in the world

17. Karakoram Highway, Pakistan & China: A Dangerous Road in a Beautiful Yet Dangerous Terrain

The highway in the Himalayas links Pakistan and China and is considered to be one of the most dangerous roads in the world.

The terrain of the region makes the road prone to landslides, falling rocks, and floods. Certain sections of the road are unpaved which makes the road all the more dangerous.

Driving through the road is something only an experienced driver should attempt.

Connects: Pakistan and China
Approx. Length: 1300 km
Dangers: Falling rocks, Landslides, Floods, Inhospitable Terrain

most dangerous roads in europe

18. Pasubio Road, Italy: A Dangerous Road for Thrill Seekers 

Also known as Strada Delle 52 Gallerie’ in Italian or ‘Road of 52 Tunnels’ in English. The road lies in the Pasubio mountain in Veneto.

Despite having some amazing views, the road is considered very dangerous. The road has   52 carved tunnels, which are extremely dark and get slippery during rains.

Driving through the road can be very challenging for inexperienced drivers. Despite that, a number of cyclists try to go through the road every year.

Location: Province of Vicenza
Approx. Length: 6.3 km
Dangers: Dark Tunnels, Slippery Roads, Steep Curves

most dangerous roads in the world

19. Skippers Canyon Road, New Zealand:  One of the Most Dangerous Roads in New Zealand

Nicknamed as “Hell’s Gate,” this road is one of New Zealand’s most dangerous roads for drivers.

This unpaved road is quite narrow and has steep cliffs. Although the accident rate here s quite less, driving here needs some really good driving skills.

This is one of two roads in New Zealand where rental car insurance is not honored due to the dangerous terrain.

Location: Queenstown
Approx. Length: 26 km
Dangers: Unpaved, no guardrails, narrow, steep cliffs

most dangerous roads in the usa

20. Florida’s Highway 1, USA: Prone to Fatal Car Crashes

Recently Highway 1 in Florida was named as the most dangerous road in the United States.

The road has the highest road fatality rates. This is primarily because of the high traffic on the road during peak hours.

Location: Florida
Approx. Length:  120 km
Dangers: High Crash Rates, Traffic

most dangerous roads in the world

21. Route 622, Iceland: One of the Most Dangerous Roads in Iceland

Located on the coast of the fjord Dýrafjörður, the road is said to be one of the most dangerous in Iceland.

The road also known as the Svalvogur road is carved into and under cliffs. Although the entire road is quite scenic, certain stretches are quite difficult to drive.

Apart from this, the road is not frequented by many vehicles. Therefore, in the event of a breakdown, you are on your own. To make things worse, in some parts even the network is poor.

Connects: Þingeyri and Lokinhamrar
Approx. Length: 22 km
Dangers: Rough, Poor Quality, Steep, Unpaved, Remote, Weather Fluctuations

deadliest roads in the himalayas

22. Fairy Meadows Road, Pakistan: A rough Ride through the Mountainous Terrain

Set in a beautiful setting, the Fairy Meadows Road is nothing like its name suggests.

The road is narrow, unpaved, and completely unmaintained. Driving through the road, you will have to go through very steep sections, which makes the drive all the more dangerous.

This is definitely one of the roads, where only experienced riders should go.

Location: Gilgit-Baltistan
Approx. Length: 16 km
Dangers: Rough, Narrow, Steep, Unpaved, Hig Elevation

most dangerous roads on earth

23. Luxor-al-Hurghada Road, Egypt: Dangerous because of High Crime Rate 

This road is considered dangerous not because of natural reasons, but because of security reasons.

The area is a hotspot for bandit activity at night. Many people have reported robberies and criminal activity on the road.

Owing to the safety reasons, people tend to avoid the road at night and drive with their headlights turned off.

Connects: Luxor and Hurghada
Approx. Length: 303 km
Dangers: Rough, High Criminal activities 

deadliest roads on earth

24. Austrian Road, Kazakhstan: A Dangerous Road with Ramshackle Bridges, Hairpin Bends & No Guard Rails 

Built-in the Altai mountains, the Austrian Road was built by Austrian Prisoners of Way during WWI.

Although the road offers some incredible views, its condition is bad in many sections. The ramshackle bridges, hairpin bends, and the absence of the guard rails are what make the road risky.

Connects: Katon-Karagay valley with Lake Markakol
Approx. Length: 60 km
Dangers: Landslides, Falling Rocks, Elevation, no Guard rails

most dangerous roads in the world

25. Passage du Gois, France: The Road that Floods Twice a Day 

This is one of the most dangerous roads on Earth because of a natural phenomenon.

The road floods twice a day and can be one be driven on a few hours each day. During bad weather, there is also a constant fear of flooding.

Although the authorities have set up digital panels to inform people of the sea levels and speed limits, some people still try to go through. These people tend to become by the rising tide.

Connects: Beauvoir-sur-Mer and Noirmoutier 
Approx. Length: 4.5 km
Dangers: Flooding

most dangerous roads

26. Gibb River Road, Australia: Almost Impossible to Pass During Rainy Season

The entire road is dotted with waterfalls, gorges, and cultural sites, which make it one of Australia’s adventurous routes.

However, a series of rough patches, remoteness, red dust, floodways, and river crossings, are responsible for it being in the list of most dangerous roads in the world.

The road is almost impossible to pass during the rains. Only very experienced drivers can drive through this road, that too with adequate supplies.

Location: Kimberley Region
Approx. Length: 660 km
Dangers: Dust, Floodways, River Crossings, Remoteness

most dangerous roads in the world

27. Sichuan-Tibet Highway, China: One of CHina’s Most Dangerous Roads 

This is one of the most beautiful yet one of the most dangerous roads in the world.

The road has a high death toll owing to natural disasters such as avalanches, rock slides, and landslides. The road particularly becomes dangerous during winters when the road is covered with ice.

This road is definitely not for you if you suffer from mountain sickness.

Location: Tibet
Approx. Length: 2142 km
Dangers: Avalanches, Landslides, Falling Rocks

deadliest roads in the world

28. Tianmen Shan Big Gate, China: A Road with 99 Hairpin Bends

The road is located in the Tianmen Mountain National Park, in the Human Province of China.

The road has 99 hairpin bends, of which some have very steep drops. The road becomes deadlier and bad weather.

That’s not all, the road is located in an earthquake-prone area which makes it even more dangerous.

Connects: Hunan Province
Approx. Length: 11 km
Dangers: Sheer drops, hairpin turns, Narrow Roads

most dangerous roads in the world

29. Pan American Highway (Alaska to Chile): One of the Longest and Most Dangerous Roads in the World 

This is probably one of the longest in the list of most dangerous places in the world.

Sections of the Pan American Highway are quite dangerous for multiple reasons. Some parts of the road are marred by bad weather conditions, cartel terrorism, difficult terrain, etc.

Connects: Alaska to Chile 
Approx. Length: 12000 km
Dangers: Inclement weather, difficult terrain, cartels, wild animals

most dangerous roads in russia

30. Kolyma Highway, Russia: The Road Built over the Bones of 2,50,000 Workers

The highway is popularly known as the” Road of Bones,” and is the most dangerous road in the world.

The roads are in poor condition which makes driving very difficult. The cold Siberian weather also adds to the woes of the drivers passing through the road. 

Winters are a better time to drive through the roads when the roads freeze and it becomes easier to drive.

Connects: Magadan and Lena Highway
Approx. Length: 2031 km
Dangers: Extreme weather, unpaved roads, low visibility

most dangerous roads in russia

31. Karnali Highway, Nepal: Another Dangerous Himalayan Road

Nepal is one of the most dangerous roads in the world owing to the Himalayan terrain.

The road condition is really bad as there are patches of dirt and gravel all along the road, which makes it one of the most dangerous roads in Nepal.

People are generally discouraged from driving through the road after sunsets.

Connects: Chandannath and Birendranagar
Approx. Length: 232 km
Dangers: Bad condition, Dangerous Terrain

deadliest roads in Asia

32. Hindustan- Tibet Road, India & Tibet: The Most Dangerous Roads in the Himalayas

This is one of the most dangerous roads in the Himalayas and in India.

Certain sections of the road are extremely dangerous and quite steep.

Riding through the road is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Connects: India and Tibet
Approx. Length: 459 km
Dangers: Unpaved roads, Elevation, Uneven


I hope you enjoyed reading the list of the world’s most dangerous roads. Do let me know in the comment section if you know of any other roads that I haven’t mentioned here.


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