Chathurangapara View Point: A Traveler’s Discovery of Hills, Mills & Beauty

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Chathurangapara View Point is located in the  Idukki district of Kerala by the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

There are hundreds of windmills placed in this region. The heavy wind passing between the mountains has a great impact on the production of electricity in both states. The wind is so heavy here at times you feel like flying off.

Chathurangapara View Point is an extremely gorgeous hiking spot for travelers. It is literally untouched because very few people visit this place. If you’re ever around Munnar or Kochi, make sure to visit this place. It’ll fill you with joy.

Chathurangapara View Point: An Overview

State Kerala
District Idukki
Famous For Hills, Mills
Mode Of Travel Reach Idukki or Munnar by bus. From there, take a cab or a bike.
Best Time To Visit Monsoons(Strongly recommended)
Nearest Airport Kochi
Nearby places to visit Idukki Dam, Paranthumpara, Kalvary Mount, Meesapulimala, Munnar, Eravikulam National Park, Periyar National Park, Anchuruli tunnel.
Chathurangapara View Point

Thousands of windmills as seen from a distance. Photography by Tapan Sahoo


Chathurangapara View Point

Wind Mills captured in the lens from a close spot. Photography by Sanu K M


Chathurangapara View Point

The majestic view from Chathurangapara. Photography by Ranjith Sankar

My Stint with Chathurangapara View Point

My visit to Chathurangapara View Point can be described with one word – ‘serendipity.’  Serendipity means the occurrence of making fortunate discoveries by accident.

This is how it all happened –

We were on our way to Idukki Dam and lost the navigation due to heavy rain and ended up in the wrong route.  Tired as hell, couldn’t help ourselves so stopped by a snacks stall to have some carrot cakes (must try on your trip to Kerala).

We started conversing with the locals (the interactions with locals always help. Don’t forget this line if you are on a trip) about the journey so far and the next destinations. It was the stallwala who suggested that we visit the Chathurangapara View Point.

For us, it was just a name because we haven’t even heard of the place before. However, we thought of giving it a shot by visiting and exploring the place. We didn’t have much expectations from Chathurangapara View Point since we had not never read about it on any of the leading portals like Tripadvisor or Make My Trip.

But when we landed at Chathurangapara View Point, my God it was pure bliss. A beauty it turned out to be. The windy roads on the ghat, the giant windmills and the clouds showering mild rain on the mountain top was an enchanting site.

We were literally dancing with joy. We were shouting like crazy men as if there will be no tomorrow.  Far away from the hustle bustle of work and society we realized life is nothing but a beautiful journey and part of it is right before our eyes at that time.

Chathurangapara View Point

On our way to the destination. Photography by Tapan Sahoo


Chathurangapara View Point

This is me turning crazy with my buds at Chathurangapara View Point. Photography by Tapan Sahoo

The Beauty of Chathurangapara View Point

The real beauty of Chathurangapara View Point lies in its mountains covered with clouds and the windmills extending across the border. You can see the windmills long down the horizon, till your vision gets blurred by the high misty clouds.

When we reached Chathurangapara View Point,  it was completely cloudy and we were underneath the mammoth windmills looking at the clouds with a background of the mountain peaks. The wind was so strong that we feared to ride our bikes to the top and so we walked.

The place was soon soaked by a light drizzle and the vision gets dimmed by the foggy surroundings. Enjoyed the rain and wind to the core and the clouds passing by the mountains was just a beautiful time-lapse captured by our eyes.

Chathurangapara View Point

Covered with mist, the cliff at Chathurangapara View Point. Photography by Tapan Sahoo


Chathurangapara View Point

The lush green region with steep cliffs and misty clouds. Photography by Anish Mandal

Idukki Dam: A Two-Hour Journey from Chathurangapara View Point

Idukki Dam is located at a distance of 2 hours from Chathurangapara View Point. It is one of the most magnificent dams in India. Constructed across the Periyar River, it is one of the highest Arch Dams in Asia. Built between the two hills Kuravan and Kuravathi the dam is a pleasure to the eyes. The dam helps in providing major electricity for Idukki.

The Idukki Valley is a small hill town and one of the most beautiful cities of Kerala. It is blessed with a pleasant climate and a pollution-free atmosphere. The drive from Chaturangapara View Point to Idukki is around 2 hrs and the drive is really picturesque. 

 Idukki Dam: An Overview

State Kerala, South India
District Idukki
Famous For Dam
Mode Of Travel Reach Idukki or Munnar by Bus, take bike,taxi or auto from there
Best Time To Visit March to June
Nearest Airport Kochi
Nearby places to visit Hill View Park,Chaturangapara, Paranthumpara, Kalvary Mount,Meesapulimala, Munnar,Eravikulam National Park,Periyar National Par, Anchuruli.
Days Open Public holidays,Saturday and Sunday(10 AM-5PM)
Restrictions No camera is allowed to carry to the dam.
Entry Fees Rs. 10 for adult and 5 for Kids

Surrounded by mountains and greenery, this place provides an enchanting view. Idukki valley has diversified offerings such as Idukki wildlife sanctuary, underground tunnels, dams, water reservoir, Hill View Park, waterfalls and Periyar River.

Hill View Park at Idukki

Spread across many acres, the Hill View Park is maintained by the tourism department of Kerala.  Hill View Park is about 350 feet above the dam level and provides a gorgeous view of the Idukki and Cheruthoni dams.

It is suggested that you visit this place at noon. You will be able to witness the lush greenery and the beautiful arch structure.

The entry fee is Rs.20 for adults and an additional Rs. 50 need to be paid for cameras. Take one binocular with you to see the distant scenery from the park and also the elephants in the nearby forest. Enjoy both the beautiful architecture alongside the enormous Periyar river.

Kerala, known as God’s own country, is guarded by the Western Ghats on one side and the Arabian Sea on the other side is very rich in its flora and fauna. The land of beauty and wonders has got to be on your bucket list.

Chathurangapara View Point

Idukki Dam as seen from a distance. Photography by Tapan Sahoo

Chathurangapara View Point

The lake at Idukki Dam. Photography by Mathew S Mannamplackel

Travel Tips for a First Time Visitor to Chathurangapara View Point & Kerala

People travel Kerala throughout the year but I would recommend visiting the Chathurangapara view point during monsoons. Monsoon makes it heavenly with Mother nature ostentatiously rich in greenery.

Carry good quality raincoats, umbrellas and an extra pair of clothes for the trip as it would be raining mostly up in the hills. One can get pretty affordable hotels near Idukki town or Devikulam (Rs. 500 to 600 per person).

We preferred the OYO rooms for our stay. Try not to travel at night as rain makes it harsh for driving. Try out some delicious Kerala food like Puttu and Kadala curry, Appam with Stew, Idiyappam with Egg Curry, Kerala Fish and authentic Kerala thali and more.

Carry a binocular and a good camera to watch some distant wild species and capture some beautiful photographs to relive the memories later.

Try Delicious Kerala Food While Visiting Chathurangapara View Point & Idukki

Chathurangapara View Point

Tasty and healthy appams. Photography by Priyanka


Chathurangapara View Point

Puttu and Kadala Curry. Photography by Dony P Saju


Chathurangapara View Point

Kerala meals are served on a banana leaf. Photography by Devi Prasad Puhan

Plan a trip to Chathurangapara View Point and Idduki Dam soon. Perhaps you too will find new destinations by Chance as I did.

Happy wayfaring 🙂


Tapan Sahoo

Tapan Sahoo is a techie by profession. He is somebody who loves to travel and click photographs. He believes that each day has a new story to tell, a new experience to share and new wisdom to learn. He believes that experience is the only thing that will stay with us forever.